Mirabelle and Me Ch. 06

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After our amazing erotic and exotic adventure in the shower we took our time slowly drying each other and getting ready for bed. I was exhausted and Mira was as well. We climbed in under the covers when I reached over and turned off the alarm and pressed a button next to the bed which drew blackout curtains down from the window casement ensuring complete dark in the room.

“Would you just be a wonderful man and hold me?” Mira asked.

“Baby, for you, anything! As much as I would love to be superman I am worn out… in so many wonderful ways all thanks to you!” I replied.

She rolled onto her side and I scooted in to spoon her. As I did so Mira reached back and positioned my cock in the crack of her ass. “Right where he belongs…” she sighed. I reached over her and gently cupped one of her enormous breasts and within minutes the only sound to be heard was deep rhythmic breathing from both of us.

It seemed like only a few moments that my eyes were shut but then I looked at the clock telling me it was 9:30 in the morning. Seven hours of sleep and I had a morning hard on like no other. We hadn’t even moved an inch all night we were so worn out. I very slowly and gently relinquished my hold of Mira’s breast and as quietly as possible headed off to the bathroom. It took a while for the morning hardness to subside so that I could pee and thoughts of the night before and our games in the shower…. Seemed a shame to waste a huge amount of pee but there would be plenty of time for more of that I hoped.

After brushing my teeth I crept to the kitchen and cranked up the espresso machine. I returned to the bedroom with two big mugs of steaming cappuccino and a couple of warmed croissants with strawberry jam a sweet butter to find Mira stretching luxuriously and I could smell the sexual heat coming off of her even through the strong coffees and pastry I was carrying.

“You think of everything…” she sighed as she looked up at me sleepily.

Mira sat up and patted the bed. “Get back in here baby… I’ll be right back” Mira said as she arose and made her way to the bathroom.

I pressed the blackout button and the curtains rose to bathe my bedroom in the light of a beautiful day outside. I looked at the clock again which was tied into an outdoor weather station – it was already 79f outside – promising to be a hot one.

Mira came back from the restroom looking refreshed and radiant. Her hair was brushed out and I could immediately smell the mint from the mouthwash. I watched in awe as she literally swayed across the room and climbed back into my bed. I handed her a cup.

“So what do we do today baby?” I asked her between sips.

“Repeat performance of everything from yesterday?” she grinned and giggled.

“Now that sounds like a plan to me” I laughed.

Realistically though I wanted to do so much more so I put my coffee down and looked sincerely into her eyes. “How about if we not only do a repeat performance of yesterday but also throw in some real together time. What would you like to do today aside from getting nasty and using each other as sex toys with pulses?” I asked.

“Oh… you mean like doing something that couples would do out in public?” she asked.

“Yep – I want to take you out and see the world through newly minted eyes with you on my arm to show off!” I replied. “Besides, with my ankle all healed I think it’s time for a spin in the Triumph don’t you?”

Mirabelle looked at me adoringly but there was something there in her eyes that said she was thinking about something.

“What is it honey?” I asked.

“You know I don’t feel good about myself Aaron. With all this extra weight on me I just don’t feel like anyone would want to have me around these days. It’s why I react the way I do when you say words like ‘beautiful’ and ‘sexy’ to me.” She answered.

“Mira… my dear Mira… you are truly a magnificent woman in all the right ways! So what if you don’t slot into anorexic glossy mag ideals of what women are supposed to look like. Do you want to conform to the media’s idea of current culture sexy? I have zero hesitation in saying that you are stunningly beautiful and the sexiest woman I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. I would be proud in any situation to have you side by side with me no matter where we are, anytime, anyplace” I told her.

Mira’s eyes started to tear up and she gently reached over and cupped my face and kissed me with such tenderness and love that I started to tear up as well. Not only that but my cock immediately rose to full attention which became obvious as the bed sheet rose along with me.

As we kissed, Mira started to roam her hands over my chest, gently pinching my nipples. Then she reached down to find my cock and discovered my huge erection. Wrapping her hand around it she purred and simply growled “good boy”.

“So what are we going to do about this big hard cock honey? We can’t go out with you needing a warm wet place to nestle into all day now can we? He needs to be drained of all that yummy cum so you can be presentable in public” bostancı escort bayan she grinned.

“You can do whatever your lustful heart desires darling” I replied as she grabbed my sheet-encased cock and started to stroke me.

Where the sheet met the tip of my cock, a wet spot appeared. Mira swung around and engulfed my penis breathing her hot breath around my shaft. It felt wonderful and I was lost in a second to her ministrations.

Mira was stroking me and sucking me with the sheet still mummifying my penis but that didn’t last too long. She stopped what she was doing just long enough to fling the sheet off of me and then resumed her expert blow job. I was laying back lost in time and space, floating with the angels and feeling loved.

Mira was taking her time hitting all the right places. She popped my cock out of her mouth and started to take long slow licks up my shaft finishing each track by tickling my cock just underneath the flared head with tip of her tongue as if she was licking a clit. From the base of my sac to the tip of my penis, she kept this up driving me crazy. After about 20 minutes of long slow and tortuous licks, she again lifted and spread my legs, lowered her head and started to lightly flick my asshole with just the tip of her tongue. The stimulation was intensely pleasurable and kept me at a heightened level of lust that had me grinding my ass back towards her tongue trying to get more contact with each touch.

Mira let go of one of my legs and reached up to grab my hand that was clutching at the sheet by my side. I thought she wanted to just hold hands but she had other ideas. She guided my hand to my rock hard cock, wrapped it around it and started me stroking my cock while continuing to lick my asshole. I got the idea and looked at her between my legs as I stroked myself. She had that look of lust and love in her eyes, like a tiger crouched and attentive on the prowl, as she moved closer and started to wiggle her tongue into my ass.

I was in the throes of intense physical pleasure when I felt her tongue leave my back door to be replaced with the tip of her finger. As I kept stroking my meat for Mira’s eyes, she very slowly slipped her long middle finger inside of me. The intrusion from this woman was more than welcome, unlike some earlier experiences with other lovers, I welcomed her anal play. She slowly withdrew her finger from my ass and as I watched her, she reached between her legs and covered her fingers with her slippery pussy juice, then brought them back to my asshole.

“Does my baby like this?” Mira asked as she easily slid one very slippery finger back inside of me.

All I could do was groan and moan and nod my head as I jacked my cock faster. I kept my eyes locked on hers as she picked up the tempo, matching my faster strokes each time all the while making sure to apply pressure to my prostate gland with each stroke. I had never felt anything like this in my life and couldn’t help but stroke my cock faster and harder with each passing moment.

Mira reached her other hand up and encircled the base of my cock tightly using two fingers as a cock ring to prevent my quick release. All the while she kept plunging her finger in and out of my ass while I jerked my cock. Damn I needed to cum badly but her grip on the base of my cock was keeping me from squirting my load.

“Baby, I need to cum… please… ” I panted as my body ached and writhed so wonderfully with the need for release.

“Very soon darling… just keep going… you have no idea how wet I am watching you stroke that beautiful big cock while fucking your sexy ass” she replied as she then opened her mouth and started licking, sucking and kissing my balls.

It was all too much – the intense stimulation from so many points had me right on the edge of an explosion. My brain was in overdrive and my body was writhing with a mind of its own. “I’m going to explode baby” I managed to scream out.

Mira quickly reached up and covered my stoking hand with hers, scooted up so that my cock was aimed at her face and started finger fucking me faster.

With the release of her tight grip around the base of my cock, and her hand on mine speeding up my masturbation coupled with her digit inside of me, I felt like I blew the lower half of my body out the tip of my cock. The first huge volley hit Mira squarely across her entire face, followed by at least a half dozen more, diminishing a little with each spasm. I was literally seeing stars dance in my eyes as Mira started to slowly and gently rub my twitching cock all over her cum-drenched face. When I could finally see a little straighter my lover had my cream all through her hair, all over her face, in her nostrils, and dripping down her neck. She was purring like a kitten as she used my cock like a paintbrush to cover every millimeter of her pretty visage.

Suddenly Mira got up and climbed over me, turned around and squatted over my face. I looked up into her pussy and ass as she reached down and with just a couple of flicks of her clit ümraniye escort and a guttural moan, unloaded a torrent of her own cum all over my face. She squirted a least a pint of her cunt juice as I reached up, grabbed her magnificent big ass and brought her down to my mouth. I was only able to lick her twice before she jumped like I’d prodded her with a branding iron. She collapsed on the bed twitching and convulsing through the remnants of a massive orgasm. I watched as she brought her hands to her face and massaged my cum into her skin with a soft smile playing.

The bed was a glorious disaster. There was cum and pussy-juice soaked spots everywhere. As we calmed down and our breathing slowed to normal she stretched and rolled toward me. “A girl could get used to all this really hot sex…” she smiled.

“So could this horny old goat like me, but I’ve got other things on my mind so arise my beautiful girl and let’s get a wonderful day started” I replied.

Two hours later….

…we were puttering along the coast in my beautiful old Triumph after getting cleaned up. We left with the bedding in the dryer, the outdoor birdfeeders full, the cat fed and windows wide open to air the place out. We had stopped by Mirabelle’s place where she changed quickly into a summer outfit. Her place was stunningly beautiful and though I only hung out in the living room, it was elegant, feminine and lonely all at the same time. I noticed that there were dozens of pictures of her with other women in various places but no men which peaked my curiosity. Before I could explore too much she emerged from a back room wearing a light and flowing short summer skirt and a very sexy print blouse, toting a duffle bag and simply said “ok – let’s go.”

Mira put the duffle in the small trunk, opened the door and just before she sat down, lifted her skirt to show off a beautiful naked and bald pussy then grinned at me like candidate running for re-election. This promised to be an interesting day to say the least.

It quickly became apparent that there is a serious disadvantage to having an old fashioned stick shift and separated bucket seats when you have a beautiful and very horny woman by your side, especially on the winding road we were on heading south down the coast. The sun was bright and the top was down. Mirabelle’s long, rich, flowing hair was billowing gently in the breeze and her skirt was pulled up around her hips. We were puttering along with some Grateful Dead jamming on the one concession to modernity that I had done to the car when rebuilding it. A great sound system is wonderful and essential accompaniment to the open road! Sugar Magnolia was caressing our ears while Mira caressed herself gently and almost absent mindedly.

After we cleared a short tunnel we were on the high coastal bluff road with nothing in front of us for 40 miles until we reached the coastal town we were heading for. Now that the TR6 was in 4th gear I reached over and covered Mira’s hand with mine to help her along. She smiled but shook her head no and gently took my hand, brought it her mouth, kissed each finger slowly and put it back on the gearshift.

“I don’t want to cum honey, I just want to play. There’s time for your greedy lustful needs ahead of us all day… but you won’t get any of this if you crash because you’re playing with me. Fun story to tell if we survive don’t you think?”

I looked at her in both lust and love. Nothing like a dose of common sense to bring some reality into your day to day! I grinned at her and had to agree and she, being kind, removed her hand from twixt her legs, brought her fingers to my mouth and let me suck on them for a moment.

Approaching the back of a pack of preposterously dressed bicyclists, I had to get back to earth and quickly downshift to a crawl until we came to a slightly wider spot where I could pass a pack of about 50 neon and lycra-clad saddle junkies. Mira decided to torture a few of these poor riders and quickly unbuttoned and opened her blouse, revealing her enormous chest encased in a skimpy string thing that was really not up to the task. Since we could only pass the peloton at about 5 miles an hour faster than they were peddling, each of these riders, men and women, certainly got an eyeful of Mira’s bounty. Talk about Eros coming down from Mount Olympus and blinding the lustful with her charms! There were comments, whistles, and some dangerous two-wheeled swerving happening and in the interest of both stopping the torture and not wanting to ruin the day by having Mira switch into emergency doctor mode, I got to the front of the pack and upshifted, stomped on the gas and sped away.

“I had no idea you could be so mean” I grinned.

“You bring out the best in me darling” she laughed back at me.

The rest of the journey was uneventful except for the beautiful scenery which was spectacular. As I slowed to pull into town Mira put her blouse back on and lowered her skirt. I found a convenient parking spot and came round to her side, opened the door and helped her up out of the low escort kartal slung car. Mira rose and rubbed her chest right up my torso with a wicked grin. My cock immediately grew hard and created an obscene sausage effect in my loose linen slacks. I too had gone without underwear in hopes of some quick semi-public fucking.

“Looks like this morning wasn’t enough to slake your thirst baby – damn but I love that about you” Mira whispered in my ear.

“Mira – Nothing you could do short of killing me could ease the lust I have coursing through my body and soul for you each and every moment” I replied. I wasn’t grinning – I was serious!

We kissed for a moment and then had to break it off as the bicyclists came round the corner. The first rider cheerfully cried out “dangerous curves ahead” with a grin to his club as they rode past us into the center of town.

We found a great little sunny spot for lunch with an outside veranda overlooking the big sparkling blue Pacific. A little shade made the patio bearable so we ordered a couple of smoked oyster salads and a bottle of Prosecco. We sat in a sun-dappled area and enjoyed the mid-day heat watching the world go by as Mira subtly stroked me to a full hard on under the tablecloth. We finished lunch quickly needless to say.

“How am I supposed to get up and walk out of this place with this?” I asked placing my hand on top of hers and squeezing her hand around my hard penis – that felt so good that I kept my hand there.

“With pride and your head held high” she smiled. “What are we going to do now baby? Seems like I need to drain that big boy again and the table isn’t big enough for me to disappear under so I can have dessert…” she said with a mischievous glint in her eye. The two women at the table next to us pretended that they hadn’t heard a thing though the woman sitting no more than three feet from Mira was blushing hard.

“There’s a beautiful park with lots of trails up the hill overlooking the town about 10 minutes from here…. Want to take a stroll or something?” I asked.

“I like the ‘or something’ part of that. Let’s go before I get arrested for mounting you on this table right now” Mira replied loudly, giving my cock a final hard squeeze.

I stood up and the woman seated at the next table glanced at my waist; her eyes got wide as saucers and she stammered as she tried to keep up a hushed conversation with her friend. She looked up at me and smiled. I smiled back and tried to make a quick exit but Mira put her arm around my waist and walked me very slowly through the restaurant obviously enjoying the display I was providing. My cock was full and aiming straight down my pants leg and trying its best to press upwards making it very obvious my condition.

“Now that was fun!” Mira smirked as I climbed down into the car.

“Maybe for you but I must say that I was a little embarrassed so you’re going to have to be punished” I smirked back.

Mira raised her eyebrows . “I guess I earned it but did you see the look on our neighbors face? I thought she was going to push her lunch date over the rail and fuck you right there.” she replied. “You also didn’t hear the comment from the table near the door did you?” she continued.

“No. What pray tell was that?” I asked.

“The woman with the big red hair smiled at me after looking at your pants and said ‘lucky girl’ as we were walking out” Mira explained.

I grinned and pulled the car out into traffic and replied “I’m pretty sure I am the lucky one.”

Mirabelle reached over and grabbed my cock and kept stroking me as I drove up the hill away from the crowded touristy town center. We got to the park a few minutes later and pulled into a quiet parking area where there were only a couple of other cars in a lot that could hold a few dozen. Mira kept gently stroking me and leaned in and started nibbling and kissing my right ear, from time to time delicately flicking her tongue all around while whispering “do you want to stick that big cock inside my little cunt honey? She is soooo wet and empty… she needs your big cock spurting your sweet cum deep inside me baby… but only after you fuck your very lucky girl silly…” she rambled on.

I reached my hand between her legs to find not only her hand already working away but a nice puddle of her juices coating the seat and her thighs. The bottom of her skirt was literally soaked through. I rubbed my hand in her wetness and brought it to my mouth but before I could lick her beautiful juices off she grabbed my hand and brought it to her own mouth and licked and sucked my fingers and palm clean.

“I just love the taste of honey don’t you?” she teased.

I was ready to explode so I grabbed her hand and removed it from my crotch. Looking down there was a wet spot on the linen the size of a navel orange. Great….

I got up out of the car and grabbed a water bottle for a short stroll into the park. Just as I was coming around to open Mira’s door those damned peacocks showed up on their bikes en mass. I tried to hurry us up but Mira repeated her performance from the diner taking her time as the cycles poured around us and pulled up to admire the view. I have to admit that I was admiring the view too as way more than half the group were women – something I hadn’t noticed before. Lycra wasn’t so bad after all.

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