One Night with Her

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I am not a very good writer and his is my first story, so I hope its really not too bad. Comments will be greatly appreciated.


I am nervous as hell. Moving from one thing to another all around my house. I don’t know why I am so nervous; I have somewhat of a relationship with this girl… why am I freaking out? After all, we have talked for 4 years over the internet, shared some… “special” moments. We know each other now, and will know each other even better any minute now.

I hear a car pull into the driveway and I bolt to the front window. I spy out from behind the curtain and see two long tanned legs step out of the car and then I see her beautiful face. My breath catches in my throat as I see her walk up the driveway and the two steps to the door.

I jump back from the window and scramble to the bathroom to fix myself before she sees what a mess I’m convinced I’m in. The doorbell rings and I nearly jump out of my skin. In a daze I walk to the door, calm my breathing somewhat, and open the door slowly. I hear her breathe in quickly as she gets a look at me and I’m instantly afraid she is disappointed. I’m average looking, a bit taller then average for height but definitely average looking and body. I could use a bit more self confidence. The only thing I’m proud of is my legs, nicely shaped and tanned, very nice if I can say so.

I gain enough courage to look up and into her face directly and I end up staring at her in awe. She is the most beautiful casino siteleri person I have ever seen. A bit taller then me, nice large but not too large breasts, the awesome legs I first saw out of the car, and her lips were perfect. It was all I could do to keep myself from jumping her and kissing her right there.

I quietly invited her in and started shaking slightly as she moved closer to hug me. We looked into each others eyes and knew exactly what each other wanted. We both have waited so long I’m surprised we didn’t jump each other right away. She pressed herself against me and hugs me tightly whispering, you are so beautiful, in my ear. I basically melt in her arms but manage to regain my composure enough to kiss her amazing lips when she pulled away slightly.

She doesn’t seem surprised at all and kisses me back. Immediately her hands roam my body exploring everywhere she could easily through my clothes. I feel like a clumsy oaf as my hands are frantically feeling her perfect body through her tight jeans and sexy tank top. After a short while of touching and kissing, she stops and looks at me and asks if we could move somewhere more comfortable. I start stammering and try to think of where to bring her. She grins as she realizes I am so overwhelmed and takes my hand, leading me up the stairs. I numbly follow and point to my room when we reach the top. She turns around and kisses me again walking backwards into my room.

I take her purse from her and drop it on the floor at the end of my bed. canlı casino She looks at me devilishly and pulls her tank top off and flings it on top of her purse. Her breasts are perfect and amazing. I immediately start fondling them and lean over to suck her large nipples. She tilts her head back slightly and moans quietly as I flick her nipples roughly with my tongue. I bite her nipples gently and she groans loudly.

I kiss her lips roughly and bite gently on her bottom lip as I fumble with her zipper on her jeans. She helps me pull them down and sits on my bed, playing with my zipper. She looks up at me innocently as she pulls down my pants and runs her hand over my crotch lightly. I moan as her hand lingers on my clit slightly then moves on over my panties. I pull my small t-shirt over my head and run my hands over my hard nipples.

She smiles at me and kisses my stomach watching me rub my nipples and pinch them a little bit. She wraps her fingers around the elastic band of my panties and pulls them down in one smooth motion. I step out of them and lean over to kiss her again. She lies back as I crawl over on top of her, never breaking our kiss. She moves back further on the bed and lifts her hips up a bit and I pull her panties off quickly and clumsily.

Now completely naked, both of our hands are quickly roaming all over our bodies, finding every little piece of naked skin to touch and ignite a more burning desire in between our legs. I nibble on her neck as my one hand wanders down between her kaçak casino legs and gently probes at her pussy lips. I open her lips and run my finger up and down her slit, making sure to linger ever so slightly longer on her clit. She moans louder and grinds her hips up against my arm. I grin and kiss her and roll her clit between my finger and thumb and watch her face contort in pleasure. The more she moans, the more I get turned on as I keep rubbing her clit while kissing down her body. I run my tongue along her smooth skin and down her inner thigh. She watches me move down and moans louder when I breathe lightly on her pulsating clit.

I rest between her legs and put them up over my shoulders, giving me a better angle. I move in closer and lick up her slit lightly and get even more turned on as I hear her groan my name out loudly. I give up teasing her and plunge my tongue into her hot wet pussy as deep as it would go. Her hips gyrate onto my face as I bury my tongue even deeper into her pussy. Her smell of sex is intoxicating and urging me to go faster. I can hear her begging me to please her as I suck long and hard on her clit. She reaches down and takes my hand, gripping onto it as she yells that she is going to cum soon. I re-double my efforts of alternating between sucking my clit and jamming my tongue into her soaking pussy. After a couple of seconds she goes stiff and pierces the brief silence with a high pitch moan as she convulses slightly, cumming her juices all over my face and down my chin. I lick her pussy clean and wipe my face on the sheets. I kiss back up her beautiful body and smile at her as I kiss her. She giggles and says my mouth tastes like pussy and she cuddles into my arms saying it was as good as she knew it would be and falls asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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