My Half Sisters Pt. 04

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* I recommend reading parts 1 through 3 first if you haven’t already!

– Elpy *


Some time later, I awaken spooning my sister with my flaccid phallus hanging lazily out of her asshole, wet semen clinging to our sex organs. My hands are around her and cupping her breasts. I can’t feel my left arm which has been under her side for probably a while by now. I move slowly and peak over her shoulder to see her closed eyes and deep breathing. She is fast asleep. I gently press her against me, squishing her tits a little and causing my dick to slide a little further back in to her asshole. It has been a while since I came and I can already feel blood rushing into my cock from the feeling of being inside her.

How fat will my dick grow before she wakes up from the sensation inside her body, I wonder. The tightness of her hole keeps my blood in my cock and it expands quickly with every beat of my heart, growing down into her butt hole. I very gently rock my body against her, making my hardening shaft slide around inside her hot steamy rear entrance. It feels so god damn hot to ride my sister’s ass, especially while she sleeps deeply and just takes me sliding in and out. I don’t know if it is the wet squelch of my previous semen all over our genitals, or the pressure of my hard phallus in her butt that stirs her, but it doesn’t take long and she slowly wakes in a drowsy stupor.

“Mmh?” She asks confusedly as her right hand reaches over her thigh to make sense of the situation. I draw my cock out of her ass until just my tip sits inside so that her hand can fall across her right buttock and her fingers glance across my thick bone. Still confused, she strokes her fingers along my dick until her fingertips rub over her stuffed, ruffled ring.

“Ooh…” My sister glees quietly at the cock in her bum so I slide myself slowly in again to continue my gentle rocking. This time I drift my big hand over her crotch and wedge it between her thighs to touch her cunt delicately with my fingers. Mingling among her labial folds and smearing her wetness among her thighs and clitoris, my dick probing her body for every last sensation of pleasure inside. She lies on her side and accepts the invasive seeking of my cock and fingers with dreamy moans.

The veins in my dick fight for space with the ripples of her silken asshole as they press into each other. Her pussy gushes slime and sticks my fingers on to her delicate pink slit as I rub her clit firmly in the palm of my hand. Her bush is matted and wet with slime and cum, her thighs are slippery and quivering. Her asshole is punished and sensitive. My other hand leaves dents in her breast where my fingers squeeze uncontrollably and flick her nipple and her nearest hand clasps my buttock and encourages me further inside her with every push I make.

We find our rhythm together like this and settle into a steady and loving fuck, frequently moaning with pleasure. It’s a great opportunity for me to try a little sex talk while we fuck each other.

“Sis, there’s so much of my precum spilling in to your ass right beşiktaş anal yapan escort now, can you feel it?” I let her know of my clear slimy penis serum currently dripping from my meatus in to her body.

“It feels like heaven…” Her answer is simple and stokes my courage to say more.

“I love your tits and your wet cunt,” I bite her shoulder as I tease her with my brazen words.

“I’m so glad you like my pussy, brother. I wanna suck your lovely big cock.” She leans back to look at me, wasting no time when she realizes that sex talk is on the menu.

“Oh yes, please yes sis, I want that so much!” Loving the idea, I slide my throbbing penis out of her bum and come to rest on my back. Elle turns to her other side so she is facing me and we toy each other for a minute, snogging each other and groping around. Her hand fixes firmly to my meaty pole and the allure of having a big frothing cock in her hand is enough to tear herself away from our kissing frenzy into a kneeling position over my abdomen.

“Oh god yes Elle, I want my filthy dick in your mouth!” I intensely anticipate her warm mouth taking me inside her.

“I’ve never done this…” my sister leans down and sniffs at the tip of this brutal shaft in her hand, agitations of precum frothing around it from the anal sex moments before.

“Elle, please sister, I can’t bear it please make me your first blowjob!” I almost can’t breathe with the suspense of this impending feeling.

And with that, she pulls down on my steaming cock with her hand while her lips envelop my swollen tip and beefy shaft.

“Oooo fuuuuck yes!” I gasp as I watch my penis vanish into my sisters face. Then comes her first suck, just as if she had placed a straw (albeit a very thick one) between her lips and sought to taste her favourite drink.

The vulgar slurping sound is one of the most beautiful ever to grace my ears. I call out in ecstasy at the feeling of her hot mouth inhaling my smell and slurping my bubbling precum down her throat. She swings her hips around to my side and bares her secret areas to my face. They are still messy and wet from our previous 2 courses of sex.

She mumbles happily as I reach to touch her holes, “Mm, tastes so mm, good!”

“You suck your brother’s dick like a good sister, oh god your pussy looks amazing from here.” I say as without warning, I sink a finger between her neat, shiny labia, pushing her head downwards a little more on to my cock. I can feel the back of her throat caressing my tip, she’s already sucking me so deep for someone new to the experience.

Thick slime flows over the finger I inserted into my sister, coming from her grossly aroused cunt. I can feel the soft bumpy gspot sitting underneath my knuckle as I massage her tight cave. I turn my finger downward and focus the tip of my fingerpad down on this soft cushion of bumpy flesh that causes so much ecstasy in a woman. Her legs quiver as she fucks her mouth with her brother’s penis. This causes her pussy to flow slime out even quicker and beşiktaş bdsm escort she lets out muffled moans from my heavy stroking of her gspot.

I use my hand that isn’t invading my sister’s pussy to dominate her by pushing her head down on to my cock. I gently work her head down and wedge my penis down her throat good and proper. She can’t breathe from the thickness of the phallus in her neck and she’s approaching orgasm from having her gspot manipulated cruelly by my finger. I feel her head trying to lift, but I keep her down, and she starts to properly gush over my hand as she orgasms with no way to draw breath. I’m close enough to grab her empty coffee mug so I slip my finger from her pussy and grab the mug, pressing it between her thighs and filling it up with her precious female cum.

I continue to hold her down as I feel her gag on my penis, inhaling it inwards down her gullet as far as possible in her attempt to gain a lung of air. Her legs shake visibly as she quickly loses strength and her cum continues to spill into the mug, filling it over half way.

I throat fuck her a few times while she finishes her exasperated orgasm before lifting her head enough to let her breathe. A loud wet coughing fit befalls her and tendrils of phlegm blast across my dick and balls, her lungs begging for gallons of overdue air to be inhaled.

As she gasps and coughs all over my phallus, I take a sip from the mug full of her sweet clear vagina dew. Such an incredible richness and arousingly pungent smell, it’s perfect. I put the mug back down on the sideboard and then grab her flanks with both hands, lifting and dragging her buttocks over my face so that I can begin tucking into her tender, soaking vagina.

I bury my nose in her asshole and inhale her scent, still tainted with my frothing precum from assfucking her earlier. My tongue dives deep between her pussy lips and drags more of her orgasm slime from inside her pleasured body, lapping and sucking it into my mouth so I can drink her honey. She continues to regain breath as air rushes wetly past the space between her lips and my penis laying in her mouth.

“Oh my god, ” my sister says between coughs and breaths, “It all feels so hot, mmm!” Finishing her words, she closes her mouth around my solid shaft once more and sucks on it as she pops it noisily in and out of her mouth, pushing her pelvis up against my face and feeling my nose and tongue poking around inside her.

“Fuck me, you suck my cock so nice sis!” My words encourage her to go harder, and she squeezes my balls in one hand while circling the base of my shaft with her other fingers, giving a good few slams at the back of her throat with my fat, precum oozing glans.

“Oh fuck, yes Elle. You keep that up and you will get a huge mouthful of your brother’s semen!” I half warn, half hint that she ought to take my load in her mouth this time around. Her vagina spits her slime at me almost as if it reacts sexually to my words.

“I’m gonna swallow all of it, brother, nngh mmh!” She half sucks beşiktaş elit escort and half chews playfully on my shaft as she mumbles these words through a mouthful of hard penis. She starts working her lips around my tips and her hand begins pumping my shaft aggressively and with a very firm grip on it.

“Oh fucking yeah aaanh!” I can’t contain the intensity of her work on my cock, my words interrupted by her vagina hitting off my face as she works around my tip with her mouth. I reach for her breasts to cup one in each hand and toy with them as I bury

my face deeper between her slim, mature thighs to pass her labia between my lips and mine her love cave for sweet honey with my tongue.

She has mini orgasms that flood her pussy with fresh liquid for me to swallow, and my cock beads with precum at the tip that my sister licks and smothers the end of my penis with her tongue and lips as if it was a lollipop, continuing to pump at my shaft madly now with both hands.

“I’m gonna cum in your mouth sis, I’m coming, ahn!” My moan reverberates through her cunt and sends shivers up her back, then she sucks as hard as she can on my tip using long strokes with her hands to make me explode.

“Mmm fill my mouth with cum!” Her words dissolve into a mumble through my substantial cock, and I am once again out of control and over the edge. She feels the hot gunge burst into her mouth rapidly, ropes of semen quickly filling her up.

“Fuuck yes!” I can only manage as she continues pumping semen out of my dick

“Mmmh mmm!” Is all she can manage with a mouthful of penis and semen to deal with.

I suck hard on her pussy as my cock creams her mouth and she toys with the semen in her mouth. I drink everything she has to offer and she gulps down every glob of semen I shoot across her tongue. She slowly slides my cock up and down between her lips to sooth the post ejaculation aches that throb inside me. Her hands cradle my balls to caress the fatigue away and I drop my head back on the pillow to stare between her thighs at the ceiling.

She finally pops my cock from her mouth and lays my balls to rest before flipping herself around and coming to lay next to me on my right side. I place my arm around her torso and pull her in for a slippery, sex covered kiss on the lips.

“Mmm, I love you completely.” I nuzzle at her neck and lick it before continuing our kissing. She moves in closer and puts her right leg across my stomach, moving onto me enough for her now exposed pussy to touch with my penis.

“I think your penis is my new favourite thing ever, brother!” She teases. “It’s so yummy in my mouth…” We continue kissing as my cock casually slips between her tender labia, her breasts glancing on my chest as we slowly rock against each other for more sexual penetrative satisfaction.

“What was your favourite thing before you discovered my penis?” I give her a deeper thrust as I ask her.

“My vagina is the next best thing in life, wouldn’t you agree?” her quirky confidence is arousing to me.

“I have to agree, I love your pussy so much sis. In fact lets drink to that.” As we continue slow — fucking each other into a stupor, I pluck the mug half full of her essence and drink it with her, sharing gulps of her sweet pussy liquid until the mug is empty. Exhaustion creeps over us until we drift off into a slumber. My penis half stuck into her vagina as we finally fall asleep.

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