My Daughter Ch. 02

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My daughter and I have been having sex for about 4 months now. My cousin’s daughter, Linda, wanted to come and stay the weekend with us. I told Stephanie we couldn’t do anything over the weekend while Linda was here. She agreed, and I thought all was good for the weekend. The plan was they would sleep in Stephanie’s “room”. It was her room before we started having sex. We kept it up so we had it in case we needed to put on a show for anyone. I had been wanting to fuck Linda for a bit now, and Stephanie knew it. I have a huge sex drive, and Stephanie said she would share me with Linda if we got I got it going.

Friday came and we went and picked up Linda. We got back home and I discovered I was out of beer. Stephanie and Linda wanted some Smirnoff Ice, the flavored kind. So I went and got my beer and got them a 6-pack of that Smirnoff. We ate supper and started drinking, while watching a movie. After the movie was over, I got up to put in another one. The girls were sitting on the couch, whispering. I asked them what they wanted to watch. Linda asked me if I had any porn.

“Sure”, I replied.

“Can we watch one”, Linda asked.

I let Stephanie watch porn with me all the time, so I said yeah. Maybe things would turn out better than I hoped this weekend! I put in a porn I had stored close to the DVD player. As soon as I got back to the couch I picked up the remote and clicked play.

The porn I played is about anal sex mostly. They start off with oral, then go to vaginal sex, then end up with anal sex. The girls had had 2 beers each by then. I was on number 8. I was getting a slight buzz, and I could tell they were buzzed pretty well. I re-arranged my “package”, wanting to see their reactions. They giggled, looking at me out of the corners of their eyes. I asked them what was so funny.

“Nothing”, my daughter replied.

“Uh huh”, I said.

So we watched the porn for a bit longer. I was really horny and wanted to fuck them both right then. Linda has some pretty big tits, and a nice big ass. She is on the fatter side, a bit of a belly sticking out. She has blonde hair, and is about 5’2″ and weighs probably close to 190-lbs. If I had to guess, I would say her bra size is a 38D. I was staring at her tits, and Stephanie noticed me doing it.

“Dad”, Stephanie said. “See something you like?” she laughed.

“Maybe I do”, I replied.

Linda looked over at me and smiled. I smiled back, and Stephanie looked at my crotch.

“I see something I like”, I heard my daughter say aloud.

I looked over at her and she was licking her lips staring at my bulge in my pants. I asked Linda if she liked the porn.

“People really do that stuff?” she asked.

“Sometimes. Are you a virgin?” I replied.

Looking at the floor she nodded her head yes. I wanted to change that fact tonight, if she wanted to also.

“Want to change that status?” Stephanie asked her.

I couldn’t believe she asked her that. I looked at her with a plea on my face, begging her to continue. She caught what my facial expressions meant and continued.

“You are 18 now. You can have sex with any adult that wants to have sex with you, as long as you consent to it” Stephanie informed Linda.

“I am ugly. No man wants to have sex with me”, Linda stated.

Let me explain something about her. She was born with a cleft lip and had surgery to fix it. Now she has a scar above her upper lip, and it is not attractive at all. Also, her left nostril is a bit larger than her right nostril- noticeably so. It is only a fraction of an inch bigger, but you can tell as soon as you look at her face. And being on the fatter side of the scale, she has a low self image.

“I bet I can get you laid”, Stephanie said, winking at me.

I gave a slight nod with my head, hoping Linda didn’t see me. So my mission tonight was to take this girl’s virginity. I was wondering if beşiktaş masöz escort she shaved or even trimmed her pubic hair at all. I figured probably not, given her self esteem. Suddenly I had an idea.

“You want to play truth or dare?” I asked them.

They giggled and agreed to play. Here was my chance I thought. So we laid out the rules, what few there was. Really the only rules were if, say, Stephanie dared me to do something to Linda and Linda didn’t like it Stephanie had to think of another dare. Also, you could only use two truths in a row. I got three toothpicks out of the kitchen and broke on into a smaller size. I held them so they looked the same length from my hand. I told Stephanie to choose one, and Linda to choose one, holding the toothpick so nobody could see which one they drew. I said the person with the shortest one goes first, and whoever was dared or chose truth would go next. I would sit in the middle, with Stephanie to my right. They liked that idea, and we showed which toothpick we each held. Anything goes I told them. No holding back. If someone doesn’t do a dare, they get a punch in the arm by the person that dared them.

Stephanie won and asked Linda, “Truth or dare?”

“Truth”, Linda hesitatingly said.

“OK, let’s see. Is it true you never kissed a boy?”

“True!” Linda said. Linda looked over at me and asked truth or dare.

“Dare”, I replied, wanting to get the ball rolling.

“I dare you to take off your shirt” was what I got. So I pulled my shirt off as Stephanie laughed at me.

“Oh, you think that’s funny”, I asked.

“Yes”, she replied.

“OK, then. Truth or dare?” I playfully glared at her. She chose dare, much to my liking. I dared her to remove her shirt as well. She pulled off her shirt, revealing her black lacy bra I had bought the weekend before. Linda looked at Stephanie, with a surprised look on her face.

“Linda, which one you want” Stephanie asked her. She chose dare and was dared to remove her shirt as well. She pulled it off, revealing a plain white bra. Figures that is what her mom would buy her to wear.

“This is getting fun”, Linda said while laughing a bit. She looked over at me, and wanted to know which I wanted. I chose truth this time.

“Is it true you eat pussy, like in that porn?” she asked me.

“Yes it is true”, I replied to her, a look in my eye that said I wanted her. Now we were getting somewhere I thought. She kind of surprised me being so bold so quick into the game. I chose Linda as my query. She chose dare, and I dared her to remove her bra. I wanted to see those tits.

“Oooohhh, you dirty boy”, she laughed as she unhooked the clasp on her back and peeled her bra off, throwing it on the couch. My god, her tits looked wonderful. Nice big pink areole, with nipples that looked like brand new pencil erasers. Her nipples were starting to get hard too. Stephanie was giggling at Linda. So she asked Stephanie to choose. Steph said dare.

“OK, you think it is funny I am braless, my tits out in the open. Take off your bra too”.

Stephanie shrugged and removed her bra, the clasp being in the front. I had chosen that bra for easy access to her lovely tits. Stephanie has big brown areole and big brown nipples that stick out about a ¼ inch when they are hard. I had a raging hard on by now, and wanted us naked so I could see those pussies bare. Stephanie looked over at me.

“Dare”, I said before she could ask me which one I wanted. She dared me to get completely naked, skipping a piece of clothing at each choice. So I stripped off my jeans, shoes and socks, and, finally, my underwear. Linda gasped at seeing my cock. Stephanie has seen it numerous times, of course, but faked like it was her first time seeing it as well.

“It looks so good”, Linda told me, staring at my hard cock sticking out from my body. beşiktaş otele gelen escort I asked truth or dare, without choosing one of them first. They both replied dare at the same time, looking at each other in surprise.

“I thought it was my turn to be asked”, Linda said.

“Daddy didn’t choose who”, Stephanie replied to her. I settled it easily though.

“OK, both of you- strip completely” I dared them.

They both stripped completely naked. Stephanie had shaved her pussy completely bald that morning. Linda had never even trimmed her black pubis hair at all I could see.

“That is going to change”, I thought to myself. I shave my balls and Stephanie loves it.

I told Linda, “We got to get rid of that hair on your pussy”.

She said she was always scared she would cut herself, so I told Stephanie to get my razor and other supplies out, and I would shave it for her. I laid a towel on the floor under her ass and got busy. After I was done I told her to take a quick shower, making sure she washed her tits, pussy, and ass real good. As Linda was in the shower Stephanie and I sat on the floor discussing how the evening was going progress from here. I told her I didn’t know, that is was up to them.

“I want to feel your big daddy dick in me tonight” she said, looking at me while batting her eyelashes.

“I planned on that, among other things”, I replied, as I heard Linda turn off the shower. She stepped out into the living room, with her fresh shaved pussy where we could all see it.

“Linda, you want to lose your virginity?” I asked her. She nodded her head yes, getting an excited look on her face.

“OK, let’s go to my bed”, I told them both.

“Stephanie, you are coming too?” Linda asked, a puzzled look on her face.

Stephanie looked at me, with a look on her face that asked if we could, or should, tell Linda about our activities. I took the lead and told her.

“Linda, Stephanie and I have sex on a regular basis. You can’t tell anyone, and you can’t tell anyone what happens this weekend. What goes on in this house stays in this house”, I told her. She said she understood and agreed.

So we all went to my bed, and I laid down in the middle, each girl on one side.

“Linda, we will show you what all we do, and you can decide what you want to do or not do. You make the call on what you won’t do, or how far anyone goes”, I informed her.

I started by kissing Stephanie’s neck and ears, kissing my way down to her tits. I reached her wonderful globes and started sucking on her nipples, rolling my tongue around them, nibbling here and there. I was slowly rubbing her pussy with one hand at the same time. After spending some time on her tits I kissed and licked my way down to her treasure I loved. I ate her out for a good bit, licking her asshole here and there. Inserting a finger in her ass as I ate her out, she raised up into my mouth. Stephanie was moaning and writhing back and forth on the bed. Linda watched in awe, and I grabbed her hand, placing it on my dick. She took the hint and started fondling my organ, stroking up and down, rubbing my balls.

Stephanie came a powerful orgasm, and told me her turn. We switched places and she went straight to my dick, attacking it with her tongue and lips. I got us into a 69 position, as I wanted to eat her out some more. I was tonguing her asshole, when she asked me if that felt good, while my dick was still being sucked. I looked down and Linda going at it.

“Hell yes!” I shouted. “Damn that feels so good. You sure you never did this before”, I asked Linda.

“I watched Stephanie for a good bit”, she said as she pulled my dick from her warm mouth.

“Let’s switch around. I want to eat Linda’s pussy now”, I told them. I had Linda lay down, and repeated the same thing I had done to my daughter earlier. beşiktaş rus escort As I was eating Linda out, Stephanie started sucking in my dick, which was harder than a steel pole. I couldn’t wait to get it in Linda’s pussy. Seeing as how she had already sucked on my dick, I didn’t care to do a 69 with her also. After I got her really wet (and she had an orgasm all over my face), I sat up and lined my dick up with her treasure hole, placing just the head in a bit.

“You can back out now if you want to, or we can go all the way and you lose your virginity”, I let her know.

“No, I want to do it. Please fuck me like there is no tomorrow. I have waited for this moment for quite a few years”, she begged.

So I pushed my whole 7″ erection into her, breaking her hymen. A tiny bit of blood came out as I broke it.

“God, you are so tight”, I moaned. “I love the feel of your pussy around my cock”. I looked down and watched as my dick pulled her pink lips out every time I withdrew my dick almost all the way out. I motioned for Stephanie to come over to me.

“Lay down on the bed. I am going to fuck her doggy style and have her eat your pussy”, I told my daughter. “After a bit you two can swap around and I will fuck you while you eat her out”.

So Stephanie laid down and I told Linda I wanted to fuck her doggy style so I could see her big ass. I got going and told Stephanie to get into position. She slid in front of Linda and I told her to eat Stephanie’s pussy as I fucked her doggy style.

“Oh Linda, that almost feels as good as when my daddy does it”, Stephanie exclaimed.

Linda was tonguing Steph’s pussy like crazy. She started sucking on her clit, and I knew she was about to go over the edge after a few minutes. I was pounding Linda’s pussy for all I was worth at the same time. I knew I was about to cum, and asked her if she was on birth control.

“My mom put me on the pill when I turned 16”, she replied.

“Good, because I am about to fill you full of cum”, I grunted, as I shot a huge load in her.

Stephanie wanted to know when it was going to be her turn for me to fuck her. I told her give me a few minutes to recover and she would get her turn. I told them to 69 while I recovered and I would let her know when I was able to go again. Stephanie got on top of Linda and they went at it. After about 10 minutes I was hard again and announced it to them.

“I want to watch you enter her”, Linda told me.

I had Stephanie lay back and I inserted my cock in her pussy, burying it to the hilt. I was fucking her harder than I fucked Linda, and she was watching as I sawed in and out, pulling Stephanie’s pink lips in and out with my dick.

“That looks so neat”, Linda said in amusement.

We switched to doggy style so I could fuck my daughter in the ass. Linda really like watching that, and said she wanted to try that too.

“Oh fuck! I am about to fill your ass up with my load” I shouted to my lovely daughter. “I love cumming in your ass Stephanie!”

After I expended another load I laid down, breathing hard.

“You OK”, both girls asked.

“Yeah, just give me a few minutes”, I replied.

We spent the whole weekend sucking and fucking each other. I fucked Linda in the ass like she wanted. She liked it, but said she loved my cock buried in her pussy better. She asked if she could cum over every weekend.

“As long as your dad let’s you” I told her, slipping my tongue in her mouth. We kissed for a bit, and then we left to take her home. After Stephanie and I got back home we fucked like mad rabbits. I thought she was going to rip my dick off with her pussy, she was so horny.

“Oh daddy, that was the best weekend ever. Can we see if Linda can move in with us?”

“I don’t know baby. People might start asking questions. You know how nosy some of our neighbors are”, I told her.

“Yeah, they are nosy. Maybe it will be better if she just comes over some weekends”, she agreed with me.

“Besides, sometimes we want it to be just us two”, I explained.

I hope you liked this story. I had rewrote my first story and named it “My Daughter- Ch 1”, Literotica didn’t change the title when they replaced it with the new version.

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