Mom, Is That You?

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Alina Li

She stood in the mirror applying her makeup. Her hips swaying back and forth. My mother, the sexiest woman I have ever laid my eyes on in my entire 20 years of life. The tight little black skirt she wore hugged her curves. Her large 34 D breasts almost popping out of the top. She adjusted them, pushing them up higher. I knew that when she went out with her friends she would always look for a good fuck. She would return home the next morning telling me that she spent the night at Kristen’s house, but I would steal her phone when she wasn’t looking and read the text message from her lover from the previous night. My mother went out with her girlfriends a lot. I loved the thought though. My mother, a sexy, slutty, milf who was not afraid to show off what she has. She ran her fingers through her blonde hair, tossing it around making it look messy. I imagine that is how it looks when she is fucking as well. She was a short woman, standing at only 5’3 but her short height was complemented by her beautiful curves, big tits, and plump ass. I felt my cock rising in my pants as I watched her get ready. I covered it with one of the couch pillows. My mother turned to me and smiled. I wonder if she noticed that I was getting aroused. She said nothing about it. She walked towards me and kissed me on the cheek.

“Don’t throw any wild parties while I’m gone.” She teased me. She loved to tease. I imagine she was the same way in bed as well. Making her lover wait. Knowing that he was putty in her hands. I closed my eyed briefly imagining it. When she pulled away I smiled back at her.

“I won’t, I’ll just relax by myself tonight.” I told her. She started walking towards the door.

“If you want to have a few girls over that is fine with me.” She teased again. I laughed at her joke, but the thought of her imagining me fuck crossed my mind. I’m sure the thought has crossed her mind. Maybe not as often as I imagined her, but I think that I would be about the same type as she fucks when she goes out. I stand tall at 6’4. I have brown eyes and brown hair that spikes up at the front. My cock is above average in size, maxing out at about 7 inches. I also have plenty of experience. I imagine that if my mother and I were lovers we would be very good together.

The sound of the door closing snapped me out of my daydream. I watched as my mother walked down the driveway to Kristen’s car. Her hips swinging back and forth. Her juicy ass bouncing slightly with each step. As soon as she stepped into the car, I stripped naked. I needed to masturbate. My mother has made me incredibly horny. I went into my room and I shut the door. I grabbed my laptop and typed in my favorite porn site’s search bar the exact description of my mother. “Blonde hair, blue eyes, big tit, milf gets fucked hard.” I scrolled through the first couple of pages. I have watched most of those video’s already countless times. I wanted something different. When I scrolled onto the 7th page I came across a avcılar elit escort video “Milf Mia Homemade Slut.”

“Wow, same name as mom.” I said to myself clicking on the video. The image of the video was a pair of big tits with a cock wedged in between them. The video opens up and I could not believe my eyes.

“Please state your name for the camera.” The man behind the camera said to my mother. She sat completely nude, her big tits sticking out proudly. I examined every inch of her body. Her large nipples standing erect. Her thick legs crossed hiding her pussy. She smiled back at him and bit her lip.

“My name is Mia.” She replied. Her voice echoed in my head confirming that it was in fact her, and not just some look alike.

“Very nice. Is this your first homemade porno?” The man asked. She nodded in reply.

“First video, but I have had plenty of experience.” She laughed and spread her legs. For the first time I saw my mother’s pussy. It was shaven, and surprisingly tight for a woman who has had as much sex as she has. It was obvious she took good care of it. I watched as she ran her hand down to her pussy and teasingly rubbed it for the cameraman. He zoomed in on it and I could hear him moan.

“Mmm wow, and how old are you Mia?” He asked her. She covered her pussy now.

“Haven’t you ever heard its rude to ask a woman her age?” She teased him.

“I’m very sorry. I just-” He said then she cut him off mid-sentence.

“I’m 47 years old.”

“Wow, very sexy milf aren’t you? Have you ever been with two men at once?” He asked. She nodded.

“Yes, a couple times.” She laughed and spread her legs again. Into the frame walked a very well hung black man. His cock right in her face. I could not believe what I was seeing as she wrapped her hand around his thick cock and began stroking it slowly. Her free hand rubbed on her tight pink pussy

“Wow sexy and slutty.” The man holding the camera said. He stood up, and knelt down. He held the camera up so it seemed like he was looking up at my mother. He rubbed his hands on her big soft breasts. She let out a moan as she opened her mouth. I began slowly stroking my cock as I watched her slap the man’s cock against her tongue stroking it more rapidly now. I could hear the camera man eating her pussy. Her eyes closed in pure pleasure as she wrapped her mouth around the thick black cock. I knew not to stroke my cock to fast because my mother had so much more to do, but I wanted to cum so badly. I heard the black man moaning as her tongue swirled around his thick cock. She moaned around it from the pleasure of getting her pussy eaten. She deepthroated the man’s big thick cock and he held her against it until she gagged and her face turned red.

“Ugghh fuck, such a good slut.” He moaned out as ge released her. A long trail of saliva extended from his cock to her mouth.

“That’s right…mmmm fuck baby…Mmm I am avcılar escort your milf slut to use.” She moaned out as she returned onto his cock. He grabbed onto the back of her head and began fucking her face. She moaned around his cock and tried to break free. I could hear the camera man’s tongue slapping against her soaking pussy. Her breathing became rapid as I watched her tits bounce from the force he was fucking her face. As she screamed against his cock he released her. She began to have an intense orgasm. The camera man turned the camera to her pussy. Her legs were shaking, she was screaming as he sucked on her clit. She laid down on the bed. I saw her pussy juices flowing out of her.

“Ahhhh fuck!” She screamed out loud. The camera man stood up and moved over so that his well hung cock was by her face. She took him in. The camera in the POV angle. I imagined that the cock my mother was now sucking was my own. She deepthraoted him. Her tongue working around his cock. She released but immediately returned. The camera shot down and showed the black man positioning himself, raising up her legs and slamming his thick cock deep into her soaking wet pussy. He started slow but quickly picked up his pace. My mother’s pussy firmly gripped his large thick cock. The camera moved zoomed out showing her tits bouncing from the force of his thrusts. The camera man slapped and groped her tits.

“You like that you slut? You like being fucked by two big cocks?” She nodded as she sucked his cock. She was licking down his shaft moaning loudly as she stroked him. She took the camera man’s ball and began sucking on it. “Holy fuck you’re so good.” The camera man moaned. The camera panned down to show the black cock pounding her rapidly. Her tits jiggling and her legs spread wide in a V. The black man moaned out loudly and he threw his head back. My mother was so close, I could tell by her screams, but so was he. He gripped tight on her legs.

“Faster baby…fuck me harder.” She moaned and let out a silent scream. “AHHH YES YES…FUCK cum in my milf pussy.” She moaned out. I saw the white cream of his cum oozing out of her pussy. That was followed by a large squirt of her own cum.

“Ffffuuuccck.” The man moaned out as his cock slipped out of her. The camera man moved down to her pussy and showed it. His white cum around it along with her own juices. She stroked the thick black cock and cleaned him off with her tongue.

“Hope you can recover quickly.” She teased smiling at him.

“I doubt that would be a problem. Sexy milf like you should get me hard again quick.” She moaned at the words.

“Where is my other cock?” She teased looking into the camera. I knew my mother was a slut, but never this much! She craved cock. She needed it. She finishes off one man, she needs another to replace him.

“Turn over Mia, let me see that beautiful ass of yours.” He says. She obeys turning so that her thick ass sticks avcılar eve gelen escort straight up in the air. “Mmmm such a sexy milf ass.” He says and spanks her hard, leaving a red mark. She moans as she gets spanked. The camera man lays down and she poisons herself so she rides him. He moans as she lowers herself down onto his thick cock. She rolls her hips in a circle as she slowly rides his cock. Up and down she goes, her tight pussy tight around him. I began to stroke again, this time I couldn’t help but cum hard fit my mother. My eyes could not leave the computer screen as I watched. Her hair tossed just as I imagined it.

“Fuck take this.” He says. He hands the camera to the black man who positions it so that you can see her riding him at the side angle. She began picking up speed. The white man begins fucking her back his hands gripping her ass. Her large breasts bounce up and down as she bounces on his cock. He spanks her once again and she moans out loudly, throwing her head backing pleasure. She leans forward as the black man positions himself so that his cock is at her asshole.

“Ugghhh fuck! Yes please!” She moans out loudly turning to both men then looking at the camera. As he penetrates her asshole I shoot another hot loud, my hand gripping my cock as I watch my slut of a mother take one cock in her pussy and another in her asshole. Slowly the black man slides his thick cock back and forth inside her. My mother screams in pain and in pleasure. He begins picking up speed until both cocks are slamming into her in unison.

“Fuck you are such a slut mom.” I moan out watching intently my eyes glued to the video. She looks into the camera almost as if she is staring back at me. I watch as the white man spanks one ass cheek as the black man spanks the other. She screams in pleasure and grips the bed sheets. Both men plow into her rapidly. Again she cums, harder than ever. Her whole body shaking. She screams out.

“OH GOD! OH FUCK! FUCK! GOD! FUCK!” Is all she is able to say as she orgasms. Her juices squirting all over the white man’s cock. He slips out from under her. She lays motionless as he grabs the camera. He turns her around and positions himself on top of her.

“You want my cum baby? You want me to cum all over your pretty milf face you slut?” He asks as he slides his cock in between her tits. She grabs her tits and pushes them together forming a tight grip on his cock.

“Yes baby, cum all over my milf face.” She moans out. Rapidly he fucks her tits as if they were a pussy. It does not take long before he shoots a loud of cum all over my beautiful mothers face. She opens her mouth catching all she can in her mouth. He covers her face with his hot cum. And just like that, the video was over.

“Holy fuck.” I say laying down on my bed. I replay the video in my mind. It still vivid. The way she was being used. Her voice, her moans, her screams. The way she looked into the camera as she fucked. How she looked while fucking. The way the men talked to her. The way she responded. All of these things run through my head as I process what I just saw. I knew what I had to do. I bookmarked the video for later use and laid down in my bed. My cock still throbbing. “I’m going to show this to mom when she gets home.” I say to myself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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