My Fiancé Courtney Helps Ch. 03

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When I awoke, I felt refreshed, both physically and mentally, and I felt awakened, both literally and figuratively. The events that had preceded the past couple weeks had been confusing to me. I thought that I should have been infuriated at what Chris proposed. I thought I should have been equally infuriated that Courtney went along with it. I was telling myself that I should react this or that way. But deep down there was something inside of me that allowed it to happen; for I cannot truly say that there was no other alternative. At least, I did not think of anything we could do the first night because it had happened so fast and I had all these emotions running through my head.

But after that night, leading up to the second time Chris stopped over for his “visit,” there were ways that I, and surely Courtney as well, could have thought up to have gotten us out of our debt with Chris. The money that we had been saving for our wedding in June could have been tapped into. We could have asked one of our parents for a personal loan; surely they would have understood and generously helped us. And I’m pretty sure what Chris was doing was pretty damn illegal, and with an elaborate plan we could have set him up. But I did not see those options. Rather, I chose not to see those options, whether consciously or subconsciously I know not.

And as I lay in bed with this realization, it started to make sense why I did not take any number of routes to pay off the debt or record Chris’ devious extortion and callous debaucheries. It started to make sense why I got painfully hard both times I saw my girlfriend giving him head. Courtney was so naturally beautiful and sexy, and I loved watching her. Watching her dress, watching her shower, watching her swim, giggle, jog, do yoga, etc. It would make sense that I’d find it alluring also watching her get naughty, especially in a scenario so forbidden. I recall back in the summer when we went on vacation and were staying at a hotel, the room had a big mirror near the bed, and I watched us through the mirror the whole time having sex and remember what a rush that was, to see my sexy fiancée from a different perspective. As I watched her naked and on her knees for Chris, I again got to see this sexy blonde from that perspective, and something very perverse, very voyeuristic in me was awakened. Was I truly looking for a way out of the situation with Chris? Obviously not. The next question was, was Courtney?

Did she too see the many ways we could have gotten either enough money to pay Chris, or recorded him blackmailing us? Or did she really think this was the only way? Perhaps she was so enthusiastic about finally receiving the opportunity to help out, albeit in a scandalous way, that she was blinded from seeing our options out. Or perhaps, something very perverse was awakened in her as well? There was no mistaking the way she looked at how big Chris’ cock was. Hell even I had to give it a double-take. But the way she looked at it wasn’t just in astonishment, there was also a hint of admiration, of adulation. The way she moaned sounded genuine. The naughty things she’s said sounded very believable, like when she begged for his cum that second night. And there is no way to fake just how wet she was that night…

I had come to terms with our situation with Chris. A part previously hidden deep inside me showed its face, and it was revealed that there was something unexplainably erotic about watching my fiancée, the woman I love, with another man; our older overweight landlord, at that. But therein lay my conundrum: Courtney was my fiancée. My soon-to-be wife, and the love of my life. And yet I enjoyed watching her with another guy. It felt like my body was betraying me. It felt like I should be upset, but couldn’t. Strangely enough, I attributed my acceptance and newfound embracement of this to the closeness of our relationship. I did not consider what Courtney did as cheated, for she did it with my knowledge and consent. I trusted her with my life, and she would never go behind my back or hurt me. Because of our closeness and strength of our relationship, it made it possible for me to be turned on by the situation. Courtney was not some slut; I am the first and only person she has ever had sex with, which pales in comparison to most other girls around her age. She has only given oral to me and now Chris. She is a sweet angel, not some whore, which seemingly contradictorily made it all the more appealing.

But what would Courtney think if she knew I felt this way? She had of course seen me hard on both occasions, and had given me oral to (my quick) completion while giving Chris oral. Would she think less of me? We had had some great sex that whole week after Chris visited us the first time. So Courtney must have enjoyed some part of it too. We needed to have another talk.

As I lay in bed contemplating my feelings and how to address them, I thought more about how Courtney might be on the same page as me. I thought about how she pendik escort was stroking Chris while sucking me, and would alternate between us. I thought about how she made me cum all over her face, and then went straight to sucking Chris’ big cock until he too came all over her face in copious amounts. I thought about how Chris revealed just how wet she was. I thought about the likelihood of him stopping by and using her mouth all this week. By this point I had rolled the covers down and had begun stroking my hard cock, filling my head with these forbidden fantasies.

Just then the bedroom door opened. Court came in carrying a plate of English muffins and scrambled eggs, our typical Saturday and Sunday morning breakfast.

“Goodmorni-” she began, then stopped at seeing me stroking my cock. “Oh! A little excited this morning I see!” she teased, then came and lay in the bed with me. “What’s gotten you so worked up?”

“Just thinking of you,” I told her as I moved my hand up and down her thigh.

“Mmm what about me?” she said while removing her shirt and her shorts, getting naked as she had no bra or panties underneath. She lay back down next to me and I resumed rubbing her thigh.

“About how sexy you are…and about last night…”

There was a split second pause, as if she was processing that last sentence and calculating the outcomes of how she responded.

“Oh,” she said lowly, and I started to question if maybe I shouldn’t have said that last part. But then she reached over and started slowly stroking my cock. “What about last night?” she probed.

“About you giving me head until I came all over your face…”

“Mmmmm,” she moaned while I continued.

“…and then Chris cumming all over your face.” There. I put it out there. I felt vulnerable, exposed. How she reacted would tell me everything; if she found me disturbed, or if she was thinking the same thing as me. She stopped stroking my cock, and I thought that I just ruined everything and it was about to be real awkward. But it was only a momentary halt. She resumed stroking my cock.

“Did you think that was hot, baby?” Court asked me.

“Yeah, your face was covered in cum.”

“Mmmm I know it was. I loved it,” she admitted. This was like a breakthrough for us. The tension had disappeared and we could now freely talk about this dark secret we had. I moved my head back and moaned and she continued.

“There was so much cum, and Chris made me swallow it all.”

“You love cum, don’t you?” I asked her.

“Yeah, I do.”

“Chris cums a lot, huh?”

Yeah he cums so much, I love it. His balls are huge! I was afraid you’d tell that I was getting turned on while sucking him.”

“I thought you were, but I was sure after he showed me last night how wet you were.” I reached between her legs and felt her pussy. It was soaking wet. “And looks like you’re pretty turned on thinking about last night too!” I teased her.

“Mmhmmm.” This conversation was getting me close to cumming, and fast. She then looked at me with some sexy eyes and whispered in a sultry voice, “He’s probably gonna make suck his big dick today, baby…” I tilted my head back again and gripped her inner thigh letting her know to keep stroking me because I was about to cum. “…and I can’t wait until he does.”

I shot my load all over her hand as she stroked me through my orgasm. I bucked up and down hearing my loving fiancée talk about how she can’t wait to make our landlord cum. When I was finished, she brought her hand up to her mouth and licked the cum off, then licked the cum off of my stomach. It turned me on so much hearing and seeing her act like a wanton slut, that I got a burst of energy and threw her back on the bed and got on top of her, holding her hands down beside her. She feigned a scared look, roleplaying her submissiveness to me. I sucked on her ample breasts, flicking my tongue on her ultra-sensitive nipples. This always gets her soaking wet, though she needed no help getting there as she was already dripping wet. I kissed her down to her slim, tan stomach, past her belly button piercing, and kissed all around her pussy, making her shudder with anticipation. Finally, not wanting to torture her, I moved to her clit and licked and attacked it with my tongue. Moments later she was convulsing in a mind-blowing orgasm, built up from all the dirty-talking and enhanced by the freedom of being completely open about our situation with Chris. When she came down from her orgasm, I moved up and held her in my arms.

“Did you mean everything you said?” Court asked me as she looked up at me with her blue-eyed puppy-dog eyes.

“Yeah..I did…Did you..?”


“Even when you said you can’t wait to blow him again?” I asked her?

“…Yeah” she meekly answered, making my cock twitch with excitement, refusing to go completely limp. If she had any doubts I was previously only speaking out of lust with an aroused state of mind, maltepe escort they were quelled.

“You know I only NEED you right? she asked me. “This is exciting but you are what’s truly important to me and I don’t want it to affect our relationship negatively in any way.”

“I know that Court,” I reassured her. “And you know I love you more than anything in the world right? I don’t know why I find it arousing watching you…probably because you’re so sexy…but it definitely doesn’t mean I love you any less. In fact, I love you even more that we can share something like this and come out stronger. The fact that I love you so much makes it even more taboo and exciting. I don’t know if I’m explaining it right, but you know what I mean, right?”

“I know what you’re saying James, and I love you so much too. Now let’s get outta bed! Your breakfast is cold!”

The rest of the morning after our discussion was pretty relaxing. I mostly watched TV while Court studied. At 5:45pm I got ready to leave the apartment to go to the restaurant for my 6pm-11pm shift. I kissed Courtney, who was still sitting on the couch studying, goodbye and headed out the door. As I was walking down the hall toward the stairwell, I saw Chris lumbering my way.

“You heading out James?” he asked me as we drew nearer each other.

“Yeah, work.”

“Have fun. I know I will be,” he snickered as we passed each other. I was heading to work as my landlord was heading to our apartment to get a blowjob from young fiancée. I suddenly felt slightly light headed as I made my way down the flight of stairs and could feel the blood rushing to my penis and my imagination started racing.

It was hard to concentrate at work, not that the job required much thinking. It was pretty mundane work, just bussing tables. But knowing, or rather not knowing exactly what was happening back at my apartment made the time pass extremely slowly. Finally at was 11:00pm – closing time. I clocked out and made my way back to the apartment, but not before grabbing some leftover soup for Court in case she was hungry. I made my way up the flight of stairs and down the hallway to our door, not knowing what I’d find when I opened it. However, a little anticlimactically, I found Courtney sitting on the couch studying, almost exactly how she had been when I had left her. Had Chris not stopped by after all? But then I noticed that her hair looked particularly tousled.

“Hey hun! How was work?” she greeted me energetically.

“It wasn’t bad. I brought you some soup if you’re hungry” I said, setting the soup on the table.

“Awe thanks, what kind is it?”

“Chicken Pot Pie soup. It’s really good, I had some earlier.”

“I’m definitely gonna have some. Thank you!”

“No problem. You hungry?” I asked her.

“Not really. But my throat is sore..” she said and paused for a second before continuing, “…Chris stopped over right after you left for work..”

“Yeah I know, I actually ran into him right as I was heading out and he said he was coming here. To be honest I didn’t know what to expect when I came home. What happened?” I asked her as I plopped down on the couch next to her.

“Well I had my head in my book and when I heard the door open I just figured that you had forgot something here and came back to get it. Then I heard him say ‘Miss me?’ which really caught me off guard and scared me! He told me he was here for his blowjob and told me to take my tanktop and short shorts off, which I did. He slid down his pants and asked if I missed his big cock and I said I did, and got off the couch and onto the floor in front of him on my knees and – Oh wow looks like you’re getting excited! Why don’t we go into the bedroom and I’ll tell you all about my night?”

I got up and said “Sure, but you can have your soup first, I gotta get a shower.” I made my way to the shower and was shocked to find how excited I was to hear about Courtney’s night. I took a quick shower and joined Courtney in bed, delighted to find her in a sexy little sky-blue nightie that came to about her mid-thigh and accentuated her curves. I slid next to her and she wrapped her hand around my soft cock and started:

“So after I got naked, I got on my knees in between his legs and started sucking on his huge balls. His cock started getting hard so I took it into my mouth and went up and down on it. He asked if I missed his big cock and I told him I did, and then he started fucking my throat and making me gag. He slapped my face with his dick a couple times, and then fucked my throat some more. After about 10 minutes he pulled out and came all over my face and chest. There was so much cum; I don’t know how he cums that much every single time. Remember when you didn’t cum for like a week and when you did, you came a lot? It’s like that with him, but every time, even though he just came on my face last night too. Anyway, after he came on my face and tits he told me to lick it off and so I did.”

By kartal escort this point in the story, my dick was rock hard and Courtney was stroking it slowly to keep me from cumming.

“I thought he would leave after that, but he sat on the couch, with his pants still down, and put the TV on and started flipping through the channels. I gave him a quizzical look as if to question what he was doing, and he told me that he didn’t have anything going on and so he was going to stay for a couple hours. He put on a movie, I couldn’t even tell you which one, because he leaned back and told me to keep sucking him. Even soft his dick is real big, and something about that just really turns me on. So I was still on the floor resting back on my knees sucking on his cock while he watched the movie. It was turning me on sucking his big cock and I wanted to make him cum again. After about a half hour, he told me to come up on the couch and keep sucking him, but to arch my ass out. He started slapping my ass and calling me dirty names, and then he started fingering me. He said something like ‘I knew you’d be wet, you slut’ and that made me suck him harder. His fingers are kinda pudgy and thick so it felt real good with him fingering me while I was giving him head. I told him that I wanted him to fill my mouth with his cum, and he must’ve liked that because he started fingering me real hard and used his other hand to force my head down onto his cock. He did that a couple times and then groaned real loud and pumped another big load into my mouth, I can’t believe I swallowed it all. He smacked my ass real hard one last ti-“

“Fuck baby I’m cumming!” I yelled. Courtney quickly replaced her hand with her mouth and took my cock down her throat in one motion while I unloaded my cum into her mouth.

“Mmmmm. Do you like coming home and hearing about your slutty fiancée?” she asked me in a sexy way.

“Yeah, I do. Did he leave after that?”

“Yeah, he said I was a good little slut and then left. He did say he might be back later though.”

“Later as in tonight?” I asked.

“I guess so. He must like having a young girl to use.”

My dick twitched when she said that. Court had already had my cum in the morning, made Chris cum twice, then me again, and might have to make Chris cum again. Thinking about that made my dick a little hard again. Courtney noticed.

“I’m never gonna get any studying done with you two horny men around! I only read 10 pages today!”

“Haha okay hun, go study,” I told her. I watched as my sexy fiancée went back into the living room, still in her nightie, to grab her textbook. Her ass looked so good in that nightie; as she walked her ass swayed and the way the nightly lightly clung to her ass made it look so delicious. I knew I needed to fuck her. I’d let her study first though. She made her way back to the bed and started to study as I lay in bed. Neither of us had anything planned for the next day, so I figured I’d stay up late with her. However my plans of staying up with her went out the window as I drifted off to sleep.

I didn’t even realize I had drifted off to sleep until I woke up in a start, probably from a dream. The lamp was still on so I turned to see if Courtney was still studying or if she too had fallen asleep, but she wasn’t in bed. Her book was still open, so maybe she went to get a snack. I checked the time and saw it was 1:00am; I had only been asleep for about an hour. Then I noticed some faint noises coming from the living room, and as I tuned in to what it was, it became clearer. I heard some slurping noises and a man grunting. I got out of bed and walked into the living room and saw Courtney naked kneeling in front of Chris who was sitting back on the couch sucking his cock.

“I decided to stop over for a late night snack,” Chris informed me as he noticed me entering the living room. “Come join me.” Courtney looked up at me, but never stopped sucking his big dick. I acquiesced and sat on the couch next to Chris and Courtney stopped sucking Chris and switched to me. After about 10 minutes of her going back and forth between us two, Chris told me, “Get behind her, this whore needs fucked while she has my big cock in her mouth.” Court moaned at this, and I didn’t argue as it had been some time since I had fucked my sexy fiancée. I got behind her and felt her pussy, and it was soaking wet. I lined myself up with her and easily slid with how wet she was and began fucking her. Her moans were gargled since she had Chris’ huge dick down her throat, but something about that sound turned me on so much. I was behind her, grabbing her shapely hips, looking at her perfectly tan skin and arched back, and seeing her blonde head bobbing up and down in our fat landlord’s lap. She doesn’t usually orgasm from me fucking her, but this time must have been too much for her. She stopped sucking Chris and made a loud moan then shook all over while I pounded into her convulsing pussy.

“Fuck yeah baby, cum on my dick,” I encouraged her.

“You like getting fucked, don’t you?” Chris teased her. After she came down from her powerful orgasm, Chris grabbed her hair and roughly brought her mouth back down on his dick. “Now it’s our turn. Make us cum, slut.”

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