Opposites Attract

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Amy Lynn Steele watched with trepidation through the trees at the vast array of forestry equipment parked along side the logging road. For the past six hours she had biked her way up from Greenville, taking the many logging roads that interlaced the Great North Woods of northern, Maine. Now as the evening sun began to make its reddish glow on the western ridgeline, Amy could not help but think back to the cause, and the man, that motivated her to bike such a long ways up here.

“But Amy, we have an opportunity here to stop the brutal slaying of some very small trees,” Christian said as his kisses slowly dropped down to Amy’s neck, and he began to nibble tenderly on her earlobes. It was a spot Amy dearly loved and she barely heard his words as his tongue slipped into her ear. As it was, his hands were already cupped around her bare breasts and flicking tenderly at her hardened nipples.

“But it’s illegal Christian”, she started to say, but her words were cut off when his mouth trailed from her ears, up along her jaw line and then slipped into her mouth, his tongue probing so deeply that it stole her words away.

It hardly mattered anyway Amy knew. For twenty two years she had fought off every man’s advances, but after meeting Christian; after listening to his passionate views on the environment, and his strong stance on global warming and deforestation, Amy was smitten with him. So much so, that two weeks ago, she had allowed him to take her virginity. Now as her sundress was half-off, and Christian’s tongue was deeply planted in her mouth, she knew she would do whatever he asked; in bed, and to the massive machines that destroyed Maine’s forests.

“Just a taste,” he asked as some late-night college student banged down the dorm room hall in a half-drunken stupor? It was hardly a choice, because no sooner had she spoken the words when she took the tip of his cock into her mouth and began his sensuous blowjob by swirling her tongue around the crown, eagerly accepting her prize. An audible groan of pleasure resonated from deep inside his body, a sound Amy was not sure he had ever made before, and one that rose up above the sound of college life just outside her dorm.

Using one hand to manipulate his shaft, Amy reached for his swollen testicles with his other and massaged them gently. She was firmly planted on her knees, her sun dress now completely pulled off, padding her knees from the carpet she knelt upon, her chest pale and heaving in the odd bright white light of the lamps compact florescent bulb. Her mouth continued to play over his cock in extremely erotic fashion, putting on a little show for her someday husband. She swallowed more and more of his erection and gradually picked up the tempo, matching it almost by chance with the loud music rising up from a dorm room some three stories below where she kneeled.

It was the most submissive of positions, and yet Amy felt rich with love and more natural then the grass, the trees the mountains and the forests. Besides squeezing his balls a little tighter, she used her fingers to rub the sensitive area right beneath his rectum. She knew what effect that had on him and concluded that he was feeling everything she was feeling, and perhaps more. Her answer came when he moved forward to receive the thrusts of her mouth as she steered him towards climax.

“Stop Amy, stop,” he cried out pushing her head off his shaft as he squirmed out of her mouth. “I want to put it inside you.”

“What, you don’t want to come in my mouth,” she teased as she crawled up on top of the soft bed and spread her legs wide in an open invitation?

“First things first,” Christian said as he reached over on the end table and began to slide a condom over his hard penis. Amy hated the delay, but understood responsibility came with the pleasure and watched as the responsible act was completed. With only a mild break in the passion, Amy felt Christian hover over her. As she did so, Amy felt him position the tip of his cock on her shaven pussy lips. He used his cock to open and explore her, the tip just dipping inside, sliding into her wetness that had been generated from the blowjob she had given him. Those always turned her on, so did taking cock, especially one inch at a time, which was what he was doing now. He gave her another inch and then rode her like that, just the tip, in and out.

Amy protested as she wanted it all, all eight inches that she knew he possessed; all one inch of girth that could fill her to overwhelming proportions and that could spurn her on to many orgasms. She wanted him to slam into her to the hilt, molding her skin to fit his hands, her pussy to fit his cock tightly as he drove her bottom into the soft, grainy surface of the mattress below the cotton sheets.

Her pussy contracted on the head of his cock, trying to pull her lover deeper inside her, and finally he took pity on her and gave her more. She loved being filled by him, the warmth that spread throughout her body istanbul escort the complete loss of control. She was overwhelmed by his size, his massive hands around her slender waist, his hard thighs supporting her, pressing into her even. She arched up further to him, offering him more of her, all of her and he took it.

“God you’re one hot girl,” he said, then he began driving the full, hard length of his cock into her, letting his balls slap against her, spanking her with them, easing off and then thrusting forward again. His hips snapped against her, forcing her into his rhythm, a rhythm Amy loved. She dug her nails into the soft sea of cotton and thrust back against him, moving with him, loving the speed and exhilaration of their love-making even in such a non-descript place.

Her heart was also racing, her heart pounding even, and her breath was ragged despite years of hiking. To be so taken, so smitten, so fucked breathless that it was incomprehensible and only to be explained away as the exhilaration of having someone commit so deeply that emotions were manifested in actions and lust.

She started to contract around him in the way men love best when they were the deepest they could be inside her. She squeezed as hard as she could, loving the ache building within her. The walls of her pussy opened and closed on him like a fist. He lifted her up off the mattress feeling the mattress rock slightly as he took her as he began moving her body up and down on his cock. Then there was the shudder, a shudder she had felt many times, but not with so much guttural force.

“No, not yet,” Amy wanted to scream to her lover as once again during their love-making, he would finish before her. Still, Amy felt it jettison inside the condom, hoping upon hope that it had not broken from the powerful surge. While Amy silently cursed his premature pleasure, Amy could only be assured that this was the right man; the man had that fate, the world, and Mother Nature brought together so the couple could protect each other, as well as the environment.

The five pieces of logging equipment were just as Christian had described, huge in size and smelling of a mixture of grease, oil, diesel fuel and the fresh aroma of freshly harvested white fir. As instructed she moved to the massive machine with tracks first; a feller-buncher Christian had called it, since this machine actually severed the trees from the stump. Two weeks ago she had been surprised to hear that such a machine could harvest a two foot tree in two seconds, now as she passed the massive jaw, she did not doubt its capacity. With a final look around, Amy jumped up on the tracks and then started looking around the engine for a filler neck. Specifically she was looking for one labeled Hydraulic or hyd for an abbreviation, and it did not take her long to find it.

Running on pure adrenaline, Amy unslung her backpack and pulled out two five pound bags of sugar. Balancing them in her hands, she opened them up and began to dump the contents into the massive tank. She shook with nervousness as she did it, unsure of what she was really doing, but thoroughly convinced by Christian that the resulting mixture of sugar and hydraulic oil would render the massive tree killing machine useless in a matter of minutes. If that was indeed the case, then the six hour bike ride would have been worth every minute of it, for Mother Nature never indeed such destructive machines to exist in her pristine forest as Christian had pointed out.

“Hey what do you think you are doing,” boomed a voice across from what Amy thought was complete isolation for miles and miles? She did not even have time to drop the now empty bags of sugar, when she felt his hand roughly grab her by the neck and pull her off the machine. Hitting the ground with a thud, she looked up to see a logger looming above her, his face contorted in anger as he stared her down.

“Doing what is right. Stopping these god awful machines from killing Maine’s forest, that’s what.”

“Oh you are, are you,” he asked, swiping her backpack right out of her hands and rummaged through it. As he did Amy saw her chance to escape and started to pick herself up off the ground…twice in fact, but each time he thrust his caulked boot onto her back and pushed her roughly into the gravel. “Stay right there.”

There was a long pause as her bottle of water, empty bags of sugar, and bag of spikes landed beside her on the hard ground, no doubt packed down from the massive machines that surrounded her.

“It’s pretty easy to see that you are up to no good; bags of spikes, sugar and sand, all nasty things for a logger. I don’t think the boys are going to like this too much.”

“And you think the animals around here like your machines in their living room. Go to hell.”

“Well you’re pretty feisty for a girl that has her face mashed into the dirt and looking at some pretty stiff fines. If avcılar escort I was you I would be a little more nervous about what was going to happen to you right now than I would be about some animals. You must be part of that Ethical Treatment of Forest group or something aren’t you?”

“Maine First,” she said defiantly.

“Ahh, that group… I’ve heard of it. You go around damaging logging equipment and stuff just to save Mother Earth. How the hell did you get up here anyway? We are miles from anywhere?”

“It took me all day, but I biked. I wouldn’t pollute the earth with a gas guzzling car to do something good for the planet. Wouldn’t that be kind of hypocritical?”

“Perhaps, but that presents us with a problem. Come on, get up,” he said and shoved her roughly towards the woods.

Amy was too scared to refuse. She had already felt the cruel feel of his spiked boot on her back, and saw the anger in his eyes. Now with the occasional rough push to her back, he kept her walking in front of him. Several times she tripped in the waning light, and each time a gruff voice told her to get up and keep walking.

About a half mile into the trek the forest they had been walking in suddenly gave way. The thick forest of Spruce and Fir petered out and a hardwood stand began. This made the walking only somewhat easier as the sun had gone down, but the filtering light from the moon was enough to make hiking possible. As the logger slowed to catch his breath he realized he was out of shape compared to that of the young environmentalist.

“Hey stop a minute,” he said as he leaned up against a small Maple tree. Amy stopped for a lack of a better plan and looked at her captor. It was the first time she really got a look at him, and she was not overly impressed. Wearing blue jeans, black steel toed boots and a white tee-shirt, he had long lost the traditional knickers, black and red flannel shirt and Redman chew that Amy conjured up when she thought about the traditional loggers garb. Dressed as any other blue collar worker, Amy was not even impressed with his physique and began to look towards an escape path when his words forced her to look at him.

“Take off your shoes,” he said simply?


“Take off your shoes,” he said and reached out and grabbed her by the shirt to send his point home with emphasis.

“Alright, alright, you don’t need to be so rough,” she said and reached down to untie her shoes. As she did, she caught the logger looking at her, but continued to pull of her white canvas sneakers and handed them to him obediently.

“And your socks…”

Amy started to cry as she realized what he really wanted. Looking around she realized she had little choice but to give in to his wishes. Reaching down she gripped her right white slouch sock and pulled it off her foot. By grabbing onto a nearby sapling, Amy switched hands to maintain her balance, and tugged off her left sock as well. Then, standing before him barefoot, Amy cried softly as she pulled her t-shirt off her torso and whisked her jeans down her legs. As the logger grinned, she stepped out of her jeans and just glowered at him.

“You like this huh? A young girl stripping for you way out in the woods you sick fuck,” she said, and with a final act of defiance, put her hands on her bra and released the clasp? As the bra fell to the forest floor, Amy put her hands in the waist band of her white matching panties and whisked those down her legs too, hoping the amazing speed would make the indignation easier to bear. Now standing before the logger completely naked, Amy let the man’s gaze soak all of her form in.

“Well you got what you wanted. Go ahead, have your way with me, you know I can’t stop some big logger from getting what he wants.”

For a minute, the man just grinned and then swooped down and picked up her clothes. Handing it back to her with a laugh, he explained his rather strange demeanor.

“You see, that’s the problem with you tree-huggers, you make so many assumptions about us loggers. We are all nothing but big, bad land and woman rapists huh? Well the truth is I never once asked you to strip for me. I asked you to take off your shoes and socks. You’re twenty years old, while I am thirty five for God sakes. There is no way I can keep up with you, but being barefoot, well that’s different. You can run, but you sure aren’t going to get anywhere fast in these woods being barefoot.”

With a huff, Amy began to get redressed. As she did so, she turned so that the logger could not see her nudity. She also wiped the tears from her eyes and tried to maintain her composure as she slowly realized that the man was indeed right. He had had never asked for her to undress. With anger steered at her own stupidity, Amy only had to make a few steps before she realized he was also right in that being barefoot would seriously slow her up.

With each step she cringed. Between the dim light of the moon, şirinevler escort the working forest they were walking in, and the cruel amounts of sticks, rocks and forest liter that carpeted the forest floor, Amy felt everything under her bare feet. It had been years since she had strolled through the forest without shoes or socks, and now that was something she was regretting.

“Where are you taking me anyway? We aren’t anywhere near a road and it doesn’t make much sense to walk around the woods in the middle of nowhere late into the night?”

“Well if you had a car I could have driven you into town to the authorities, but since you had a bike I got to hold you until the boys get here in the morning. There’s an old logging camp just ahead. We’ll stay there until I can figure out a way to us back to civilization.”

“So where is your truck then?”

“Back in town. I rode in with Bobby in the lowbed truck delivering the delimber. I was going to run the feller-buncher all night so I can get ahead of the skidders, but you put a stop to that plan. As much as I hate it, it looks like you and I are stuck with each other for the night.”

“And why the logging camp,” she asked as they topped a knoll and the moonlight hit a derelict set of cabins that spread across a glade that was slowly beginning to crowd in? “Why the hell these cabins,” she asked in disgust as she saw where he was taking her?

“It’s the only hospitable place around that I know of.”

“Hospitable,” she asked as she looked around the cob-web filled camp, with dust littering the floor. “You don’t care; you’re not the one that has to walk around barefoot in this dump.”

“Its an old logging camp. Its so far from town that the loggers stayed here all week, or in some cases, all winter. Back in the fifties or so they stopped making these places. Now they use camps that can be transported by truck so it’s a bit more civilized.”

“And your portable cabins?”

“They have not got here yet so this is home for the night.”

“Lucky us” she said sarcastically as the logger threw the woman a broom he found on the porch. As she began to sweep the place to a more habitable condition, the logger returned from a back shed with a armful of firewood in hand. It only took a few minutes for him to start a fire and at least get some light in the dark cabin. As the fire began to consume the beech wood he had set ablaze, it crackled and sent embers lazily into the air. Out of the corner of her eye Amy saw the man toss her sneakers and socks into the fire and watched with horror as the fire began to lap first at the laces, and then at the stark white canvas.

“What the hell did you do that for? I was just about to ask for them back so I would not have to walk on this god-awful floor barefoot, not to mention polluting the air with that burning plastic and rubber!”

“Would you just shut the hell up.? I don’t even know your name yet and I would like to choke the living shit out of you. God, I would like to get some sleep tonight without having to worry about you running off. I figure if they were burned up, you would not be tempted to try something stupid. I think you did enough of that already.”

“Stupid huh? You think destroying your equipment was stupid? What about killing millions of trees. What about destroying the habitat of the animals around here? What about the thousand upon thousand acres of clear cuts? That is stupid.”

“Oh is it? You obviously don’t know what you are talking about. All the land we walked across to get here was logged at one time miss. Well guess what young lady, trees do grow back. The paper company plants trees and there is such a thing as natural regeneration. As for the clearcuts, they were done in the nineteen eighties because the Spruce Budworm epidemic wiped out the forests up here. We didn’t clear cut for the hell of it, we clear cut to recover what Mother Nature had killed. That’s just how much you know about forestry. Besides, do you really think you destroyed that machine? You put sugar in the hydraulic oil. Big deal. We drain it and its back to normal. You didn’t do jack shit but ruin your life. Maybe you have not realized this but tomorrow you will be arrested for a trespassing felony. We have been having problems around here for months and don’t think for a minute your cute looks will get you off easy. You will be made an example of young lady, so yeah I do think what you did was stupid.”

“Well maybe, but I had to do something. I couldn’t just let this destruction continue?”

“What destruction? There are more forests now in the State of Maine then there has ever been. And the animals, my God we create more diverse habitat through harvesting then if this was just left in a natural state. Why do you think they call clear cuts Moose Pastures, or why the deer population is so high? Where do you get these ideas? Obviously you’re not some passionate environmentalist?”

“And how do you know that. I put sugar in a tree cutter didn’t I?”

“It’s called a feller-buncher by the way, but yeah I can tell, you’re not a hard core environmentalist that for sure.” For a minute Amy just crossed her arms and gave the logger a serious look.

“Please, explain to me how you know me so well after being with me for a whole…what…2 hours?”

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