My Boys

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It started out as a typical weekend for me, I didn’t go out that much, not from lack of offers, but because I preferred to stay home just in case. That is just in case my son needed me for anything. Not that he seemed to need me much these days, not like he did when he was a little boy. Now he was 18, a man in the eyes of the law even though he still looked young and was always asked for I.D. much to his annoyance.

I still spoilt him rotten and I guess most people would look at me and think I spoilt him so much because he was my only child and because I didn’t have a husband or anyone else to give my attention to and in some ways they would be right, but there was more to it than that, something I couldn’t tell anyone about, not even my best friend.

I was in love with my son, it was more than I just loved him like any mother should, but I was in love with him as well and I knew it was socially unacceptable so I kept it to myself and as far as anyone else knew, including my son Jimmy, I was just a doting mother. But in my private times alone I would fantasize about him as my lover, it was becoming almost a daily thing. It hadn’t always been like this, just in the last few years as he had become a teenager and I noticed all the changes in him, but I never did anything that would show I was anything but a loving mother. I would hug him and kiss him, but just a peck on the cheek when he came home from school just as I’ve done all when he was a little boy, even though I wanted more.

He never pushed me away like some teens would when their parents showed them affection like that, and I so wanted to tell him how I felt about him but I was afraid it would freak him out and I would lose my only son that I loved so much, so I kept my feelings to myself. Although I made a point of always wearing nice sexy clothes around him and making sure I looked and smelt good when I gave him a hello hug.

I never said no to my son whenever he asked for anything, so when he asked if his best friend Mike could stay over on Friday night because they wanted to stay up late and finally clock this play station game they were always playing, I of course said sure. Mike had been Jimmy’s best friend since kindergarten, they were only a few days apart in age and he was almost like one of the family and was always at our place or Jimmy was at his, although more and more it seemed that Mike was at our place, I didn’t mind, I thought it was maybe because he missed having a mum around being as his own mother took off years ago when he was just little.

So it was Friday and I was waiting for my son to come home, I was wearing a short black and white skirt and a low cut sheer black top, you could see thru it to my black bra and my big 38DD tits were almost falling out of the top, my hair was combed nicely, my makeup touched up and my skin scented with my favorite perfume. I looked sexy which is just how I liked to look when my son came home from school.

“Hi mum. I’m home.” came the familiar voice of the man I loved as he walked in the front door. I came up to him and gave him his usual hello hug and kiss on the cheek.

“Hi Jimmy. So how was your day son?”

“It was ok mum.” he replied “Oh is that shortbread I can smell? Mmm have you been baking mum?”

I smiled at my son, I so loved to make him happy. Then I heard the door open again.

“Hi Miss D. Mmm something smells good.” said Mike as he entered the kitchen “Yum shortbread. I think you should adopt Me.” said Mike and he beamed a big smile at me.

“Hey there Mike. It’s nice to see you. If you want a cookie you have to hug the chef…house rules!” I said with a wink.

“Sure Miss D.” he said giving me a hug “In that case I’m glad it wasn’t Jimmy that made them!” he said cheekily and Jimmy playfully punched his arm.

I liked Mike, he was almost like a second son and I could tell he liked me not just because of my baking. I saw the way he looked at me sometimes and I did enjoy young men looking at me. But mostly I liked having him around because I just loved to see my son happy and spending the evening having dinner and a movie with my son and his best friend is just what I enjoy doing on a Friday night.

Sitting in the middle of them on the couch after dinner watching a scary movie was fun, sometimes when I got a fright I would jump and instinctively grab one or both of their legs letting out a squeal, they would laugh at me for being such a scaredy cat but it was all in good fun.

After the movie I said good night to them both, giving Jimmy a peck on the cheek.

“Have fun playing play station boys.” I said with a smile.

“What about your adopted son? Do I get a kiss goodnight too?” joked Mike.

I smiled at him and went over and gave him a kiss on the cheek too. I’m sure he just wanted to see me bend down again in the hope I would fall out of my top.

“Good night boys. See you in the morning.” and off I went to my room.

As I left I heard my son punch Mike on the arm again.

“You maltepe escort are such a perve. Get a good look did you? You sick bastard!”

I heard them both laughing as I went to my bedroom.

I took a long shower and did what I always do in my shower; I masturbated thinking about my son and how much I wanted him. Afterwards I went to bed and fell asleep quite quickly as I was tired and I always sleep better if I cum first.

Meanwhile the guys played play station to the wee small hours and with me out of the room talked about the girls at school and which ones were fuck-able and which ones not.

“That new music teacher Miss Taylor is hot too, damn Id like to fuck her!” said Jimmy.

“Not as hot as your mum!” teased Mike, resulting in yet another punch on the arm.

Eventually they got tired and went to bed. Little did I know but once they went to Jimmy’s bedroom, it was not just a matter of getting into their pjs and going to sleep, like me they also liked to masturbate before sleeping, but unlike me, they liked to do it together.

They had been doing this activity with each other from the age of sixteen but recently it went from masturbating together, to masturbating each other. Each of them enjoying each others hand on his cock and then each others mouth as they had learnt from experience that the best way not to leave evidence of their secret activities was to eat the evidence.

Jimmy was thinking of that hot teacher at school as his cum exploded into Mike’s willing mouth and then when it was Mike’s turn he found himself wishing that I was really his mother and he was imagining sucking on my ample breasts.

“Oh yes mum.” he moaned softly as he filled up my son’s mouth with his warm sticky cum.

Jimmy had heard what he said, but said nothing. It was an unwritten rule between them, do the deed, help each other cum but don’t talk about it before, during or after. So afterwards they both just went to sleep and like always acted just like nothing out of the ordinary had just happened.

I of course knew nothing of their secret. I had enough of my own secrets to keep my mind busy. I woke up early as per usual, I used to set my alarm so that I could masturbate in the morning before Jimmy woke up, but now my body clock was used to it and I just woke up at 5.30 am. I got up to pee, putting my hand between my legs and peeing thru my fingers as I liked to do to get me all worked up for my morning masturbation session. I sat there on the toilet a little while longer and fingered myself enjoying the sensation of my pissy wet pussy.

Then I went back to bed, grabbing a towel to sit on and my vibe out of my bottom draw in my bedside cabinet. This was my daily routine, and then I lay back and went to work with my vibrator thinking about my young sexy son and how much I wanted to fuck him. It wasn’t long before I was softly moaning in pleasure and working myself up to an orgasm.

Meanwhile Mike had got up to pee and I hadn’t heard him because he didn’t bother to flush and I was kind of occupied pleasuring myself. Mike thought while Jimmy was sound asleep it was a good time to perve at me in the hope maybe I was sleeping naked or in sexy lingerie. He sneaked up to my bedroom and opened the door just a little, peeking in. He got a lot more than he bargained for, not only was I naked but I was fucking myself silly with my big purple vibe.

He almost gave himself away, suppressing a gasp by putting his own hand over his mouth. In his head he was going oh fuck, but he kept quiet and just enjoyed the view, his young cock getting harder and harder, he couldn’t help but put his hand down his boxers and slowly stroked. Then he heard something that made him almost blow his load there and then.

“Oh yes! Oh fuck me Jimmy…..fuck your mummy! Yes…oh you are such a good boy mmm. Oh baby, fuck me!” I was moaning and getting ready to cum, shoving that vibe in and out of my wet cunt faster and faster.

Mike quickly went back to Jimmy’s room before he got caught out and wanked himself over what he had just seen and heard. He wondered if he should tell Jimmy or not and decided he would but not just yet.

At breakfast everything was cool. I was my normal wonderful mother, spoiling my son and making him his favorite breakfast, pancakes. I noticed that Mike seemed in a good mood and every time I looked up he seemed to be staring at me, I thought to myself, perhaps I shouldn’t wear this sexy nightie when Mike stays over, but then on second thought, I reminded myself that I loved the attention so I just smiled at him.

“Great breakfast. Thanks mum.” said my favorite man.

“Yeah its great thanks Miss D……are you sure you don’t want to adopt me? I don’t think dad would mind much.” said Mike cheekily.

He always said that to me and I was starting to wonder if he really meant it.

“Mum is it ok if I stay over at Mike’s place tonight? We almost clocked our game last night but got too tired and mecidiyeköy escort we are this close.” explained Jimmy.

“Sure son. If Mike’s dad doesn’t mind its cool with me.” I said smiling at them both.

“Thanks mum. We are going to help Mike’s dad with painting his fence today so he won’t mind. Actually we better go, we promised to give him hand this morning. Come on Mike get your shit together and let’s haul it. See you tomorrow mum.” and with that I got a quick hug and off they both left, leaving me with the cleaning up to do, but I didn’t mind, actually I was feeling pretty pleased with my boy offering to help out.

That night my routine didn’t change much, I watched a movie but this time alone and I had a long shower and masturbated before I went to sleep, closing my eyes and seeing the face of my son as I imagined him on top of me.

Jimmy and Mike’s routine was pretty much the same as the night before too, only they had another secret that I wasn’t aware of. When they stayed at Mike’s place, their masturbation game increased from two players to three. It seemed the secret they had from me wasn’t so secret to Mike’s dad, Charlie.

In fact it was Charlie that had first shown them both the pleasure of giving and receiving a blow job and he was really grateful for their help with painting the fence so wanted to show them just how grateful he was. As good as both Mike and Jimmy had become at sucking each other off, neither of them was as good as Charlie, his experience showed and both boys loved it.

But even during this good suck session all Mike could think about was the sight of watching me masturbate with my vibe and the things I had been saying. So when he woke up at 5 am to go for a piss, Mike decided to sneak out and pay me a visit.

Jimmy and Charlie were sound asleep and he took Jimmy’s key from his jeans and snuck out. We only lived 3 blocks away from each other, so he was quickly at my place and he quietly opened my front door and crept in.

Even though I didn’t need to wake up early to masturbate before Jimmy woke up as I usually do, my body clock just woke me up and I started my usual morning routine only difference being that I left my bedroom door open because I knew I was home alone. Also being as I thought I was alone I wasn’t trying to be quiet like I would usually be, so as Mike crept up the hallway I was moaning out loud.

“Oh yes! You are such a good son….. oh yes that’s it fuck mummy! Mmmm yes! Oh good boy…..oh fuck yes!”

Mike again got very hard listening to what I was saying, only this time he stood in the hall outside my bedroom door and took off his clothes as he watched me with my vibe. I had my eyes shut as I was going to town with my vibe, I was picturing Jimmy in my head and role playing in my mind, saying things as if Jimmy was really fucking me.

“Oh yes son! You love fucking your mummy don’t you?” I moaned as I shoved my vibe in and out faster and faster.

“Oh yes mummy I do. I love fucking you.” came the voice of Mike as he stood over my naked body, his hand reaching down to fondle my naked breast.

Startled, I opened my eyes looking up at him, removing my vibe from my pussy.

“Oh shit! Mike what are you doing here?” I exclaimed, slightly panicked.

“I’ve come here to fuck my mummy.” he said, putting his hand between my legs and feeling my wet pussy. “Your son wants to fuck you mummy. Fuck your beautiful wet pussy.” said Mike as he rubbed me.

It was then that I noticed his hard cock sticking straight out and oozing pre-cum, he was saying all the things I wanted to hear from Jimmy. His hand felt so good rubbing on my clit and I was still all worked up from getting so close to climaxing. I knew I should make him leave and stop all this, but it had been so long since anything but my own hand or vibe and been up my pussy and here was Mike role playing my favorite game with me. Sense left me and I found myself going along with this game.

“Oh yes son. Be a good boy and lick mummy!” I moaned.

He didn’t need to be asked twice, quickly he was on the bed and licking my pussy and damn did it feel good, such a long time since anyone had given me oral pleasure. I came quickly in his eager mouth and he seemed to love it, licking and sucking up my juices hungrily.

“Oh mummy, you taste so good!” he said as he stopped licking me and was moving up my body. I knew what he wanted and I knew I was going to let it happen. Mike was over me with his hard cock between my legs, I could feel the wet tip rub against my clit, he looked right into my eyes, I could no longer pretend it was Jimmy as I was looking at Mikes face, but I could still pretend he was my son. He could have easily just pushed inside of me and just taken me and I would not have fought him off, but he wanted me to want him, I saw it in his eyes.

“I want to fuck you mummy.” he said and I wanted it too, I wanted to feel him inside me, I yearned for a real cock inside me merter escort again.

“Yes Mike. Fuck me, fuck your mummy baby!” I moaned as I pushed my pussy upwards encouraging him to enter me. With an eager grin he shoved his young hard cock in me and started to fuck me. We both moaned in pleasure. As he got into a rhythm he leant down and started to suck on my nipples while he fucked me.

“Oh yes son mmm…good boy suck on mummy. Yes that’s it mmm. Mummy wants to breastfeed you!” I moaned as I felt myself about to climax again.

It was all too much for Mike as he felt my pussy contract around his cock he let out a low groan as he filled up my pussy with his warm sticky cum. His expression of sheer bliss on his face as he came looked so good that I reached up and held his face and kissed his mouth while he still lay on top of me.

“Wow!” was all he could say as our lips pulled away from each other and he got off me and lay beside me, catching his breath. We both just lay there for a few moments as our orgasms subsided and reality kicked in again.

“You better go back home Mike. They will be wondering where you are.” I said getting up going towards the shower.

“Yeah I guess so. I will go in a minute.” Mike said and I smiled at him thinking oh he must of cum so good he needs a moment to recover.

I turned on the shower and waited for the water to warm up.

While I was in the bathroom, Mike’s mobile beeped. I didn’t hear it because of the running water. It was Jimmy, he had woken up and wondered where Mike was *where r u & wot u doing?* was the text message.

Mike grabbed his phone read it and replied back *im fucking yr mum wot u doing?* grinning to himself over his conquest.

Jimmy stared at the reply several times wondering if he read it right, for a moment thinking Mike is fucking with his head and is probably down at the dairy buying junk food. Then he put his hand in his jeans pocket and realized his front door key was gone. He didn’t even say goodbye to Charlie has he passed him in the hallway…..he ran the three blocks home!

Meanwhile after sending the text message, Mike had gotten into the shower with me and was meant to be washing my back but in fact was feeling me up and had gotten hard again. I know I should have resisted but he kept calling me mummy and it was turning me on again. Mike playfully pulled me out of the shower still wet back into my bedroom and was rubbing my pussy as he sucked on my wet nipples.

Just then Jimmy stormed in the room, panting and out of breath from running. He just stared at the scene in front of him, his best friend and his mother naked and fondling each other.

“I’m going to fucking kill you! You bastard!” he yelled and came at us, ready to punch Mike. I stood in his way.

“Wait Jimmy! I need to explain!” I held him back as best as I could. He could have easily pushed me away being much stronger than I am, but he obviously didn’t want to hurt me.

“Jimmy, it’s you I really want. I’ve wanted you for so long. Mike was pretending to be you. I love you son…..please understand.” I begged him to try and calm down.

He looked puzzled, but his anger was starting to subside and I could see tears well up in his eyes.

“But I don’t understand mum!” he said his voice full of emotion. My hand reached up and touched his sweet face.

“Shh baby…..let mummy explain. I’ve been wanting to tell you for so long but I was afraid to tell you that I’m in love with you and I want you.” I started to kiss his face and in between lots of little kisses I was saying “Shh its ok baby…mummy loves you. It’s going to be alright.” trying to reassure him.

Then I kissed his mouth, not the usual peck on the cheek as I had done all his life but a full deep passionate kiss of a lover. Then I felt him kiss me back, the tension in his body eased and he put his arms around me and held me close as we kissed our first proper kiss as lovers.

Meanwhile Mike was just watching us and was relieved that Jimmy wasn’t trying to kill him anymore. He thought about putting his clothes back on again but then thought it’s not like Jimmy hasn’t seen my cock before so didn’t bother. We pulled back from our kiss; I looked my son in the eyes.

“I love you Jimmy.”

He smiled at me “I love you too mum.”

I was so happy to finally hear those words.

“Ok. Sit down here with me son, we need to talk.” I said as I took his hand and sat on my bed.

“What about Mike?” said Jimmy as he looked over at his friend still standing there naked.

“He needs to hear this too. Let’s all just sit down. I need to tell you both something.” I said, taking a deep breath.

We all sat on my bed and with a deep breath I finally told my son that I had been fantasizing about him for some time and wishing he was my lover as well as my son but I was too afraid to tell him and that Mike must have heard me masturbating yesterday. Mike nodded to confirm my story.

I felt like a big weight had been lifted from my shoulders to finally get the truth out in the open and to reveal to my son my true feelings for him. Jimmy seemed to be taking it well and if I’m not mistaken I was noticing that the more I told him about my fantasizing about him, there was a distinctive bulge in his jeans.

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