My Pastoral Visit

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Some of you will be happy to know after all the bad comments of other posts I made this is my last story, I did say I was not an author. Love Poppy B. xx


I slept well and before I knew it my phone bleeped to a new day, 6.50am Monday morning.

I had a Pee and crept into Daddy’s and Daisy’s bed and woke them as trained.

As I thought Daddy decided to choose me to fuck this morning, he had obviously missed me.

He laid me in the spoon position and took me from behind.

Daisy turned to face me and gently massaged my tits and pushed her head undercover to bite my nipples.

Her left hand flicked my hood as a finger rolled my clit.

She opened her fingers up and wanked Daddy as he went in and out of me.

I came over all light headed and during a shudder felt myself drifting away from the bed.

Of course Daddy and Daisy felt me go limp and Daisy slapped my tits and nipples.

Wow, what a wake up it was.

I showered and started breakfast, I never dressed, hoping for seconds, I was not disappointed, daisy came down first and cleared the table at one side and sat me on the edge and laid me back.

She licked and sucked, I felt my clit exploding.

Daddy’s footsteps and Daisy climbed onto the table took a position hovering over my face.

“Ready Sir.”

“Good girl Daisy.”

He did not stand on ceremony and pushed straight in as Daisy lowered they took a tit and nipples each, both working them in different ways, I had my next cum.

I worked Daisy to a shudder, and I heard them kissing, Daddy pulled on my inner thighs for his final push, Daisy leant forward and took his spurting cock in her mouth.

“Toast Sir?”

“Yes that will be fine.”

“Me too please Poppy.”

I met Mr. Pilkington and offered him a coffee, and he accepted.

Strangely Sue Wilkinson came in early too this morning, had a Pee and left the cloakroom.

I knocked on Mr. Pilkington’s door there was a pause, then a come in.

I placed the cup on his desk and as I turned Sue was just lowering and removing her knickers, hands on head, naked.

“Sorry Sir I never realised you were engaged with Susan Sir.”

“Not a problem Miss Brown. Miss Wilkinson explain your plight to Miss Brown.”

“I was caught chewing, 3 times and elected Mr. Pilkington deal with my problem Poppy”

I turned to Mr. Pilkington, “Is she to be spanked Sir?”

“Yes Miss Brown, for 3 mornings, come here Miss Wilkinson and over my knee.”

Sue began to sob, her cute rounded tits wobbled with each intake of breath.

Strangely she had a full mott of fluff hair just going over her hood, it gave me a tingle.

“May I excuse myself Sir?”

“No Miss Brown, I believe Miss Wilkinson wishes you to witness her spanking, am I correct?”

“Mm Sir.”

He positioned her for me to witness every spank and I knew from experience how hard he spanked, I believe he wanted to make an impression, she was soon blubbering then crying her eyes out, she was sorry, never to do it again…

He finished, “Thank you Miss Brown, you may go.”

“Thank you Sir.”

I could not help wondering if she would thank him, would he finger her, would he fuck her, I rushed to a cubicle and imagined each action as I used my fingers and for some reason now I had to squeeze my left breast and nipple, to almost squealing point.

I wiped kağıthane escort myself up and went to my counter.

I was home for 5.10, showered and told the story of my day, only leaving out my cubicle time.

Daisy had made a lovely dinner, her “One Pot Easy Stew” with crusty bread.

I cleared the table and got the vacuum out and cleaned the carpet from spilt bread crumbs.

Daddy gave me a lovely sensual bath at 9.00 and I went to bed and used my computer a while.

Daddy came in at 10.00 and I put it down, he cuddled me and kissed my forehead,


” Yes, popps.”

“You said I was in for it tonight.”

“So I did, pop over my knee.”

I got the lightest spanking ever

“Nitenite popps, sleep well.”

“You too Daddy Sir.”

Bleep Bleep, Tuesday, 6.50, where did Monday go.

They both were happy to be wanked this morning, one of my favourite jobs, I know first-hand the pleasure it brings.

Breakfast came and went and as I was leaving, “Poppy?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Stay on the bus this evening till you get to the church, Pastor Goode made an appointment with me yesterday to see you at 5.30.”

“Oh Daddy,”

“Be brave sweet pea,”

I may have wept a little on the bus to work.

“Good morning Mr. Pilkington, coffee Sir?”

“Good morning Miss Brown, yes, that will be a delight.”

Once again Sue was an early attender.

I took a little longer to take the coffee to his office.

“Come in.”

I entered as Mr. Pilkington was just removing his belt and Sue was rubbing her bottom.

“Just in time to witness this errant girl’s belting Miss Brown.”

“Oh yes Sir.”

I counted and she got 10 welts, “That will be all thank you Miss Brown.”

I waited 10 minutes in the cloakroom top comfort her but she never arrived, bet she is still on the end of Mr. Pilkington’s cock.

I was not in playing mood so had a Pee and went to my counter.

I had lunch 12.15 to 1.00 and rang the Pastor.

His new house keeper answered, “Good morning I’m Poppy Brown, please may I speak to Pastor Good?”

“Of course my dear.”

“Hello Poppy, how can I help you?”

“Good day Sir, I just wanted to confirm our appointment this afternoon at 4.30 Sir.”

“Yes that correct, look forward to seeing you then.”

“Me too Sir.”

The afternoon dragged by, I was not scared so much as well, I was scared, no point in glossing over it.

My bus stopped right outside the Pastor’s house gate.

I walked up the 25 steps to his front door and knocked without dwelling.

The housekeeper answered, “ah, Poppy love, come in, Pastor Goode is ready for you, have you been a naughty girl?”

“I truthfully don’t know Ma-am.”

“Think you are about to find out my love.”

She knocked on his office door and he asked us in, she left, but sat in his office was another Pastor.

“Hello Poppy, i’d like to introduce Pastor Wilson, he is a trainee and I asked him to witness and take part in you’re punishment, any questions?”

“Punishment Sir?”

“Don’t act the innocent, it will be worse for you.”

He turned to Pastor Wilson, “Poppy was seen by our church flower arranger going in and coming out of the Elders office with another member of our congregation whom I have been told was whipped by his father last kartal escort evening.”


“Explain your actions in the office Poppy, knowing we have heard the full story already from Brian’s father.”

“Please Sirs, Brian and I will marry this year in this very church, and we see so little of each other with me being in training with Don Brown plus i work full time for Mr. Pilkington at the bank.

We honestly innocently went to get refreshments for his parents and saw the door slightly open and went in.” I paused hoping it was enough.


I thought, well i’m in for a hiding, might as well see if I can turn them both on, Forgive me Lord.

“Well, I actually pulled him in by his belt and closed the door behind us, I dutifully knelt and removed his cock from his pants Sir.”

“Continue Poppy.”

“I sucked him stiff and wanted to swallow his seed, but he stood me up and put his hand down my pants and fingered me before putting me over the desk and made love to me Sirs.”

I lowered my head and forced a tear to run down my face.

“That must have been very hard for you telling us that Poppy.”

Hard, I was soaking but nodded.

Both men adjusted themselves.

“Strip Poppy.”

I slowly stripped naked and put my hands on my head, elbows well back to push out my titties.

“Over Pastor Wilsons knee Poppy, this next period of time in your life is not going to be pleasant.”

I walked in front of him till he told me which side to stand and over I went.

“I usually start with 20 on each cheek.”

Smack, smack, smack, smack. “No, no, not like that, you are hitting straight down, do it like this.”

He walked behind me and gave me 10 quick HARD slaps.

“Always slap upwards, like your skimming her bottom so it cracks and not slaps, start again.”

Crack, crack, crack I was soon in tears, my sister says always cry early then the spanker has nothing to prove.

Pastor Goode inspected, he prodded and rubbed, “10 more on each I think Pastor Wilson.”


“Make that another 20 on each cheek.”

Unbelievably 20 was ideal as I cum on his knee through my screams and tears.

I was stood up and ‘accidentally’ Pastor Goode rubbed both my nipples, twice.

No idea how I did not cum again.

Please do not get me wrong, I am not a pain loving girl, it’s just the pre-worry and being so scared to exhibiting in front of 2 Pastors who are beating me and enjoying my little body.


Pastor Goode explained the importance of a good hand spanking to ensure the bottom realised who was in charge plus give the girl or boy as much embarrassment as possible.

“Touch, prod, poke and make every stroke count, as you will see.”

“Poppy, over the sack.”

The sack was a huge pillow thing we had to bend over, hands flat to the floor.

The outcome was your bottom was high in the air and with legs wide apart showing both entrances below your waist.

“This is the vestry belt I use on boys and girls and mums, it has remarkable powers of bringing apologies. I will lead the whipping you may conclude it.”

Whoosh crack, Whoosh crack, Whoosh crack, Whoosh crack, Whoosh crack, Whoosh crack, “Owwwwwwww, sorry Sirs, Whoosh crack, Whoosh crack, Sorrrrrry, Whoosh crack, WHOOSH CRACK

“Take over pastor, make sure you curl küçükçekmece escort it over onto the side of her chest when giving her some on her back.”

whoosh crack, whoosh crack,whoosh crack, whoosh crack, “Harder Pastor, this has to hurt and act as a deterrent. Whoosh Crack, Whoosh Crack, Whoosh Crack, “Much better Pastor, give her a couple at the top of her legs.”

Whoosh Crack, Whoosh Crack, Owwwwwwwww So Sorrrrryyy please.

2 more and the whipping stopped.

Always let them settle, rub her bottom gently and check no damage to her pussy lips.

He rubbed my bottom, I yelped, he massaged my lips, I shuddered to a cum, but through his naivety he thought he had hurt me


Pastor Goode helped me up and I pushed against his hand with my nipples this time.

He rubbed my breast, “See how we managed to mark her breasts, this will make sleeping back and front hurtful making her think again of her naughtiness.”

I walked to the corner and he walked to the cane drawer,

“Cane selection is important Pastor a skinny bottom like Poppy’s would split if you used the heavy senior, she would hardly feel it if we used the whippy one on her so we will use the intermediate.”

“Poppy, middle of the room and assume the caning position.”

I did as instructed, still full of tears and remorse I bent double, legs apart and hands on calf’s or if possible flat on the floor.

If the girl moves from then spot you set her, take her back for the spanking all over again.

Then make her lean over so she was in a letter ‘n’ and if she moved again she would fall over, you would then place your foot in the arch of her back and cane her bottom and back hard, 15 strokes minimum in rapid style.”

Pastor Goode began my striping.

Whoosh Crack, Whoosh Crack, he gave me 5 and handed the cane to Pastor Wilson, boy could he cane.


“Stay down for housekeeper Poppy and we will go and ring Don Brown to collect you as I agreed with him.”

Housekeeper came in and helped me up, I was pretty distraught, she took some cream out of her apron pocket and rubbed my breast, all over and smiled as she pinched my nipples.

She went to the chair and sat down and patted her knees and I went over.

Although I was still crying I loved her gentle touch, she then told me to sit on her knee and she creamed my pussy lips till I had an involuntary cum and again.

She dressed me leaving my undies off and placing them in my bag.

Daddy picked me up about 7.00 and I cried all the way home in Daisy’s arms.

I was taken into the lounge and Daddy stood me on the coffee table and stripped me naked.

I was turned around and Daddy rubbed his hand over my welt marks and cane stripes.

“Were there more than one spanker and caner Poppy?”

I nodded my head, “Yes Daddy.”

“You can tell us in the morning, you hungry.”

I shook my head.

“Get her into bed Daisy and come back naked.”

On no, I wanted fucking Daddy, please choose me.

“Unless you want to bend over the coffee table Poppy?”

They chuckled but I bent over and opened my legs.

Daisy got Daddy stiff and his power and pounding with her nipple kneading just blew my mind, I could not help but cry, the louder I cried the harder he pounded, and the tighter Daisy squeezed.

Daisy stood and bent next to me and Daddy finished his shagging in her.

We all went upstairs, and Daisy gently showered me, and I was put to bed.

I went to sleep hearing Daisy being spanked.

It had been the best, worst day of my life, so far…

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