On a Rainy Day

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I looked out the window silently as Stewarts beat up old pick up truck bumped noisily down the rough dirt road. We were on our way to my camp, where I had forgotten my mom’s generator last weekend. Stewart had been the only person who had been available to take me on the hour and a half trip back to the camp today, or otherwise I would have gotten a drive with someone else. I didn’t quite know how to explain it, but there had been a certain tension between us lately, and I was pretty sure he could feel it too whenever we were around each other.

I squirmed a little in my seat, causing my jeans to rub slightly against my already erect clit. It didn’t help that I was extremely horny today either, and my fingers kept twitching because I wanted to rub myself so bad.

I glanced over at Stewart, who seemed to be concentrating completely on driving. At the moment, I doubted, he’d notice if I opened the truck door and rolled out, much less have a little fun. Gently, I let my thumb brush against the right side of my breast, and continued looking out the window. To my surprise, I noticed it had started raining outside.

For a few minutes, I listened to the raindrops come heavier and faster, until they almost sounded violent as they pelted the truck outside. I kept rubbing my thumb in circles on the side of my breast, feeling the blush that came to my cheeks every time I became excited.

All of a sudden, the truck slowed down drastically, sputtered and stopped completely. I blinked in surprise and looked over at Stewart questioningly.

He was quiet for a few seconds, then blushed and said we were out of gas. I rolled my eyes and groaned; the rain was pelting outside and the nearest gas station was 5 miles back.

“I can’t believe you didn’t fill it before we left!” I said with a shake of my head. “Well, I’m not going out there to get gas, and I’m pretty sure you don’t want to go out there either, so I guess we’ll just have to wait it out for awhile.” I unbuckled my seat belt, and stretched my legs and a few seconds later he did the same with a long yawn.

“I think I’ll take a nap till the rain stops,” he yawned again.

“Some company you are,” I said with a laugh as he stretched out, slouched in his seat and shut his eyes with a grin.

“Yep, that’s me,” he said. “Always a conversationalist.”

I shut my eyes too, deciding I might as well take a nap too, but I just couldn’t fall asleep. I was way too horny to bother with naptime, and I mentally sighed as I opened my eyes to see it was raining out just as hard as ever.

I looked over at Stewart, peacefully sleeping already and let my eyes wander hungrily over him. He looked solemn in a way, but dead sexy. I smiled slyly as I checked him out, since this was the only time I had ever been able to do so without being noticed. He had scruffy, honey blond hair that I was fond of messing up, and beautiful dark brown eyes that were the color of melted chocolate, and just as sweet. His nose was long and had a cute way of turning red when he was embarrassed, which always made me grin. His lips-what I wouldn’t have done to kiss those lips! – were full and perfectly sculpted, and were at the moment, slightly parted. He had a small triangular tuft of scruff he called a beard, which was an odd mix of blond and black.

I let my eyes wander back up to his lips, and wondered what they tasted like. Gently, hesitantly, I reached up and touched his lips softly with a shaky hand. They were warm and incredibly soft.

Shivering now with the boldness of what I was about to do, I brought my hand away from his face, leaned istanbul escort over quietly, and kissed him. I felt the heat rush to my face as I reveled in the intoxicating touch and taste of his mouth, then quickly pulled away. Did I just see an eyelid flicker?

I watched him for a minute, then after feeling sure he was asleep, smacked myself in the head. What had I been thinking? What a stupid thing to do! How would I have explained that little scenario to him if he had woken up?

“Uh…you had a smudge of peanut butter on your mouth from when we had breakfast at that diner early this morning, and we don’t have any napkins in the truck so I thought I’d wipe it off with the next best thing…” Yea. THAT would have worked.

But now I had a problem. I had started getting wet from checking Stew out and kissing him, and it hadn’t helped with the horniness factor at all.

Then a desperate idea came to my mind. Stewart was asleep…so if I had some fun, he would never know, and I could have some relief.

With a wicked grin, I quietly unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, making as little sound as possible, then hiked them down a little to give myself some room to spread my legs. I ran my fingers over my bare pussy, freshly shaved this morning. The only hair I kept was a small dark colored tuft, which was near the top of my slit. I played with it for a moment, smoothing it down, then plunged my fingers deep into my pussy, getting them full of my juice. I rubbed the juice over my clit so it wouldn’t be dry, and then slowly started rubbing it. First up and down, then clockwise and counter clockwise. Mmm, it felt so good, rubbing my hard clit faster and faster. I bit down hard on my lip so I wouldn’t moan. I looked over at Stewart to make sure he was still asleep, then let out a small moan as I suddenly started thinking about Stew…as just a little more then a friend. A wild picture flashed across my mind; one of me and him fucking. I tried to suppress another moan and failed as I kept picturing it in my mind. Tingles shot through my pussy as I let myself imagine what it’d feel like to have him pressed against me, to feel him pumping into me, to moan into his ear and taste his sweat as I kissed his face. I opened my eyes again to look over at him, then stopped in shock and horror.

His eyes were open!

For a second, I just sat there dumbstruck, and then I blushed deeply and started fumbling to haul my jeans back up, stammering apologies.

Gently he reached over and took my hand, holding it still. I looked up at him in surprise and shame, to discover his eyes had an odd look to them, a look I had only ever seen hints of before.

“You kissed me earlier, but it was so soft and quick I barely got to feel it.” He said with a grin. “And now, since you got to steal a kiss, it’s my turn to steal one back!” He tilted my head up and kissed me lightly, then with hunger. He slipped his tongue inside my mouth, kissing me deeply, like it had been something he had wanted to do for a long time. I loved the velvety feel of this kiss, and started to let myself relax and melt into it.

He pulled back after a few moments then smiled as he let his eyes travel over me. I felt embarrassed again as I realized I must have been quite a sight; my hair was ruffled from when I had been having fun earlier, my jeans were still down around my ankles, and my nipples were hard and noticeable through my tank top. I even still had juice on my hand, dripping slowly down my fingers. I looked over at my damp hand and said, “Uh…do you avcılar escort have any napkins or Kleenex?”

He looked over at my hand. Leaning over me, he took it, held it up to his face as though for inspection, then inhaled deeply. As he did so, I noticed a rather large bulge in his jeans. My eyes widened slightly at the sight of it, and I looked back at Stewart to see him vigorously sucking the juice off of my fingers. I felt slightly dazed; never once in my life had I imagined Stewart would be leaned across me, hungrily licking up every drop of my juice that he could get while I watched as his hard cock throbbed in his jeans, just begging for attention.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I had always wondered what his cock would look like and it was making me so fucking hot and wet just staring at it. Reaching over, I started rubbing him slowly, teasingly. He stopped licking the juice off my hand and looked at me, surprised. I started rubbing a little harder and he shut his eyes for a second, savoring the attention.

“It’ll be easier if you sit down,” I said in a low voice. Opening his eyes, he sat down again.

I was loving this. I could feel how stiff his cock was through his jeans, and I decided I was done with teasing him. Now for the real fun.

Slowly I undid the button on his jeans and unzippered them. Now he was the one with the “I don’t believe this is happening” look on his face. I traced my fingers lightly down his dark blue boxer briefs, and then looked back up at him to smile.

Then, with no more hesitation, I pulled them down to reveal his cock. I caught my breath as I realized I had never wanted anyone or anything so bad before. I shut my eyes for a second to imagine myself riding that thick, hard cock, to have it pumped into wet hot pussy over and over again. I needed to be fucked so badly. But first…a lil fun.

A drop of cum wet the head of his cock, and I leaned down and caught it with my tongue. His smell alone was enough to drive me crazy with lust. Gently, I lowered my mouth down and started sucking the head of his cock. He gasped slightly and I paused only to grin a moment before continuing and picking up the pace. I kept taking a little more of his cock in my mouth as I went. Stewart seemed to be thoroughly enjoying this and I decided I must not have been doing half bad for someone who had never done this before.

With every few minutes, I kept going faster, listening to his accelerated breathing and gasps, loving making him feel so good. He moaned my name in between gasps, and I could feel juice running down my thigh as I sucked his hard cock.

All of a sudden he tugged on my head slightly, bringing my face up so he could kiss me wildly. Small beads of sweat rolled down his face, and I found myself gasping for air and shivering with need.

“Stewart, please…” I moaned, rubbing his cock near my hot, soaked pussy. He looked eager to accept, and gently laid me down on the truck seat, leaning in to kiss me again.

Being one of my best friends he knew I had never done this before, and as horny as he was he seemed a little hesitant. I could feel his cock throbbing hard against my thigh. I squirmed anxiously, trying to edge my hot cunt closer to his cock. I moved my hips up slightly and moaned again, “Please…please fuck me Stewart…I need it so bad…”

He started pushing himself in slowly, too slowly for my liking. He saw anxious I was for him to fuck me, how anxious I was to feel him pumping into me. He smiled evilly and said in a teasing voice, “No, we shouldn’t do that…best friends şirinevler escort don’t fuck after all, that’s just…” he let out a loud moan as I wrapped my legs around his back and pushed him deep inside of my pussy. Surprised it didn’t hurt, I squeezed myself tight around his thick, throbbing shaft and moaned too. “Fuck me,” I growled slightly pushing myself against him. With no more hesitation he started pumping into me hard and fast.

“Uuuuuh…oh fuck….oh Stewart..go faster.. fuck me harder…” I moaned. This was so much better than any fantasy. Stewart’s moans came faster and more primal then before, a kind of half growl. We were kissing as wildly as we were fucking, biting each other’s lips and moaning in each other’s mouths.

All of a sudden, he started gasping. “Oh…my…oh fuck…oh FUCK!” He quickly pulled out, and looked at me apologetically. “Sorry, I almost came so I had to stop.”

I sat up, my cunt still aching for more and far from satisfied yet. I pulled off my sweaty shirt and threw it on the floor, then hesitantly unclasped my bra as well. I wasn’t overly proud of my breasts; though they were a fair size, my nipples were big and when I was as horny as I was then, they were huge.

To my surprise, Stewart almost immediately reached over and lightly pinched my left nipple. He watched in fascination as it swelled up even harder. I leaned over to kiss him again; unable to forget the need I felt to be fucked still. Without breaking the kiss, I edged over until I was sitting on his lap. His cock was still rock hard, and with a gasp I plunged myself onto it. I started fucking him, riding him with my hot little pussy. Fucking him harder, pushing him as deep as I could inside of my wet cunt with each thrust. Stewarts head was thrown back, his mouth wide open as he moaned and panted and begged for me to ride his swelling cock faster. He filled my aching, hungry pussy with his thick shaft, and I squeezed my tight cunt around him with each wild thrust. His hands were grabbing my ass, forcing me to fuck him deeper, not allowing me to slow down.

He seemed urgent again, and I knew he was going to cum soon. I wanted nothing more than to fuck my hot, horny friend until he couldn’t take it anymore, so I kept going. Within a few seconds, he was trying to make me slow down or stop, but I kept going until I could feel him about to, and quickly got off. I slipped his cock deep into my mouth again, and looked up at him as his eyes rolled back into his head while thick streams of cum shot into my mouth. I sucked lightly, like the salty sweet taste and wanting more, enjoying the feeling of him throbbing. When I was sure there was no more, I kissed his cock gently, then kissed my way up to his mouth, sitting lightly on his lap and wiping sweat off of his face.

When he was able to talk again, I smiled and asked, “Feel ok?” in a teasing manner.

He looked at me for a moment, and then in a flash I was on my back, and his face was buried in my pussy, licking and sucking juice. He started licking my clit like it was his only purpose in the world, and I began moaning uncontrollably. “No no, it feels too good, stop stop!” I tried to push his head away, but he brushed my hands away and kept licking and sucking passionately. He started thrusting his fingers into me while he ate me out, and it was too much for my pussy to take. I arched my back and let out a scream as I came hard all over his fingers, again and again. He eagerly started lapping up cum, while I caught my breath. When he was done, he looked up and smiled.

“Feel ok?” he asked in a teasing manner.

I laughed breathlessly and reached up to tousle his hair. “How come we’ve never done this before?” I asked with a laugh.

He shrugged and grinned his goofiest grin. “Must have been saving it for a rainy day,” he said with a yawn. He cuddled up beside me, holding me tight in his arms against his warm chest, and continued his nap.

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