New in Town

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Big Dicks

My wife and I sat on our front porch and watched a moving van pull up next door. Our old neighbors had left last week, which was too bad as we had a friendly relationship with them. Unknown to them, my wife and I masturbated while talking about all the things we wanted to do with them. She was long and lean, with legs that never seemed to end. He was tall and lean as well, but not skinny. He had a strong aura about him. My wife, Lisa, fantasied about giving his huge cock a blow job. Followed by a good ass fucking. We never knew if he had a big cock, but we sure did fantasize that he did. I always thought his wife would love to swallow my cock as my wife was spreading my ass cheeks and tonguing my asshole. I’d finish off by pulling out of her mouth and coming on their faces. They would then lick and suck all the cum off each other. We would vary our stories about them and that led to explosive orgasms and often more sex with each other. Those were erotic fantasies. We never did have sex with them.

Lisa and I have lived in our house 25 years. We are both pushing 50, but we have always stayed in shape. Lisa was tall and thin. That said she had long lean muscles and was strong. She had long legs and slim hips. Her tits were smallish. A B cup with small areola, but when excited her nipples became erect and stuck out a half inch. I am average everything, except I haven’t gained weight since we were married. My stomach is still rock hard. My cock is average, a bit more than 6 inches when erect.

Sex has always been good between us. We don’t hold much back either. Lisa has come to love a cock in her ass, even though at first she was hesitant. She still gives me blow jobs regularly. She knows that a Sunday morning bj sets the week off in a good way. I try to be a patient lover, most of the time. I love licking her clit and pussy. I’ll slide my tongue to her asshole as well. I love to play with her nipples and can suck on them forever. Whatever Lisa likes, I try to deliver.

Just after we were married she came home one day after work and told me she had invited a workmate over for drinks and dinner. I loved the idea that another women would be in the house. I hoped she was as good looking as my wife. My cock was starting to harden thinking about it. I was shocked when a man showed up at the door with flowers. Lisa emerged from changing in the bedroom. She greeted Ken wearing a bikini with a camisole covering her top. After quick introductions, we walked to the backyard pool and started to grill some salmon. I turned from the grill and Lisa had Ken’s cock in her mouth. She smiled at me and said, “Surprise honey. I’ve been thinking I want two cocks in me at the same time. After we eat I want to live that out.”

Anyway that was the first time I knew that we would be swingers. Lisa loved to have group sex with both men and women. I much prefer women, but Lisa has had me take a cock up my ass. I thought I was getting pegged by our friend Kim, but when I felt a stream of cum in my ass, I turned and saw Kim’s husband had taken over. Lisa had some explaining to do and it took a while for me to trust her completely after that.

Back to our new neighbors. The furniture movers were at the neighbor’s house mid morning and were finished delivering it inside by mid afternoon. Lisa and I couldn’t help noticing the young couple moving in. The woman was short and trim. It was a hot day and she was dressed for it in short jean shorts and a sleeveless athletic top. Her legs were muscular with slim hips. She had a pert, tight ass. Her breasts were well formed and large for her body type. Her hair was dark and cut shortish, just above her shoulders. Her husband was a full head taller than her. He also sported dark hair, cut short but stylish. He had a strong, wiry build. If he carried any extra weight it was not apparent.

Lisa grabbed my hand and led me indoors from the front porch, where we were watching them move in.

“I want to fuck them,” she exclaimed as she wriggled out of her shorts and panties. She sat back in the den chair and slid her middle finger down into her labia. I could tell she had found her clit and her finger was massaging it.

I pulled my shorts and underwear down as well. My cock was erect from watching Lisa’s sudden passion. My right hand gripped the shaft and I started to pump it along the shaft. I moved closer to Lisa and with both hands grabbed her top and pulled it over her head. Her tiny bra came off next and she was now naked and still playing with her pussy.

“I wonder how big his cock is. I want it buried deep in my pussy. Then he can punish my asshole with it.”

I replied, “I’d love to see you getting fucked again. It’s been a long time… two years maybe? Seeing you sucking on her clit while I play with her tits would be nice. I hope she likes anal sex. I’d love to butt fuck her while you are sucking on her clit.”

My strokes were picking up intensity as I watched Lisa get close to coming. Lisa started eryaman escort bayan to moan.

“I’m coming… I’m coming!”

Her body tensed up and then started to shake, followed by a couple body spasms as she came. I moved closer as my cock spurted the first stream of cum on her tits. Several spasms later I had finished my last stream of cum. Lisa grabbed my cock and placed her lips on it’s head. Her tongue swirled around it and she then placed it in her mouth and sucked it clean. Next she scooped my cum off her chest and tits. Her fingers went to her mouth. She pursed her lips to give me a kiss and she beckoned me with her finger. Obediently I leaned over and received a wet kiss, as she pushed cum into my mouth with her tongue.

After Lisa swallowed the rest of my seed, she exclaimed, “Let’s invite our new neighbors over for an informal cookout tonight. They probably need a break and don’t have a dinner planned. Let’s get our clothes on and go over and invite them over for a small cookout and swim.”

Lisa and I cleaned up and got dressed. We walked over to our new neighbors as the moving van was leaving. We introduced ourselves to Rick and Nancy.

“Hi! We’re your new next door neighbors. I’m Lisa and this is my husband Jason. We’ve been watching you move in. We want to know if you’d like to stop by later for a small cookout. Hamburgers and hot dogs and salads. We have a pool, we can take a dip and cool off too.”

“Hi! I’m Nancy and this is Rick. We don’t want to put you out, but if it wouldn’t be a big problem, that would be fantastic. It has been such a long and exhausting day.”

I replied, “Great! We’ll see you in an hour or so. Meat will go on after you get there.”

Walking back to our house I looked at Lisa, “I hope they want to fuck us, Nancy is a little pixie… I’m getting hard just thinking of her naked.”

Lisa only reply was, “I hope his cock is as big as I think it is!”

About an hour later our new neighbors were at the door.

“Thanks for the invite,” Nancy exclaimed. “It will feel good to sit and relax.”

Rick stuck out his hand and I shook it. “Let’s get some drinks and get out to the pool. The evening is turning out just beautiful to be outside.”

I already had beer and wine chilling outside and we didn’t need anything else. After setting in and pouring drinks… “Welcome to Nancy and Rick, our new neighbors. May we get to know each other well!”

I threw the meat on the grill and we all talked and drank while it cooked.

Nancy and Rick were moving from Edina, Minnesota. It was almost a 9 hour trip to Richmond Heights, outside of St Louis. Rick was a financial advisor and Nancy ran her own online graphic designing business. No kids yet, but they were thinking about it. All I could think about was that we shouldn’t waste any time before fucking them.

We finished eating and were enjoying another drink when Nancy told us, “We didn’t get to unpack anything. We don’t have any bathing suits, but the water sure looks good.”

Lisa volunteered, “I might have a bathing suit you could use.”

“I don’t think it would fit. You’re much taller and my boobs are larger.”

Nancy suddenly dropped her shorts and pulled her top over her head. She stood stark naked for a moment then turned and dove in the pool.

Lisa pulled down her bikini bottom and untied her top. She turned to Rick, giving him a full frontal, “We can’t let Nancy be the only naked one in the pool!” Then she turned and bent over while spreading her ass cheeks so that Rick could get a full view of her butt and asshole. Then she dove in the pool, joining Nancy.

Rick looked at me. “That was quite a show. Your wife has a wonderful body.”

“Nancy surprised me when she stripped,” I replied. “Please don’t take offense, but she is a wet dream waiting to happen.”

“Listen, my wife and I like to engage in sex with another couple at times. I’m sure that Nancy would love to get to know both of you.”

Nancy piped up from the pool, “Take your clothes off and let’s see what you’ve got.” She and Lisa swam to the edge of the pool to get a better view.

I was sitting with an erection now and was just a bit self conscious to strip when Rick dropped trow. His cock was completely shaven and erect.

“Holy shit,” was my wife’s response. “That’s what I call a cock. And you’ve got huge balls.”

Nancy remarked “And you should see what he likes to do with those balls!”

Rick was sporting a large erection, so I was no longer afraid to strip, I just hoped my average erection wasn’t going to get ridiculed.

From the edge of the pool Nancy beckoned Rick to come nearer. “Sit on the edge of the pool so I can suck your cock,” she commanded.

Lisa followed that comment with “I’d like to get a taste too!”

Rick sat at the side of the pool as I watched Nancy take Rick in her mouth. My wife started to fondle his balls, exclaiming “This is the biggest ball sack I’ve ever imagined!”

I ankara escort had now stripped down and was standing by my chair, stroking my erection.

Nancy stopped bobbing up and down on Rick’s cock, and Lisa took over.

“Are you just going to jerk off watching Rick get a blowjob from the two of us, or would you like to stick your cock down my throat?” Nancy asked me.

I hurried to the side of the pool and sat at the edge. Nancy took her tongue and ran it up and down the shaft of my shaven cock. Then she swirled her tongue around my cock head before taking it in her mouth. She went up and down on it several times and then pulled away.

“Slide your ass right to the edge of the pool. I want your cock down my throat!”

Nancy opened her mouth and swallowed my cock. It was as far down her throat as it could go, her lips now at the base of my cock. She held there for a bit and came up for air. Then I felt her hands massaging my balls and a finger slide up toward my asshole.

Nancy exclaimed, “Now you’re getting finger fucked, while you throat fuck me.”

She sucked my cock into her mouth as I placed my hands on the back of her head and forced her down on my cock. Alternating between pushing her down on my cock and then easing up, my cock was face fucking her. She pushed away, coming up for air, and then back down again. Her spit was flowing onto my balls as she added a second finger in my rectum. She was keeping time with my rhythm of face fucking her. Her fingers slid in and out of my asshole.

Next to me Rick was forcing as much cock into Lisa’s mouth as she could take. Lisa was an experienced cock sucker and opened up her throat to accept Rick, but she never had sucked on a cock that long. Lisa was massaging his balls all the while, occasionally moving her lips from his cock to suck his balls.

I was starting to build to an orgasm when Nancy pulled away and said, “Not yet big fella. We have more to do tonight.”

Lisa pulled away from Rick when she heard this and Nancy told her, “You can finish him. Rick’s always good for more than one load.”

I watched my wife go back down on Rick’s cock. She had most of him down her throat. Rick had his heads on the back of her head, pushing her farther down his cock. Lisa came back up, gagging a bit with spit flowing off her lips and grabbed Rick’s cock with both hands and was stroking it as fast as she could. Meanwhile Nancy moved closer to Rick and grabbed his nipples with her hands. Then she brought her mouth to his left nipple and bit it. Then she let go and swirled her tongue over and around his nipple. Then over to his right nipple for the same treatment. She bit his nipple and then licked it. Rick had enough. With Lisa and Nancy working on his body, he let loose and his first stream of cum hit Lisa on the face. Lisa moved her face closer and Rick spurted several more streams of cum on her face and then Lisa took the head of his cock in her mouth to finish off the last bit of cum. Nancy kissed Lisa, swapping Rick’s cum and then grabbed a beach towel from the deck and cleaned off Lisa’s face.

Lisa suggested, “Let’s go inside where it might be more comfortable. I want to see what Rick does with his balls.”

Rick and Nancy nodded in agreement. We grabbed our clothes and we all entered the house with Lisa leading us to our bedroom and the king sized bed.

“Do you guys have any sex toys? Dildos, vibrators, that sort of thing?” asked Nancy.

Lisa went to the bed side table and opened the drawer.

“We have a few that we’ve collected over the years. We have a selection of dildos that Jason and I use fairly regularly. Jason loves to pleasure me with a dildo in my pussy while he fucks my ass.”

Lisa picked up my favorite dildo as she told Rick and Nancy, “This is Jason’s favorite dildo. I jam it in his ass while he strokes his cock. Guaranteed to make him come!”

“Here is my strap on that I use to peg his ass. We also have vibrators that have remote controls. I take them both in my pussy and ass. Of course Jason’s sits in his ass. Sometimes we’ll watch TV with each of us controlling the remote of the others vibrator. That can be fun!”

Nancy grabbed one of the larger dildos and told Rick, “On your hands and knees, toward the end of the bed.”

Nancy stood behind Rick as he knelt there, She spit on his asshole and inserted her middle finger in his butt.

“Do you have any lube?” Lisa went back to the drawer and produced some Astro Glide.

“Perfect. I want to lube and stretch out his asshole before we play with his balls.”

Lisa then handed me an anal vibrator and told me to lube up and slide it in my ass. Then she tossed me the remote as well.

Nancy then told me, “Sit next to Rick and start it up while stroking your cock. We’ll get to you in a moment.”

Nancy then picked the largest dildo we had and coated it with Astro Glide. She withdrew her fingers from Rick’s ass and placed the sincan escort bayan head of the dildo at his asshole.

“Rick, this is a pretty big dildo. So relax and I’ll take a bit of time to insert it.”

Nancy asked Lisa to go in Rick’s shorts and find his cock rings. She came out with two different sized stretchy cock rings. Nancy told Lisa to take the smaller of the two and place it over Rick’s balls, just his balls. Stretch it and place his balls inside. Lisa had a bit of trouble getting it around both balls at the same time, but managed by placing one ball at a time through the ring. The ring was not especially tight around his ball sack, but tight enough to accentuate his balls. Lisa started to massage his balls and then snuck her head under the kneeling Rick and started to lick them, while grabbing his erect cock.

“Holy shit, that is really some huge sack his balls are in!” Lisa exclaimed.

Nancy directed Lisa to lube up his balls and cock. Then she reached between his legs and grabbed his balls, pulling them between his legs.

“Lisa, I want you to help me with this, so come back here and stand next to me. Reach between his legs and grab his shaft and pull it backward as well. That will release some of the tension on his balls as I pull them toward his asshole.”

Then Nancy took one ball and slid it to the opening of Rick’s asshole. With a bit of pressure it popped in. She took Lisa’s hand and placed it on Rick’s other ball and told her to do the same. Soon she had popped Rick’s second ball into his ass.

I sat next to Rick in amazement. I had never have thought this would be possible. My hand was flying up and down my shaft. My wife grabbed the remote and turned the vibrator in my ass to max. Nancy then placed her mouth over my cock head and I finished by spurting several streams of cum in her mouth. Some leaked out and she used her finger to scrape it back in. Then she kissed me, pushing a load of cum in my mouth.

“Swallow it!” she commanded. So I did.

Meanwhile my wife was licking Rick’s ball sack while stroking his cock. His balls were still firmly in his ass. She snuck her index finger along his ball sack and to the entrance of his asshole and continued to slide it in. Rick’s cock reacted by pumping a stream of cum onto the bed. Lisa pressed her finger deeper into Rick’s ass and pivoted her head under Rick so that she could suck his cock as it exploded again. After several smaller eruptions Rick was empty.

“Come here and kiss me,” Rick commanded Lisa. After swapping the cum into his mouth, Nancy had a big wet kiss from Rick, swapping his cum back and forth.

Nancy brought Lisa behind Rick and showed her how to pop Rick’s ball out of his ass, gently so not to hurt him.

“The most incredible sensation is to have his balls in your pussy, while he fucks your ass,” Nancy whispered to Lisa.

“Yes, yes!” Lisa exclaimed. “How do we go about it?”

Nancy explained that she would get on her hands and knees, in front of Rick. His balls would hang down and Nancy and I would pop them in her pussy, as Rick sunk his cock in her ass. Nancy suggested that Rick start by penetrating her asshole to loosen her anus. That would make it easier to keep his balls in Lisa’s pussy.

Rick knelt behind Lisa and placed the head of his cock at her puckered asshole. Nancy had some lube above Lisa’s butt and some fell in the crack of Lisa’s ass and on Rick’s cock. He slowly moves his cock head around Lisa’s asshole, speaking the lube all over. Then he pushed his cock head past the anal ring.

“Oh! Shit!” exclaimed Lisa. “Give me more!”

Rick obliged, after several thrusts he had buried his entire shaft in Lisa.

Nancy and I were now laying on the bed so that our heads were directly under Lisa. I was getting the show of my life as I watched Rick fuck my wife’s ass, with his balls slapping her pussy. Nancy reached up and stuck first one, then two fingers in Lisa’s pussy. Then she told Rick to impale himself in Lisa and leave it buried in her ass. She then took one of his balls and gently popped it in her pussy.

Nancy looked at me, “You pop the second one in!”

I really wasn’t comfortable grabbing another man’s balls, but I could hardly wait for Lisa to have both balls in her pussy. I grabbed his other ball and popped it in my wife’s pussy. Rick then slowly began to pull and push his cock in Lisa’s ass. Unbelievable!

“Oh my God! This feels wonderful. This really fills my pussy. It’s different than having a cock in your pussy… this feels wonderful”

As Rick gained speed, Lisa let go and had a massive orgasm. Rick followed by letting his second load in Lisa’s ass. Nancy instructed me to pop Rick’s balls out of Lisa’s pussy. I gently grabbed his ball sack and pulled as one and then the other ball slid out. Rick then pulled out of Lisa’s asshole and I watched his cum leak out of her. Nancy sucked the cum from her asshole and gave Lisa a big wet kiss.

“I bet that Jason would like to have Rick’s balls in his ass!” Nancy told us, and Lisa nodded, “I’d love to see that!”

I was not so sure. I really had no desire to have sex with another man. But who knows, I ate his cum and grabbed his balls tonight. Another night…???

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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