Oh Brother

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Well, it all started when my brother got engaged.. i don’t know why but i’ve always disliked Ashley (my brothers fiancée.) probably because she’s around my age and my brothers like five years older than me, he’s got freckles, and he’s this big, lanky, pot bellied mooch.

Come to think of it i’ve never really liked him either, he’s just a half-brother and we’ve never gotten along. But Ashley is so out of his league!! She’s nineteen, long blonde hair that reaches the middle of her back, she has dark roots and i’ve heard people make fun of them, but they turn me the fuck on. She’s got these crazy blue eyes, she’s got this way of walking.. she has like perfect posture, and she makes it look so sexy.

Anyway, one night when i was out with some friends, we were at some club when one of my friends says that he thought he saw Ashley and Matt on the other side of the club, “so what, fuck them.” Those two are the last thing i wanted to hear about when i’m drunk and a little stoned trying to have a good time. We were about to head out when i saw them going at it, and noticed that it wasn’t my brother she was all over, just some guy.. our eyes met for just a second and she had this shocked istanbul escort “Oh Fuck” look on her face. I didn’t want to deal with any of this tonight, so we just took off. I wasn’t sure exactly what had just happened, was i supposed to tell someone or not or what?

I figured i wouldn’t tell anyone shit, after all i hate my half brother, and he hates me, which means no one would believe me anyway, And so there i was, drunk as shit, playing Tomb Raider in my room, repeatedly getting my ass kicked while not even thinking about the game. And i can’t help notice that i’ve got a huge hard on. seeing the way she was moving around on that guy, she was sitting on his lap, grinding back and forth while she shoved her tongue down his throat. Damn, she’s got a great body… i started beating off like crazy, and was just about to cum when i heard a knock on my door. It was Ashley “hey, what are you up to? i saw you at the club.”

I wanted to get off that subject quickly “i’m just playing this game..”

“ooh, what is it?” she sat down and started watching me play, and tried to seem like she was into it. Now i knew that my parents avcılar escort were asleep, and that my brother wouldn’t be home for about four more hours, and with the shit that was running through my head about her i couldn’t help it that my dick was rock hard, i was on the edge of my bed, and she was sitting by me but on the floor, my knee would bump up against her from time to time, but sometimes it would be her bumping into me. “You know, that’s the first time i’ve ever done anything like that” ..I didn’t know exactly what to say..”

“it doesn’t matter, i wont say anything.”

“..thank you.” and with that she put her arm on my leg like you would around your girlfriends shoulder, and after a couple of minutes i couldn’t help myself, i decided to make a move, if she didn’t like it what was she gonna do, tell everyone that i hit on her? Some guys would kill for the kind of ammo i had. so i just decided to go for it (well, me and the drugs.) I ran my hand through her hair and tilted her head back.. “you’re so fucking sexy.” and with a panting, eager voice she goes “yeah? so what are you gonna do, huh?” so i pull her up and we stand up flailing around like şirinevler escort crazy grabbing each other, i pulled off her top and bra.. i couldn’t believe this, my sister-in-law-to-be had her tits in my face, and was working on my zipper!!!

She hit the carpet and started sucking my dick, no slow soft shit, she sucked the hell out of it! In and out, in and out she kept taking my dick and making little noises, ” i want you to fuck my pussy, right here baby, on your bed.” I turned her over and pulled her pants down mid-thigh, i was rubbing her tits and kissing all over her back. and then shoved my prick all the way inside her wet pussy. “Ohh..fuck..fuck yeah, baby fuck that pussy.. come on…fuck it!!” i could feel her vaginal muscles squeezing my dick for cum. she was getting kind of loud but neither of us really cared, she just kept ramming her ass on me as i rammed my dick into her faster and faster until i felt her tighten up and shake a little, she came all over me..

“Oh God… uuhhh..y..yeah….aaagghhh!!” i kept fuckin’ her, naughty sounds cumming from her wet pussy. i was about to explode. “get up, turn around.” she grabbed my dick and jackhammered it until i came in her mouth and on her face. it felt so fuckin’ good to shoot a load on my new sister in law’s pretty little face. we layed in bed for a while, and she sucked my dick clean. No one’s ever found out about it, and i can’t count the times i’ve fucked her now. I knew that big brother wouldn’t be good for nothing his whole life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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