Mom Named Barbie Ch. 25

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Chapter 25 – Slut has best birthday ever; story concludes, or does it?

First there was Sabrina lying on her back with an equally plastic looking woman lying between her legs eating her pussy. Jim leaned close telling Jay Sabrina was rarely allowed to play with guys, Dan and Sabrina mostly only associated with couples similar to them, the old guys paraded their younger women around like they are prized livestock, trying to make people jealous as if they are saying ‘look at what I’ve got’, thus why the girls are usually limited to only playing with each other.

On the other bed were two men and a thin older woman which Jay recognized as Teri, she was sucking a cock as the other pounded her pussy hard, it looked like she had found a couple guys who took her up on her offer after Jay had turned her down.

The four of them watched as the cock filled Teri’s pussy with cum, instantly replaced by another hard dick when the previous one finished, before they walked back out into the main room a third man was fucking Teri and she was sucking a different dick and it appeared she had no intentions of stopping anytime soon. There was no telling how many men had already fucked Teri before they had Jay and Barbie had come upstairs to the hospitality room.

Up until now Jay had not noticed Barbie’s reaction to what they had witnessed, he had been mesmerized by the abundant sexual activity taking place in the suite and the bedrooms. He had not seen that as others crowded into the first bedroom behind them men were playing with Barbie’s large tits and squeezing her ass through the thin dress, and while he was watching Teri being fucked by multiple guys Jay didn’t know Barbie was wishing it was her on the bed being serviced by different men. The twinge between her legs was made worse when a man beside her moved his hand to Barbie’s pussy sliding his fingers through her meaty lips almost causing her to have an orgasm the instant he touched her cunt.

Jim asked Jay if there was anything they would like to do or were they content with just watching; when Jay turned to Barbie the sexual frustration she was experiencing was obvious, from the expression on her face he could tell she was more than ready to join in. When Jay asked Barbie what she wanted to do she remembered her role as Jay’s property and the slut did not have permission to come out and play.

“I am ok with whatever you want to do, or want me to do” and as she answered Barbie pulled his hand between her legs having him feel her wet and swollen pussy indicating the need for attention.

Jay felt he had tortured Barbie long enough, and after all, it was her birthday, his slave had obeyed him well and she deserved to have fun on her special day. But rather than have her jump on one of the beds and be mauled by numerous guys Jay chose to have Barbie start slow in the main room of the suite. Seeing a vacant spot on one of the sofas, Jay thanked Jim and Karen for the tour politely telling Jim they would sit down and watch for a while before deciding if they wanted to be involved with others.

Sitting on the sofa Jay had Barbie kneel on the floor between his legs, not because he was disrespecting her or because she was his slave, but because he had plans for her. There was a man sitting by himself to Jay’s right, and a couple sitting on his left, each of them watching intently as the tall sexy mature woman knelt in front of the younger man. Jay began to massage Barbie’s shoulders, while the tender touch relaxed the muscles in her upper body it offered no relief to the tension she was feeling between her legs.

The guy on his right looked on as Jay moved his hands to Barbie’s firm round breasts, lifting each one as he kneaded and massaged the firm globes causing the hot, horny woman to moan softly. Taking hold of the sheer fabric of the dress Jay pulled it up and off over Barbie’s head, leaving her completely nude except for the red pumps, the red leather collar and the shiny anklet with the word ‘S-L-U-T’ hanging from it. Placing his hands on her shoulders Jay gently pulled Barbie toward him, moving her hands to the front of his slacks, she would know what to do next.

Barbie unbuckled the belt then unfastened the front of Jay’s slacks pulling the zipper down; she freed his erection from his boxers immediately taking it in her mouth. Finally getting to touch an actually cock Barbie was overcome with lust; she eagerly dined on the delicious piece of meat. Her lips hastily moved up and down the shaft hungering for her mouth to be filled with her Master’s sweet seed, Jay put a hand on each side of her head slowing the pace, he was not ready for Barbie to finish him yet.

Jay looked to the guy on his right; he had pulled his dick through the opening in the front of his shorts and was slowly stroking himself as he watched the horny woman engulf the entire length of the young cock. He nodded to Jay as if asking permission to touch the naked woman sucking his cock. canlı bahis When Jay responded by motioning with his head and eyes that it was ok the guy wasted no time placing his hands on Barbie’s body. At first she jumped feeling another set of hands on her bare flesh but she offered no objection to being touched by another man continuing to bob her head in Jay’s lap.

The man pointed to Barbie’s hand then to his cock indicating he wanted to put her hand in his lap, instead of answering Jay moved Barbie’s hand to the leg of the man beside him. She did not hesitate sliding the palm of her hand across the stranger’s leg wrapping her fingers around his rigid pole. As she stroked the stranger’s dick Barbie moaned louder as if she were in pain needing something hard inside her horny cunt more than ever.

The man from the couple on Jay’s left moved to the floor behind Barbie placing a hand on her round ass cheeks, he assumed since Jay had already given permission to the other guy to touch Barbie it was ok, if Jay did not approve he would politely move away. When Jay gave no indication he could not proceed the man began squeezing Barbie’s ass with both hands, which in turn caused her to move her hips in circular motions pushing her butt back against him. This caused Barbie to moan even more, aching for her spasming pussy to be filled with a hot dick; she looked up at Jay, pleading with her eyes for permission to do more.

Pulling her mouth off his cock Jay felt it was time to let Barbie enjoy her birthday, with a hand under each arm Jay pulled her face to his giving her a passionate kiss. When their lips separated Jay quietly whispered to her.

“The slut has permission to play now, it’s your first birthday as Barbie, you are free to fulfill the fantasies you have kept harbored all these years. You can finally be yourself and do not have to feel guilty about it.”

“Thank you Sir, thank you.”

Thrilled by what Jay had told her Barbie put her mouth back on his cock wanting to show her appreciation for the gift of his permission to have uninhibited, limitless sex. When the man behind her slide two fingers into her wet tunnel Barbie screamed as an orgasm instantly raced through her body, her pussy quivered and her juices shot from her cunt soaking the floor beneath her. She pushed back in an attempt to fuck the thick fingers still inside her wanting to cum again, which did not take long, she shook all over as the second orgasm took control.

When she felt the fingers vacate her aching cunt Barbie pushed her hips back wanting him to put them back inside, but instead of fingers she felt the head of a dick parting her thick pussy lips. At last she was getting what she needed, a cock in her cunt. Barbie moved her hips back forcing more of the hard rod inside her aching pussy; from her movements the man behind her could tell the slut on her knees in front of him was not just begging to be fucked, she wanted him to give her everything he had.

He shoved the entire length of his dick into Barbie in one motion causing her to have a third orgasm, everyone in the room heard her this time as she screamed from the intense pleasure. He immediately began driving his cock harder and deeper into Jay’s horny slave, his stomach slapping loudly against Barbie’s bare ass. She forgot all about what she was doing with her mouth, concentrating on the powerful fucking she was receiving from behind.

Soon his body stiffened and Barbie felt her cunt being filled with sticky white spunk, she pushed her ass back wanting to keep the cock in her pussy until his balls had completely emptied their contents inside her. With her pussy now empty of dick, but still just as horny as she was before being fucked, Barbie went back to work on her Master’s penis, momentarily putting his satisfaction before hers.

The noise from her orgasms had caused a crowd to gather circling the sofa as they watched the uninhibited mature slut sucking the young man’s cock; she worked her mouth up and down like a professional. Often burying her face in his lap forcing the long prick into her throat, she would keep her head down trying to milk the cock with the muscles in her neck. Everyone in the crowd was amazed at how long the horny slut could stay down without needing breathe.

Barbie moan louder each time the group chanted and cheered, calling her nasty, terrible names, saying ‘suck it bitch; that’s the way a horny slut should suck dick; look at that whore go, she can’t get enough’. Names that outside of the sexually charged atmosphere would have been degrading and offensive, but under these conditions the dirty talk only fueled Barbie’s desire to prove to them she deserved the labels they placed upon her.

Hearing the erotic talk and feeling Barbie increasing the intensity of sucking his dick Jay was rapidly approaching the point of no return, his orgasm came and went as did his cum shooting into his mother’s mouth. For a brief moment Jay saw the naked slut kneeling on the bahis siteleri floor between his legs swallowing his sperm as the woman that had given birth to him, just a little more than six months ago he could have never imagined Barbara would be so comfortable being fucked and eagerly sucking cock in front of a crowd of strangers.

While Barbara had always been popular with the men in their small town due to her awesome sexy body, none of them knew their fantasies about his mom did not even come close to the slut she actually was. Jay wondered, not that he blamed his dad, but what would his parents life had been like had his dad allowed his wife to act on her extreme sexual cravings the way Jay was, encouraging her not to be ashamed of being her true self.

She held Jay’s dick in her mouth until it began to soften then she let it slide from her shiny wet lips, Barbie looked to the man on her Master’s right asking him “Do you want to fuck?”

He barely got out a ‘yes’ when she took him by the hand going into the same room where Sabrina and Teri had been. Teri was still on one bed but Sabrina had finished and the bed she was on was vacant.

Barbie fell back on the bed and with her hands behind her knees she pulled her legs up and held them open “Ok, come on, it’s my fortieth birthday and I want to fuck”.

The man did not have to be told twice, he jumped between Barbie’s legs plunging his cock into her quivering cunt, he fucked her hard and fast his dick resembling a piston going in and out of Barbie’s well lubricated cylinder. The crowd from the suite had moved following Barbie into the bedroom, on the two beds they were treated to a show of sluts begging to be fucked.

Barbie had not noticed Teri was still on the bed now being serviced by her eighth or ninth lover of the night. Jay watched as Teri realized she had competition from the woman her husband so openly lusted for, Barbie’s loud noises of sexual pleasure were natural but each time she moaned Teri would mimic Barbie’s sounds even louder, it was as if she was trying to be more of a slut than the tall horny woman with the perfect curvaceous body.

But where Teri felt the need to surpass the voluptuous woman’s sexual performance, Barbie’s actions were real, for the first time in her life she had the freedom to be completely uninhibited allowing her slut side to indulge in as much carnal pleasure as she could physically endure. Teri was clearly frustrated when the crowd around the bed she was on moved to watch Barbie enthusiastically fuck her hips up matching her lover’s strokes.

For the more than two hours Barbie had a cock in her cunt or her mouth, often both holes were filled at the same time, she did not even bother trying to keep track of her orgasms as they were coming one after another with the sheet and mattress becoming soaking wet under her ass. Teri must have finally accepted defeat even though for Barbie she was not competing with her, Barbie had no clue what Teri meant when she said ‘You win’ as she left the room pulling Alan out with her.

After another hour of fucking Barbie surrendered, she held a thick white hotel towel between her legs attempting to catch the tremendous amount of thick white liquid flowing out of her abused swollen cunt. For anyone keeping score Barbie’s pussy had been filled by thirteen men including the guy who had fucked her doggie-style in the main room, and she had swallowed cum from eight more, nine if they counted Jay. Teri surrendered with ten men having filled her tiny body with cum and sucking off only four. Jay heard the people in the crowd saying the swinger club had not witnessed a performance like Barbie’s in over ten years, and none from a woman who was so blessed with a natural sexy body, they gave her a well-deserved standing ovation.

Among those who had fucked Barbie were all three of the other husbands who had sat at their table during the party. Jim had the pleasure of being the cock that forced Barbie to admit she could not take anymore. Alan had returned without Teri but each time he attempted a turn at Barbie, true to their pact, Jennifer and Karen would distract him causing Alan to miss the opportunity, he soon gave up and went back to his room with his skinny defeated wife.

Still in a sexual fog Barbie felt a body join her on the bed, physically exhausted she really didn’t care who it was as long as they did not try to put a dick in her sore pussy. When the soft lips touched hers Barbie instinctively kissed them back, she felt a small hand gently caress her bruised tits. It wasn’t until she put her arms around the thin form that had joined her on the bed Barbie realized the person kissing her was not a man, she opened her eyes to see Kandi lying beside her.

Sure she had kissed a woman before, but it had only been a friendly peck on the lips, this was the first time Barbie had shared a real kiss with another woman. Kandi’s light touch felt much different than that of a man, her soft lips were bahis şirketleri a welcome relief after having been kissed hard by so many men, and her small gentle hands were soothing on Barbie’s bare skin. Rather than rejecting the attention from another woman Barbie found Kandi’s tender affection comforting after willingly submitting her body to vigorous sexual abuse from so many men.

Barbie pulled Kandi on top of her passionately returning her delicate slow kisses, she discovered the sensation of having the naked body of another woman against her bare skin, although in a much different way than that of a man, could be very erotic. With Kandi not having a penis there was no rush to intercourse; Barbie passively lay back on the bed allowing the slim younger woman to slowly explore her voluptuous womanly form.

Kandi moved from Barbie’s lips kissing her face then moving down to her neck, she kissed her way to the full firm D-cup tits standing high on Barbie’s chest tenderly sucking and nibbling on the long thick nipples gently squeezing the firm mounds with her tiny hands. Kandi slid her tongue over Barbie’s flat stomach leaving a thin trail of glistening saliva from Barbie’s tits to her pussy. With her head now between Barbie’s legs she threw the towel on the floor, the young girl moved to the end of the bed forcing Barbie’s thighs open.

White goo was still flowing from Barbie’s cunt when Kandi’s tongue lovingly parted the thick meaty lips; she sucked each one into her mouth flicking her tongue over the sensitive flesh. Barbie’s body was already responding to the strange new sensations of a woman giving her oral pleasure, with her eyes closed and her mouth forming a small ‘O’ low moans of sexual bliss filled the room. Barbie was discovering what most of the woman at the party already knew, sex with a woman was more sensual and intimate than with a man and the feeling of a soft feminine body next to hers was equally arousing.

Sliding her tongue into Barbie’s tunnel, which had become a semen reservoir for thirteen men, Kandi placed her mouth over the red swollen pussy in front of her sucking the spunk from Barbie’s overflowing cunt. The sexy mature woman on the bed was having trouble laying still as the young woman delicately relieved her fuck hole of the thick salty liquid that had been deposited inside. The sensation was so incredible Barbie’s head was rocking back and forth and her eyes glossed over rolling back in her head, although Barbie had responds in much the same way with a man somehow this was different, it seemed only another woman truly knows how to orally satisfy a woman.

Feeling she had sufficiently cleansed Barbie’s vagina of the copious amount of sperm Kandi shifted her attention to the hard bud protruding from the thin hood of skin at the top of Barbie’s pussy, when Kandi initially flicked the clit with the tip of her tongue Barbie’s body jerked as if she had be shocked by a bolt of electricity. She screamed pushing her crotch hard against Kandi’s face, the next time the soft small tongue touched the overly excited button Barbie’s head jerked back and she grabbed a handful of blonde hair preventing Kandi from pulling her mouth off her pussy.

The cute young girl slipped a thin finger inside Barbie’s cunt rubbing against the upper part of her vagina having no trouble locating the G-spot, Barbie was bucking her hips off the mattress forcing Kandi to trap her clit between her teeth; the mature woman’s pussy instantly erupted flooding Kandi’s face as juices squirted from her cunt, but the young girl refused to stop her oral attack on the older slut’s pussy.

With Barbie screaming, holding onto the sheet with both hands to prevent her body from becoming airborne Kandi pulled her mouth off the spasming cunt, slipping two more fingers inside Barbie she massaged the hard ridge that had developed at the upper part inside Barbie’s pussy. It only took a few strokes for Barbie’s cunt to erupt again, female ejaculate shooting out of her body like a fountain, not only once; but each time Kandi manipulated her G-spot juices spewed from Barbie’s body.

This was definitely a first for Barbie, even though she had squirted before no one had ever caused her pussy to go off so easily so many times. Finally, not able to breathe, Barbie pleaded with Kandi to stop due to the intensity of the stimulation; she pushed Kandi’s hand away clamping her thighs together rolling onto her stomach. Barbie extended a hand to Kandi pulling her down onto the bed beside her, she passionately kissed Kandi thanking her for the exquisite pleasure she had so selflessly given her. Then Barbie did something that shocked Jay yet again, Barbie did not hesitate rolling Kandi onto her back and moving her head between young girl’s slim tender legs.

Barbie went down on Kandi like it was something she did regularly, but with it being her first time giving another woman oral sex Barbie was unsure where to begin, she searched with her tongue through the folds of Kandi’s pussy trying to find the perfect spot to please her. Finally remembering the techniques she liked best when having her own pussy licked Barbie recreated the same motions with her tongue on Kandi’s vagina.

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