My First Lover Ch. 03

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A few weeks went by without much fanfare after our first night together. Like my mother had said, we would look normal around everyone else in the world. I even noticed she had more confidence around my dad now, playing and teasing him every chance she got. And at night when he would get home at a more normal time, the sounds of lovemaking coming from their room happened more and more often.

This seemed to make my dad come home earlier on Tuesday nights now leaving my mother and I little time to explore our new relationship. I did notice her touching me more intimately now and even winking my way when nobody else was looking. And as I watched, her wardrobe started to grow with more daring outfits, especially dresses and skirts, and new heels. I would see these each day as she went to work or when she went out to run errands.

Then came the day my mother announced she had to drive a few hours down south for a business meeting that caught me by surprise.

She and dad were talking at the dining room table when she said that she would feel a little safer with someone riding along should something happen with her and the car. Dad being his usual, stated that he couldn’t afford to take time off from work and suggested one of the kids go along with her. You can imagine what happened next.

Looking over at me in the kitchen she suggested that I could go along instead. We would start out early in the morning, grab some lunch on the way, and then after her meetings, head home and be back by nine pm. Saying this and looking my way, she gently winked at me and gave me the look of “please say yes”. Taking her hint I casually agreed to her idea and continued about what I was doing.

Later that night dad took care of checking the car, a nice 1970’s Ford Thunderbird with the long doors and wide front bench seat. It had always been mom’s favorite car and she especially enjoyed driving it on long trips.

The next morning I was up early taking a shower when I heard the bathroom door open and the sound of heels on the tile floor as my mother walked in. I simply peeked around the shower curtain and saw the most amazing sight. My mother was standing at the counter, putting on her make-up, and she was only dressed in her bra, sheer to waist nude pantyhose, and her black patent sandals, the same sandals that had first turned me on to her that fateful day several weeks before.

Looking at me in the mirror, she simply turned ever so slowly around, showing me that not only were her pantyhose sheer to waist, but also had the most seductive back seam all the way up her legs making them look even longer and leaner. In an instant I was fully aroused and just about jumped out of the shower right then and there.

After her little display she simply walked out and said she would be waiting for me to finish up and to get dressed. I could hardly concentrate at that point and as I tried to dry myself off and get dressed, I found my hands were shaking so badly I couldn’t even hold my razor steady. When I got to my room I noticed a new pair of khaki loose fitting slacks on my bed along with a nice polo shirt to match. Also next to the shirt was a new bottle of cologne that she had bought, not too strong but definitely a soft musk. I figured my mom wanted me to look good for the trip and I quickly dressed and headed out.

I noticed that the house was empty and so I figured she had already gone out to the car and was waiting for me. As I got outside I saw the car, but no mom, nor anybody else. So I climbed into the passenger side and waited for her. Not a minute later I heard the front door open and out came this vision of an angel. She had on the same black pleated skirt she had worn that first day, but her blouse was a more delicate semi-transparent white sheer, and had a simple ruffled V-neck opening. This gave me the most amazingly seductive view of her body and lace bra underneath. To top it off was a simple black blazer and pearls to match.

As she walked up to the passenger side of the car she suggested that I slide over and drive this first part of the trip. She had a small carry-on type bag with her along with her purse which she dropped into the back seat of the car. I figured it was stuff for her meeting and didn’t think much else about it.

Climbing into the car she stretched out her leg and allowed her skirt to ride up her thigh as she brought first one leg in, setting down, then bringing the other inside. I could hear her shoes stretch ever so slightly as she did this and she adjusted her skirt so that it was back down to her knees. Sitting there watching all this I didn’t realize I had been staring at those beautiful legs again when she suggested we get moving so we would have time for lunch.

Being inside that enclosed car with the A/C on, her cologne, and the simple excitement was intoxicating. I had to use all my efforts to concentrate on my driving and not getting us into an accident. As we hit the interstate she decided sınırsız escort to first remover her blazer, “to get more comfortable and not to wrinkle it” she said. Since I was driving I had the seat all the way back and this gave her ample room to stretch out. Traffic was light and she seemed to take advantage of the time we had together.

At first, it was just innocent adjusting and moving around. As I watched through quick glimpses, I noticed first that she had turned slightly towards me, and had rested her shoes on the center transmission hump of the car. This brought her knees up slightly and allowed her skirt to slide down a few inches. By doing this I could see her white satin slip underneath resting on top of her nylon covered thighs. Between the view of her toes through her sheer pantyhose and the view of her legs, plus the scent of her cologne, I figured two hours was going to be a long trip.

It was then she asked me if I had noticed her new cologne? It smelled sweet, tingly, and a little seductive, but still very classy. She said she had bought it for only “me” to enjoy and with that, these very special seamed pantyhose that made her feel twenty years younger. She asked me about her outfit again and I told her that it was the one that had made me realize how sexy she looked in the first place.

She said that she had suspected as much, and smiling softly, she said she wanted to have a few hours alone together to make sure. Sitting there she then lifted her feet up and rested her heels right in my lap. I just sat there with the most painful erection, thanking god she had decided to give me loose fitting slacks.

We talked like this for what seemed like only a few minutes, with her just gently moving her heels back and forth across me, driving me crazy, and me gently massaging her ankles and legs while I drove, my thumb gently moving over her toes and the seam at front of her hose. As we neared the town where her meeting was to be held, she told me to take the next exit, that there was a restaurant she wanted us to try for lunch first.

I noticed that it was a restaurant that was actually located in a nice small hotel and my mind began to whirl with the possibilities. Here it was only ten in the morning and we were already having lunch. As we pulled into the parking lot she sat back up and checked herself in the mirror to make sure everything was in order. Then, she ran her hands over her legs from her heels to her upper thigh as if to give the illusion of straightening her hose. Grabbing her purse and small case we headed inside.

As we walked in, I saw that it was a simple restaurant with soft lighting, and tall wooden booths for folks to sit in. Mom simply asked the hostess for a quiet booth for two and off we went, with me following behind trying not to be too obvious about staring at her beautiful body. As we sat across from each other she quietly stuck her shoe back up onto my lap and continued where she had left off in the car. A few minutes later she got up to use the ladies room and returned while our waiter took our order. He seemed to be more attentive with my mom versus the other guest, and she just took it all in stride.

Lunch was simple and light, and I noticed I didn’t have too much of an appetite. After lunch, we headed for the door, when my mom took a sudden detour into the main lobby of the hotel. It was a simple three story hotel with a large open front foyer. Looking at her watch, she announced we had some spare time to kill and she wanted to explore a bit and stretch her legs after riding for over two hours. After looking at a few things in the foyer area, she casually walked over to the elevator doors and signaled for me to follow.

As we got inside and the doors closed, she surprised me by pushing into me and forcing me up against the wall of the elevator. Her lips found mine and she wrapped her arms around my neck pulling me into her. I could feel her rubbing her leg on mine as we passionately kissed, when the elevator suddenly announced our arrival at the top floor. I watch her gather her purse and slowly walk out of the elevator as if nothing had happened. Looking back she simply glanced at her small case and suggested I carry it in front of me for a few minutes. Not a bad idea I thought, considering.

I noticed that the hallway was completely empty, void of anybody, not even the cleaning staff. As we walked towards the end of the hall I watched her going through her purse and pull out a key-card and insert it into the door lock of the last room on the left. Looking back she simply asked, “well, shall we have a look inside or would you like to leave now?” At this I dropped her case and took her in my arms and savagely kissed her, wrapping my hand around her ass and lifting her up off the floor into me. She responded by wrapping her leg around mine and said between breaths, I guess we’ll take a few minutes then and look at the room. Grabbing her things taksim escort we went inside and closed the door.

It was a king sized suite with a whirlpool tub, a couch, a table and chairs, a bar, and some kind of chair that I had never seen before. It’s a form fitting chaise lounge she announced. Taking her in my arms again I could no longer control myself as I quickly removed her blazer, blouse, skirt and satin slip, leaving her in her bra, heels and pantyhose. She in turn was undressing me with the same urgency and with shaking hands as well. Once our clothes were removed she pressed back into me rubbing herself up and down my chest. I saw that her bra had a front clasp on it and it was simple to remove. Once again I was gazing at the most beautiful woman’s body in front of me, standing there in only her pantyhose and heels, mine for the moment, mine to thoroughly please and satisfy.

As we touched we both began to shudder from the excitement finding all the places that would arouse us. As we kissed I found my hands sliding along her back and down under the waistband of her pantyhose to gently fondle and hold her ass in my hands, kneading and then gently pulling her apart then back together again. She responded by kissing me even harder and gyrating against my rock hard erection. I then began walking us over to the bed, and as the back of her calves touched the mattress she first sat down and then pulled me on top of her onto the bed. At first I wanted to take my time and please her orally as before, sliding down and kneeling on the floor at the foot of the bed, but she simply said “No, NOW, I want it NOW!” At this she opened her legs and surprised me by showing that her pantyhose had no crotch in them, looking down I saw the most beautiful pussy framed in that silky soft nylon, waiting for me to take and explore.

As I leaned forward I could feel her wrap her nylon covered legs around me and the sound of her patent leather shoes rubbing against each other was invigorating. I pushed forward and taking my erection in hand, I started sliding the head up and down her slit. It was so warm and wet, and I so wanted to just push right in, but I figured she had been teasing me all morning, so not to be outdone, it was my turn to return the favor.

As I slid the head up and down I kept feeling her wetness slowly move down between the cheeks of her ass. Following this I slid my penis down and gently rubbed it over her anal bud, teasing her.

As I did this I leaned forward, taking her breast in my mouth, I first gently sucked then nibbled on the very tip of her nipple. It hardened immediately and I felt her take in a deep breath, pulling my head into her breast and pushing up with her hips. I kept this up for a minute or so, holding my erection and rubbing more insistently at her anus and then back up to her vaginal opening. The wetness was incredible, and without me realizing it, as I came back up again, she locked her heels together and pulled me all the way inside her.

This was no simple love making this time, but straight forward mad sex. Thank goodness for the room being on the top floor and at the end of the hallway.

Thrusting away without abandon, I mercilessly slammed into my mothers womb, pounding away at her cervical opening and even feeling it open slightly allowing me even further inside as I felt the ring of her cervix actually squeezing the very tip of my penis. My arms reached under her as my hands grasped her shoulders and pulled her against me with each thrust. Her moans and quiet yelps were silenced by our continued kissing and pulling at each other as if trying to merge our bodies together into one.

After a few minutes of this she started to claw at my back and her breathing became faster and more intense. Reaching down and under her back I ran my hand under the waistband of her pantyhose and in-between the cheeks of her ass. Taking my middle finger I first gently rubbed and probed her anus, being careful not to be to rough. As our bodies moved and with the help of her vaginal juices I was able to gently insert just the tip of my finger into her anus. At first she stiffened a little, squeezing my penis inside of her, but as she realized that I would go no further she began to relax and even seemed to start to enjoy it. As we moved I could feel her anus begin to open slightly and with the juices from our lovemaking seeping down, my finger simply slid in up to the first knuckle. At this she began to really moan and whimper and then she started pushing against me even harder. I began a slow rhythm of moving my finger in and out of her, in sync with my thrusting into her vagina. Never allowing my finger to come completely out I allowed her time to get used to the intrusion into her backside, adding to the intensity of the moment.

This seemed to take her over the edge and she started to moan louder and louder until she actually screamed out. This so surprised her she leaned up tesettürlü escort and actually bit my arm as her orgasm overtook her body. Feeling this I knew I could now release my seed into her, and with a few more deep thrust I finally pushed in as far as I could, emptying myself right into her cervical opening.

We just lay there like that for a few minutes coming down from our sexual high, gently kissing and caressing each other as she rubbed her nylon covered thighs on my sides. All she kept saying was “mmmm… that was amazing”. Of all the ways to make love, this was to become my favorite because it allowed me to get as close and as deep into her body as possible without putting all my weight on her, still allowing me the ability to passionately kiss her, and caress her breast while holding and caressing her delicate body.

Looking at me she asked if I was hungry now?

At that question I just laughed and said, Famished. Well then, she said, maybe we should get moving and we could get something along the way. I asked her if she was going to be late for her meeting and she simply smiled and said that she was already here. I then realized that there never was any meeting, just a chance for us to get away and be together again.

Getting up I started running her a bath in the large double sized tub next to the bed when she called out from the bathroom that she had some things in the front of her bag that I should put into the water. I took out some bath oils and soaps and got everything ready for her. When she came out of the bathroom, she still had her hose and heels on saying she wanted me to finish undressing her.

I took this chance to gently take her shoes off and pull down her pantyhose, taking them into my hand and placing them up to my nose to smell her beautiful scent. She simply laughed calling me a pervert and slowly climbed into the tub. I first washed her back and neck paying special attention to her breast and legs. After finishing she laid back and relaxed in the warm water. She then asked me to join her and she would help me get cleaned up. Looking at my watch I saw that it was only noon and we had most of the afternoon to kill.

At this she suggested we finish up here and take a walk downtown and do a little shopping and then come back here for dinner. After our bath my mom went into her bag and pulled out the sexiest and sheerest pair of stockings I had ever seen. These were very special she said, pure silk, from Europe with sheer toes, and a long seam up the back. I watched mesmerized as she slid her legs into these and then she turned and pulled out her white platform patent sandals with the four inch heels. Putting these on and standing up, she was almost as tall as I was at 6 ft. 2.

Next, she took out the soft white summer dress she had purchased several weeks earlier, and stepping into it, she gently pulled it up and over her body and locked the halter clasp behind her neck. It looking amazing on her and I just sat there watching. She then said we had to get moving if we were going to get anything done. After getting dressed, we headed out and downtown. I noticed that she had the most amazing glow about her and her smile seemed to never disappear. We held hands when nobody was looking as we walked about the mall, not really shopping but just enjoying each other.

After about an hour we found ourselves inside a woman’s clothing store. Mom had grabbed a few special occasion dresses from the rack and headed back to the dressing rooms. Looking about she invited me inside the handicapped booth to watch her try these on.

The first was a long black evening tube dress that looked amazing on her tall frame. The next one was a dark red dress with a slit up the back and a bodice that actually lifted her breast and made them look even larger. The third was a simple short sleeved silk long dress, with an elastic waist and as she walked around the dressing room I noticed it had a slit all the way up the front to the top of her thighs. As she walked in her white heels it gave me the most amazing view of her legs and with the swishing sound of her nylons rubbing against the silk I found myself getting aroused yet again. She too noticed this and all she said was “that decides it, I’m buying this one”.

We headed out of the store and on the way back she had me stop at a drug store for something she needed. She went inside on her own and came out a few minutes later with a small bag. I asked her what she had gotten and she simply said “later”. On the way back she slid across the seat and sat next to me, nibbling my ear and kissing my neck while running her hands over my chest and down onto my crotch. It was a little after three in the afternoon and I suggested we may not have much time before we had to get back on the road.

At this she smiled and said that she had called home from the drugstore and told dad that her meetings had been moved back to this evening and we would have dinner here and then head home. He suggested spending the night instead so we could take our time and get home in the morning. At this my heart nearly jumped out of my chest! Sensing my excitement she said, easy son, we have all the time in the world now tonight, so I hope you can repeat what you did to me earlier.

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