Mom was an Addict Ch. 02

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Mother and son, Betty and Gary, were engaged in a frenzied fuck with Gary sitting on the toilet seat, his mother lifting her ass as best she could and dropping herself repeatedly unto his rigid erection. They had been at it for near 25 minutes. It was their fifth incestuous coupling in the last two weeks.

Gary was completely dressed with his pants and underwear at his feet. He was not planning on staying very long, just some quick afternoon pussy and back to work. Betty was completely naked having removed her light housecoat.

There was no conversation between the two. Their sexual banter had ceased six or seven minutes ago. Betty was huffing and puffing like a woman in labor, while Gary concentrated on holding himself in check until his mother reached orgasm.

“I’m close baby!” Betty moaned breathlessly. “Ohh fuck! I’m glad you stopped by! I really needed this. I’m cominggggggggggg! Goddd yesss!”

Gary let himself pop moments behind his mother shoving his cock strongly upward to send his cock deep inside of his mother’s pussy, spewing his semen inside her incestuous belly.

After resting a few long moments, Betty lifted herself off his withering cock and replaced him on the toilet to let his come drip from her.

Gary shuffled over to the sink and washed his cock, lathering it generously.

“I’ll try to get over soon.” He said as he pulled up his briefs and pants.

“Does mother get a kiss goodbye?” Betty queried.

Gary moved in front of her and lifted her face by her chin and planted a lustful kiss on her lips. “Thank you for the afternoon delight.”

For once, Betty did not turn on the computer to watch xxx-rated videos. Instead, she went looking for incestuous forums, had a few interesting discussions but nothing developed like she was looking for. The next day proved more fruitful.


Betty heard the key slip into the lock. Turning towards the trailer door she saw her son come in. A week had passed and again it was a little after noon – lunch time. She smiled inwardly knowing why her son had stopped by.

She turned back towards the screen.

“I have to go for now Carol. My son just came in.” She said to the face on the screen, then, in a much lower volume she whispered, “let me know when you can see the sofa.”, as she turned the camera attached to the top of the screen.

“Right there.” Carol whispered and nodded into her own camera.

“I’ll see if I can show you I’m not lying. Just make sure you don’t make any sound.” Betty whispered, pulling off her headset and touching her screen off.

Betty stood and for a second studied her son who had plopped heavily down onto the sofa. She made no effort to tie her housecoat, thus hiding her nakedness from her son’s view. She walked to the sofa and sat down next to him on his left. The housecoat remained completely open.

“You must be lost?” Betty said more than asked. “It’s Monday. I wasn’t expecting you but I can see something is wrong. You want to talk about it?”

“Nothing left to talk about I guess.” Gary began. “I went to her house last night and threatened to tell her husband we were having an affair. She laughed in my face and told me she had already told him.”

“And you believed her?” Betty questioned.

“Yes, actually I suppose I do.” Gary replied with exhaustion in his tone.

“Come here and let mother hold you.” Betty offered lifting her left arm to summon him to her. “Yes! I don’t know why you hold that bitch in such high regard, but you do. You’re all stressed out! I can feel the tightness of your body. All you need is a little TLC and you know mama will give it to you.”

Betty held her son close nibbling his ear, still , it took more minutes than she had anticipated, but Betty finally felt her son’s right hand cup her left breast. He thumbed her nipple long moments. His head soon followed and he suckled at her nipple as his right hand explored her leg and thigh, eventually slipping between her legs. She widened her legs to give him access to her pussy.

Carol’s eyebrows lifted but she still was not entirely convinced the mother and son had actually fucked. Comforting a son, letting him see you naked was one thing – fucking him was another. She needed to see more to believe that Betty had told her the truth about her incest with her son. She sat back in her chair staring at the monitor.

Betty was anxious that too much time was slipping by. Her almost nonexistent history with her son told her he should have already taken the initiative and had his cock in her by now. She gently pushed him away from her as she sought to unzip his dress pants and bring forth his erection. She maneuvered backwards a bit and took the head of his cock into her mouth.

She hoped that Carol at a good view of the sofa.

Betty sucked on her son’s cock for a few long minutes, then, stood and removed her housecoat, throwing it to a nearby chair.

She bent to grab hold of the small coffee table and lifted a clear of ataköy masöz escort the front of the sofa to give the camera lens a clear view. She hoped the camera could see the entire sofa giving her new friend a good view.

As she did this, Gary, mindful that he had to return to work without stains on his pants, quickly unbuckled his belt and pushed his pants down below his knees.

Betty closed on her son, straddling him, holding his cock vertical, positioning herself and lowering herself down onto it.

She felt no sense of relief or yearning for sexual intercourse. She and Carol had masturbated together a half hour earlier. Her intent was to service her son, releasing his stress, and giving Carol a first-hand view of what she was reluctant to believe, that her new acquaintance was indeed engaged in an incestuous affair with her son.

Coupling with Gary, she kept him deep inside of her as she moved her ass in a slow rhythmic cycle.

“Is that good baby?” She whispered, knowing full well it was as his moans told her.

“Yes! It is good mom.” He whispered with lustful breath.

“It’s so hard!” She whispered back. “And deep inside of me. Mother’s pussy will take all of your cares away.”

She knew that her microphone could pick up her voice the short distance from the computer to the sink. It wasn’t that much further to the sofa and she hoped Carol could pick up a bit of what transpired.

Betty relied on her weight to keep her son’s cock buried deep inside of her. She knew pretty well how the male mind worked in regard to sexual stimulation. Her son made no effort to bring any rhythm of his own to their coupling. She did not want him to. She did not want to get excited herself. Show and tell was the plan and she would rely on her words to bring him to orgasm.

“You like what I’m doing Gary?” She whispered. “Keeping your big, rock hard cock deep inside of me. It feels like you’re touching my belly button – from the inside. She heard the appropriate moan. You like holding my ass, don’t you?”

“Yes, yes, yes.” Gary replied with lustful desire.

“I bet your balls feel like their going to bust. I know your cock does.” She taunted. “That warm, milky white cum is going to feel soooo good shooting up inside my belly.”

Betty now felt a slight rhythmic push up from her son, indicating he was on the climb to orgasm.

“Yes, think about that cum erupting inside mother’s pussy covering my womb.” She continued, “Fuck mama’s pussy! That bitch don’t deserve a cock as good as yours. Show her you don’t need her pussy. You’ve got a tight pussy anytime you want it right here with Mama. Show me how much you love mother’s pussy. Show me! Show Mama! Come in Mama’s pussy! Come in…!”

“OhhhhhhhAAGggggggg!” Gary groaned, sinking his fingers into his mother’s ass as his cock jerked, pumping a good load into her pussy.

Betty had worked her magic. When the orgasm had left him, she kissed him on the forehead and lifted herself off of him.

“You had better get back to work.” She offered, giving him the out he no doubt wanted. Their incestuous relationship offered up no love to linger over or voice after coupling. “You’re going to be late.” She headed towards the bathroom putting two fingers up, hoping that Carol would understand she would be back in two minutes.

Carol watched Gary fondle his cock as his eyes were no doubt watching his mother walk to the bathroom. His smiling gaze could only be on his mother’s ass telling Carol that he found his mother, not just a good fuck, but truly to his liking. She watched him gather up a few tissues out of the box sitting next to the sofa and wipe his cock dry before quickly dressing. His head quickly jerked, looking towards the bathroom. He exited the trailer quickly.

Betty returned from the bathroom to find her son gone. She sat down at the computer and reattached her microphone, touched the monitor on and repositioned the camera.

“I can’t believe what I just saw!” Carol said with astonishment in her tone. “That was so – so – unbelievable!”

“Carol, if that’s what you want with your son John all you have to do is go after it.” Betty encouraged. “If John did and acted the way you said he did, he made the first move. All you have to do is give in to your desire.”

“I reached orgasm with Gary. Can you believe it!” Carol exclaimed.

“You’re the horniest woman I know – next to me.” Betty laughed. “He’s a good-looking man isn’t he? He’s a bit older than John but very experienced in pleasing a woman. His cock stays hard forever. If you still want to wait a bit to let your son screw you, I could get you and Gary together if you want?”

“Oh heavens Betty! You can’t possibly be serious? Wouldn’t you be jealous? I couldn’t possibly…” Carol exclaimed.

“Jealousy is not in my vocabulary. You have to do something Carol.” Betty again encouraged. “It will help with the stress of dealing with the scars and health issues that’s ataköy otele gelen escort keeping you from letting a man close to you. Your son, from what you’ve told me, doesn’t seem to care a bit about your scars. The desire for mother’s pussy has taken care of that. Hell, I wished I could have had it as easy as you’re going to. But it is a bold step and I understand your hesitancy. Your life will change forever! For the better in my opinion.”

“You really think so?” Carol quizzed, still sounding unsure.

“We’ve talked about a number of scenarios that should work just fine.” Betty encouraged. “Just try one! The next time we talk I would like to hear some positive news. What I’d really like to hear is that you screwed John’s brains out! But I want to invite you to dinner Saturday to meet Gary.”

“Okay Betty.” Carol agreed. “As long as you say you are not jealous?”


After goodbyes with Betty, Carol cut the computer off and got herself a strong drink. It was just after 10 o’clock and her son would be home a little after 11. She intended to be in bed by the time he arrived so she saw no need to put her panties back on under her housecoat. It remained untied.

She was on her second Jack Daniels and still pondering what she had seen on the computer screen and going over the last four years.

The car accident had trapped her in the car and it had caught fire about the time the fire truck arrived. By the time the fire department had cut her from the wreckage she had been burnt over much of her chest down to her feet. It had taken three years and numerous skin graphs to put her back together. She had gone to great lengths not to allow her son to see her devastated body. On seeing her body, her husband had devastated her by finding her body repulsive and unable to touch.

She had allowed him his sexual freedom hoping he would not leave her. She had never complained about his balding head or when he started wearing a toupee but it didn’t work – he left her, filed for divorce and remarried. John and his father had almost come to blows over the abandonment, but his father still continued to pay the college tuition and alimony.

Her son, John, was now 22 and a sophomore in the local college. The accident, no-fault of her own, settlement gave her enough money to live well and have a bit of fun money for her and her son. She hurt constantly but took very few of the prescription pills prescribed to her.

Over the last year, John had become very affectionate and loving. With foot massages, back massages and just wanting to hold her. He had seen a good bit of her scarring and wrinkled skin, but if it bothered him he hid it well. They had even slept in her bed more times than she cared to admit, both having fell asleep watching TV. Too often, her alarm clock woke her only to find her son spooning behind her, his hand on her hip or ass. She soon perceived that if his hand was on her ass he was mostly awake, making it no accident.

Over the last three months their conversations took a turn towards the intimate side. She told him why his father had left. He, in turn, related to her the many sexually frustrating relationships he had had since going to college. He had no steady girlfriend that she knew of, but admitted he was not a virgin. Still, she was not prepared for what had happened 8 days earlier.

During a foot massage with her wearing loose-legged shorts, her son had expanded the massage passed her knees, stroking the inside of her thighs. He had questioned her on how bad she had been injured and why she was not seeking a partner. Knowing his reference, she had answered, “it works just find. Your dad just couldn’t stand the sight of me.” She then remarked on his transgression without telling him to withdraw his hand. He had not withdrawn his hand before he told her how much he loved her and that her scars did not bother him in the least. “Dad is a lowlife. Forget him!” He had said angrily as his hand retracted.

The event had caused her to go searching incest forums on the net looking for answers or advice. Her second day of reading and talking she had met Betty. Betty had informed her of her own incest and the conversation had aroused both and they had masturbated together. A first for her!

Her smile at remembering her son’s words, “forget him”, was suddenly erased from her face as she heard the lock being keyed. With no chance to run, she stretched out on the sofa and pretended to be asleep. With luck, he would go through and not even know she was there.

In her haste, the left side of her housecoat had dropped off of her. The right side of the housecoat only partially covered her right leg. She was unaware of the extent of her nakedness as her son appeared at her feet. Unlike a child fretting sleep, her eyelids were loosely closed, her hands on her belly securing the rest of the robe.

As a long minute passed, she did not need to attempt a squint to know that her son was ataköy rus escort standing there looking at her. She was now aware of the difference in temperature from her covered torso and exposed bottom half and he was undoubtedly staring at her bare pussy, void of hair and her blistered thighs. She listened intently for a footstep that would tell her he had run afoul of something he shouldn’t be seeing and hasten away. She heard no sound of footsteps. What she did hear was the sound of a zipper – without doubt his zipper – being pulled down.

It was difficult to keep her body relaxed and calm her mind that screamed, “My Lord what is he doing? What is he going to do?”

20-year-old John had sufficient illumination to study the slim, 5’8″ tall, 108lb body that was his 38-year-old mother. He knew his mother’s butt was rounded and well proportioned to her body and he desperately wanted to see it, though light in weight her ass was obscured by it sinking into the cushy cushions.

Her wrinkled skin, scarred from the heat, caused him distress only because of the pain she must have suffered. Her pussy and mound had somehow received only minor burns, as it was still relatively smooth though hairless. He hated his father even more.

To Carol, the long minutes seemed to go on forever. She half expected but felt no touch. Soon, she could hear his increased breathing confirming her fear of what he was doing. He was jerking off standing there looking at her – her exposed bottom half – her pussy.

She could not stand it any longer. She opened her eyes. She saw her son stroking his cock. She saw his momentary shock of lifted eyebrows and backward jerk of his body but he did not stop.

Long, long, moments, that seemed like minutes, past as they stared into each others’ eyes. Carol realized her chance for discretion had passed. She had become caught up in the moment and the burning at her crotch. She wanted to let him know he was not transgressing.

Still, it took every ounce of courage she could muster to move – to pull her left foot back till her knee was high, then, she dropped it to the left giving him an unobstructed view of her pussy. She hoped the overhead kitchen light was sufficient illumination.

He beat his cock harder for a short minute. She caught his slight movement to his right.

“No! You stay right where you are and, if you must, continue what you are doing.” Her last words made her feel stupid and naïve.

“Mother please!” He pleaded.

“You have got all you’re going to get until I have time to think.” Carol responded in a strong tone. “Stop looking me in the eyes! Look between my legs. Keep your eyes on my pussy! I’m giving you all I can right now.”

With those words she became silent not giving her son a bit of help to finish – to orgasm. His eyes remained glued to her pussy as he jerked his cock with determination.

“Ohhh! Fuck!” He moaned as his cock jerked shooting his cum once, twice onto the arm of the leather sofa. The third squirt fell short onto the hardwood floor.

Carol waited until she thought her son’s orgasm was spent.

“I think it’s best you go straight to bed.” She said sternly. “I’ll clean up your mess.”

“Mom, let me explain.” John attempted.

“You can explain yourself tomorrow night. Now go! Before I really lose my temper.”

“But you spread…” he insisted.

“I know what I did son! I damn well know what I did! Let me think some. Now go to bed!”

John rushed off like a scolded child and slammed his bedroom door.

After a few minutes lying there pondering her situation and what had happened, Carol went to the kitchen to wet a few paper towels. Before wiping up his semen with a paper towel, she swirled her forefinger and middle finger through his semen on the sofa arm and touched it to her tongue.


Wednesday night; Gary and Betty sat in the local pizza parlor up the hill from his apartment. Betty has spent most of the meal telling her son about Carol and her many obstacles and desires.

“I can’t believe what you did?” Gary scolded his mother in a near whisper. “Don’t you know incest is against the law?”

“Carol is not going to say anything.” Betty defended. “Besides, I told her that you would be more than happy to give her some cock. You can get past her scarred body for some good pussy, can’t you? She thinks you’re handsome and I told her you wouldn’t give a damn about her being burnt. If she hasn’t bedded her son yet I think she may be willing to come to dinner.”

“You’re a nutcase mom. A real nutcase.” Gary joked. “You’re willing to let me fuck a friend of yours? An acquaintance is more the word!”

“You saw her face. She’s a very attractive woman wouldn’t you say?” Betty continued, not answering his question right off. “She says her pussy might be hairless but it’s good as gold. And to answer your question, I would not be the least bit jealous. I just want to be there. How about it?”

“Whatever you decide mom.” Gary replied. “I’m not going to let a few scars keep me from getting some new pussy.”

Having left the pizza parlor, Gary was waiting for a car to pass to make a left into his mother’s trailer park.

“You’re coming in, aren’t you?” Betty queried in a soft tone.

“You want me to come in?” Gary queried back.

“You know I do.”

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