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Sunday afternoon. We’ve watched our usual Sunday morning programs, and then curled up on the loveseat to watch a movie or two. We napped and watched, and I got up to pour more mimosas and take a bathroom break, and you curl up even tighter on the loveseat. On my way back from the bathroom I make a quick stop to pick up a few things to bring with me back to the living room. You’ve pretty much taken up the entire loveseat, so I sit on the couch and watch you sleep for a few minutes. With no one else around, you’re just in one of my button up shirts and I’m in sick pants. I crawl across the floor to you, and start to caress your leg lightly. You don’t really wake up, but you stretch out your legs, giving me better access to you. I move my hand up over your knee and along the inside of your thigh. You give a long “mmmmmmmmmm” and your legs spread even wide as you start to wake up in the nicest of ways. I lean forward and place a long kiss on your pussy, and then slowly start to lick you awake. Your body twists around and down to give me complete access to you. My mouth savors your wonderful taste, leading me to believe you’ve been thinking about me for quite some time, since you seem to be quite wet.

My mouth sucks on one bare lip, and then the other, pulling it into my mouth and accelerating the flow of blood to them and hence the continuing engorgement of your pussy. I taste your wetness again, and then let my tongue slide it’s way up to the top of your slit, gently caressing your clit and bringing you to full awareness. I can tell you’re there because your hands come to lay on my head and caress my hair as I pay complete attention to you. I pull your hips so you’re right on the edge of the chair, and you willingly come forward and drop your legs to either side to open yourself completely to me. I start to rhythmically kurtköy escort suck on your pussy, sweeping my tongue around and around. You moan louder and give me encouragement to continue. I look at your face in bliss, and your eyes catch mine for a minute, and then close to fully lose yourself to the feelings. As I’m starting to zero in on your clit with my tongue, my hands are busy below the edge of the chair. You give a bit of a start as something somewhat cool comes in contact with your asshole, and then realize it’s the anal lube, and for a fleeting moment you wonder where I got hold of that. The tip of my finger circles around your anus as my tongue circles your clit. I press my finger up inside your ass, spreading the lube inside of you and preparing you for what you hope will come next.

I make a few in and out motions with my finger to make sure you’re well lubed, and pull my finger out. You whimper a little at losing that sensation but then you feel something harder against your ass, and I push the copper butt plug up into your ass. As the thickest part enters you I can feel your pussy clinch up and a quick look at your face reveals an intense concentration, willing yourself to relax and allow the toy to invade your rear. As your ass muscles start to relax and welcome the toy, I begin to tongue fuck your pussy, and you pull my face against you. I can tell all the sensations are starting to overwhelm you a little, but you start moaning “Don’t stop, don’t stop” so I flatten my tongue and lick you from pussy opening to clit, like an ice cream cone. After 5 big licks, your pussy begins the waves of orgasm that soon begins to emanate out through your entire body. You moan loudly and your legs close up and trap me there while you ride out your climax. I suck on your pussy the entire time, prolonging it for you, until malatya escort you relax and open up to let me go. I sit up and deftly unbutton your shirt, then lean forward to kiss from your belly button up between your lovely breasts, until I reach your mouth. You devour my tongue, and pull me close, not forgetting that the plug is still in your ass. I press it against you and your eyes fly open at the renewed sensations. I ask if you’re ready for me, and you nod your head. I pull back and jerk my head toward the bedroom, but you shake yours and say that you want me right there and now!

I rise up on my knees and pull my sick pants over my rock hard cock. You give it a longing look, knowing how good it would feel in your pussy while the plug is in your ass, but then you remind yourself that we both want my cock in your ass this time, so you content yourself with a quick stroke. Your thumb comes away glistening with my precum, and you quickly suck it into your mouth. I reach down and ease the plug out of your ass, and you whimper slightly at the void left behind. I watch your asshole, and notice it still staying open, all relaxed and waiting for my cock. I quickly put some more lube on the head of my cock, and then move forward until the head of my cock is pressing against your anus. I press gently forward, and your legs go wide to welcome me in. The head pauses just inside, and then it slips past the ring of muscles, and your face is again concentrating on relaxing your ass to get my cock in you. With the plug having just been there, the job is MUCH easier, and after the head is in, you relax even quicker, and my cock slides all the way in until my balls are against your ass. You feel me bottom out, and your eyes open wide to look at me as the sensation of being fully filled up the ass reaches your brain. I lean forward and kayseri escort you reach for me and we kiss hard, our tongues dueling. My hips start to rock back and forth all on their own, and you can feel my cock start to slide gently in and out, the ridges rubbing you in all the right places, and quickly bringing a bigger orgasm pulsing through you, taking you a little by surprise. I stop and wait for you to regain some of your senses, and then you kind of nod at me to continue.

My thrusts become a little longer, and soon I’m fully fucking your ass. It’s so hot and tight, the walls of your rectum grabbing me, wanting my cum to coat them. You feel my cock expanding, and know my balls are pulling up, getting ready to cum. My breath is now in gasps, and I tell you I’m going to be cumming soon. You tell me you want it in your ass, and your hands grab mine to pull me in deep. My thrusts become erratic, and then I push all the way in as my cock swiftly expands and then the cum explodes from me as I cry out, and your voice combines with mine as you cum too, set off by knowing that I’m cumming in your ass and all the wonderful feelings coming from your crotch. I thrust gently a few more times, milking my cock into your ass, and your legs wrap around me, not wanting to let me go.

My face presses against the side of your neck, and you hold me and caress me. No words are necessary, and indeed, no words are possible for a few minutes while we recover. My cock softens and slips out of your ass, and I stand up and get a washcloth, cleaning my cock, and then bringing direct from some warm water to clean up your ass from the cum oozing out of it. After I’m done, we look at each other, and I take your hand as you stand, and we walk hand in hand to the bedroom, hugging tightly before we climb beneath the covers to take a nap that has overtaken both of us. We kiss gently and then you snuggle under my arm, your head on my chest, and you fall back to sleep listening to my breathing even out as I drift off.

Your last thought was “Wow! That was perfect…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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