My Stepmom is a Naughty Nurse

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Dad pushed open my bedroom door and stepped inside. This was okay by me. Dad and I were very easy going as we went about the house. It was a big house, only two floors, but with four bedrooms on the 1st floor. On the ground floor there was another bedroom as well as a study/library and large lounge. People said that Dad and I rattled around in it, but we were happy with our home.

Dad had bought the house many years before, intending that the family would move into it. The family at that time was me and my sister, who was a year younger than me and my stepmom, whom Dad had married after my mother died. Unfortunately my stepmom had an affair with another man. My father was fifteen years older than my stepmom and she had succumbed to temptation ending up leaving my dad. Although my sister was only her stepdaughter, she had hit it off with my stepmom right from the start, whereas I had always been a daddy’s boy. It ended with my sister leaving to live with my stepmom and I stayed with Dad.

Dad paid maintenance for my sister, but didn’t have to pay much to maintain my stepmom. This was at a time when he wasn’t earning the big money that had come along with his research successes.

I was only ten when the breakup happened but I can’t say I missed my sister as we were always quarrelling when we were together. I now had a cynical view of the happy traditional American family of Mom and Pop and two kids. I currently had a very happy life just with Dad. There was no other family other than Dad’s younger sister, Auntie Val, who lived in the next county. We never saw her but she did exchange very affectionate cards with Dad at Christmas.

After the collapse of the marriage, Dad had rented out the big house he’d just bought, but a couple of years ago, coincidentally, he and I had to move out of our apartment just as the big house lost its tenants, so we temporarily moved in. However, we found we were perfectly comfortable in the big house and now didn’t see any reason to move.

Dad and I agreed everything together, even to the easy microwaveable meals we would stock the freezer with. We were both brainy nerds. I was studying a history degree and Dad was a very well paid scientist in the local research laboratories. In fact his pay had increased dramatically as rival commercial operators had tried to poach him. In the evenings we would often watch a documentary together in the lounge before we collected a book each from the study and disappeared to our bedrooms, mine upstairs, Dad’s opposite the study.

Dad and I both preferred books to computers. I even preferred looking at the porn magazines I kept in the drawer beside my bed, than watching porn videos. I noticed that Dad too had magazines hidden under his bed. I’d found them one day by accident. Looking at the titles of “Teen Teasers” and “Schoolgirl Sluts” it was clear what Dad was into. I, on the other hand, loved looking at voluptuous older women, the bigger the breasts the better. Teenage schoolgirls failed to turn me on and I had little interest in girls my own age.

It was a warm evening and Dad was dressed in just his boxers as he looked awkward standing at the entrance to my room. If I had been looking at my porn magazines as he’d opened the door I would have been annoyed, but as it was I was relaxing in my boxers with a book. I waited for him to speak.

“I’ve just been on the phone,” he explained. “It was Nancy.”

I waited for what he was going to say next. Nancy had been my stepmom for about six years. Dad and I had seen neither her nor my sister Daisy since the day they’d left home. I was shocked at her contacting us now.

“Apparently they’re homeless,” Dad continued. “Nancy says she lost virtually all of her savings through investing in Madoff Securities. She has loans outstanding which she’s paying off by working as a nurse but she can no longer pay the high rent of the apartment they’re in. Consequently they are now desperate for temporary accommodation until they find somewhere they can afford. She’s asked if we can put them up. I told her I would have to discuss it with you.”

“Dad!” I exclaimed, “You can’t be seriously considering helping them. You hate her, and Daisy has never visited you. You didn’t even get a letter from Daisy when you sent her those dollars for her birthday.”

“Junior, they are desperate. I said that we might be able to accommodate them until next Sunday, but you would have to agree.”

I bit my lip in frustration. I could see that Dad must have battled with himself before considering offering them temporary refuge. I knew that thousands of investors had lost money when Bernie Madoff confessed to running a Ponzi scheme, so I wasn’t surprised that Nancy had her fingers burnt.

“OK Dad,” I said with a sinking heart, “but only until next Sunday.”


They said that most of their possessions had been placed in storage, but that clearly hadn’t referred to their clothes and personal belongings. Their luggage was strewn all over the hallway. şişli elit escort There must have been twenty suitcases. They had been brought in by the drivers of the two taxis that had arrived together. With the taxis now departed, Nancy and Daisy stood together smiling as Dad and I waited to greet them.

With Dad being fifty four I calculated that Nancy must be thirty nine. She was still an attractive woman. With her dark hair tied back in a bun, her high cheekbones were shown as well sculptured under her pretty dark eyes. The loose dress she was wearing hid most of her figure but couldn’t hide her substantial breasts and generous backside. I wondered if she had kept her waist slim which would accentuate the size and shape of her tits and ass.

As I was just nineteen, I knew that my sister had just turned eighteen and she looked to have that teenage surliness which I knew would annoy me. Her jeans looked frayed on her rangy legs and her blonde hair fell irregularly on her blue blanched cotton top. She reminded me of the immature girls at my school and college. She took after my Mom. Her face looked very different to mine and it would only be a perceptive person who noticed any resemblance.

“Gregory, how are you?” Nancy gushed as she stepped towards Dad pulling him into her for a lingering kiss.

I could see Dad bristle and freeze as she touched him and he was clearly relieved as she stepped back.

“Give your father a kiss Daisy.” Nancy told my sister, who then stepped forward obediently, putting her arms around my surprised dad and kissing him on the lips.

This time Dad looked very flustered. He blushed a deep red and his breathing seemed quicker. This was not unnoticed by Nancy and my sister who seemed to wait momentarily for Dad to breathe normally before turning to me.

“Now Daisy, kiss your brother,” said Nancy with a smile.

I must have been stupid as I was not expecting this. Daisy stepped towards me and smiled as she kissed me full on the lips pulling me towards her. As Dad had been with Nancy earlier, I bristled and smiled tightly as I said “Hi,” as she pulled away.

“And now Junior,” said Nancy, using my childhood name which was still used by Dad, “Give your old Mom a kiss.”

With that she stepped towards me and, pulling me tightly to her generous body, kissed me lovingly on my lips. I could feel her large breasts pressing against me, and as her hips pressed forward I realized that her stomach was flat.

“Wow,” I thought, mesmerized as I stood staring at her as she and Daisy laughed and walked with a bag each upstairs.

A little later we all sat in the lounge as Nancy explained a bit more than we’d already learnt.

“I’m earning some money doing nursing,” she explained.

Although Dad and I knew she was a professional nurse when she was younger, we were surprised that she had kept up the qualification.

Nancy noticed our questioning looks and added in explanation, “I’m not doing qualified work now. It’s private nursing, you know, helping with day care etc.”

“Daisy has just finished her 12th grade, but she still attends school to use the library for preparation for university and uses the gym to practice her cheerleading moves.”

I could see Dad start to color up again at the thought of Daisy in a cheerleader’s costume, although I found it difficult to envisage her spending energy on something that wasn’t compulsory.

“Anyway,” Nancy continued, “this evening we are going to cook a meal for you.”

Dad looked concerned but I was excited. We had lived on microwave meals for the last nine years and I really fancied some home cooking.

Two hours later I realized why Dad had been reticent in showing his enthusiasm for our meal prepared by Nancy and Daisy. Nothing was right. I didn’t think it was possible to undercook potatoes but our cooks had managed it. The stew was greasy and it tasted as if both Nancy and Daisy had decided to add a generous helping of salt. I struggled on but eventually had to give up.

“Don’t you like it?” enquired a concerned Nancy.

“It’s delicious,” I said, “but I had just eaten some sandwiches when you arrived.”

“Don’t worry about cooking from now on,” said Dad hurriedly. “We have a large freezer full of ready meals that need eating up.”

“Enough for four of us?” enquired Nancy looking concerned.

“Definitely,” said Dad.

That evening Dad and I couldn’t watch the PBS History Program we’d planned as Nancy and Daisy were shrieking in hysterical laughter at a program about dancing dogs, so we went to our respective rooms, changed into our boxer shorts and read.

The next few days were pretty intolerable for Dad and me. The all American family unit had no attractions at all. Although we had a lot of rooms, the women’s voices seemed to fill them all. On top of that, my bedroom had a cupboard which had actually been built into the adjoining bedroom, where Nancy was sleeping. The walls of the cupboard şişli escort were a thin cardboard and in my bedroom, if my cupboard door was open, I could hear every word in Nancy’s bedroom. It was soon clear to me that all was not as it seemed.

Nancy had not lost her money through Bernie Madoff but through some illegal scam that had gone wrong. Clearly Nancy and Daisy had spent in advance all the profits they thought would accrue from the scam. When the scam went wrong, not only had they lost their own money, but they still owed a lot of money to a shady character who seemed to be threatening to cut off Daisy’s fingers if he was not repaid in steady instalments.

Nancy’s private nursing income was just sufficient to make the loan repayments but not for rent and living expenses; hence the reason why the women were living rent-free in our house and eating our food. The two women were bitching continually, blaming each other.

I decided not to tell Dad that Nancy’s financial troubles had come from illegal activities, I didn’t want to worry him. I knew he hated any kind of law breaking, When he was younger, he had even reported his brother to the County Sheriff’s office for driving through a red traffic light. Fortunately, they thought it was a joke. Anyway, I didn’t need to tell him of Nancy’s nefarious activities as the behavior of the women in the house over the first couple of days annoyed him so much that he strongly agreed with me that the women had to be out by the Sunday deadline, but I knew they would be asking for a reprieve.

Sure enough on the Thursday Daisy approached Dad and asked for extra time. Dad told her that regretfully the answer was “No”, because Junior had to have a quiet environment to prepare for his return to college. A little later the same day Nancy asked me the same question and I gave a similar answer blaming Dad’s need for quiet for his research. Even if one of us had said yes, the women knew that we would both have to agree.

I thought that was the end of the matter until early on Friday evening, when I was in the study picking out a book to take to my bedroom. Opposite, Dad’s door was ajar. It had never closed properly for the last few years and I could see him relaxing in his boxers on the bed, probably thinking, as I was, that we would soon be rid of them. Then Daisy appeared in the passage between Dad’s room and the study.

Daisy was obviously dressed in her cheerleader costume. She looked cool. She certainly didn’t look as if she had just been exercising from a workout and I guessed that she’d just showered and then put the costume on. The top was skimpy, clinging to her breasts that were bigger than I’d anticipated. The material of the top fell to just above her belly button. The hot pants were tight, showing a well formed lithe bubble butt. She had nothing on her legs but a pair of white ankle socks.

The outfit shouted “Schoolgirl!” But what made her look even younger was the ponytail which swung behind her and her face which had been completely wiped of makeup. She looked fresh and young and scrumptious and she almost bounced into Dad’s bedroom. She pushed the door shut behind her but it swung open a couple of feet again as it always did.

“Hi Daddy,” she simpered as she sidled towards him and sat on the bed next to him.

If Dad was flustered when she had first arrived on the Monday, he now looked like a man floundering. His face was the color of a red balloon. He looked around for something to cover his bare chest but found nothing.

Daisy didn’t hang around. She whispered to him, “I just wanted to say how grateful I am that you’ve let us stay with you,” and kissed him gently on his lips.

Dad’s fingers were gripped by his sides as he forced himself not to touch her. She sat back smiling at him, then placing her fingers on his chest started tracing lines through his grey chest hairs, lightly touching his nipples.

“Oooh Daddy, I never realized what strong muscles you had,” she cooed.

She must have seen something I hadn’t because he was looking his usual scrawny self to me.

His expression was awestruck as both her hands were now gently massaging his whole chest and seemed to be progressing lower. With her leaning forward he couldn’t stop himself peering down the opening of her top, looking at the young breasts before him.

Even from where I was standing I could see that Dad had a huge erection pushing up the front of his boxers like tent pole.

Daisy suddenly paused her chest massaging and looked down at his obvious boner and said. “Oooh Daddy! That muscle looks enormous.”

Without further ado, she started unbuttoning his boxer shorts, one button at a time from the top.

Dad was now waking up to the enormity of what was happening. “No, No Daisy, you mustn’t,” he cried. However, tellingly his hands stayed gripped by his sides as she slowly carried on her unbuttoning, opening up the front of his boxers so that inevitably his hard erection sprang out unfettered.

Daisy şişli eve gelen escort hesitated momentarily. I knew she was surprised at the size of Dad’s erection. With her young slim fingers Daisy gripped his huge blood filled phallus. I could see the veins pulsing at the sides and his mushroom head looked purple and shiny. With both her hands around it she slowly jacked him off, rubbing her fingers over the throbbing corona.

Dad was just lying there groaning, “Oh Daisy! Oh fuck! That feels wonderful.”

She was sitting on the side of the bed, her body still as her fingers moved up and down, gripping his boner. She shook her head slightly once so that her pony tail swished from one side to the other.

His hands now started to move to her thighs but Daisy paused her jacking and pushed them away, giving him the message of what was allowed.

As she continued to jack him off I could see Dad’s breathing coming in shorter gasps. “Daisy I’m cumming!” he groaned.

Just then Daisy stopped. Although she was continuing to hold him in her fingers, they were not moving and she was avoiding the tender helmet.

Dad was desperate, “Please Daisy, PLEASE!” he begged.

Even though Daisy now whispered, I could clearly hear what she said, “Can we stay for another week Daddy?”

“YES!” screamed Dad.

Daisy smiled and whispered, “Thank you Daddy,” as her fingers mercifully slipped rhythmically again over his throbbing helmet.

I could almost feel Dad’s relief as he groaned loudly and his cock shot streams of cum in the air. Daisy continued to squeeze the end of his member until he was emptied.

From my hiding place in the study I could see a sly smug expression on Daisy’s face as she left Dad’s bedroom and walked off. “What a bitch!” I thought. Well I still needed to agree to them staying and I was not going to let Daisy succeed with me.

As I later lay on my bed in my boxer shorts I smiled to myself as I heard the knock at my bedroom door. I was prepared for Daisy to come bouncing in dressed in her silly cheerleader costume. I’d admitted to myself that I had been sexually excited seeing her jack Dad off, but at that moment I knew I could refuse her sly sexual advances. I intended to masturbate after she’d left my room by looking at the voluptuous older women in my porn magazines. I usually came twice when I masturbated or I could prolong it and have one enormous orgasm.

Smugly I said in a voice strong enough to carry to outside my door, “Come in.”

I was ready and waiting to hear Daisy’s request for extending their stay, before I told her to fuck-off, but it wasn’t Daisy who entered my room. As the door opened, standing in the doorway was Nancy.

She stood there in a white nurse’s tunic. A button was open at the top which allowed the valley of her ample breasts to show. There were pockets at the sides of her tunic and out of one hung a small medical timepiece for timing a patient’s pulse. The tunic was fitted to her figure which, although not an hourglass shape, still curved into her waist and out over her hips. As she turned to shut the door behind her I could see the tunic material formed nicely over her big round ass. Down the backs of the stockings on her well-shaped legs were seams that disappeared into her black high heels.

I had never seen her like this. She had always worn a coat over her uniform when she left the house for work. In the evenings in the house she always wore a loose fitting smock that hid any outlines of her body. However, even then, she didn’t let her hair down but kept it pinned in a bun.

As she stood in the doorway I wondered why she was still in her work outfit as I had heard her come in from work and take a shower. So she must have changed back into her uniform just before she came in to see me.

As she approached me a whiff of her perfume preceeded her which seemed a bit incongruous with her work outfit. She sat on the bed smiling at me.

“I can appreciate fully why you and your Dad want the house to yourselves. It must be such a nuisance having Daisy and me spoiling your peace and quiet.”

I waited for the “but”.

She continued, “but it would be so helpful to us to be able to stay a little longer, say another week.”

I was feeling very uncomfortable with her proximity to me. Her perfume was slightly intoxicating and I couldn’t help staring at the gap at the top of her tunic all the time she was speaking.

I pulled myself together. “Sorry, that’s not possible,” I said firmly.

Nancy acted as if I hadn’t replied and whispered, “You seem very tense honey. Mommy doesn’t like to see you tense.”

With that announcement, she put her hands on my shoulders and started squeezing and massaging the ligaments either side of my neck. As she stretched her hand out I’d noticed her dark red fingernails which matched her red lipstick.

Her hands started slipping down the front of my chest gently stroking my torso. “Would you like Mommy to be nice to you?” she whispered with a half-smile. “After all being a nurse I can relieve your tension.”

As her hands had touched my shoulders I’d realized that this was going to be a repeat of what Daisy had done for Dad. I was tense with excitement. My cock was like a rod of iron pushing my boxers out of shape.

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