New Year’s Masked Ball

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New Year’s Masked Ball — A Cousin’s Treat

The New Year Revelry

Due to Alice’s condition, it was decided to curtail the shenanigans this year, with instructions from Alice for Tony to attend the “Masked Ball” by himself and enjoy. When he arrived at the hotel by car, the doorman helped him with his suitcase, as a driver takes the keys and the car is gone to the secure underground car park belonging to the hotel.

After Tony signed in and deposited his bag in the suite, he went to the main lounge for an afternoon cup of tea and some munchies. As he was sat there, it became apparent, a buzz was going around, with the increased hum, several people are giving him glances, especially the single young ladies… A couple of the questions are said so Tony could hear;

‘Where is Lady Alice?’

‘What is Viscount Merestone to do for a partner?’

By the time mid-morning Saturday was reached, the number of ladies trying to attract Tony’s attention was becoming noteworthy. At around ten-thirty, it being coffee and cake time, a group of Tony’s cousins came up to him. They address him as Viscount, so he knew something was up, they also have that grin of mischievousness on their faces.

‘What’s up girls?’

Laura is the one to speak up, ‘Viscount, I hope you don’t mind, but ten of us put our names in a bowl, and I won the lottery to be your “Lady Alice” for the night’.

Tony stood and glared at them, then Rhotwyn spoke, ‘This is not a hazing!’ and produces the container with the rest of the names in it. Tony also notices Rhotwyn is wearing the “Lady Alice” necklace he gave Lotti, which none of the other ladies had seen.

‘Okay, not hazing, but where are your partners’ this year?’

Rhotwyn again, ‘We all came single this year, hoping to land a date for the evening’. She also gave me a lascivious wink.

Tony persuaded all the girls to join him and ordered coffee and munchies for all. Then over the morning beverage, he teased them. Plus, informed them as to what he would want from a partner, ‘Girls and especially you Laura, you will need to be void of knickers tomorrow night’, which elicited an exclaimed ‘WHAT!’ from a few of the girls. Though Tony noticed Rhotwyn had a broad grin and an expression of enjoyment on her face.

Tony continued, ‘this is so I can play, and Laura you will need to be ready to scream the “New Year” in, as an exhibition to the others’.

After Tony’s comment the girls had nervous expressions on their faces, so he augmented with, ‘Laura can you join me in my suite? I will need you to strip so I can see what I have to work with’.

That elicited a small shriek from Laura as she yelled at Tony, ‘NO WAY IN HELL!’ Then all but one of the young ladies depart.

‘Rhotwyn that leaves just you, MY preferred choice. Would you like to welcome in the “New Year” as my companion for the evening?’

‘Would I hell! What do you want me to do?’ she replied, with a very expectant expression all over her face.

(Just to put you in the picture Rhotwyn is a pretty, twenty-year-old still with her “Dorothy (Wizard of Oz)” hairstyle, though her locks are auburn, and she has green eyes, hidden behind cat-eye style frames. Plus, she has a tendency, to wear clothing that obscures her physique.)

‘Rhotwyn go collect your coat, you and I are going to “Harrods” to prepare you for tomorrow night’. Her eyes light up with anticipation and the smile on her lips…

Tony also collected his coat and the waistcoat from the suit he expected to wear, the pair then headed on over…

The first thing was to take Rhotwyn to the “Hair Salon”; to change her hairstyle…

The pair then headed to the first floor where she gave Tony a fashion show of the garments that he and the sales assistant suggest based on the scarlet silk waistcoat among other things…

Which was when Tony found out Rhotwyn had an exquisite 34-23-34 hour-glass figure with a marvellous heart-shaped derrière.

The couple agreed on two dresses… One for dinner that evening, the other for the “Masked Ball”. The sales assistant arranged for the outfits and the waistcoat to be sent to Tony’s hotel suite. There was also a request that all Rhotwyn’s belongings are also moved to his accommodations. Then Rhotwyn and Tony continue their shopping, for some accessories…

On returning to the hotel, the pair arrived at Tony’s suite without being seen… Five minutes after closing the door, the manager turned-up with hot beverages, a bottle of champagne, also to ascertain if the young lady was satisfied with the move. Rhotwyn thanked him, and Tony requested a table for dinner that night at eight o’clock in the main dining room.

After the manager departed, the couple had three hours to kill.

The pair started by divesting themselves of clothing. As the couple became naked, Tony received confirmation Rhotwyn was an authentic redhead… After which, there was a small amount of teasing, where Tony pinched ataşehir escort her pneumatic derrière causing a little squeal, as the couple head to the bathroom. Once in the bathtub Tony took more liberties at the same time as soaping and washing her body, especially her pudenda eliciting an orgasm that rippled through her whole body. As her gasping for breath, subsided, Rhotwyn uttered, ‘Best, bloody, orgasm since the summer’.

Tony then asked, ‘Virgin?’ to which Rhotwyn’s responded with an embarrassed ‘Yes’, as her face turned red.

To which Tony added, ‘That’s nothing to be ashamed of!’

When the pair had finished towelling each other, Tony asked Rhotwyn to sit on a dry towel at the edge of the bed. Then having retrieved his grooming kit, he began to work on a very nervous young lady, neatly trimming the pubic hair very short, on her mons Veneris, plus giving it some shape. After which, he teased Rhotwyn onto her back, allowing him to shave her labia and the surrounding area. Once the shaving was complete, Tony ran his tongue over her labia majora lips, which are now very red, plus lovely and smooth. Which resulted in Rhotwyn emitting a squeal of joy as her body spasms, he then placed a mirror, so she could see the outcome of his actions.

Rhotwyn’s facial expressions and the glint in her eyes; as she gazed at herself and what Tony had done; told him she was delighted with the results of his actions.

Rhotwyn also added, ‘Mum will be jealous’.

After the shave, Tony massaged some oils into the whole area bringing about an even more, all-embracing, screaming orgasm, that had her legs kicking in the air, at the same time as her upper body oscillates and she gasps for air.

Rhotwyn was shouting, ‘More! More!’ as her body recovered.

Though due to the time Tony suggested, ‘Shouldn’t we dress for dinner so I can show off your new style’.

To which he received a response of, ‘I suppose you’re right’, with a slight pout and an expression disappointment in her tone.

As the couple walked into the dining room, there are a few gasps from other patrons. Rhotwyn had turned into an elegant swan in her emerald green full-length evening gown, three-inch heels, and a fox coloured antique fur shoulder coat. Everybody was staring at us as Tony removed the fleece revealing the “Lady Alice” neckless and exposing her slightly tanned back. Which told everyone, no bra, as the dress plunged from the shoulder to show the top of the crevice, to her heart-shaped derrière. The front showed off her ample cleavage, plus Rhotwyn elegantly grasped the top of the hip-high slit and neatly folded the dress as she slid into the alcove. Tony slipped into the cubicle alongside her and rested his hand on her bare thigh, Rhotwyn raised her hand and caressed Tony’s face as she planted a sensual kiss on his lips, then whispered, „Du böser Junge”. (‘You bad boy’.) This kiss had shockwaves traversing Tony’s spine with a reciprocal shudder in Rhotwyn.

All through the meal Rhotwyn and Tony spoke only German slightly adding to her mystique and judging by the comments in the room, they think my companion has coloured her hair, and it was the same person as the last two years. Also, whenever my hand surreptitiously slipped from the table, Tony’s fingers were having a little dance on Rhotwyn’s labia and clitoris. This caused her breathing to become a little stilted as the pair eat and talk. At one-point, Rhotwyn grasps his wrist to stop him as her body shudders, and she doesn’t want to orgasm at the dinner table.

When the couple rose to depart; Rhotwyn, with a little giggle, very naughtily allowed the slit to open permitting the patrons close by to see she was knickerless, plus there was a little moisture from the attention afforded during the meal. Which elicited several spluttered gasps. Tony then assisted her back into the shoulder coat, after which they held hands and sauntered out of the dining room. On reaching the suite, Rhotwyn had a fit of laughter as Tony closed the door. Once she’d calmed down, the pair sat, talked, and drank the coffee and brandy. Discussing among other things her demeanour.

‘Sweetie, what; were; you; thinking; when you rose from the table?’

‘Tony darling, I don’t know, you bring out the worst in me’.

When the pair were suitably rested and had finished their drinks, Rhotwyn stood in front of Tony and slipped out of the shoulders of the dress. Then with a wiggle of the hips, there was a green puddle on the floor, and Rhotwyn was standing there entirely naked, except for the necklace and a pair of sheer silk stockings.

She demanded, ‘I want more of that mouth of your’s, arousing me!’ As she scampered off to the bed.

Tony slowly followed, divesting himself of clothes, at the same time as pondering on how to tease and excite Rhotwyn, plus progress her to a point where she will give permission, for him to take her virginity. As he knelt onto the bed, Tony gave a booming, and gravelly avcılar escort growl. Which received an excited squeal in response as Tony grasp a leg to remove a stocking and start to work his way up her thigh, licking, kissing, and caressing as he went. Which caused Rhotwyn to start rhythmically squirming, with her whole body.

On arriving at Rhotwyn’s pudenda, Tony sucked her succulent labia majora into his mouth to give them an oral treatment, before using his tongue to force entry searching for her clitoris. Which caused a squeal of, ‘Tony, what are you doing to me’.

Augmented with, ‘Don’t stop! I’m cuminggggggggggg!’ As an orgasm ignited and Rhotwyn’s upper body went ridged.

Tony continued his ministrations working away at her labia lips and clitoris. Especially abrading across the tip of the latter, with the flat of his tongue, which had her legs pistoning at a fair rate of knots with the soles of her feet drumming the bed.

All the while, Rhotwyn was gasping for breath, her torso was squirming to such an extent that Tony found it hard to tease her nipples with finger and thumb, plus hindering his ability to caress her breasts. Rhotwyn was repetitively shouting ‘TONY’ as her body movements became very frenetic, so he eased the application of cunnilingus allowing her climax to subside, though she was still gasping, “as though it were going out of fashion”. Tony sat up caressing her leg in the process causing more quakes in her body. He glanced over at the bedside clock and realised he’d been pleasuring Rhotwyn for close on two hours.

Tony then pulled the sheet and eiderdown up over Rhotwyn, before he slipped in under to join her. At the same time as the pair recuperate from their activities, there would be no sleeping as the sex-starved monster he’d awoken was demanding more shenanigans.

After around half an hour resting, the pair had a glass of water each before returning to Tony’s sexual manipulation of Rhotwyn’s body. The teasing had Rhotwyn at such a fever pitch; that Tony slid the enlarged head of his phallus between her labia minora lips, stretching them as they had never been before, causing screams of satisfaction as he entered.

Tony paused on making contact, with her hymen, though precisely as he was about to ask; Rhotwyn thrust her hips upwards impaling herself on Tony’s phallus. At the same time, a scream of ‘TONY!’ erupted from her as she screwed her eyes tight with the initial pain of losing her virginity. Tony reciprocated with a significant groan as he bottomed out in her vagina. Followed by remaining motionless to allow her body to become accustomed to the intrusion, also for her face to relax as the pain dissipated into enjoyment, with small squeals of success.

After a few minutes of her vaginal muscles playing a tune on the intruder, Tony slowly withdrew until only the bulbous head remained, at which point, he hovered, poised to start. Then commencing the age-old in ‘n’ out motion as her eyelids flickered open, signalling she was happy for her defiler to continue.

Tony took it gently, to begin with, using a slow rhythm as Rhotwyn expressed her enjoyment with ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaahs’ along with other moans and groans. With the increasing tempo of Tony’s thrusts, Rhotwyn’s breathing started to become erratic, at the same time as exclaiming, ‘Yes Tony! Right their Tony! Keep Going! Loving it!’

Tony, now bottoming out on Rhotwyn’s secret gateway causing gravelly groans from him as she squealed, ‘YES’ and ‘HARDER’. Then her next orgasm ignited with such force she almost dislodged Tony, causing him to pause with his phallus buried deep in her vagina. As Rhotwyn’s squirming and gyrations diminished, enabling him to commence the rhythm once more.

Following that reaction, as Tony increase the tempo, he was now paying more attention to what her body was doing, so he could take measures to avoid another early eruption and extend the enjoyment for them both. Though Rhotwyn had two more raucous climaxes before Tony finally thrust passed her gateway emitting a thunderous ‘AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!’ And delivered six substantial streamers, a gravelly groan with each, directly into her inner sanctum. She emitted an ear-piercing scream of, ‘YES TONYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!’ Which resulted in Rhotwyn wrapping her legs around Tony’s body, as she locked her heels, at the same time her abdomen arched leaving her whole body being supported by Tony and her head.

On the subsidence of the scream, Rhotwyn’s gasping was very apparent, along with his own. Then her back slumped to the mattress; before she began to writhe with the release of her leg clamp. Tony’s still rock-solid phallus slipped from its silken glove. Exhausted, the couple spoon together under the eiderdown with his juice covered monster resting along the crevice of her backside as it slowly deflates. In the resultant position, Tony placed one hand on her breasts, the other gently caressing the carpet on her mons Veneris, as the couple doze and then avrupa yakası escort sleep.

By morning, Tony woke fully refreshed but needing the bathroom. So, easing himself from under the eiderdown, at the same time as not disturbing Rhotwyn, he headed off to the necessarium, then had a quick douche before returning.

On his return, Tony sat on the bed, but before having a chance to turn, Rhotwyn draped an arm over one shoulder at the same time as placing her chin on the other. She then whispered, ‘Good Morning. Thank you for last night my perfect and cuddly bear’. As she chuckled his cheeks with her thumb and forefinger.

Then with a frown on his face, Tony uttered, ‘Sorry sweetie, I should’ve pulled out before unloading’.

Rhotwyn’s response was to give him a delightful smile of joy and success, before adding, ‘Don’t be silly Tony, it’s what I wanted’.

Tony issued a sigh of relief before adding, ‘Sweetie, why don’t you shower then join me downstairs for breakfast?’

As she slithered from the bed and began to skip off to the bathroom, Tony gave a little teasing whipped backhand across her bobbling derrière, eliciting a small squeal, as she turned her head and glanced back with a mischievous glint in her eyes and grin on her face.

Having dressed in casual shirt and trousers, Tony headed down to the dining room, where he ordered a “Full English”. He was part way through his breakfast when Rhotwyn joined him, wearing a silk blouse and jodhpurs, with no undergarments. Which allowed Tony to view the well-shaped labia lips owing to the tightness of the material, as Rhotwyn seated herself.

She poured herself a cup of tea, then cheekily pinched her host’s toast and marmalade. Thankfully, none of the group of cousins were up, so the pair were, fortunately, able to eat in peace and quiet. The couple then collected their coats and go for a walk on the bright, chilly, Sunday morning.

As the couple walked, Rhotwyn grasped Tony’s arm tightly. When he scrutinised her face, she had the very contented gaze of a young lady in love. On returning to the hotel, Tony ordered coffee and munchies for the pair to be delivered to the suite. They spent the rest of the day relaxing and preparing for the party.

The relaxing and preparing included more sexual shenanigans. To top it off, Rhotwyn also decided to go bald. Tony collected his grooming kit at the same time as Rhotwyn grasped a couple of towels from the bathroom and laid on the bed. She giggled as he applied the shaving cream to start work on her mons Veneris, after about five minutes of careful strokes with the razor, he was employing some oils on her delicate and naked skin, which caused an orgasm that had her whole body squirming.

After she’d recovered, Rhotwyn stood in front of the full-length mirror and giggled, ‘I look like a baby’.

Tony joined Rhotwyn naked, as she turned and gave him a very sensual kiss, with her arms around his neck she jumped and wrapped her legs around his waist. Tony slipped a hand under her derrière and guided, his now rampant phallus into her. He then pinned her to the wall for support as the pounding began, eliciting ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaahs’ from Rhotwyn to join his moans and groans. The pummelling continued as Rhotwyn’s vocalisations became less coherent and more scream like; until the pair both have a mutual climax. With Tony issuing a very gravelly ‘Aaaarrrrgggghhhh’ as he deposited in her inner chamber, and Rhotwyn screaming his name, “as though I were the last man on earth”.

The couple had a quick shower, and Tony set the alarm for seven o’clock that evening, giving them an hour to dress ready for the party. The pair then cuddled together under the eiderdown and gently kiss as they doze.

The couple arrived at the “Ball” fully refreshed, also eager-to-go with a sex-game filled evening. Where, upon entry the “Barker of Ceremonies” announced, “The Viscount Merestone and The Lady Alice”. Which caused a small giggle from Rhotwyn and glances of disbelief from several of their fellow party goers. These expressions turned to gasps as Tony removed Rhotwyn’s shoulder coat and everyone received sight of the dress; which was scarlet in colour, had a lace and satin halter neck top, exposing her back, in addition, the front plunged to just above the navel, the skirt section was full-length satin with chiffon godets.

Rhotwyn was also wearing an ornate mask, the “Lady Alice” neckless, and the couple only conversed in German, which really added to her mystique. Especially when Laura and the other girls came to try and find out who the “Lady Alice” was.

All through the evening, Tony and Rhotwyn are teasing each other with “Truth or Dare” scenarios that become more outlandish the more they drink…

As with prior years, a small cleek of friends and relatives gather slightly after eleven-fifteen, to prepare to wish in the “New Year”. Laura was now noticeable by her absence.

Rhotwyn and Tony start to gird themselves, ready for the little exhibition, kissing, and Tony ran his hands everywhere. Then at twenty minutes before the witching hour, he unclasped the skirt section of the outfit as Rhotwyn does a wicked wiggle of the hips. The result caused a satin and chiffon puddle at her feet revealing a short underskirt that barely covered her backside.

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