My Plump Cousin June

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Double Penetration

Her dress left a lot of her light skin showing. Her fleshy upper arms looked so sexy to me, as did her neck and the part of her chest I could see, so light-toned that all I wanted was to touch her. Her huge breasts stood bravely from that chest. Sitting on the sofa at right angles to mine she looked so desirable that I knew I was sure to fuck her.

Suddenly without warning, she shoved her hand under her skirt, scratching herself. It looked as if it was the thigh, but I could not be sure it was not her cunt.

“Is it itchy? When did you shave it? Last night?” She looked at me incredulously. She could not believe that I had asked something so intimate.

This was not the first time she had done something crazy in my presence, in such a way as to look as if it was quite unconscious. Last month she had been working at something which needed her to be bent over. Perhaps the bra was a bit loose, so when she sat down she felt the need to adjust the boobs. She had simply lifted her blouse and I saw both boobs with their nipples peeping at me. She stuffed them back into the bra in leisurely fashion as if she were alone in her bedroom, instead of with me in her living room.

“Do you expect me to answer that?”

“Yes,” I said simply.

“It’s such bad manners to ask any woman that kind of question, least of all your own cousin!”

“I only followed up on your actions. Relieving an itch should be private.” She looked at me with a trapped look. I pressed my advantage. “Would you like me to help scratch?” I was already standing up from my seat and moving towards her.

“No, I didn’t ask for this!” For by now I was sitting next to her, one arm kurtuluş escort around her body, and her hand probably due to surprise, was still under her dress. I inserted mine where hers was, only to find that indeed my cousin had an itch, not on her thighs, but her cunt. I ran my nails lightly over her mons while she had belatedly started to struggle. This proved to be hopelessly ineffective. To my utter surprise, I had my fingers on my cousin’s cunt, something I had not expected to succeed in doing when posing my question. I could not back out now that I had gone this far.

Her hand now had mine in a fierce grip trying ostensibly to stop me but my fingers had already gained access to her most intimate parts. She was impeding my movements but having zero success in removing my hand from her nether regions. In fact if I think of it now, she didn’t seem to be trying very hard to do that. So I continued raking her pubic hairs with my nails and stroking her skin. Because, as you might already have guessed, she was not wearing any panties. The stubble felt like it was more than a day old.

“Oh, my Gawdd! What would you say if we were found like this?”

“By whom? Nobody is about to come, and wouldn’t we hear them? All I would have to do is to remove my hand!” Now I could reach the top of her slit, adding to my excitement. I wriggled my finger into it, and started downward. You can imagine my surprise when I found wetness there. My attack had apparently aroused her, my own cousin!

The resistance I found with her thighs was insufficient to prevent me delving deeper into her slit, until I came to her well-lubricated clitoris. levent escort She jumped in her seat when I made that contact, but did not relax her hold on my hand. She still restricted my hand severely, yet not preventing me entirely. But now I made the decision to intensify my attack. Before she could react, I slipped off the seat and was between her knees. With the aid of my free arm I pried her thighs apart to gain full access to her cunt.

“Wooi, now you are really bad!” she wailed without trying very hard to close her thighs. I could now look at her cunt in its full glory. I massaged her thigh as if to get rid of a muscle pull. I admired the soft, smooth flesh of the inner thigh. “You have a lovely pussy sweetheart!” when I saw its full meaty swell. My eyes followed with the wobbly line made by the labia. I ran a nail up the slit and she sighed, “Aah, please stop being naughty!”

I had no intention of doing anything of the sort. Nor, in all probability, did she expect me to. In fact that was the moment to lower my head to her pubis, blowing warm air over her skin. My lips made contact with hers, causing a jolt through her whole body. I started sucking them lightly before releasing my tongue from its normal abode. Happily it went in search of nectar between the labia presented before it. As soon as it’s warm moistness made contact, I heard a strangled cry, almost desperate. I guided the tongue to the lowest extent of her slit, to encounter a slippery wetness. She was, if anything, eager for more. I licked all that juice into my mouth, enjoying its slightly sour, meaty flavour. There was a hint of sugar too. When there was maçka escort no more to lick up, I was left longing for more.

I left the south pole and ventured up along her soaked slit, occasionally reversing and then advancing. I could feel her thigh muscles trembling. Higher and higher I climbed through the equatorial regions towards the opposite pole, her clit. I expected a tectonic event when I got there. Slowly I crept towards my goal, finding new wetness had leaked out. In fact I made a trip back to the southern extremes to find that juices were still pouring out and were mixed in with my saliva.

I was now tantalisingly near her clit, which she seemed hungry for, judging from her movements of pushing her hips forward to meet my mouth. As I expected on arrival at the north pole the first contact of my tongue with my cousin’s clit brought forth a loud yell. “Oh, mamamia!” followed by a clamping of her thighs around my head. I licked the clit, now having emerged from its hood. Only a few licks were enough to send her into paroxysms of ecstasy. “Oooh, my gawd,” she bawled, no doubt startling anybody who might have been within hearing distance. But I did not relent. I kept up the play of both tender pieces of flesh, sending her crashing into new orgasms every few seconds. Her wails only increased as she toured the land of extreme pleasure she had never before imagined.

I then sucked the whole swollen nub into my mouth, blowing it between my lips several times. This provoked so much emotion that she was punching my back, without any real awareness of what she was doing. I endured such a desperate pounding as she came, draining herself to the last drop.

At last her body sagged in sweet surrender. “My mouth is dry, cousin!” she managed in a whisper. I brought my mouth to hers. “Maybe I can irrigate it?” I said cheekily. I kissed her deeply then got up to fetch her a glass of water from the kitchen, kissing her deeply as I went.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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