Mom’s Deep Love Pt. 02 Ch. 09

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Stacey and Lydia had taken the day off to prepare for their grand daughter’s eighteenth birthday. They knew that it was going to be one huge celebration and they wanted it to be the most memorable ever for her. They were both very fond of the youngest Dugan and now that she was coming of age, they hoped that she would be as happy as the rest of the family in their way of life. Either way, their tradition of honesty would continue tonight. All of the secrets would be in the open.

Along with their daughters, they had joined Tabitha in the great house to make preparations for the party. It was being catered and decorations were being hung by professionals. But, there were still minor things that needed their touch.

Though they all knew that the rest of the family was enjoying each other on a limited basis, they hoped that after tonight everyone would be more available for everyone else. They were not yet aware that, on this birthday, Denise had already had sex with her mother, her cousin and her brother for the first time; and it wasn’t even noon yet.

The workers were a bit distracted by the women as they went about ‘helping’. Katy and Cathy were both wearing skirts so short that each time they reached over their heads, their ass cheeks were visible. The caterers and decorators were still trying to discern if the girls were naked under those dresses or wearing thongs.

“Girls, leave those boys alone and let them get their jobs done,” said Tabitha.

“Nan, we’re jus trying to help out,” replied Katy.

“Sweetie, with all of the ass you two have been showing off, I am surprised we haven’t had a major accident yet. They can barely concentrate on anything but your hemlines. Now get outta here and let them focus on what they are doing,” she said.

“C’mon, Katy, let’s go see what our moms are up to upstairs,” said Cathy. She took her sister by the hand and lead her up the stairs as the workers got a final look up their dresses. Nope, no underwear! Cathy stopped with one foot on a stair higher than the other and turned to look down at the young man beside the staircase staring up at her. “So who wins the bet?” she asked.

“Bet, I am not sure what you mean ma’am,” said the young man.

“You know, the bet as to whether we were commando or not,” she replied as she inched her skirt up past her crotch revealing her pussy.

The boy’s mouth dropped as he looked at the perfectly manicured pussy. “So, now you can tell them,” she said as she took her sister’s hand and continued up the stairs. She didn’t bother to pull the skirt back down and just let the tight material continue to rise up revealing more of her perfect ass.

“You are making me horny,” said Katy as she leaned into her sister.

“Join the cue,” replied Cathy. “That was my intention,” she continued and then kissed her sister on the cheek. As they walked across the balcony, she slid a hand under Katy’s skirt and onto her sister’s ass as the crew looked on in wonder.

As they stepped through the bedroom door, they were greeted by their mothers in very sexy attire. Stacey was wearing a matching green lacey thong and bra set that pushed her tits up and out of the cups almost to the point of release. Lydia was wearing a black version of the same set.

“Nice ass, mom,” said Cathy as she shut the door.

Without looking Lydia shook her ass at her daughter. “I’m glad you approve,” she said.

“Nan ran us out. Said we were distracting the labor,” said Katy.

Stacey looked at her daughter and Cathy. “You think?” she said pointing to their exposed crotches.

“Oh, this,” said Cathy as she whipped the short dress over her head. “We were just coming up here to help you guys get ready. Cathy walked to her mother who now stood admiring her daughter’s naked body. She walked straight to her mom and took both of her hands. “And, on the way up, we got horny,” she said leaning in and kissing her mother on the lips. “Can you two help us out?” she asked. Lydia leaned into her daughter and kissed her back. Cathy reached around her mother feeling her ample ass as the two began to kiss more enthusiastically. Stacey took the lead and walked to her daughter taking her hands. “Is the same true for you?” she asked Katy.

“I am always horny for you, mom,” replied Katy as she kissed her mother. Stacey led Katy to the bed and lay down. Katy slipped out of her dress and lay beside her mother. They began to make out roaming their hands over each other in exploration and play. Stacey loved the feel of her daughter’s smaller breasts. They were refreshing. And her ass had to be the tightest she had ever felt. She slid her hands freely over the girl’s flesh.

Lydia watched her wife as her own daughter undressed her. She loved the feel of her daughter’s hands on her body and loved watching her lover with her own daughter as well. She was wet in seconds. Cathy stood behind her mom knowing that she liked watching the other couple. She caressed her breast with one hand as the other made its way to her pussy. Parting the lips, she slid a finger into her slit.

Katy had her mother naked by now and had worked her way between her ataköy escort legs. She was kissing her mother’s mound and ready to lick her clit. Her hands toyed with her mom’s breasts. She loved the way she tasted. Now naked, Lydia started toward the bed. She lay onto it still facing her wife as her own daughter continued playing with her pussy. Cathy slid onto the bed behind her mother. The duo scooted over beside the other couple and Lydia’s hands found their way to her lover. She kissed Stacey as her own daughter moved her head towards her mother’s cunt.

Cathy positioned herself beside her sister and began to lick her mother’s twat. Her hand found its way to her sister’s ass and she slid down to her pussy. She began to toy with Katy’s slit as as they each tasted their mothers.

Brian and Sean had arrived downstairs. They were impressed, as usual, with the beauty and sexiness of their grand mother. Nan greeted them with a kiss on the lips and told them that they should go upstairs and see what was taking the girls so long to get ready. She knew full well what would be going on up there and was sending her grandsons into the arena on purpose. ‘Nothing like starting this off with a bang,’ she thought as she watched the men climb the stairs.

Opening the door quietly, they were greeted with the sight of two young asses in the air facing them. None of the women heard them and were busy with what they were doing. The brothers watched as their mothers and their daughters wallowed in sex. Both immediately began to feel the stirrings of erections as they looked on at the steamy scene. Brian started undressing first; quietly and quickly. Sean followed suit.

As they approached the bed quietly, Brian whispered to Sean, “You want your daughter or mine?”

Sean slid in behind Cathy in answer to her father’s question. He would fuck his own daughter later but Cathy’s ass looked so good to him that he couldn’t resist. He lay his hand on his niece’s ass. She looked briefly over her shoulder and smiled her approval at her naked uncle. Shuffling, she spread her legs a bit more. Sean slid into her wet pussy with ease. Cathy moaned into her mother’s pussy as Sean pushed all the way into her tight hole.

Next to them, Brian repeated the same move sliding his massive cock into Katy. Katy backed her weight onto her uncle’s crotch accepting his entire length into her. Stacey and Lydia smiled at the men as they fucked each other’s daughter. Cathy was the first to come triggering Katy next to her. Both were moaning excitedly into their mother’s cunts. Lydia was the next to explode as she squeezed her wife’s tit with one hand and held the back of her daughter’s head with the other. Stacey repeated the effect on her own daughter, grabbing her head too, and began humping her mouth as she let loose with a scream, “Oh God! I’m coming!”

Brian and Sean looked at each other. Having given each other’s daughter an orgasm, they switched. Sean slid his cock into his daughter with ease as Brian shoved his huge tool into his own daughter. This pushed the girls back into pursuit of another orgasm. Stacey pulled at her daughter bringing her and her father on top of her. She wanted to hold her two children as they fucked. Sean began stroking his daughter faster and shorter as he began releasing jet after jet of hot cum into her tight pussy. Katy kissed her mother and moaned into her mouth as she sucked her tongue.

Brian was fucking his daughter hard. He had pushed his daughter up on top of her mother and he was kissing Lydia as he fucked Cathy from behind. He began to come. Cathy fumbled for her sister’s hand and finding it, she joined her in another earth-shaking orgasm. Two families as one lay on the bed as the orgasmic aura enveloped them all.

Sean rolled to his side and lay between Lydia and Stacey. Brian slid to his mother’s side. The girls wriggled their way down and joined each other over Sean’s cock. They proceeded to lick it clean sharing some of the juices as they did so. When they finished they went to Brian and performed the same service on him.

Turned on by that act, the girls lay at the foot of the bed in a 69 and started sucking the cum out of each other’s pussies. Brian, Lydia, Sean and Stacey watched as their daughters licked and sucked at each other’s quims. Lydia began to fondle her son’s cock as did Stacey with her son. Between their daughter’s show and their mother’s fondling, both men were rock hard again in moments.

Watching their daughters, both women mounted their sons facing their feet. Cocks slid in mothers effortlessly. The two women began to pump their sons’ rigid members riding them in a slow and rhythmic fashion. All watched as the two young girls at the foot of the bed enjoyed each other thoroughly. It was a glorious sex scene. Lydia and her wife joined hands as they took in the magnitude of it all. Their sons had just fucked their own daughters; their daughters! And now they were fucking their own sons. They were incredibly happy.

‘Soon,’ thought Stacey. Soon the whole family will be doing this, her precious young grand daughter as well.

Feeling ataköy eve gelen escort badly, Tabitha asked one of the men if there was anything that she could do to keep the men focused and on track. She had eyed Roger since he had come in and knew that he was in charge. He was a handsome man in his late fifties or early sixties. She knew him and his wife from years of living in the same town. “Well, ma’am, there’s not a lot that can be done with men like this around women as beautiful as your self and your grand daughters. Perhaps we should leave them to their task and you can show me anything else that needs to be done,” he said.

Tabitha was taken aback by the overtly suggestive tone that the Roger had taken. But, at the same time, she was a bit turned on by it. “Well, if you’d like, I can show you where the wine cellar is,” she said.

“I’d be happy to. Lead the way,” he replied.

Tabitha walked towards a door through the kitchen. She was mindful of his gaze and put a little extra sway in her ass as she walked. It did not go unnoticed. Roger gazed in awe as the older woman’s ass shifted from side to side. They descended the stairs to the wine cellar. Tabitha made a show of where the reds were kept, where the whites were and how she had unbuttoned another button on her blouse. She made her gestures grand enough so that her ample cleavage provided maximum exposure.

The man took it all in. As they finished the short tour, he asked, “Is there anything else you want to show me?”

Tabitha faced him and her hands went to her blouse. She undid the rest of the buttons and slid it off of her shoulders. “Perhaps you’d like to look these over,” she said unclasping her bra and letting it slide off of her arms.

Roger was slack-jawed. He knew that she was pretty but never did he expect that this woman in her seventies would have tits like these. “Ms. Dugan, I have to say that those are the most magnificent breasts that I have ever laid eyes on,” he complimented.

“Why thank you, sir, would you like to lay more than eyes on them?” asked Tabitha as she walked towards him. His hands were on her tits, gently caressing the mounds and thumbing the nipples. He knew his way around a woman’s tits. She kissed him and began to remove his shirt. He was in remarkable shape. She admired the look and feel of his masculine chest; nowhere near what she was accustomed to in her sons, but nonetheless, he was good.

He caressed her ass and admired the firmness. She felt his cock. “My, you got hard fast,” she said.

“Didn’t take much after seeing you,” he said.

Tabitha undid his belt and trousers. She slid her hand inside as he continued to feel her ass and caress her tits. He had an average length cock but it was certainly thick. She couldn’t get her fingers all the way around it. “Let’s cut to the chase darlin’ and get that thing inside of me,” said Tabitha as she undid her pants. He didn’t need any more prompting. As she turned, he leaned her over and slid his cock into her without difficulty. He continued to caress her breasts as he fucked her steadily. She used one hand to steady herself by holding one of the wine racks and the other went to her clit. She wasn’t sure how long he’d last and she wanted her nut. He was surprisingly considerate or very controlled, because she had two orgasms before he finally let loose and in a quick succession of thrusts emptied his balls into her.

“That was absolutely delicious, Ms Dugan,” he said.

“If you want delicious, honey, you need to taste it,” she chided.

“If you have the time, I would relish the opportunity to taste that beautiful pussy of yours, Ms. Dugan,” he answered.

Tabitha, reached down and pulled off her pants and thong. “I’d love that Roger, If I may call you that,” she replied.

“It’s the least I can do for you. You may call me anything your heart desires,” he said as he dropped to his knees in front of her. He dove right in with no fore play, toying or pretense. He was on her clit immediately licking it and flicking it. He shot his tongue as deep in her pussy as he could, given her position. He licked and slurped his own cum out of her as it ran down his chin. In minutes she was nearing a hard orgasm. When it came, she had to grab is head to steady herself. Her knees buckled as she exploded in ecstasy. Roger licked her clean and seemed to know very well what he was doing. After Tabitha had recovered enough to stand, Roger stood and gathered up her clothing to help her. He had pulled his trousers up but hadn’t fastened them.

As Tabitha collected herself after her third orgasm, she said, “Oh this won’t do. I am not letting you walk out of here without at least repaying the courtesy you just showed me. She grabbed his waist and slid his pants down. She knelt in front of him and began to clean his cock of their combined juices.

Gazing down at the beautiful and elegant naked lady felating him, Roger grew hard quickly. Tabitha was not only a master at cunnilingus but she knew her way around a cock with her mouth. She slathered his shaft with saliva and, as she sucked him, ataköy grup yapan escort she slid her hands up and down his shaft. Then as he began to show signs of nearing his come, she grabbed his ass. Pulling him to her, she took his entire cock into her mouth. She could feel it bouncing off of the back of her throat and she loved it. Roger lost it. Before he could react he was shooting a load of cum into his employer. Tabitha swallowed all of it relishing the feel of the hot sperm sliding down her throat.

As Roger regained his composure, he helped the lady to her feet and redressed her. She helped him restore his clothing to some semblance of order. The two kissed briefly. “That was wonderful, Ms. Dugan,” said Roger.

“Oh please, Roger, call me Tabitha for God’s sake,” she replied. “And I enjoyed it thoroughly myself.”

“Why thank you, Tabitha. I appreciate it,” he said.

“And give Vivian my best when you go home,” she smiled.

“Oh I will, Tabitha. I plan, with your permission, to share all of this with her,” he said.

“She won’t mind that you fucked an old lady?” she asked.

“Oh, God no. She will be jealous that she wasn’t here to see you. She has worshipped you for a very long time. She thinks you are the best looking woman in town and we have fantasized about joining you together, her and I,” he said.

“Well, we’ll just have to make that happen sometime,” she replied as they reached the stairs. She turned and kissed him reaching for his cock as they started up.

“We would love that, Tabitha,” he said.

The six pack of flesh upstairs had finally wound down from their mini-orgy. They all dressed and returned downstairs just in time to see Tabitha coming out of the kitchen with Roger. Stacey looked at her mother and smiled. She smiled back. Nothing was ever lost in communication between these two. She knew that she had just fucked the man.

As the crew left, Stacey told Roger good bye. She leaned over and whispered, “Did she enjoy it?”

Roger smiled and said, “Enough to warrant an encore with me and the wife.”

Stacey smiled and nodded.

The guests started arriving soon after the crew departed. The caterers were ready with hors devours. Dania came in with Selena and Adonis. She and Selena were dressed similarly in backless long tailed up skirts with low cut tops. Adonis was, as normal, impeccably dressed in slacks and a button up shirt. Ian was dressed in his customary jeans and t shirt. Then came the guest of honor.

Denise couldn’t have looked more stunning. Her hair was in a bun which accentuated her long neck. She wore a strapless dress which was skin tight, low cut and so short that her ass cheeks were barely covered. She smiled radiantly as everyone greeted her with a chorus of ‘Happy Birthday’. Hugs and kisses abound as the family greeted each other lovingly.

Adonis could not keep his eyes off of his cousin. He followed her around the room like a dog follows a bitch in heat. He watched her every move looking for a glimpse of anything naughty. At one point Selena came up to him and said, “Tone it down a bit brother. She’ll come around. I promise you.” He blushed with embarrassment. She had not told him yet that Denise had fucked her, blew her own brother and had been eaten by her mother just hours ago. There would have been no stopping him if he knew that.

Dinner was delicious and served with the precision and fanfare worthy of young Denise’s coming of age. As the servers cleared the table, Tabitha nodded to Stacey and Lydia. They adjourned to the kitchen to dismiss the caterers. It was time to get to family business; the kind that no one should know but them. Soon the servers had packed up and were out of the door. The family remained at the table at Tabitha’s request. When all was settled down, Stacey and Lydia returned with two bottles of Champaign and thirteen glasses. The glasses were filled and sat by each person. Then Stacey and Lydia took their seats.

Tabitha tapped her glass then clearing her throat she started, “I am the happiest woman on earth. I have the most loving and devoted family that anyone could ever ask for. So, for my first toast, I wish to say, ‘To the love of the Dugans’.”

They all raised their glasses in toast. As they returned them to the table Tabitha spoke again, “Secondly, I wish to address my daughter Stacey. Your deep love has made so much of this possible. I have never seen such a bond that you have fostered in all of us. I have loved you from the day that I gave birth to you, through your childhood and as I watched you become the most special daughter in the world. To Stacey,” she said.

All raised their glasses again and complimented Stacey in turn.

“And now, if you wonderful ladies would fill the glasses again, I would like to address our youngest sweet Denise,” she said. Stacey and Lydia were already moving about the table filling glasses. “To my precious young great grand daughter. You are a wonderful addition to this heavenly family. You are smart, kind and, I don’t hesitate to say, drop-dead-gorgeous. You will be another successful member of this family and I know from the deepest part of me that you will embrace what the rest of us have already held dear and what we will all discuss openly and without reservation tonight. To Denise and to the Dugan family traditions,” she raised her glass. “Bottoms up everyone,” she added. All drained their glasses. Denise looked appreciatively at her nan.

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