No Holes Barred Ch. 04

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Everyone involved in any sort of sexual activity is over eighteen. This story delves years into the future and is a month after Delta’s tenth birthday party and ten years since Ruby and Scott met Laura. Dani is the Narrator.


Ruby was jumping out of her skin. It was her wedding day. Her’s and Scotts.

We moved into a bigger house about a week ago, because of our growing family. It also brings us closer to the rest of our extended family. Dani was more than happy for Scott and Ruby to continue living at home after they were married, besides there is nothing I love more than looking at Scott naked and watching him plough my daughter.

Ruby had heard from Laura. Laura had decided that she wanted to be Scott and Ruby’s lesbian bitch and Ruby was over the moon. Ruby decided that she would keep it a surprise from Scott. Scott is going to be so excited! Besides I’m sure that he has surprises up his sleeve for me today Ruby thought to herself and Scott just loves those sort of surprises.

Ruby saw what her sister Jo was planning on wearing to her wedding. “What the hell?! Do you really think that you’re going to wear that to my wedding! Go and get changed right now.” Ruby screamed at Jo.

Ruby was taken away with how stunning her little sister Delta looked in her flower girl outfit.

There was a knock at the door, Ruby greeted her Aunty Tanya who had arrived to drive Jo and Delta to the church.

“Jake has gone to pick up Laura from the airport. I’ve given your uncle a few photos of Laura that we took on our trip to the nude resort up in Cairns. I hope you don’t mind Ruby. I’ve also given Jake bakırköy escort a couple of photos Laura emailed me with her clothes on. You are going to be blown away when you see Laura’s wedding dress, Laura looks magnificent in that gorgeous dress.” Ruby couldn’t get a word in.

“You’ve already seen Laura in her wedding dress. It’s going to be the first time that I’ve seen Laura in any state of dress at all.” It hit Ruby like a brick. “I bet uncle Jake is loving those nude photos of Laura.” Ruby smiled and looked at her Aunty Tanya with love in her eyes.

“Come on ladies. We need to get going!” Tanya ran into Jo and Delta’s bedrooms, to see what was taking them so long.

About twenty minute after Tanya left with the girls, John greeted Jake and Laura at the door and was blown away with Laura’s beauty. John helped Laura with her bags and bought them into what would be Ruby and Scott’s bedroom.

“I’m going to take a quick shower. Why don’t you go upstairs and surprise Ruby.” John winked lovingly at Ruby and Scott’s lesbian bitch.

Laura greeted Ruby with her wedding dress in her arms and had the best view of Ruby getting out of the spa with Dani.

“This is my Mum, Dani. Now let’s get you into that wedding dress.” Dani looked on excited, as she watched Laura strip to her underwear.

Dani went to check on her husband in the shower and left Ruby and Laura to get into their wedding dresses. Moments later Dani arrived back upstairs to add the finishing touches to Laura and Rubies makeup and hair.

John drove his girls and Laura to the church, Dani waited with Laura outside as John escorted his beşiktaş escort daughter up the wedding aisle and into Scott’s waiting arms. As they hit the I do’s and does anyone have any objections to these two getting married. John spoke up and said I do, leaving Scott quietly nervous.

Ruby whispered in Scott’s ear, “I’ve got a surprise for you!” John went back outside and escorted his wife and Laura up the wedding aisle. Scotts face lit up with joy to see Laura walking up the wedding aisle and into his and Ruby’s arms.

“Now the wedding may commence.” John smiled at his daughter.

Ruby invited their young flower girl up and Delta handed Ruby Laura’s wedding ring and special wedding vows that Ruby had wrote for Laura. Scott and Ruby than exchanged their wedding vows with Laura. Than exchanged wedding rings.

“Now you may kiss your brides,” the pastor announced. There was a passionate threeway kiss and then Ruby kissed Laura passionately on the lips. Scott moved behind Ruby and Ruby felt Scott’s hardening cock through his pants as he brushed Ruby’s ass. He put his hands on Laura’s ass to pull his ladies close. Tanya was madly taking photos, we were so happy she agreed to be the photographer on Ruby’s special day.

We were still having a few renovations at our house, so Jake and Tanya kindly let us use their home for the reception party. There was plenty of room to set up the dance floor in the living room. Laura went into the kitchen to help with gathering the refreshments and saw that Tanya was sticking photos on the fridge including those photos of Laura naked at the nudist resort. Laura just smiled at beylikdüzü escort Tanya and said, “Your husband is going to get a boner every time he walks into the kitchen.”

Than Laura was taken aback when she had a closer look around the house and saw all the family photos on the wall. “So you guys are family nudists as well!” Laura smiled at Scott and Jake.

“You should see our bedroom,” Tanya explained, “I run Photography and Art classes for consenting adults at TAFE. I have photos of all of my students naked in there. Scott attends my classes!”

“Can you believe that it has been ten years since our nude vacation up at Caines and we were so lucky to meet you.” Tanya smiled at Laura.

“I also have some special family photos in our bedroom, that I will show you later Laura.” Tanya went on to say.

“Now where is young Delta, the sun is setting. We need to go down to the nude beach and Finish taking wedding photos. I can’t wait to get back here, get naked and ramp up the music. Let’s go people.” Tanya directed the wedding group.

Once the wedding party returned from their photo session, Tanya said “Ok everyone lets get naked and dance up a storm!”

We partied and drank ourselves silly until John and Scott were sober enough to drive us home. Everyone went to bed except for Ruby, Scott and Laura, they were ready to consummate their wedding vows in their new bedroom.

Scott dutifully watched his wives consummate their wedding vows. Ruby then invited Scott to join them. “Laura I want you to kiss my pussy. I want your lips to feel Scott working his magic while he is inside me.”

Laura obediently followed Ruby’s direction as they consummated their wedding vows together as one. Guided by Ruby, Laura obediently gave herself to Scott in every way. For the first time in Laura’s life she realised to true pleasure a man was able to provide her. Ending with explosive orgasms for all three of them.

“So where are we going to go for our honeymoon.”

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