Mother , Daughter Repay Ch. 02

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The rains of the previous two weeks had all but disappeared and had been replaced with the cooling breezes of a late “Indian” summer. With winter just around the corner, everyone was taking advantage of these final few hot days with relaxing parties and other back yard activities.

The smell of burgers and sausages wafted around the neighborhood, but my mind was focused on other thoughts —- as it had been almost incessantly since that fateful night of rain and sexual revival almost two weeks previously.

I rolled my head back onto the slats of the Adirondack chair in the corner of the deck and gazed down at the small lake, which had been designed to be the central focus of the backyards of all of the area homes.

Immediately my mind was filled with images of the drizzling rain and the seeping puddles by the side of the road on that night in which I had met and assisted two hapless victims of a flat tire, an Indian mother and daughter. Then, afterwards I had been a willing participant in the most glorious (and only) threesome I had ever enjoyed in my entire life.

Now I began to chide myself for my foolishness in the way I had left them, as they lay asleep on the living room floor of their condo home. I had simply picked up my clothes, changed and drifted out into the night and home. I had left no note, no thank you, no “see you soon” or “call me sometime”. I suppose my baptism into this new world of sexual freedom had left me a little embarrassed and somewhat abashed at having “used”, albeit willingly, two such gorgeous and physically pleasing creatures. Now, as I sat again alone, I regretted not leaving a phone number or email address for them to contact me if they so chose.

The simple thought of what I had experienced that night brought a sudden hard-on with an equally strong desire to go and find those adorable women and try to discover if our wild night of passion and pleasure had been indeed “one of a kind”, or, if perhaps, they were willing to revisit our “menage-a- trois” for a follow-up session.

The more I closed my eyes and thought of their beauty and sexual prowess at satisfying a man, the harder I became until suddenly I realized that as I sat there, I had leaked some precum onto my shorts. The stain was quite noticeable and I decided that I’d better change in case some of the neighbors came calling with “extra burgers and beer” for the old widow-guy, as they often did.

After throwing the “evidence for the prosecution” into the laundry tub, I decided to check my emails and go through my now daily routine of deleting the many spam and useless junk mail that seemed to gather in my boxes.

As the computer booted, I had almost decided to just do a “dump all”, but reconsidered when I remembered that my sister had called and said that she would email details of an upcoming weekend visit. As I moved through the long list of entries, my eye caught this phrase in the Topic box of one particular email: ” Are you the nice man who fixes flat tires?”

I could hardly believe what I was reading, but quickly clicked on the note and brought up its full version.

There, in front of my eyes was a note asking me to verify that I was indeed the person in question and to prove such by stating the outfit that was provided for me for our “therapy session”.

I smiled to myself and wondered which of the women had written the email —was this the humor of the attractive mother or the stunning daughter?

I decided to answer right away and typed in the return address and smiled again to myself as I wrote and described the baggy silk pants and the oversized shirt they had provided for me as my wet clothes dried on the clothes-horse in the spare bedroom. To provide further assurance, I added that I had found that the living room floor of the their condo on the second beşiktaş escort floor provided an “ideal spot for the conclusion of that and any future therapy session.”

I knew that once they read that, they would know with absolute security that they had indeed found their lost hero. I included my cell phone number, clicked “send” and hoped that I might hear something from them within the week.

Imagine my surprise when the phone started ringing within about ten minutes. I answered with my usual, gruff “Hello” and the soft, accented voice of the mother at the other end giggled: “Hi, I see from your email that you haven’t forgotten how to get to our condo”.

I laughed out loud and responded: “I couldn’t possibly forget anything about that particular evening. It was probably one of the most memorable of my whole life.”

Some small talk ensued about how she had found me and she jokingly laughed my questions off with a comment about being good at remembering license plate numbers.

I wondered whether or not I should suggest another evening together, when suddenly a brain-wave hit me like the proverbial thunder-bolt: “You probably know that our country here celebrates Thanksgiving next weekend?”

There was a moment of silence before she said: “Yes, we have never celebrated it, but yes, we know about it.”

I decided to take the plunge. “Well, I really wasn’t going to do anything special either, but if you and your daughter would care to join me, I’m sure I could provide you with a wonderful evening.”

“Oh , that would be so wonderful”, she exclaimed, continuing, ” I’m alone here at the moment but I know there will be no problem if I say ‘yes’ for both of us.”

I laughed hesitantly, hoping that she was not a mind reader, because my mind was suddenly filled with thoughts and images that had nothing to do with Thanksgiving, turkey, Native Americans or starving Pilgrims.

“That’s settled then”, I said quickly, “Thanksgiving at my place for the three of us.”

“That’ll be Thursday of next week ” I added and provided some additional details of address, how to get there and a time suitable for all of us.

Some more pleasantries concluded quickly and I closed the cell phone and immediately found myself dealing with another hard-on.

Yet at the same time, I really did want the evening to be about more than just raw sex. As my mind recalled our previous tryst, I certainly wanted more of the same, but I was determined to prove to my guests that I looked upon them as something other than what I had recently overheard some young people refer to as “fuck buddies”.

Each day seemed to pass more slowly that the previous one, but I kept myself busy with the preparations of making a superb gourmet meal and providing my guests with the hospitality I believed they deserved. I was fully determined that if the sex wasn’t to be part of the evening, then it would still be a night to be remembered with wonderful food, pleasant company and stimulating conversation.

Thursday finally arrived and by mid afternoon I was beginning to panic a little with the number of small but essential tasks I still had to complete. As I finally stood back and admired all my handiwork, the doorbell rang as if on cue and I opened it to welcome my “Indian ladies”.

Once again I was taken aback by the sheer beauty of the two ladies who stood before me. The mother’s dark hair gleamed in the door-light. She wore a long, flowing, colorful shirt over a pair of those silky baggy pants common to so many Indian women. The daughter wore a simple, long dress, split from the hem to about four inches above her knee and I couldn’t help but notice how snugly it fitted across her bulging breasts.

I invited them in, taking their coats and shawls and hanging beşyol escort them on the coat-rack just inside the hall door.

As I stepped aside and waved them into the living room, each took my hand in hers, raised it to her forehead and thanked me for my warm welcome. The mother added a soft kiss to the corner of my mouth, just enough to allow me her taste and to feel a barely perceptible flick of her tongue on the edge of my lips.

We sat down to table and for more than three hours we ate, sipped a reasonable wine, and talked on such a variety of subjects we practically solved the world’s problems before we had finished. Finally they insisted on clearing the table and between us within a few minutes, we had the dishwasher stacked and running, the table cloth into the laundry basket and the condiments back into the kitchen cupboards.

I asked if they had to leave soon or if they were able to stay a while. They both smiled with their sparkling eyes and the mother said: “Well, with your permission we hadn’t planned on running away too quickly. Not like someone else did to us recently.”

We all laughed heartily at the pleasant barb and made out way to the living room, where the two ladies sat on the couch. As I moved towards an armchair, the mother reached out and grabbed me by the hand and said: “Oh no, there is plenty of room between us, and after all, if you are there and we are here, we cannot reward you again for your kindness and hospitality.”

She pulled me towards her and I sat down, sandwiched between them as each slid her body closer to mine.

Without either emotional or even physical “foreplay”, the mother took my face in her hands and began a soft assault on my lips. Warm and wet kisses covered me, as her tongue began a slow but sure invasion of my mouth.

I was already too hard-on to resist or even question what was happening, so I released myself into her arms and began responding to her —kiss for kiss, caress for caress.

The daughter clearly had her own plans as she began to unbutton my shirt from the neck down. When she reached my waist, she unbuckled my belt, unhooked the top button of my pants and slowly pulled the zipper down to its lowest point.

As her mother continued to embrace and excite me with kisses, the daughter slipped her hand into my underwear, found my already rigid and thick cock and, pulling it free from my shorts, lowered her face to my pubic hairs and inhaled my cock into her mouth.

I immediately felt the pressure of her tongue up and down my shaft as I lay back on the couch and allowed myself to enjoy the total pleasures of their ministrations. The mother’s tongue was searching out mine with a constant rhythm, while the daughter maintained a steady up and down movement along my shaft.

Suddenly, both switched places and the mother’s mouth seized my cock and drew it deeply towards her throat, while the daughter began her own tongue assault on and into my mouth.

I relaxed more where I was seated and reaching out, found the top of the daughter’s dress. To my delight I discovered that the top buttons had already been loosened and I could easily slip my hand inside.

“Great”, I thought, “no bra” and my fingers searched out her protruding nipple. I teased it for a while, then loosening the rest of the buttons, I reached up and slipped the dress off both shoulders, almost at the same time she tore my shirt off my back and threw it over the back of the couch onto the floor.

She pressed herself tightly against my chest and I could feel the hardness of her nipples rub against my own. I wrapped my arms more tightly around her and together we entered into a series of kisses and tongue caresses that could only be described as unleashed passion.

The mother was continuing her most beykent escort perfect blowjob and as she tried to lower my pants, I lifted myself up and allowed her the freedom to pull them down completely and help me step out of them and the underwear.

Her pressure on my cock soon began its desired effect and I quickly reached the place of no return and I could feel my balls fill up as she took me more and more with her mouth. I lost any control I had left and yelled out in warning : “I’m cuuuuuming! I can’t stop”.

The mother continued to work my cock with the firm dexterity of her fingers. I felt my body respond; my thighs tightened; my cock throbbed and then the first stream burst forth.

The mother took the full brunt of the shoot into here mouth and then, moving backwards, allowed the rest of the shooting streams to pump onto her neck and breasts. I hadn’t even realized that somewhere in the proceedings, she had divested herself of all of her clothes and was sitting at my feet totally naked.

As my surge subsided, she rubbed my cock along the valley of her cleavage, then climbing up onto the couch she took my face again in her hands, filled my mouth with the my own cum and then turned to her daughter and whispered: ‘See if you can get as much out as I did”.

As she continued to kiss and tongue my mouth, the daughter went to work on my softening cock. She placed her fingers under my balls and teased them gently, carefully squeezing each one without creating pain of discomfort. I was concentrating on the mother’s kisses and in my mind I had concluded she was one hot mama and a little time had passed before I pulled away from her and looked to see the daughter straddle me and begin to stroke her glistening pussy with my already hard and thickening cock.

The mother then stood up on the cushions of the couch, stepped across me so that her warm and glistening pussy was right at my lips.

She took my face again in her hands and smiled down at me: “While daughter fucks you nicely, you can tongue fuck me.” With those words, she pushed her groin onto my lips and using her fingers to pull her pussy lips open, she guided my tongue towards her throbbing clit.

Behind her, the daughter had settled down on my waving cock and I could feel her ride me up and down with an ever-increasing rhythm.

I just put my head back and decided to go with the flow and enjoy the pleasures these two special women were giving to me.

I licked the mother’s clit and penetrated into her cunt as far as I could with repeated thrusts, while my cock was subjected to another fantastic ride inside the throbbing cunt of the daughter.

Suddenly, both mother and daughter squealed with passionate cries of delight. The elder assaulted my mouth with a vigorous rubbing up and down of her pussy, while after two or three more pumpings, I felt the daughter grind down on top of my cock in time to capture its steady and repeated streams of fresh, hot, sticky cum.

For about a minute, all three of us clung to each other in the sheer ecstasy of the orgasms and pleasure we were enjoying.

Then the daughter slid off my knees and onto the floor, where she lay, murmuring, “Of fuck! Of fuck!

The mother moved her whole body down along my face and chest. She stopped with her mouth at my cock and began to clean me with long licks and sucks. Then she too slid to the floor, muttering: “Oh yes daughter! I agree. Another great fuck! A wonderful, satisfying fuck!”

I raised my head to look at them, lying naked and exhausted on the floor and while my cock was incapable of even the slightest twitch, I still marveled at their beauty and raw sexuality.

I pushed my head back onto the rim of the couch and before I knew it –I was fast asleep.

When I awoke some hours later, I looked around the now dark room, but they were gone.

I guess, turn about is fair play, since I had disappeared on them previously, but I knew that mother, daughter and I would be enjoying many more evenings of good food, good wine and the most fantastic sex I had ever experienced in my entire life.

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