My Mom – My Lover Ch. 17

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Double Penetration

Brady was sitting at the kitchen table working on his second cup of coffee when Kevin walked in. “Morning.” Kevin said with his morning raspy voice.

Brady held his cup up toasting him. “Morning bro. Sleep ok last night? You should have after that workout you had.” He said chuckling. “That slut of yours is a noisy one.”

“HA! You’ve got a lot of room to talk.” Kevin said as he poured himself a cup of coffee. “I thought you were killing mom at one point.”

Brady laughed. “She is a noisy slut at times. But I love it. I could sit and listen to her and aunt cum all day long.”

“Did you have any idea mom was like this before you moved back home?”

“Not a bit bro. It was a shocker to me. But once I got over the initial shock the first time she went down on me, I knew I had to keep her. I remember that first time. She put up a weak defense. I think that was more out of what she thought was expected. But I could tell it was something she wanted as much as I did. And it wasn’t the sex as much as the domination and control. She craved it. She does have a sexual appetite that is insatiable.”

Kevin sat there soaking in every word. “I gotta be honest bro. I’m really jealous. I’ve finally wrapped my brain around the fact that you own both mom and aunt. But my curiosity is really eating at me. I’d love to experience both of them just once.”

Brady stared at him. If it had been anyone else he would have been irritated that he wouldn’t let it go. But it was his little brother. He decided to ignore his plea. “So what are your plans for today? Anything special with Sue?”

Kevin just sighed in resignation that his confession just fell on deaf ears. “I’m taking Sue out. She’s going to get some sexy lingerie and then I’m going to take her somewhere and have her branded as my slut.”

Brady almost spit his mouthful of coffee all over the table. “What the fuck!? You sure move fast bro. You just spent one night with her. Is she onboard with this?”

“Yeah. She loves the idea. We were thinking just some type of tattoo somewhere on her body. A tat that would be somewhat generic. At least for now. That way every time dad looks at her he’ll be reminded who she belongs to. If our relationship develops over time, then we’ll look at a more specific tat that would brand her as mine.”

“Well you’ve thought that through. I’ll give you credit for that. Your timing is also spooky. I’ve been thinking about getting mom and aunt branded for a couple weeks now. I was going to get that done today because a package came yesterday that will be part of what I have planned for them.”

“I’m going to go shower. Get ready for the day.” He was still pissed at his brother as he walked away. He knew he’d get over his jealousy with what Brady had with their mom that he’d never have. He also knew better than to push his brother on this. Brady was always possessive with whatever he owned. He didn’t even share his toys when they were kids.

Brady walked into the bedroom as his mom was getting dressed and aunt Jean was in the shower. He walked up behind her and cupped her massive tits. He nuzzled her neck. “Good morning sexy! Did you sleep good last night?” He asked chuckling.

Dena reached around her head and grabbed his neck, pulling his head into her neck. “Good morning baby! I slept great. You really wore me out.” She giggled. Dena turned in his arms. She whispered to him as Jean was in the shower. “Thank you for last night. You made me feel so special. I lost track of how many times you brought me off. After our playtime on the couch I was feeling a little left out as sis was riding you last night.”

“I know. I could tell. I thought you two were ok with our little love triangle?” Brady had wondered all night if his mom was changing her mind about their three-way relationship.

“Oh no baby!” She continued to whisper, not wanting Jean to hear. “I’m very ok with Jean being part of what we have. I wouldn’t want it any other way. I’ve experienced something with her that I don’t ever want to give up.” She paused. “I don’t know what happened. I just had a moment of jealousy seeing her riding you and giving you the pleasure I wanted to give you. But that’s not how I feel about you or her. I love it when she gives you pleasure. And I love it when you take her. I don’t want to lose any of what we have. I guess I just feel a little possessive of my baby sometimes.” She said smiling.

Brady grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her head back. A position he held them in when he wanted their undivided attention, and they knew it. “OK! I’ll take your word for it. I understand the possessive part. I really do. That’s how I feel about you two. But if this ever becomes an issue between the two of you I want to hear about it immediately. Understand slut?”

“Yes sir!”

“Good girl!” He kissed her hard. “I’m not letting either of you go. But if I have to choose between you two, you’re not going anywhere.” Dena smiled. “I love you mom. You’re in my bed for the rest etiler ucuz escort of your life.” He paused. “But like I said, I love you both. I’m a selfish man. I’m not letting either of you go. Your both going to serve me for the rest of your lives.” He kissed her tenderly. “You and aunt get dressed. I’m taking you both out. It’s time I put my stamp of ownership on both of you.”

Dena smiled with excitement. “What did you have in mind? I can’t wait.”

“Can’t wait for what?” Jean asked walking in the bedroom and next to Dena with her bath towel wrapped around her.

Brady reached for the towel and pulled it off her body, letting it fall to the floor. “There! That’s better!” He said smiling. “We’ve been talking about some kind of seal of ownership on you two. I decided it’s time. I’m tired of talking about it. I’m taking you both to a tattoo shop. Having you both branded.”

The sisters looked at each other smiling. Dena reached for his cock and squeezed it through his pants. “Oh sweetie! You have no idea how turned on I am right now thinking about being branded as your slut.”

“Same for me baby.” Jean added. “We were wondering what was taking so long.” The sisters giggled.

Brady grabbed them both by the back of their necks and pulled them into his body, kissing each of them hard. He then pushed their heads together. The sisters shared a kiss as their hands roamed over the other’s chest. “Tomorrow night I was thinking about having a little ceremony. I’ve been talking with Jerry.”

“What kind of ceremony?” Dena asked.

“Collar you both. Jerry offered to let us have it at his place.”

“Oh baby! I’ve been reading up on that.” Jean replied. “The more I read about it, the more I wanted it.” She reached up and kissed him on the neck as her hand dropped next to Dena’s. Both sisters now squeezing his cock. “Brand me baby! Then collar me! I belong to you! I’m your slut for life!”

“Isn’t collaring a sub the ultimate expression of a Master taking ownership of his slave?” Dena asked as she massaged his balls while Jean rubbed his hardening shaft.

“That’s exactly what it is.” Brady replied smiling.

“Then sign me up baby. This slut wants to wear her Master’s collar.”

Brady felt his cock stirring to life, once again amazed at their sexual appetite. “What is it with you two? Don’t you two ever get enough?”

The sisters looked at each other and kissed sensuously, their tongues fighting for dominance. Then they both looked at Brady as they dropped to their knees in unison. “Not when it comes to you baby.” Dena said looking up at him as Jean unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants and shorts down. “We could work this beautiful cock 24/7 if you could handle it.” Jean wasted no time cupping his balls with her hand and shoving his rigid shaft into her sucking mouth.

Brady moaned his approval as he watched his aunt and mom love his cock. “Oh fuck! No matter how many times . . . . this never gets old.”

Dena laid her hand on her sisters head as it bobbed up and down her son’s cock slowly. “Suck that cock you dirty slut.” She whispered in her sister’s ear. She reached for one of Jean’s tits with her other hand and squeezed it, pinching her nipple hard till Jean moaned her approval. “Show our boy what a whore for his cock you are.”

Jean pulled off his cock, her lips and chin covered in her saliva. She kissed her sister, smearing her saliva over Dena’s lips and cheeks. “Look who’s talking!” She said smiling. “Little mommy slut can’t get enough of her boy’s cock.”

Dena looked up at Brady. The love for her boy was evident on her face. “She’s right baby! I can’t get enough of you. I am your slut. I don’t ever want to stop being your slut.” Jean held Brady’s cock for Dena as she dropped her head and resumed sucking on it. Her head slowly bobbing up and down as her lips and tongue savored every inch of his manhood.

Brady moaned as he watched his mom work his cock like a high priced whore. Jean smiled up at him. “Your mom is such a slut for you baby. You have no idea. I think she’d fuck an entire football team for you if you told her to.”

Brady returned her smile as he caressed her face. “That will never happen. The only cock you sluts will be servicing is mine. I’ll never ask or command either of you to service another cock besides mine.”

“We know baby. That’s why we love you so much. That’s why we can’t show you enough how much we love you. We know we’re safe with you.” Jean watched her sister’s mouth sliding up and down her nephew’s cock. She had watched her share of porn over the years. But she couldn’t remember a scene as sensual as what she was watching.

Dena purred like a cat as she loved her boy. She giggled when she heard him gasp as she flicked his cock with the tip of his tongue just below the helmet. She knew how much he loved that. She pulled off his cock and looked at Jean. The sisters kissed again as Dena massaged his balls. “Your turn sweetie.” Dena etiler üniversiteli escort said as she held her son’s cock, cupping his balls, holding them up to Jean like an offering. “Let’s keep our boy going as long as we can. Suck on his balls for awhile.” Jean dropped her head and did just that.

The two sisters took turns loving their Master and owner. Whenever they felt him on the verge of climaxing they would back off and massage his nut sack until he calmed down. Brady stared, transfixed on his mom and aunt as they worked his cock like the two cock hungry sluts they were. He smiled as he wondered who the real Master was in their relationship.

Dena took her turn, sliding his cock into her mouth till she felt the head hit the back of her throat. She coughed and gagged slightly. Brady grabbed her head with both hands. “No more teasing slut! Suck that cock slut!” Brady began to pump his hips, driving his cock in and out of his mom’s mouth like a pile driver. Dena couldn’t have pulled off his cock if she’d wanted to. Brady held her head in a vise grip. “Suck it mom!” Brady moaned. “My mom’s a dirty cock sucking slut!”

“Fuck that slut’s mouth baby!” Jean gasped as she watched her nephew fuck her sister’s mouth, just inches away. She reached around his body and slid her finger between his ass cheeks, fingering his ass. “Oh fuck it!” She moaned. “This is so hot!”

“OOOHHH FUCK!” Brady grunted as his body began to convulse. His cock erupted in Dena’s mouth. He held her head tight as he pumped his seed into her mouth. “Swallow it slut!” He grunted in between ejaculations. “All of it!” He slammed his pelvis into her face. “All of it!”

Dena did her best to swallow every drop of his precious seed, but she couldn’t keep up. Jean scooped up whatever oozed out around Dena’s lips and down her chin, then sucked her fingers clean.

Brady finally released his grip and stepped back panting. Dena turned to her sister. The sisters shared a kiss, swapping whatever cum was left in Dena’s mouth. Brady just shook his head in amazement as he stepped back and sat on the bed, watching his mom and aunt go at each other. “Unbelievable.” He mumbled.

Brady parked the car in the strip mall’s parking lot, right in front of a tattoo shop. He turned the car off and looked at his ladies. “I spoke with Jerry earlier. He recommended this place for discretion and options like what I’m looking for. He said the guy who owns it is a Dom himself. So he understands the lifestyle and is very open minded. His employee is his sub.” He paused. “Unless either of you can give me a reason I’m willing to consider for why I shouldn’t have you branded as my property, that’s what’s about to happen. A tattoo is permanent. So is my desire to own you both.” He paused as he looked back and forth between them. “Did you think I didn’t mean it when I said I wasn’t letting either of you go. I love you both. I want you both. I’m keeping you both. Think of this as more binding than marriage.”

The sisters looked at each other, contemplating what was being asked of them. Neither had ever been challenged before with the permanence of the decision they were making. They had both removed their marital rings years before. Symbols of the vows they’d made. A tattoo couldn’t be removed as easily.

As usual, Dena was the first to speak. “I know we’ve joked about it and talked about it. Now that it’s here, I want it. I want to show you how much I love you and love the idea of you owning me. I’m not saying I’m not nervous. But I want it.”

Jean chimed in. “Count me in. If you’re making this commitment to us, then I want to show you how committed I am to you. As I’ve told you before. I’ve never had a man who’s captured my heart the way you have.” Jean reached over the front seat and laid her hand on Dena’s shoulder. “The fact that you’re part of this sis only makes it that much sweeter. I’m nervous too. But so excited.”

“Then let’s do this.” Brady says as he opens the driver’s door. “I have some tats picked out for you both.” The three walked in and were greeted by Billy, the owner, and his sub/employee, Jennifer. Billy was almost completely covered in body art. Brady held his hand out. “You must be Billy?” The two shook hands.

“Jerry told me you might be coming. It’s nice to meet you.”

“Same here. These are my ladies, Dena and Jean.”

Billy held his hand out to each of them. “Jerry was right. You two ladies are absolutely gorgeous.” He looked at Brady. “You’re a lucky man. Do you have any ideas of what you’re looking for?”

Brady pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket. “I know exactly what I’m looking for. I want this on the side of one of their breasts.” It was a Chinese symbol which translated meant, ‘obedient, submissive’.

Billy shook his head in approval. “Very nice. Inside or outside of breast?”

“Outside. I also want the word ‘submissive’ across their belly, right at their panty line. But I want it in a classy fatih escort cursive font.”

“Let’s go into the office. We can talk about the particulars.” Billy turned to Jennifer. “Lock the place up baby. Give us some privacy for our new friends. Then get the ladies ready. I’ll let you work on their panty line while I work on their breasts. Your cursive skills are better than mine.” Jennifer smiled at the compliment.

Jennifer looked at the Dena and Jean. “Why don’t you two undress as much as necessary and have a seat while I go lock up the front door and pull the shades.” She pointed to two barber’s chairs that stood side by side with about eight feet between them.

The sisters looked at each other and giggled. “We may as well just get naked.” Jean said.

“Yep. That’s just what I was thinking.” Dena laughed. “How long have you been with Billy?”

“He’s been my Master for almost seven years now. I started working with him at the shop when he discovered my talents in calligraphy.” Jennifer couldn’t help but brag about her Master. “He’s been so good to me. He keeps pushing me to be a better woman and person. He’s taught me so much about myself and about life.”

“I can tell you love him very much.” Jean said as she laid the last piece of clothing on the chair, standing there naked.

Jennifer gasped as she stared at both ladies standing there naked. “You’re both so beautiful.”

“Thank you sweetie.” Dena replied.

“To answer your question, yes, I love him very much. He’s done so much for me. I belong to him.” Jennifer watched as they sat down in their chairs. “I can turn the temp up if it’s too chilly in here for you.” Billy walked out of the office with Brady trailing right behind.

“We’re good sweetie. But thank you.” Jean replied.

“OK! Let’s get started!” Billy said to Jennifer.

Brady walked up to each lady and kissed them. “I’m going to run a couple errands. You two are in good hands. I’ll be back in about an hour.”

They were both all business as Jennifer worked between Dena’s legs while Billy worked on Jean’s left breast. Then they switched ladies.

When Brady returned his ladies were just climbing out of their chairs. He was greeted with a surprised change. “What’s this?” He asked pointing to their pussies.

“We decided your branding was too vague.” Dena said without apologizing. “We’re not just submissive to any man. We’re your submissives. We belong to you. So we decided to change it to ‘Brady’s submissive’.”

Jean added. “And we don’t care who knows it.”

Brady couldn’t help but smile. They had no idea what else he had planned for them. But their little change complimented it nicely. “I love it!” He embraced both of them, kissing each. “Get dressed. We’ve got one other stop to make.” He turned and hook Billy’s hand. “Thanks man. They look great!”

“Glad you like!” Billy replied smiling. “Believe me when say it was my pleasure.”

The two men laughed. “See you tomorrow night then?” Brady asked him.

“Plan on it. Wouldn’t miss it.”

Dena and Jean looked at each other as the three of them walked out to the car. “Is there something going on tomorrow night we don’t know about?” Dena asked.

“Yep!” Brady responded smiling. “I’ll tell you about it when we get our shopping done. Now let’s go get you two some new dresses.”

“Lock up and come back to the office when you’re done.” Billy said to Jennifer as he walked away from her.

Jennifer took her time smiling as she locked up and pulled the shades. She knew what was coming and wanted to give him a few minutes to get undressed. She could tell the whole time they were working on Dena and Jean that her Master was getting turned on. Billy was sitting in his chair naked with an erection pointing at the ceiling. Jennifer stripped off all her clothing, knowing this was how he liked her whenever she serviced his cock. She walked up to his chair and dropped to her knees between his spread legs. She grabbed his cock with one hand and began to stroke it as she massaged his balls with her other hand. “Would you like it if I had boobs that big?”

Billy grabbed a fistful of her hair, then leaned down to kiss her. “I like your tits just the way they are. Why do you ask? I’ve never hinted that I was dissatisfied with your tits.”

Jennifer shrugged. “I don’t know. I’ve always wanted bigger boobs.”

“How big? You’ve got a nice set of C’s now.”

“I’ve always wanted something like Jean’s. She’s a DD. I checked.”

“We’ll talk about it.” Billy said as he pushed her head down. “Now drain my cock like a good slut.”

Jennifer lost all control of her head’s movements as Billy held it in a vise grip. She was used to it being rough with him. That’s the way he liked it. And to a certain degree, that’s the way she liked it too. He had even had a few friends over before, and they took turns filling every hole in her body. Her saliva ran down his shaft and dripped off his nut sack in long strings onto her tits and the floor as Billy pumped her head with a merciless fury. Her coughing and gagging fell on deaf ears. She knew this would only end when his lust had been satiated.

“Suck it bitch!” Billy growled as he dug his fingers into her scalp. He grimaced, the pleasure was so intense. “Ooohhh fuck! You dirty slut! Suck it!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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