Natalie’s Goes Wild

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Group Sex

Natalie Elizabeth Herrington had it all. She was the only child of the well-to-do Herrington family. Her father was an attorney and got rich with one big class action case. His reputation grew as he continued to win and now his name alone scares companies into settling rather than risking a trial.

The family’s wealth meant Natalie was spoiled, especially since she was an only child. She attended the elite Millcreek Academy Prep School in high school where she made all A’s and then enrolled at Vanderbilt University or as her father called it, “the Harvard of the South.”

Natalie continued to make perfect grades which made her parents happy and they showered her with gifts. She would go shopping with her mom every three or four months and get a brand new wardrobe for the next season whether it be the fall, the spring or the summer. She also had a new convertible BMW and more jewelry than she knew what to do with.

She had it all, her parents made sure of that. Her parents were also very involved in Natalie’s social life. She never dated anyone unless he was pre-approved by her ruthless father. All the male college students were too scared to ask her out unless they were first approached by one of her parents and asked to date their daughter. She always had a steady boyfriend in college and he was always a law student or a med student. Her parents wanted her to have only the best.

Natalie, however, was tired of the same boring country club types and wanted something more in her love life. She wanted romance and excitement. She did not know what to do and had no real friends to ask for advice. Being the “rich spoiled girl” meant the other women at Vanderbilt, even her sorority sisters, were so jealous of her they practically hated her.

Natalie lay in bed thinking about her problem and what to do. She had been studying, but found it hard to concentrate on her studies as her mind continued to leap to her problem.

Of course, Natalie could date anyone she wanted if her parents would just leave her alone. She stretched her tanned slender body across the bed as her fingers twirled her dark brown hair into a tight curl as she thought. She was wearing a pair of silk boxer pajamas with a spaghetti string top. Her long slender legs stretched out from the boxers and her calves slowly flexed as she looked down at her pedicure and polished toe nails while turning her ankle in a slow circle. She stretched her arms up above her head causing her perfectly shaped breasts to jiggle slightly as she quickly brought her hands down to her side and let out a deep breath.

Her newest boyfriend was out of town for the weekend. It didn’t matter though, he was too scared of her father to try anything with her. It took him three dates just to kiss her and even then it was just a peck on the cheek. She was sexually frustrated at the young age of 22.

She had overheard her sorority sisters talk about their wild nights out and the wonderful sex they enjoyed with their boyfriends. Natalie wanted to experience the touches, kisses and deep penetrations that caused her “sisters’” faces to glow when they talked of their experiences. The only problem was the girl who had everything was considered “too perfect” or “too prudish” to enjoy the company of a man. It didn’t hurt that her father struck fear into the heart of every man, especially law students, who hoped to one day become his peer.

What Natalie wanted was what her parents would call being slutty and trashy, but she wanted it. She began to slowly caress her breasts through her thin silk top as she daydreamed about being with a man, a real man, a blue-collar stud. Her breasts felt wonderful as she she rubbed them and she pinched her now hard nipples through the silk with one hand while the other eased slowly down her body and into her boxers. She closed her eyes and smiled as a soft moan escaped her mouth when her fingers found her wetness. She continued to touch herself for a few minutes and then stopped – suddenly.

She sat up on the bed and looked into the mirror across the room, “I will get what I want” she said outloud to herself. She watched her lips move as the words trickled out of her mouth. Natalie was inspired and horny. She would get what she wanted, she knew it now, she was determined.

Natalie quickly stopped touching herself and rushed to the closet looking for something “slutty” to wear. She hit a road block in her closet. All of her designer clothes were too much for the adventure she had in mind. She decided in a flash to look in her roommate’s closet.

Natalie found what she was looking for in a tight, black mini skirt that hugged her young, tone ass. She searched for a top until she decided to wear a simple white, V-neck T-shirt. She slipped on the shirt without a bra and looked at herself in the mirror. She walked towards the mirror watching her full, melon-sized breasts as they bounced slightly with each step. It was the look she was searching for and she knew it.

Natalie was full of energy now as the adrenaline rushed through halkalı escort her veins. She put on make-up next, too much really but it gave her the slutty look she wanted. She grabbed her keys and headed for her car. A few of her “sisters” were in the hallway and they stopped chatting and stared in silence as she walked by shocked by her appearance. She made it to her BMW and hopped in. She put the top down on the convertible and sped towards downtown still feeling a rush of excitement as her mind imagined what she would end up doing tonight.

The trendy hot spots were out of the question because Natalie knew she would see too many people she knew or who knew her family. She angled her shiny Beamer down a side street and quickly found a honky tonk with a cheap sign out front that advertised nickel beer and live music. She drove down the street a block and parked. Natalie was nervous now and her anxiety caused her to look over her shoulder more than once. She was a little concerned about her safety, but the rush of being “wild” and “naughty” gave her enough courage to chase her dream.

A short line had formed in front of the honky tonk as a few drunk rednecks waited to get inside. The bouncer saw Natalie and waved her in without checking her ID or bothering her for the $5 cover charge. She looked old enough and he knew she was hot enough to attract a few repeat customers, hoping to get another glimpse of her, even if she never returned.

Natalie looked over her shoulder and flashed a shy, yet seductive, smile at the bouncer and the rednecks in line as her long legs carried her firm ass into the club under the nice-fitting mini skirt.

Once inside the club, Natalie scanned the place quickly. It wasn’t much. It had a long bar on the right hand side of the club with a dance floor tucked away in the back in front of a small stage. Three pool tables were off to the left and the hustlers took a brief break from their game of 8 ball to watch her as she took a seat in one of the high bar stools at the bar. They did not go back to their game until she had sat down and crossed her long legs revealing a few more hot inches of flesh.

Natalie usually drank Cape Cods and martinis, but ordered a beer from the 40-something-year-old female bartender. This was not the place to be a stuck-up country club snob and drink mixed drinks. The beer arrived and after one sip Natalie was greeted by a young man wearing blue jeans and a polo shirt. His thick biceps and muscular chest strained against the shirt’s cotton fabric. The shirt looked too small for his body, but Natalie liked the way it showed off his muscles. He asked her for a dance as a country music band began to play.

Natalie smiled and took another sip of her beer. She wasn’t sure if she was ready for this and wanted to get a few more beers in her before dancing, but she did not want to turn down the package of muscles standing before her. She smiled as she nodded yes. He took her hand and introduced himself as Michael and led her to the dance floor where a small group was already line dancing. Natalie introduced herself and was instantly glad she had not turned Michael down when she saw his firm ass cheeks in his tight blue jeans. His cheeks flexed with each step as she followed him out onto the dance floor.

They joined the group and began to line dance. Well, Natalie tried to line dance but she really had no idea what she was doing. She had ever danced like this before. Luckily, the band played a slow song next and Natalie found herself in Michael’s strong arms. He smelled of soap and the fields he no doubt worked in. She was surprised at how much the smell of plain soap turned her on. It was different from any cologne she had ever smelled. It was simple and fresh — she liked it.

The song came to an end with Natalie’s body pressed up against Michael’s hard chest with his arms wrapped around her. His hands held her firmly on her lower back just above the waistline of her mini skirt. Michael thanked her for the dance as he escorted her back to the bar.

“Now, how about a shot?” Michael asked.

“Oh, I don’t know,” Natalie said. “I’ve never done a shot before. What the Hell. I’ll do one, but please nothing too strong and make sure it tastes good.”

Michael let out a small chuckle and a smile spread across his face. Natalie loved his smile. He had very white teeth and they stood out against the complexion of his tanned face. She noticed for the first time how tanned he was and figured it was from spending several hours of each day working at a farm somewhere near Nashville.

Michael handed her a small, plastic test tube filled with a red liquid that looked like fruit punch.

“You’ll like this,” he said. “It’s called an Alabama Slammer.”

With that, Michael brought his test tube to his mouth and turned it up swallowing all of the shot. Natalie imitated him and drank her shot. It was better than she expected. She liked it and could not believe it actually had any alcohol in it.

“Wow, taksim escort that’s good, “Natalie said. “How about another one?”

Michael smiled and ordered another round. They sat at the bar talking as they did two more shots and then followed them with a cold beer.

Another young man walked over to Michael and after being introduced to Natalie as David said, “You’re up on the pool table if you still want to play.”

Michael looked at Natalie and asked her if she played pool. She smiled and her cheeks turned slightly red. The alcohol was starting to take effect and it gave her the courage to answer, “No, not really, but I’d love to learn.”

“Great, we’ll play partners for a shot a game,” Michael told his friend.

Michael, David and Natalie joined Rob at the pool table and they went over the rules. Michael and Natalie would play against David and Rob in 8 ball with the loser buying a round of shots for each game lost. Natalie was also awarded an extra chance each time it was her turn since she was the only woman playing. The rule meant if she shot at a ball and missed she got another chance before the other team could shoot.

It was soon very obvious that Natalie did not know a thing about pool. She missed every shot she attempted, but the guys did not mind at all. She was competitive and they loved the way she went all out to try and make every shot. They especially loved the way she would bend over at the waist and get down low to the table for each shot. Her ass looked magnificent in the mini skirt when she would bend over and the top half of her gorgeous melons were barely covered by the V-neck T-shirt when she would lean over the table and line up each shot.

Natalie loved all the attention. She felt alive like never before. Oh what her parents and “sisters” would think if they could see her now. She was the life of the party and enjoying every second of it.

After three quick losses and three more Alabama Slammers, Natalie was somewhere between tipsy and drunk. She decided it was time to make the game more exciting. She swallowed down her seventh shot of the night and announced a rule change.

“OK guys, from now on for every shot you make I will give you a kiss,” she slurred slightly as she spoke. “And, if I make a shot I get a kiss from whichever one of you I want. Is it a deal?”

The men looked at each other and smiled as they quickly agreed to the new rules. The next game did a lot toward making Natalie’s quest for a wild night a reality. Rob and Michael both made their first shots and were rewarded with tiny pecks on the cheek. As the game continued, Natalie wound up kissing each of them several times, but each time it was only a little kiss on the cheek or forehead.

Late in the game, it was Natalie’s shot with only the 8 ball remaining. If she made it, she and Michael would notch their first win of the night. It was lined up perfectly for a straight shot across the table at an 45 degree angle into the corner. Natalie took her time to line up the shot.

She slowly leaned over the pool table to measure the shot. Her full breasts were slightly exposed and Rob and David got an eyeful of her heavenly cleavage. Michael was standing behind her staring at her perfectly shaped ass as the mini skirt slowly crept up her long slender legs each time she bent over. Natalie reached down her leg and hiked her skirt up a little more, teasing Michael. She had wanted him since their first dance and now, thanks to the Alabama Slammers, she was not going to be shy about letting him know it.

Natalie looked over her shoulder at Michael and asked him to come help her. He stood behind her and leaned over to help her line up the shot. Natalie pressed her ass back against him and slowly rotated her hips so her firm ass cheeks massaged his cock. She could feel him getting hard against her rump and loved the idea that all three of these men wanted her. She thanked Michael and said she had it now.

Michael stepped away and Natalie slowly ran the long pool cue through her fingers. She stroked the wooden shaft in a slow rhythm a few times before lightly firing the tip against the cue ball. It eased down the table and struck the 8 ball gingerly, sending it toward the pocket, but it didn’t fall. It stopped on the lip of the pocket with the cue ball a few inches behind it.

“Oh my, I missed,” Natalie said. “I really wanted to win at least something tonight. Damn!”

“You get to go again, remember?” Rob offered with a smile, trying his best to get on her good side.

Natalie smiled.

“You’re right honey,” she said in a cute drunken Southern accent. “Now, let’s see if I can reach the cue ball from here.”

Natalie stretched out across the pool table trying to keep her balance. She was almost laying on top of the table with her full breasts pressed into the felt with an ample amount of cleavage and breasts showing.

“I can barely reach it,” Natalie said. “Can I sit on the table?”

“You can,” Rob explained. “But, you have to keep one şişli escort foot on the floor.”

“Really?” Natalie said. “Well, good thing I have such long legs, huh?”

What happened next caused the three men to want this young, hot college student more than ever.

Natalie placed her right leg up against the pool table and then brought her left leg up and bent her knee as she straddled the side of the pool table. Michael had the best view of her ass as her skirt slipped quickly up her thigh exposing all of her long leg and ass. He could even see her thong as it disappeared between her firm ass cheeks. He walked up behind her slowly to block her ass from being viewed by all the men sitting at the bar. Natalie then stretched her long figure out until her hand was about two inches from the cue ball. She took the cue stick in her hand and stroked it slowly a few times before striking it dead center. The white ball rolled slowly across the bright green felt and struck the 8 ball ever so lightly causing it to take half a roll before falling into the pocket.

“We won!” Natalie yelled as she quickly stood up, turned to face Michael and began to jump up and down. “We won! We won!”

The three men were speechless as they watched her braless breasts bounce up and down with each jump.

“We won and now I get to kiss one of you. I get to kiss whichever one of you I want,” Natalie said.

She turned to face Michael and stuck her finger out at him and then brought it back towards her signaling him to come closer. He walked toward her and she leaned toward his cheek. Michael expected another kiss on the cheek, but Natalie leaned toward his ear and whispered, “I want to kiss you and so much more. Do you live nearby?”

Natalie then ran her fingers through the hair on Michael’s neck as she pulled his face towards her and kissed him deeply. Her hot tongue worked it’s way inside his mouth and she let herself go wild. She kissed him hard and long as her hands roamed over his body. She squeezed his tight ass with one hand and ran the other lightly up and down his massive chest.

When she finally broke off the kiss, she turned toward David and Ron and said, “Don’t worry about the shots you owe us guys. I think we are leaving.”

Natalie was right. They were leaving. Michael could barely wait to get his hands on her in private after that hot kiss.

“So, were are you parked?” Natalie asked. “Let’s go! You lead the way.”

Michael’s pick-up truck was parked behind the bar and after opening the door for Natalie he walked around and climbed in behind the wheel.

“So, where to?” Michael asked.

“Anywhere quiet where we can be alone,” Natalie heard herself say hardly able to believe she had uttered the words. “I just want to be with you right now.”

“Well, I live in Franklin, but I know a quiet place nearby if you don’t mind hanging out in this old truck,” he said.

Natalie’s mind was racing as she nodded and said that sounded perfect. She wanted to make sure Michael was ready for her when they got to this “quiet place nearby.”

Natalie began to kiss Michael’s neck as he drove. He enjoyed the attention and her soft, hot lips felt wonderful against his skin but he was having trouble driving.

“Natalie, just wait 10 minutes and we’ll be there. No need for us to get in a wreck,” he said.

Natalie pushed herself away from Michael and sat up.

“Oh, but Michael,” she purred. “I am so horny and I want you to be nice and hard for me when we get there.”

She hiked her skirt up and Michael watched out of the corner of his eye as she took the waistband of her thong panties in her thumbs and seductively peeled them down her sexy long legs.

“I am so wet and horny right now, Michael,” Natalie said. “My panties are so wet. I had to take them off.”

She held her thong up in front of Michael and then brought her panties towards his face. She felt more and more like a slut and it turned her on more than she thought possible.

“Here,” she said. “Can you smell my juices? Why don’t you taste me? C’mon stick out your tongue and lick my wet panties!”

Natalie held her thong against Michael’s lips until he began to lick the wet spot in the crotch of her panties.

“Is that yummy? You like tasting my yummy panties? It sure looks like you know how to use your tongue,” Natalie said. “I am touching myself now and pretending your hot tongue is on me. Oh, my, this feels good. Oh, it feels soooo good. You better hurry and get us to that quiet place before I pleasure myself right here in your truck.”

Michael glanced toward Natalie and could not believe his eyes. Here was this gorgeous girl he had just met sitting in his pick-up truck with her mini skirt hiked up and her legs spread playing with herself. He stepped down harder on the accelerator.

“That’s it. Hurry!” Natalie encouraged him. “I know how to use my hot little tongue too.”

Natalie got up on her knees on the passenger side of the bench seat in the truck and leaned toward Michael. She lowered her face into his lap until her mouth was hovering over his hardness. She unzipped his pants and released his throbbing member. She gave it a few slow, teasing strokes and asked, “Do you want to feel how I use my tongue? Do you? C’mon tell me you want to feel this Southern Belle’s lips on you.”

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