Mom’s Holiday House Pt. 02

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After leaving my home and going to mom’s house and the endless troubles with my wife, mom and I escaped to her holiday home. We had just gotten in the hot tub when things escalated, and mom gave me a blowjob and titfuck.


“Huh? Where…oh right?” I stuttered as I woke up on the soft warm floor next to mom. We were both covered in blankets. I must have passed out from the sexual exhaustion. Mom had her arms wrapped around me and I could feel her immense tits pressed into my back. They were squashed tightly around my back as mom had an arm wrapped around me resting on my chest. Her globes were so big they overflowed over my back and could feel them on my ribs. I sighed slightly. The fire had just about gone out. And I could smell the familiar and lovely smell of burnt pine.

I was still warm and comfortable, and mom was sleeping peacefully. I didn’t want to wake her up let alone hassle and get up to bed. I closed my eyes, sighed softly and fell asleep.

The sunlight streamed into the room and woke me up the next morning. I looked at my phone, it said 8:15am. It was late on Saturday morning, but I felt well rested. Mom wasn’t next to me. I stretched, rubbed my face and got up. “Mom?” I shouted around the house. She was gone, strange I thought but then I found a note: Off to do some shopping, had an amazing time last night. See you soon. XXX Mom.

While mom was shopping, I gathered my things and went for a shower. I put on the hot water and got in and washed myself well. While I was doing so, my phone rang but I ignored it. I continued showering thinking about mom and the titfuck I had last night. It was incredible. My phone rang again. I shouted at my phone, I was just trying to enjoy the peace and quiet. After the 5th time I thought I better answer the phone. I begrudgingly stepped out of the shower and answered.

“Hello?” I said rather annoyed.

“Hi, this is Janine, Claire’s mother…”

Shit, I thought. My wife’s mother calling me up. She was very close to her mom and told her everything and she must have told them about our fights. We didn’t see them often as they lived about a 3 hour drive away from us. I’ve met her parents a few times since we’ve been married and they were pleasant people.

“Um..Hi.” I said.

“Your wife has called me up, screaming at me, hysterical and emotional. She told me everything. Why are you not with her?”

“I had to leave as she was drunk, swearing at me, threatening me, I just needed to get away.” I told her truthfully.

“Well you should have tried to talk to her.” She said sternly.

“I tried Janine! The thing is it’s very complicated…” I said before being interrupted.

“Where are you then?” she asked. I thought about lying but what good would that do.

“I’m at our family holiday house.” I conceded.

“We need to talk, I’m coming over, I need you to resolve this and I’m going to help.” Just great I thought! Interference into our relationship.

“Look there is no need to come over, I’m relaxing and just taking some time to think. Anyway, I’ll probably go home tomorrow.”

“Nonsense, I am concerned about our daughter and I will sort this out now. What is your address?” It was hopeless. I gave her my address.

“Excellent, I’m driving down now. See you in a few hours.”

“Ok…” I said defeated. I hung up the phone. Her mom was coming to talk to me. This is not good, I thought. On the bright side at least, her dad isn’t coming. Him and I never saw eye to eye.

I got dressed and went downstairs. Mom still wasn’t back. My heart raced a bit. I paced up and down and eventually put on some TV. I had been relaxing for about 10 minutes when I heard a car pull up in the driveway. It was her mom Janine. I was not looking forward to this.

I opened the door as she got out the car and I stood in the doorway waiting for her to come in. She was dressed in a bulky coat and pants that looked too big for her. While Janine and I got along, I always thought there was a nasty side to her. I saw it now on her face. Her blonde hair wind swept, lots of makeup but still looked pretty. My wife looked almost identical to her mom. I wasn’t sure how old she was, but I remember looked good for her age. If only her dress sense would improve. Those bulky clothes didn’t help matters.

“Hi!” I said trying to be friendly.

“Hello.” Was the cold reply.

“Please come in. Can I get you some tea or coffee Janine?”

“Some Sherry would be good, I’m freezing here.”

I let her in and guided her to the living room. “Have a seat, I’ll go get you a drink.”

I poured some sherry into a glass as my phone went off. It was a message from mom. She had bumped into an old friend and they were going for lunch. Damn, I thought, I could have used some backup here. Oh well!

I took the drink over to my mother in law and handed it to her.

“It’s cold in here!” she complained.

“I’ll put on a fire.” I suggested.

I gathered the paper, wood ataköy türbanlı escort and matches and crumpled the paper and started to make a fire. I could feel the judgement eyes on me. I was the man who hurt her daughter. I was not going to get off easily.

I lit the fire and sat on the sofa opposite my mother in law. She took a sip of her sherry and looked at me. It felt like her eyes were burning a hole in mine.

“So Claire has told me everything. How you left, how you shouted and insulted her and here you are, in your old family home. Is this a place to be? I want to resolve this, so why don’t you explain yourself?”

“Wait a second, she hasn’t told you about the drinking?” I asked. “She didn’t tell you she ignores my calls, comes home drunk, swears at me and loses her shit every time I bring up her drinking?”

I was angry my wife left out the most important part of the story. Janine’s face softened a bit.

“No she did not tell me that,” she conceded.

“Well it’s true, we’ve been having this problem for a while. I often end up cooking for us and she comes home at two or three in the morning on a weekday, stinking of alcohol, drunk and ignores me.” I felt myself getting angrier.

“And the last time we had sex was MONTHS ago!” I blurted out.

I shouldn’t have said that, I thought.

Her face softened more, and I detected a hint of sadness and empathy on her face and in her voice when she spoke.

“I see,” she said. This is of course not good, and I didn’t realise how bad it was with her drinking. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t even interested in your side of the story. I’m very sorry I was dismissive of you. The fire crackled loudly and we both looked at it.

“I still want to try resolve the problems with you two but perhaps I should be there talking to her and not to you?” I felt a lot better now and relaxed.

“Thanks Janine. I mean you came all this way and its cold outside. Why don’t you stay a bit?”

“I think I will just do that,” she smiled and took a long sip of her sherry. The fire crackled loudly.

“I’m feeling quite warm in here; do you mind if I take my coat off?”

“No of course not, can I take it for you?” I asked. No sooner had I asked but her coat was off and put neatly on the arm of the sofa. I was not ready for the shock.

There, hidden under the coat were 2 massive breasts covered in a tight wool jersey. I had never noticed them before. Her breasts stretched out the jersey, straining against the cloth. Her breasts hung down to her lower ribs and the biggest roundest parts at the bottom looked about twice the size of my head. I gulped. I tried to avoid the gaze. She finally spoke.

“Oh my! I didn’t realise how tight this jersey was and my big…um…I mean you haven’t had sex in months and here I am displaying these huge…” She didn’t finish the sentence and looked down trying to gather her coat and cover them up.

“No, it’s fine!” I said, trying to save the situation. I felt a bit embarrassed myself. Suddenly she just looked pretty and shy whilst trying and failing to cover her giant breasts with her arms. They were squashed by her arms now making them look even bigger. My heart was beating faster now, enjoying the view. My penis was stirring.

“I’m sorry I’m staring, I just…I guess…it’s been a while and um…they are huge and they look great!” I blurted out. Shit I’m going to be in trouble now I thought.

“Don’t be silly, it’s my fault. These giant things cause so much trouble and…wait you LIKE that they’re huge? You don’t think they are too big?”

“No as a matter of fact I like big boobs, always have.” I admitted feeling a bit bolder now.

“Yes, but these aren’t big, these are enormous. I’ve been thinking about a reduction. “She took another sip of her drink.

“No don’t be silly, big…I mean enormous breasts have their uses.” We both laughed. I think it was a nervous laugh.

“Like what?” She asked.

“Well you could probably get big discounts when shopping, you just need to show some cleavage and speak to the manager.” We laughed again and her kind face looked beautiful and she relaxed her arms showing off the massive mounds. I felt a bit bolder and excited now.

“And don’t forget in the bedroom they have their uses there too.”

“I wouldn’t really know about that, Fred hasn’t touched me in years,” she said while trying to smile.

“That’s why I wear bulky clothes to hide my body. Fred says my boobs are too big.”

“Well Fred is full of shit if you don’t mind me saying. Those should not be hidden ever.”

“You’re very kind. It seems we both haven’t had the attention we need from our partners and it’s nice to feel appreciated.” We both smiled at each other. She took another sip of sherry.

“So you said earlier that they are useful in the bedroom. What do you mean by that?”

I liked where this conversation was going.

“Well a lot of men, including myself love to…um…make ataköy ucuz escort love to a women’s breasts…”

“You mean a titfuck?” I used to do that all the time in college and before I was married.”

I loved hearing the words, titfuck.

“It was the biggest compliment, now no one does it anymore.” She said.

“Well we could change that. We both have needs and our partners aren’t looking after us, why don’t we look after each other?” There was tension in the air, silence, stillness then she spoke.

“No we can’t do that, I mean…I want to be touched again, I want to feel loved, but we’re both married, I just can’t do that to Fred and you do that to my daughter.”

“Look, you said yourself Fred doesn’t touch you, I’m going through the same thing with Claire. What’s wrong with consensual sex and the need to feel loved and touched again?”

I could see the thoughts in her mind go as I explained. I continued.

“You’re a beautiful woman and life has put us together somehow, like we were meant to be here, you know? I’m a man who will appreciate your breasts and make you feel good, so let me make you feel good?”

She looked down at her boobs. I could see she was in deep thought. She looked up at me.

“OK…let’s do this. You’re right, we should pleasure each other.”

I came over to the sofa she was sitting on and sat next to her. I stroked the hair out of her face, and she smiled at me. I kissed my mother in laws neck as she groaned. I stroked her hair and kissed her cheeks then finally her lips. This beautiful woman with giant breasts was letting me touch her. I was getting hard. I parted her lips with mine and she did the same feeling each other’s hot breath as she moaned in my mouth. Our tongues were slowly starting to touch and swirl about. Suddenly she grabbed my head and pulled me in closer sucking my tongue passionately and moaning into my mouth loudly. Our tongues danced around while I started taking off her jersey.

I broke the hot kiss to pull it off her and as I did her marvellous, bigger than big breasts encased in a massive, clean white bra were revealed. The tops of her breasts were displaying pushed up by her heavy breathing and push up bra. Each breast was impossibly enormous and firm. Her hard nipples poked through the bra. I grabbed one breast and stretched my hand over it. I still could only grab about a quarter of her boob with my entire hand outstretched. I gently kneaded the giant breast and it felt amazing. I had to know how big they were. She started moaning.

“Ahhhh…no one has felt my breasts like this for years! Keep going, I love the way you are massaging them. Do you like enormous breasts? Do you want to cum while I give you an incredible titfuck?”

Like that was even a question!

“How…how big are they?”

“36HH and all natural.” She replied.

Both hands now kneaded her breasts harder while I kissed her neck and chest. I was in tit heaven. This slim and stacked milf was groaning in my ear. I took off her bra with 1 hand undoing 5 clasps at the back. I ripped off the straps and threw the heavy bra behind the sofa.

Her magnificent melons were on display. 36HH, firm and natural. They started high on her chest and hung just below her ribs. They were plentiful and swelled out beautifully at the bottom. I stared for a minute then started licking and sucking her tits with both hands like a hungry man. I flicked her tiny pink nipples with my tongue. Her areolas were bumpy and firm. I lifted more breast into my mouth while squeezing the sensitive breasts. “Ahhhhh…careful they’re sensitive!” she moaned as I continued latching on licking and sucking her tits. I smashed them around my face feeling the incredibly heavy weight of them. So soft, warm and heavy yet breasts this big did not sag. Incredible I thought.

This was so wrong but in the best way. My cock was throbbing through my pants. Janine noticed this and unbuckled my pants. I kicked my shoes off and this huge breasted milf pulled my pants off me. She was getting desperate now and it was so hot. She pulled my boxers down and my cock sprang up. It was throbbing, angry and rock hard. It needed release. It throbbed with every heavy heart beat.

“That’s a beautiful cock!” she admired. “A good cock should not go to waste!”

And with that she swooped down and engulfed my hard cock in her mouth, bobbing her head at a good pace while trying to swallow more of my cock. As she was doing this, she licked the shaft with her tongue and the two pleasures were driving me insane. I was moaning and groaning as my cock was sucked into my mother in laws hot, wet mouth. Now she started humming adding vibrations to my slick cock. Humming, sucking and licking at a good pace made me throw my head back and loudly groan. I had never gotten such an amazing blowjob before. She took her 2 hands that were free and very gently massaged and tickled my balls. Ten fingers stroking over my nuts while she attempted to deep ataköy üniversiteli escort throat me was almost too much pleasure for me. I was panting and groaning, and she was moaning around my cock. My mother in law sensed I was close to cumming and stopped. She was teasing me.

She smiled at me while stroking her long nails down my sensitive thighs that brought chills to the back of my neck. Long elegant fingers and manicured nails tickled my thighs, balls and slowly brought her hands down to the back of my knee. 1 hand was on each leg behind my knees. She stroked. This was incredible pleasure and I writhed and moaned as she expertly tickled and lightly scratched my sensitive area behind my knee.

“Close your eyes honey! I have a surprise for you!” she said seductively.

I closed my eyes.

I felt her tickling up and down my thighs bringing more shivers and pleasure to my body. She stroked her nails down my legs to my ankles and slowly and sensually brought the nails up my shins, to my thighs, my hips and just as I felt her reach my ribs she slowly enveloped my cock between her tits.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!” I yelled being surprised by the soft tits softly squeezing my cock. I opened my eyes and they watered pleasure tears down my face. I watched as her massive mounds pleasured my cock. Up and down she moved her body while smiling and looking at me and then down to her tits. She was giving me a hands free titfuck. She didn’t need her hands. Her heavy HH cup breasts slid up and down my slippery cock trapped in her cleavage. As she moved down my head popped out of her cleavage feeling the cold air rushing to it. Then she moved her body up feeling the warm slippery tits massage my cock. Every time she went down, I felt her tits push open a bit to accommodate my thick cock penetrating her cleavage. I was sawing through her cleavage now and she used her elbows to push her tits tighter together to make an unescapable tunnel of massive breast meat.

“You like that honey? I can feel your cock pulsing; I think it wants to come between my huge tits. Blow a load from your thick, beautiful cock!”

She was right I was close as I felt the soft tits being massaged all around my cock and my sensitive dick head poking through the tight cleavage. “Ahhhhhhh…shit…that’s…ahhhhh, fuck that’s good!” I yelled. She now dropped her head and swallowed my cock giving me a sloppy blowjob as I ploughed through the deep forbidden cleavage of my mother in law. I was seconds away from coming and I felt my cock lurch and finally as she squeezed her massive mammeries and my cock poked through her cleavage and it burst and shot a thick white load of cum onto her neck, cleavage and tops of her tits. I continued cumming while writhing in pleasure and screaming. I must have come five or six hot loads onto those beautiful tits.

Janine looked up at me lovingly. My throbbing hard cock showed no signs of slowing down. It was time for her pleasure. I lay her back down on the sofa, legs up. I slowly took off her pants exposing her toned thick legs. I positioned my tongue at her wet cunt and started licking the sensitive lips, spreading them gently with my tongue. I lapped up her sweet little vagina and after a lot of teasing and licking of her lips, I plunged 1 finger inside. It could barely fit. While doing this I latched my mouth onto her clit and started sucking, licking and kissing it.

“Oh GOD!” she cried as I did this. “Keep doing, don’t stop!” she yelled.

While I plunged my fingers in slowly, I sucked her clit which drove her wild. Her legs shook in the air as I lapped at her tony cunt.

I got up and sat down next to her on the sofa. “Come sit on my cock.” I instructed. “I want those huge tits in my face!”

Janine climbed over me and I watched those huge tits bounce. She held my cock and positioned it at the entrance to her vagina. She slowly sat down on the lubed cock. I easily slid in as her pussy started sucking my cock into her warm depths. We moaned together as my cock invaded her tight pussy. I felt the sensitive head finally get enveloped and my entire cock was in her. I groaned in delight.

Janine wrapped her arms around my neck and started bouncing slowly on my hard prick. It felt like my cock was being massaged from all side and the sensitive cock head lavished in warm kisses.

“Ahhhh FUCK!” she moaned! I grabbed handfuls of giant tits and slowly massaged massaged them as she continued to fuck me. Her heavy tits and hard pink nipples felt and looked incredible. She bounced a bit faster now taking my cock right to the base as I penetrated her unused cunt. I now grabbed 2 massive handfuls of her large bum. It felt warm, firm yet pliable and I kneaded her beautiful bum with my strong hands. This seemed to drive her wild. I pulled her in closer so I could stick my face between her tits. I was smothered inbetween massive tits while grabbing my mother in laws ass as she fucked me harder now.

“Ahhhh…It’s so deep in you…Fuck that feels great…Janine!” It felt so naughty to call her Janine.

“Your cock is incredible, I love it, this…Ahhhhh…this…fuck yeah…is amazing! Don’t stop!”

I had no intention to so I started bucking my hips to meet hers and go even further into her cunt. She started rubbing her clit and moaning as I now mauled her giant breasts with my hands and groaned.

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