Night Court

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This wasn’t supposed to have happened. I hadn’t seen my ex-wife since the hearing, some 15 years ago. I wasn’t crazy about her new hubby, nor did I dislike him. It was pretty much just a tolerable event, when the need arose. I feel that we’ve both been pretty much perfect gentlemen towards one another during our short minutes on the phone, except on two occasions, which were at length because I had some specific things to say to him, and believe it or not, they were all positive. Which brings me to this. How do I find myself having sex with my ex, his wife? I mean, this is too weird.

I was shocked, to say the least when my phone rang and the voice on the other end was Klacey. It was totally unexpected, as I had maybe 3 times tops, had never done anything but exchanged pleasantries with Klacey, and then asked to speak with our daughter. That was pretty much it. I rarely gave her a thought, but during those rare times, I would think of how much we used to really love one another, and how extremely good our sex life was together. We had it all. Or so I thought.

We haven’t seen one another face to face since the courtroom appearance. Neither of us had a clue as to how the other looked. Of course, it turned out, she’d weathered the years much smoother than myself. Also, being ten years older shouldn’t have me looking twenty years older at the moment. My heart sank when she walked in, because I thought right away that after seeing me now, she wouldn’t even speak to me. I felt like a fool. Here I was, in the office, on a Friday night, and we were holding “Night Court”. I felt humiliated in front of the friends that were here with me. I mean, there was a lawyer, an uptown upstanding business man in town, a former Police Officer, and a Private Investigator. We were holding court, for goodness sake.

Yes, she called when she was a few blocks away and said she was nearby and hoped it was okay. I freaked. Of course it was okay, but after we hung up our phones, I thought, what the hell am I doing. istanbul escort Next thing I hear is “tap-tap-tap” on the door. I arise, open the door personally, and stand back as she steps in a couple of feet. I’m standing there with my mouth agape, really taking some old inventory, and then I realize she’s as beautiful as ever, and me…oh well.

I could hear my friends gasp, as she inched into the room. We hug…I’m amazed. We keep hugging…I’m more amazed…We’re doing some serious kissing…I’m at a loss. We finally were able to separate ourselves and she looked at the guys and says: “If you fellas will give us a little time, I’d sure appreciate it.” The room cleared quickly with various grins and under-the-breath comments, but by this time, I was game to see how this whole thing played out. Was I ever in for the surprise of my life.

As I stated, we had a good sex life, but the only variety we had was regarding positions only. Always oral or regular sex. Nothing kinky, on the edge, nor even near the edge, but it was still exceptionally good. I considered it to be fine, in fact. Now, here we were in a little office, all alone. In the blinking of an eye, she locked the door, killed the lights, and closed the blinds. The only light was a 4 little lights that shone through the blinds, and it only made for a weak silhouette, but that was just enough to get my motor running. There was no turning back now.

She barely spoke. She led me to my chair and gently pushed me into a sitting position. Then, kneeling in front of me, she adjusted my position to suit herself. With lightning fingers she unzipped me and slowly, and with all the love and finesse in the world, she pleasured me orally for a good 10 minutes. I was too stunned to cum, but yet, I was aware of the fact that I didn’t want to cum because I knew that it would be over. I closed my eyes and tried to see every ugly scene that could be played out, just to keep avcılar escort me from getting there. I became extremely selfish and I didn’t care.

Klacey continued to milk me for more than I was worth. All of a sudden, she stopped and then looked at me dead in the eyes and with that old familiar smile that I remember so, I got even harder as she straddled me, facing me, and began to take control. All I could do was hang on for the ride, and that I did. In the span of

forty-five minters, we managed to try everything imaginable that we dared not discuss 20 years ago. And it was all at her prompting. We were enjoying a 69 and then out of the blue, she jumps up and grabs her purse, and out comes a bottle of baby oil. She tells me she’s never tried this but now is the time. I’m speechless. This woman, my ex-wife is taking this baby oil, cover her little pucker place as if the oil is free. She’s applying liberal amounts to her ass, and then she begins to grease my hard dick with a passion. I nearly cum from that alone. With no reluctance, she positions herself facing me and guides me into her awaiting tight, hot, slippery ass. I was in heaven.

She would raise up just enough to keep the head almost out, just below the rim, and then drop down just enough to take the head back in. I can’t describe the feeling, but after a few minutes of that, I exploded into her ass. She had multiple orgasms that had to have lasted for 3 minutes or more. It was incredible. But this was only the beginning. After we both had settled down a bit, she laid her head on my chest and we simply held one another, enjoying the moments. We laid there, finally having small talk between us, when she decides it’s time for round two. I wasn’t sure I was up for it, but I decided I’d give it my best shot.

We were kissing passionately when she rolled over on her back and pulled me on top of her. The more we kissed, the more passionate we both became. We kissed from head to toe and şirinevler escort back again. I sucked on her large nipples for a long time, giving each tit equal time. Oh, such wonderful breasts she has. A 34 C-cup. And those huge nipples, long and with huge aureolas, that looked as if they were painted on. And they had the sweetest taste. As I continued to explore every inch of her body, I finally arrived at her pubic area, where I licked, kissed, and teased her labia and her clit. She was overly wet and ready, but the time wasn’t right, just yet. I continued the foreplay as I found her G-spot and massaged it for a bit, and then decided it was time for a full assault. Her pubic hair was just heavy enough to turn me own. She never shaved her pussy, except in the summer, she would shave just enough around the ages to wear her bikini. Other than that, she was a woman with a beautiful, tasty, sweet, hairy pussy.

My fingers were coated with her juices, so as I was sucking on her clit, I inserted my index finger into her ass. It was a smooth insertion, as my finger was well lubed from her own natural flow. Her response was surprising. She reached for my hand and suggested that she wanted two fingers in her ass, and I quickly obliged. After a few more minutes of sucking her clit and finger fucking her ass, she arose to all fours and grabbed my hardened, slippery dick and brought it right against her little burning ass, and easily glided it inside her as she began to fuck me wildly. She became very vocal, telling me to fuck her harder and to cum in her ass. That alone was setting me on fire. This time, I fucked her hard, fast, and continuously. I shoved my dick full force into her ass, and it felt so good. She was bouncing back on me, feeding the fire that was built deep inside me. I was thinking that I never wanted this moment to end. If I could somehow capture this and be able to replay it or relive it time after time, I would die a happy camper.

However, all good things must come to an end. Klacey stayed with me until about 11PM. We had about 4 good hours of continuous, raw, uninhibited sex, and it was the best sex I ever experienced in my life. I realize that it will probably never happen again and that it was a fluke that it even happened at all. Regardless of that fact, you can bet your ass that I’ll always be open to Night Court.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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