Mom’s Big Bed Ch. 14

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I woke up early that morning between Mom and Grandma. The difference between this wake-up and previous ones that week was that it was not the alarm doing the job, it was my big-sister, Linda. She was down between my legs with the edge of the bed-sheet over her forehead and she was deep-throating my early morning wood with gusto!

I ran my hand down and wriggled my fingers through Linda’s short head of dirty blonde hair as she sucked and sucked while looking up at me with bedroom eyes. This went on for several minutes until presently, I noticed to my left and right in the early morning light that my mother and grandmother were both awake and merely enjoying the show; their fingers now stroking at their own clits appreciatively. Finally, Linda shot me a quick wink and stopped sucking. She left my knob and slithered up me until she was lying atop me. I began to part her legs but I was met by a shake of her head and a kiss before she whispered in my ear,

“I want you to put it in my ass little-brother!”

We swapped out positions, with Linda facing the headboard; head low and ass high with my mom and grandma looking on. A second later and grandma retrieved a jar of Vaseline from the nightstand next to her and she smeared a generous glob around on Linda’s pink poop-pucker, (my grandma as always is so helpful). Mom’s hand then scooped out a glob of grease from the jar and smeared it up and down the shaft of my boner. She and grandma then re-positioned to either side of us and began masturbating; waiting for the show to continue.

I ignored my audience and set myself to the task at hand. I now was crouched behind my big-sister Linda with a greasy dong, pointing its warhead at her slicked up sphincter. I pushed the mushroom head against her pink stinky-crinkle, Linda blew out the air from her lungs, and her delightful little bunghole opened up and let me in!

I slid in several inches; far deeper than I expected she could take, (but then again my sister had a reputation already for knowing her way around a bed with a boy and I simply should have known she could take it). She looked back over her shoulder at me, giving me a look as if to ask me what I was waiting for, (almost like I was a little kid too scared to hop into the deep end of the pool). I grabbed a better grip on both her hips and pushed into her greasy rectum, sinking in all the way to my balls.

HAAAAHHHRRRR! Linda cried but then her exclamation was followed by happy contented murmurs of,”Oh yessss Ian,” and “this is what I’ve been waiting for brother!” I took it as a sign I had the green light. I began to sodomize my older sister as my mother and grandmother stood on their knees to either side of us, frigging their clits and egging us on!

Over the next several minutes I rowed and rowed at the pink stinky backdoor of my “Big-Sis” as she howled and cursed but begged me not to stop. She wasn’t the only one making noise however; I was grunting and huffing as her anus gripped me in a delicious sibling squeeze that could have rivaled ANY massage parlor happy ending, (and she had been well greased by Grandma’s fingers before I started). Even my most intense masturbatory sessions could not match the pull and tug of her rectum on my dong as she slowly milked me into “the zone.”

Meanwhile my hippy ma and grandma were frigging themselves frantically as they watched the two of us ass-rut inbetween them. They both seemed transfixed on our activity as the bit their lips and whined through their noses; unable to pull their eyes from me and Linda while they fiddled at their clits. Finally Mom had enough, (she simply HAD to break in)!

She moved into “our space” as if she were cutting in for a dance and pushed me back away from my sister’s hiney-hole; my dong pulling out and my sister’s ass showing a noticeable gape like a rectal railroad tunnel. Without skipping a beat, Mom seized up my dick and gave it a few slurping sucks as her hand continued to jill-off her clit, (she was beside herself with horniness now). After deepthoating me for a few seconds she popped my cock back up my sister’s dung-hole and I resumed ass-fucking my older sibling; only now with Mom pulling me in for a deep French kiss while she reached underneath to wank Linda’s clit and finger her pussy-hole.

Linda reacted by groaning as if she’d gotten a belly-ache at an all you can eat Chinese buffet. Mom responded by pushing one, two, then three fingers up inside her daughter’s quim. Soon my mother was fisting my sis from one side, as I penis-pounded her piles from the other. Linda erupted in a squalling screaming torrent of profanity and OH YEAH OH YEAH OH YEAH’s that I thought would bring the plaster off the ceiling from all the noise! She thrashed her head from side to side and blubbered how good it felt. That was when Grandma saw a chance to make her move and silence Linda’s wailing and blubbering.

The old gal moved up by the pillows at the headboard and raised up her legs, (spreading them wide). She grabbed Linda by the back of her head and pushed her crotch into the face of her aksaray escort granddaughter. My Sis immediately wrapped her mouth around Grandma’s puss-flaps and began to suck… not lick BUT SUCK! In fact she commenced to suck, chew and gobble at my hippy granny’s clamcake like she was absolutely famished. Now it was Granny’s turn to make noise and she screwed her eyes shut while her mouth dropped open and the sound just came pouring out…

WWWAAAHHHH!!! OHH SHIT YEAAAHHH LINDA! my grandmother howled, UNNNGGHH SHIT FUCK GIRL! …where did you learn to eat pussy like that?… AAAGGHH!”

“From you Grandma,” came my sister’s smirky reply before she dropped her head back down to Grandma’s puss-pie, (all while Mom and I fisted and fucked away at Linda’s dirty back-forty).

After a few minutes of this I was becoming frantically close. I could sense that Linda, Mom and Grandma were getting there but not quite. I remembered my cum-surfing technique and I edged… riding the tightrope line between mere-excitement and nut blasting orgasm (which was exceedingly tough because I was clearly aware of my hippy mama’s fist slamming in and out of my sisters pussy). I mean I could feel every Sapphic stroke of my mother and her wicked fisting and it was everything I could do not to bust a nut in the squeezing shitter of my big-sister.

Fucked up didn’t come close… or CUM close to describing it as I fucked and edged and fucked and edged in Linda’s anus while kissing my mom. It just seemed to go on and on forever. I could feel my nuts straining against their very fabric… desperately wanting to burst, but I held firm and didn’t splat. Nope.. not one drop!

Finally, Mom pulled her mouth from mine and looked into my eyes. She’d long since pulled my free hand down to her own snatch and given up fingering her own quim in favor of me doing the act with a couple fingers as her own hand busied itself on Linda. Ma’s nostrils were flaring and her pupils were dilating… she was in “the zone” herself now and she made no bones about it!

“Ya gonna do it, Ian?” she snarled through clenched teeth as my fingers hooked up and stroked her g-spot and her clit ground the heel of my hand, “Ya gonna make Momma cum and blow yer load up your sister’s dirty no-no hole like a bad boy? … Are you? Well ARE YOU?”

With that Mom landed a spank on my ass and then one on my sister’s rump that made us both howl. My fingers were a blur in Mom’s sopping pussy and my cock pistoned like the drive shaft on a locomotive in and out of Linda’s turd tunnel. Grandma was all sobs; throwing her head back and forth at the head of the bed and Mom’s fisting was now making sloppy slushing sounds in Linda’s pussy down below. Mom reached back and landed another smack on Linda’s ass and then grabbed the back of my hair. That was all she wrote.

I blasted a huge fountain of hot salty cum; spouting deep in my sister’s rectum. My sister moaned into my grandma’s pussy and then shuddered; releasing a cascade of girly-gasm droplets down onto Mom’s hand and the bedsheet below. Grandma let out a loud AAWWWGGGHH! and then came hard against my sister’s mouth; splattering my sis in hot puss-juice as Linda gobbled and slurped away. Mom now threw back her head and open-mouthed let loose a bawl of HHAAAHHHHGGGHH! as she humped against my hand, cumming and dripping freely a river of her hot bitch broth! We collapsed in a heap upon Grandma at the head of the bed. Awesome didn’t come close to describing it!

For several minutes the air was still in the room, save only the sound of slurping as first my sister, then my mother, then my grandma sucked me clean. They were a horny sight down there… sucking away at my flagging cock, and the smell of the air in the room (filled with the scent of sweat and pussy and sex) was intoxicating. I was enjoying myself immensely and wallowing in bliss when Mom finally spoke.

“Ok kids, Grandma is going to see to a pot of coffee and the rest of us are going to get dressed. Time for running and exercising. Just because this is the first day of Spring Break doesn’t mean we can let ourselves go!”

Even on vacation, Mom loves exercising. It’s something she taught us. Take care of the body and everything else clicks into place; mind, spirit, sense of place, and yes sex. She got that from Grandma (who can still out-yoga even the fittest gurus …even at her age)!

Anyhow, after a short hop into the bathroom to use the facilities, me, my mom, and my sis were out the door for a three mile run up into the canyon and back. Grandma brewed coffee back at the house. We could smell it wafting about our home when we returned from our run, all sweaty and panting as Grandma did her yoga routine by the pool in the nude.

Mom looked at Grandma and smiled, then she ushered us into the kitchen for a quick “cuppa Joe” before we grabbed waters and emerged back out by the pool; only like our grandma we had no clothes on either. It was time for a bit of anal yapan escort Mom’s gladiator workout for me and my sis. We hit the weights for several minutes and then slugged down water before seizing up yoga mats and joining grandma for more stretches.

We stretched and pretzeled for a half hour until Mom and Grandma finally called it quits. Mom suggested a shower and a breakfast and told us to hurry as she had a surprise for us. Grandma merely smiled and held her tongue, but she poked me and my sis in the ribs and told us it would be something special.

Linda and I hit the showers. It was supposed to be a quick in and out. The thing was it took longer than we anticipated but there most definitely was “in and out” as I remember!

It seemed Linda stepped into the shower first but not before swatting me on my ass with a towel when I bent over looking for shampoo under the sink. Now, no girl gets away with a towel snap… not even my big sister. She didn’t care however; thumbing her nose at me and stepping into the shower, (it was SO on)! I waited a moment deciding what I wanted to do, then I decided the element of surprise might be called for.

I stepped into the shower. She was already wetting her hair in the water facing away; steam building all around her. What a tease, she knew what I was going to do… who am I trying to kid! I wasn’t going to surprise her (as experienced as she was), but she didn’t let on. I stepped up to her in the hot rain and fog; seizing her from behind in a standing full nelson; my dong poking the wet top of her ass crack.

“Yes?” she said with closed eyes and a smile growing across her face, but with the tone of a schoolteacher who’d been disturbed after class.

“Nobody smacks my ass with a towel Sis!” I snarled through clenched teeth before biting her on the neck.

“Maybe,” she giggled, “you should teach me some manners, little brother?”

“Maybe I should,” I said, before chewing down her neck; then to her shoulders while bringing my hands down to her tits for a grope and pinch session; making my big sister “all sighs and chuckles” in the heat and steam of the shower.

Like I said, it was so fucking ON! I bent her over in the shower; slipping my cock down her soapy ass-crack until I found the slippery notch to my sister’s pussy. I slipped in as easy as if I’d been putting on a slipper coated in baby oil; straight in up to the balls.

Linda let out a gasp of HAAHHH and made some sort of comment about this being just what she needed after a hard workout. She craned and turned her head back and turned her lips to me. Wordlessly I knew what she wanted and we kissed hungrily for several seconds before she spun her head around to face the tile and telling me to “get to it!” We then fucked and fucked in the heat and mist as the sound of soapy rain hitting the tiles mingled with our huffs and groans.

We got to our “tipping point” pretty quickly. Linda shuddered and whimpered her way through her “girlie-gasm,” while I snorted and blew a big ropey load of cum deep inside her puss-pie. We then rinsed and cleaned up; remembering Mom’s instructions for us to “hurry.”

We stepped out of the shower and slipped on bathrobes before heading back down to Mom and Grandma in the kitchen. Those two old birds (who were now also cleaned up after using the pool shower and sporting white robes as they sucked down a second cup of coffee) were laughing about something entertaining but they clammed up as soon as we entered the room. Both had an air of conspiracy and secrecy about them like something big was up.

“What’s the surprise Ma?” I asked.

“Oh, something special, Ian,” she said; taking a swig of her coffee and returning her attentions to some eggs in a frying pan on the stove.

At about that time the phone rang. It was my crazy aunt Sharon. Mom spoke into the phone while turning her eyes to me and my sister.

“Yep… we are here. No they don’t know. Well, at least not Ian.. well, perhaps he suspects, but he does not have all the details… alright. Yep.. you round up the rest of the tribe… ok.. yep… yep.. ok! Love you Sis… m-kay… BYE!”

She hung up the phone and took another sip of coffee eyeing me and my sister with a smile. We both sat down at the breakfast bar. Mom had a smirk on her face now.

“So,” she said looking at her watch with feigned interest, “you two nice and relaxed after your soak… and shower fuck?”

She and Grandma tittered their way through a snicker at our expense while we stared at our feet for a second sheepishly. Both those two women knew exactly what we were going to do when we went for a shower; even before we did! Mom put some eggs on plates in front of us while Grandma freshened up her coffee cup. I couldn’t stand it any longer.

“So Mom,” I asked, “what is the surprise?”

“We are heading out today to Lake Havasu for Spring Break,” she said.

“Yeah Ma,” I came back, “I kinda figured; what with the way everybody keeps dropping the name in front of me.”

“Ok,” atakent escort she answered, “your grandma, aunts, and cousins are coming.”

“Again,” I shot back between mouthfuls of eggs, “no big surprise.”

“Well,” she said, “what if I was to tell you that the boss of your aunt’s at the real estate office is coming and she is bringing her daughter Tanya, the one you have been wanting to fuck since day one?”


“Yep,” said my mom matter of factly, “and Holly is driving her R.V. It’s gonna be like a four wheeled fuck-fest palace for you and the rest of us!”


Mom’s words were quite prophetic as it turns out. A short time later, Auntie Maria’s car pulled into the drive with her honking and her girls hollering. She was followed close behind by Becky’s car with her mini tribe of girls in it, all rowdy and noisy as hell.

Last came my Auntie Sharon’s minivan, “Fifty Shades of Gray,” barreling around the corner into our drive; just barely missing all the other parked vehicles and coming to a screeching rocking halt behind Grandma’s VW bus. Auntie Sharon and her girls spilled out, laughing and screeching; along with enough pot smoke to make it appear as though had set the seats inside on fire. The coven of sex crazed hippy harpies was assembled… or so it seemed. We were not complete for this adventure- not yet, but it wasn’t like we had to wait long.

We were all standing around in the driveway, exchanging hippy hugs and listening to Aunt Sharon’s dirty joke of the day when a large brown RV came down the road and stopped at the mouth of our drive. The woman at the wheel honked her horn at us and the girl sitting beside her in the front passenger seat waived happily up in the passenger side of the windshield. It was clear to everyone present; Hottie MILF Holly and her equally hot daughter Tanya had arrived, (and in a tricked out luxury RV no less)!

The two hotties inside, mother and daughter; popped out through the luxury camper’s side door. They were met by a chorus of “Hello’s” from my female relatives (along with a forest of waves). Holly and Tanya then trudged up the walk to greet us in t-shirts, cutoffs, and flip-flops; a stark contrast to the normal business-wear I was accustomed to seeing Holly in. Mom ran down the drive, reaching Holly and Tanya first; scooping them both up in a big friendly hippy-hug.

“So I take it Ian now knows of the surprise?” Holly asked happily looking over my mom’s shoulder at me.

“Oh yes,” Mom replied, “he knew long before your wheels hit the curb.”

“Well anyhow,” Holly shot back, “hope he had a good breakfast cuz’ we are going to be a regular protein drain train all the way up to Havasu!”

The three women cackled and shot looks my way. They whispered something amongst the three and then broke themselves up laughing. One thing was for sure, I was in for one helluva trip!

I shot a sideways glance back at the three; there was definitely more than a happy hug going on. Hands were roaming up and down on bellies, backs, boobs and butts as they talked. These three had definitely done this dance before… they were also most certainly part of this “thing of ours,” (although we shared no blood relation).

Another thing that struck me was Holly’s demeanor was completely different from what I had known when I saw her at the real estate office. All her defenses were down; her business suit was definitely at the office. Here with this crowd of hippy harlots; she was in a completely different element but one she was just as comfortable with. It was as though she had two lives; one formal and professional, and then this one that was far more wild and sensual (and unfamiliar to me). I picked up on that vibe right away.

It didn’t hurt things that she was tall, skinny, statuesque blonde, (a lot like my aunt Maria with her dancer body and big motor-boatable boobs although her blonde hair had a little bit of sandy brown thrown in). She kept her mane cut short and business-like, coming down to her neck and past her ears on the sides but she had this long blond forelock in front for bangs that hung down in front of her nose. She’d purposely let it dangle in the middle of her face with a pair of beautiful blue eyes peeking out from behind it; only to blown or flip it out of the way while she was talking to people. The effect was quite distracting and hypnotic for people and my Auntie Maria told me that Holly purposely used it as a trick in negotiations and meetings (as well as flirting), to get inside people’s heads and steer conversations around. It was like you were being manipulated and mind fucked by a tall sandy-haired version of one of those 1980’s super-model actresses with high cheekbones and knock ’em dead eyes; like Susan Anton or Heather Locklear only in sophisticated short dress and long jacket.

The business attire was gone today however; replaced by ladies cargo pants, a tie-dye t-shirt with no bra holding back her lovely tits, and high heel thong sandals. Still, despite the casual appearance she seemed both sophisticated and assertive; with a big brassy personality that demanded to be noticed and heard, (in a friendly life of the party kind of way). It was all wrapped up in a super sexy MILF package and my brain and right hand had rubbed one out in the shower on many occasions thinking about her for damn good reason!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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