Mom’s Panties Ch. 02

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It was summer and me and mom were going to the coast for a week. We had rented a small villa with it’s own private beach a few miles from a small town. It was going to be a week of lounging in the sun and we were both looking forward to it. We just had to get there first.

We had been on the road a while, it was a long drive in the hot sun. Mom was driving and I was in the passenger seat next to her. The road was very quiet, we hadn’t seen another car for ages, and not much scenery but I had plenty to look at. Mom.

Her blonde curly hair was tied back in a loose pony tail. Because of the heat mom, and me, were dressed to a minimum. Mom had on a a very short, loose yellow skirt and I wondered what panties were hidden underneath it. She had a white vest and clearly no bra. The vest was tight and thin, I could just about see the dark circles of her nipples through it, and the low cut neck line showed a good amount of her small breasts.

Since that day with mom in the garden I had been very open about masturbating, often doing it in front of her. Mom never minded and let me have her dirty panties to play with, sometimes even while she was still wearing them, but that’s as far as it went. Mom never played with my cock for me, I hadn’t even seen her naked. Seeing her in a small vest and short skirt was very arousing.

“If you stare any harder your eyes will pop out.” Mom joked.

“So will my cock. That’s a sexy look.” I rubbed my groin.

“I wore this to be comfy in the heat, not to get you excited.”

“It does both. I love that you rarely wear bra’s, do you have panties on?” My hand slid inside my shorts.

“I think I can get away with not wearing a bra, my breasts are small and still pert. I’ll keep my panties to myself, I’m driving, can’t you find something else to do.”

I looked down her body to her lap. Her legs were slightly apart and her, already short, skirt was pulled up high but hung between her thighs covering her panties. My hand was still gently playing with my cock.

“Maybe you could just move your skirt a bit and let me see, you can drive like that.” Mom seemed amused by my perverted begging.

“Maybe, what would you do in return?”

“Wank.” I replied blatantly.

“I think you’ll enjoy that more than I will. What would you do for me?”

“Anything,” I was too horny to think straight. “what do you want?”

“At home I’m always looking after you, cleaning, cooking. Well now I’m on holiday. I want you to look after me for the week and I’ll make sure you get your little treats. Deal?” If I was thinking with my head I might have realized it wasn’t the best deal, I got treats at home, but the blood was else where.




I had looked at a lot of panty porn on the internet and the women, especially the milfs, usually wore silky thongs or lacy panties. Mom’s panties were usually a ‘cute’ style and this time was no different.

Mom opened her legs a bit more and lifted her skirt out of the way. I saw her yellow cotton panties with little a little yellow bow on the front. I had pulled my cock out and was fully wanking. I gazed at the beauty of her bared panties and tight vest. Mom ran her fingers over her crotch and thighs, not masturbating, just teasing me. Mom knew by now it didn’t take long for me to cum with the right encouragement.

“I don’t want you cumming all over the car you had better take these.” She lifted herself in the seat and pulled her panties down. First just down her thighs and sat down again. Then she pulled them down over her knees, down to her ankles and over her feet one at a time. As she wriggled about in her seat I caught a glimpse of her light blonde pubes and my cock twitched in my hand. I was impressed she could get her underwear off so easily whilst driving. She threw her panties to me and straightened her skirt to hide her now nude pussy. She had timed it just right and just as I wrapped her panties around my cock I spurted out thick blobs of semen in to them. Mom glanced at me, spent, with her panties still hanging on my softening cock and smiled.

The rest of the journey was uneventful, I spent most of the time thinking of mom’s bare pussy. By the time we got to the villa it was late so we turned in for the night.

I got up early the next morning determined to hold up my end of our deal. I made mom breakfast and took it to in her room. I gently knocked on the door and went in. Mom was already awake but still in bed.

“Wow, breakfast in bed. I am impressed.” She smiled at me.

“Nothing but the best for bakırköy üniversiteli escort my mom.” Mom sat up in bed holding her covers to her chest. She was obviously topless maybe even completely naked. I placed the breakfast tray on her lap and she started eating still with one arm holding her covers over her chest. I stayed and watched, hoping for a peek at her tits.

“I’m sure you’ve got better things to do than stand there hoping for a peek.” I left reluctantly.

I was doing the chores when mom appeared wearing a red bikini with a towel in her hand. Her little tits bounced under her top as she walked.

“First breakfast, now you’re washing up. You really are doing all the work.”

“Just as I promised mom. When I’m finished I’ll unpack your things.”

“Well I’m going out to the beach to sunbathe, a good way to start a day of doing nothing, come and join me when you’re done.” She kiss me on the lips and I watched her ass wiggle as she went out.

I hurried about with the work, except I took my time unpacking mom’s underwear, and changed in to my swimming shorts. I had bought a new pair of shorts just for this week. They were very short and, more importantly, very tight. I was hoping to impress mom. I moved my dick and balls around trying to make my package look as big as I could. I accepted it was never going to be that big, grabbed my towel and went to join mom.

It was a private beach, part of the villa, and it was just me and mom. I put my towel on the sand next to her and sat down taking in the stunning sight. Mom was laying on her towel on her back, she looked like an angel in the sun. She had been for a swim, her wet blonde hair draped around like a frame for her beautiful face. Her breasts sat on her chest with her nipples, hard, pushing against her bikini top. I looked down her body. Her bottoms had moved slightly, probably from the swim, and a small patch of blonde hair was showing out of the top of them.

“Hey, nice shorts. You look hunky.” I wasn’t sure how seriously to take her comment but I was pleased to hear it especially as, since seeing mom, my bulge had gotten a little bigger.

“Thanks, I was thinking of you when I picked them.”

“I’m sure you were.” Mom gave me a coy smile. We laid in the sun a few minutes then mom turned on to her front. Her bikini was held on by strings tied around her back and neck. She reached behind herself and untied her top.

“Will you put some lotion on my back please sweetie? If you don’t mind that is.” Mom asked.

“I’d be happy to.” I answered ‘very’ honestly. Mom handed me the sun lotion, unfortunately, keeping her breasts hidden beneath her.

I knelt over her thighs, a leg either side of her, with her ass just in front of the rapidly growing bulge in my shorts. I squeezed some lotion on to her back. I put my hands between her shoulders and began to rub the lotion in. Her body felt so soft and her skin was so smooth. I rubbed her shoulders and moved my hands down her back. My hands went down enough that my palms went on to the top of her ass then I moved my hands back up on the sides of her body. I massaged the lotion in to her, my hands getting higher up her sides. My hands went under her arms and my fingers felt the soft flesh of the side of her breasts. My whole body was tingling with excitement and I was fully erect. I leaned forward a bit and, because of the way I had packed myself in to my shorts, my dick pressed in to her ass cheeks.

“I think that will do, thank you.” Mom said, feeling me against her.

“You’re welcome.” I kissed her on the back of the neck then climbed off her and laid on my towel. My cock was straining against my shorts and I had to release then tension, in more ways than one. I pulled my shorts down to my knees and gripped my cock. Mom’s head was turned to face me and she watched as I started wanking. I had gotten very excited rubbing mom’s back and I came even quicker than normal. Mom said nothing and just smiled as she watched me orgasm and spunk on to my stomach. I pulled my shorts up and went in the sea to wash my jizz off.

Mom and I laid I the sun for a while longer. She tied her bikini before getting up and we both went in. We decided to head in to town for lunch. We cleaned up and changed, I was sat on the couch waiting for mom. She came in wearing a yellow sun dress.

“Are you ready to go?” She asked.

“Sure let’s go. You look beautiful by the way.”

“Ah, thanks sweetie. Just for that you can have a look.” Mom lifted the front of her dress. I bakırköy bdsm escort saw a simple pair of white cotton panties that looked sexy on her. In town, out in public, I couldn’t do anything with mom but my mind was focused on her panties. We had lunch, looked around the shops then went home for the evening.

That night we were sat on the couch together watching a movie with a few glasses of wine. I was sat at one end of the couch and mom laid back at the other end with her legs over my lap. She had swapped her dress for a white night shirt. It had buttons all the way down the front, several of which were undone, and would have hung just below her ass if she was standing. The way she was laying the shirt had pulled up and I could easily see her white panties underneath. They were very tight and gave her a camel toe. I was just wearing some blue boxer shorts.

Mom finished her wine and put her glass on the coffee table in front of us. She picked up the bottle on the table and began filling her glass. She was still sat on the couch with her legs over me and had leaned forward to reach the table. Her loose shirt fell away from her and I had a clear view down the front of it. I saw one of her small tits hanging from her chest with the dark nipple erect. My dick got hard so fast I thought I was going to cum straight away. As my cock sprung up it touched mom’s leg. Mom looked at me, saw where I was looking, and realized what had got my excited.

“Sneaking a peek are you?” She asked pulling her shirt closed.

“It was beautiful.” I said as she laid back down with her drink.

“I thought you like panties?” She sipped her drink and lifted her shirt a little more.

“I do but I’d love to see you in just your panties…Would you take your shirt off? Please?” My hand had already gone inside my shorts. Mom seemed to be thinking about it as she took another sip.

“Well you have looked after me today. OK, I’ll let you see.”

Mom sat up and moved back, pulling her legs off my lap, and placed her glass down. I jumped up and pulled my shorts off, fast. I knelt on the couch facing mom between her, now spread legs. One hand I wrapped around my cock, the other I put on her thigh and gently stroked both. Mom looked at my cock, smiled, looked in to my eyes and began unbuttoning her shirt. I let go of my cock worried I would cum too soon, I hadn’t been this excited since the day in the garden, and put both hands on her legs. Slowly mom undone one button at a time, keeping her shirt closed, until the last one was done. Holding her shirt over her tits she leaned forward and kissed me then leaned back.

Mom opened her shirt and let it slip off her shoulders. I stared, open mouthed, at her bare breasts. They were beautiful. Small, pert, perfect. Dark brown nipples poked out erect. She dropped her shirt on the floor and cupped her breasts. She squeezed them and pinched her nipples.

“Well what do you think then?”

“Your breasts are perfect mom.” I reached out to feel them but she leaned back, resting on her elbows, out of my reach.

“I only said you could look at them.” She teased. I had never seen anything sexier and my hand was back rubbing my cock. I took in the beauty of her from her warm smile to her sweet breasts. Her cute white panties tight around her pussy and her long legs either side of me. My hand slid up her thigh to her hips and on to her panties. Mom watched me wanking while I felt her bush under the soft cotton. I couldn’t take my eyes off her tits. As I pawed at her panties my thumb slipped in to her crotch and pressed in to her lips. Even through her panties I could feel the wetness and mom let out a small sigh. It pushed me over the edge.

I pulled my hand away from her pussy just as the spunk erupted from my cock. My balls tightened as cum shot on to mom’s panties, stomach and thighs. I squeezed my cock, milking every drop of semen on to her body, then fell back exhausted.

“I love you mom.” I said when I’d caught my breath again.

“I love you too sweetie.” We stood up and she hugged me and her body pressed against mine. I felt her breasts push in to my chest and her spunk covered panties on my limp dick. She kissed me goodnight.

The next few days I kept working hard while mom relaxed. I was happy to do all the work because mom certainly kept up her end of the deal. It wasn’t the only thing she was keeping ‘up’.

All too soon the week was coming to an end and neither of us were looking forward to going home. We were determined not to let it get us down and decided bakırköy elit escort to go out for dinner on the last night. The restaurant was quite classy so we got dressed up. I had on a smart shirt and pants. Mom came out of her room in a little black dress and my jaw dropped. It wasn’t a low neck line instead the dress hugged her tits tightly. It perfectly showed the shape of her body. It stopped just above her knees and her legs continued down to a pair of black stilettos. Her look was sophisticated beauty, I loved it.

“Have I ever told you you’re the most beautiful woman ever?” I asked her.

“Yes, but you can always tell me again.”

“You’re the most beautiful woman ever.”

“Thank you. I think the cab’s here, let’s go.”

It was a very nice restaurant. We had a lovely meal, mom seemed to enjoy the wine most, then got a cab home again.

Back at the villa me and mom were sat on the couch together talking and drinking wine. We were cuddled up close with my hand on her thigh just under her skirt.

“Have you been enjoying this week mom?”

“It’s been great. You’ve really treated me.”

“You’ve treated me even more.” I said moving my hand further up her leg.

“You earned it.” Her hand went to my lap and her fingers brushed my cock through my pants.

“You’re the best mom. It’s great that you let me…well, you know.”

“I’ve told you before, I like seeing you happy. I might as well just go along with it, you would probably be stealing my panties and spying on me anyway.” Her fingers were still brushing my crotch.

“Guilty as charged. But you’ve let me do a lot more than just spy.”

“It’s flattering that you find me so attractive. You actually look cute playing with you little dick.” She laughed and cupped my balls.

“L…little? Do you think…”

“I’m joking sweetie,” She interrupted. “size doesn’t matter.” She gave me a peck on the lips. I then kissed her but more passionately. I pushed my tongue in to her mouth, she returned the kiss for a moment then pulled away.

“No sweetie, you can’t kiss me like that, I’m your mom.”

“I’m sorry. I just thought…maybe…it could be a special night. You did say I’d looked after you.”

“True. OK. You can’t kiss me like that but I will do something special for you.” Mom stood up, took my hand and lead me in to her bedroom.

“Unzip my dress please.” Mom asked with her back to me. I stood behind her and undone the zip. “Now undress and lay on the bed.” I quickly done just that. Mom stepped out of her shoes, pulled her dress of her shoulders and let it drop to the floor around her feet. Although her breasts were now naked my eyes were elsewhere. For the first time that night I saw her panties. They were pale blue with a little white fill around the waist and legs. There was a little white bow on the front. Her panties didn’t fit with her dress at all and I loved them.

Mom walked to the bed, where I was laying on my back, and climbed on top of me. She put a knee either side of my hips and her crotch was just above my cock.

“Just remember this is only for tonight.” I could only answer by nodding. She lowered herself down on to me. Her panty covered pussy pressed on to the shaft of my cock. My cock was squeezed between her pussy lips and my stomach pointing up at me. I placed my hands on her thighs. She moved her hips forward, slowly, then back again. I reached around her hips to her ass and squeezed.

Mom kept moving her hips up and down my shaft wanking me with her pussy lips. The warmth through the fabric was driving me wild. The thin cotton was the only thing between our flesh. I put my fingers in to the waist of her panties and move them back to the front. Mom said nothing and just kept moving her hips. I pulled down the front a little and exposed the top of her bush. Still mom made no attempt to stop me, I carried on, I pulled down further. I had seen a glimpse before but now I could see it all. Her pubes were blonde like her hair and, although a thick bush, were trimmed in to a neat triangle. I ran my fingers through the coarse hairs.

Mom’s hips moved faster. She held my hands and took them away from her panties. Keeping them against her body she moved them up. She put my hands on her breasts. Her hips went faster and faster and I squeezed her fleshy mounds. As I pinched her nipples she pushed her panty covered crotch harder down and my shaft pushed the fabric between her lips.

I bucked my hips up in to mom as orgasm surged through my body. Mom’s hips kept working my cock and spunk erupted from me. The first shots went as high as my chest then on my belly. Mom giggled watching me cover myself in cum. I groaned and trembled through and incredible orgasm.

“Wow!” was all I could manage to say.

“I take it you enjoyed yourself.” Mom was still sat on me, my dick going soft under her. “You should go to bed now sweetie. We’ve got a long drive home tomorrow.”

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