Mel Comes of Age

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Big Dick

My name is Mel; I’m 26 and live in Australia.

Two summers ago, I had an experience that excites me till this day. I thought I would write about it to help relive it in my mind. I hope you enjoy it also. This is it…

I was working behind the bar part time at a men’s club in Adelaide. The normal sort of ‘topless dancing’ and ‘private dance’ place. I didn’t go topless, but I did wear sexy lingerie and a smile. Often the bra would be fairly see-thru, so I’m not shy about my body.

I am a brunette, with half-Italian blood. I have a good figure, which I keep in good shape by working out at a gym and practicing yoga. My boobs are a D-cup.

I talk to the clients a lot, many of them are regulars. One guy in particular was quite nice, and not bad to look at. His name was Trent and he worked in the CBD and visited two or three times a week. He was 34 and a photographer with our city’s newspaper.

He kept telling me I was very beautiful and extremely photogenic, and if I ever wanted to create a portfolio, he would do it for me. One night I finally said yes, as long as it was free. We agreed to meet at a local beach called Glenelg the next day, which was on a Friday during the school holidays in January. I was to wear summer sun clothes and a bikini.

We met as agreed and he took photos of me on the lawns and near buildings. We then went out onto the sand and I stripped down to my bikini. I felt like a real model as he had me pose on a towel then near the water. I was enjoying the attention from him and other people on the beach.

He showed me a bikini he had in his bag, a tiny ‘wicked weasel’ brand of bikini. He suggested I swap out my larger and less sexy bikini. I was aroused by the idea, but said that too many kids and families were around. He agreed so we got into his car and drove south to the less busy beaches. As we drove, he suggested Maslin’s nudist beach would be ideal; no one would blink at my tiny bikini.

I agreed it would be fun, so half an hour later, we arrived. It was nowhere near as busy as Glenelg, so we put our things down and got ready. I put the tiny bikini bottoms on under my dress, and then just swapped the tops in full view of him. I took my dress off and put a small sarong around my waist.

Trent moved me around in different poses, which were not sexual, but it had me more aroused, as there were nude men and woman watching me from a distance. He then had me drop the sarong so he could see the tiny g-string bikini. It hardly covered my pussy it was that small. Trent had me move into knee-deep water, leaning, bending, turning etc…

I noticed two guys had followed me in; they kept their distance but were in the water just to watch me. I blushed and enjoyed the stares. I was acting like a professional model, and then Trent suggested I take my top off, so I did! I have firm boobs and when excited my whole areola puffs up. They sort of ‘protrude’. It makes my boobs seem even more pert and firm. Well, I was very puffy!!

I threw my top onto the beach and continued to pose. I was having the time of my life, and it seemed Trent was too, I could see a nice bulge in his shorts. We were getting more risqué; I was shyly covering parts of my boobs and pouting. Trent had me turn sideways to get a good view of my boobs, and then had me face away with my legs slightly apart. He said he loved the shape of my bottom, and I could feel his eyes and lens on my pussy, which was bursting to get out of its tiny g-string.

He then called me back to the towel and bags for a rest. I had attracted about 10 onlookers, mostly men, but a few women. My little g-string was fully see-thru, now it was wet. Luckily I was neatly and fully shaved. We had a drink and I soaked up the sun on my towel.

I was totally horny; it was a real highlight in my humdrum life. I was enjoying the sun on my near naked body and drifted off in an erotic daydream for a few minutes. When I opened my eyes, I turned to look at Trent, he was now nude. He had a lovely tanned body and a long slender cock lying on his tummy. I asked him if he had come here before and he said yes, a few times. I told him I was having a ball. He saw me look at his cock and it started to grow, cebeci escort so he turned over onto his tummy and continued to talk.

I asked if we were going to take any more photos and he said yes, after a swim. We got up and played around in the water. He was trying to hide his semi hard-on, but not well enough. He told me to stay in the water, but to take my tiny g-string off. He took it back to our stuff, put his shorts on and brought his camera back. I laughed at him being a prude in shorts; he said he was having issues controlling his physical appearance. I just laughed and said, “Hard-on, you mean.” He said, “Yep!”

So he took photos of me in the nude, all over, posing in every position that would not get us arrested. My admirers were back staring, and I played up to them. Occasionally touching my pussy, but not overtly sexually, just somewhat accidentally.

One guy, in his mid 20’s came up to me and asked if I was a famous model, I laughed and said no. His semi-erect cock showed he loved my posing. I ended up bending over for the camera, pussy in full view for Trent. All I could think about was sex, I was super aroused.

Trent went back to the towels to put his camera away and take his shorts off. An older guy came up to me in the water and said I looked fantastic. I thanked him and we chatted for a minute or so until Trent came back into the water. His long semi-hard cock was swinging from side to side as he walked quickly into the water. It looked really sexy.

We played and floated around in the water until I “accidentally” bumped into him and brushed the back of my hand against his hard-on. I turn my hand and lightly ran my fingers along it down to his balls, which I cupped in my hand. He reached for me, held me close and kissed me passionately. We rubbed each other in all the right places and I made him cum with my hand. Then, I ground my pussy against his thigh to get myself to orgasm. There were too many people around for full on sex, even though it was clear to most that could see us, what we were doing.

We went back to our towel and dried off in the sun. A naked woman in her late 30’s came up to us and said our photo session looked great. She asked me if I would like to be involved in body painting as I had a great figure for it. She invited us both to her home the next day so Trent could take some photos.

Trent and I left the beach and drove back to his home. He suggested I have a shower to wash off the sand as he got us a drink. I wandered around the house naked of course, after my lovely shower. I found him out in the backyard standing in his pool having a beer. He had a beer ready for me, which I sat down to drink.

Trent got out of the pool with a beautiful hard-on. I told him to come over to me because I badly needed to use his cock. He stood next to me and I took his cock in my mouth. There was no need for any ‘go slowly’ foreplay! My mouth started fucking his cock as I squeezed on his balls. He warned me that he wouldn’t last long, but I didn’t stop, I pumped his cock hard, deep into my throat. Then he moaned and a torrent of cum filled my mouth. I slurped and sucked it down as I squeezed his cock dry. It all became too much for him and he pulled his long shiny cock from my mouth. I told him he had better recover quickly because I was badly in need of a good fucking. He said he had taken a little tablet called Cialis, so he should be hard again very soon.

We finished our drinks and he told me to follow him into his bedroom. He grabbed his camera and asked if I would masturbate for him. I lay on the bed and went straight for my pussy. I opened my legs wide for the camera. I was dripping wet and hyper-sexual as I wriggled around on the bed with 2 fingers buried deep inside of me and 2 fingers rubbing on my clit.

Trent told me to get up on all fours and continue, he got behind me for a few photos and I nearly shot off the bed when he gave me a good old fashion spank on an ass cheek. I started to orgasm instantly and collapsed onto the bed.

I felt a now hard cock, pushing between my ass cheeks. I arched my hips to allow him access, and I felt a beautiful long cock slide deep into my cebeci escort bayan molten hot pussy. He started fucking me with deep, long, slow strokes, then he lifted my hips up to get me back onto all fours. I told him to fuck me hard. The first full stroke took my breath away, he was so deep inside of me! He was fucking me with serious strength, we were rocking the bed and my pussy was getting the hard hot fucking it needed. His balls were slapping at my clit and I had another orgasm. He kept the pace up, grunting loudly as he was trying to cum himself.

A minute or so later I felt his thumb push at my ass, I yelled out, “Yesss,” and he pushed it into me while his cock pumped away in my cunt. It was enough to send him over the top, and me again when I felt his hot cum in my cunt. It was a great fuck and a real calorie burner! I was showered and heading home not long after my very long but sexy day!

The next day was a Saturday and Trent picked me up. We arrived at Sue’s home around 11 in the morning. Sue said she was going to paint a bikini on me, she laughed that she was a nudist and painting a bikini! She had a sarong around her waist and was obviously very comfortable being near nude at home while she worked.

I stripped off and Trent took the occasional photo. Sue started to paint the bikini bra on and I apologized about my protruding nipples. She put extra paint on to allow for that. It was a blue bikini with small yellow checks. It looked great, and then she started on the bottom, as Trent clicked away.

The final part was with me bending over a chair as she painted my ass and pussy. I admit it made me feel very, very sexy, and of course, Trent was clicking away. Sue took some photos and Trent took more. We all agreed from about 3 or 4 metres away you could not tell I was nude. Trent suggested we drive to a nearby clothed beach to test the theory. Sue put a top on and we headed down to a mainstream beach.

I sat carefully, but did spoil the paint a bit on my bum. So, I leaned over and Sue touched it up. I then headed straight for the water line and walked along it as Trent and Sue watched from a distance. Some people noticed, but less than half was my guess.

We ended the day with a glass of white wine and a joint with Sue. Sue asked me for my number and we left about an hour after smoking the joint. Trent wanted to fuck me in my bikini so I left it on until we screwed at his place later that day.

A few days later Sue phoned me up and invited me to the nudist beach later that afternoon. She had a girlfriend named Jenny with her who turned out to be a photographer. We spent a few hours on the beach drinking and smoking a little pot. Sue said Jenny was doing a body paint shoot for her the next Sunday and would I like to model in paint with a young male model. I said, “Hell yes.”

I arrived at Sue’s place on Sunday around lunchtime. Jenny was there and Sue, topless as usual got to work on painting me. She was going to paint me in sexy lingerie with suspenders. About an hour into the painting, she had nearly finished when the male model arrived. His name was Miles; he was 20, with blonde curly hair. He was definitely fit and cute. It was his second time being painted, as well. He watched as Sue finished off my bum, everyone getting a good view of my wet excited pussy. I acted as cool and professional as possible, but was shaking with excitement.

Once I had finished, Jenny took me to another room to take some well-lit photos. Sue had painted the bra so it only covered the lower quarter of my nipples. It looked cute and very sexy. In addition, the bottom was a crotch-less pair of small knickers. Therefore, my pussy lips were quite visible. After 15 minutes or so Jenny had gotten the shots she needed and we sat outside to dry the paint even more. We also had a white wine and smoked a joint!

Sue had been painting Miles for nearly an hour when we joined them. He was standing there in his shorts as she completed his shirt. It looked so real! Jenny and I said it looked unreal. Then Sue told him to drop his shorts. Obviously, for painting he had to be fully shaved all over including the cock and balls. He had a long escort cebeci thick perfect cock. He was surrounded by semi naked women, so was understandably semi-hard.

Sue said she was going to paint suit pants on him with the fly open exposing his cock and the upper half of his balls. Miles laughed and said wow, ok. Moreover, as she did, he became fully hard. It was very impressive; a beautiful circumcised hard 8 or 9 inch cock. Jenny and I stood there admiring him for a while then went out the back again and left Sue to it.

Jenny was about 35, and in good shape. We sat drinking and talking about Miles and life in general. I was enjoying the sun as Jenny took off her top to get some sun on her boobs. I was enjoying my newfound nudist friends!

About 30 minutes later, we went inside as Sue was finishing off Mile’s pants. His cock was still semi-hard and bounced to attention when he saw us. However, after a few minutes it relaxed a bit again.

Once complete he looked great, and damn sexy. Jenny took him into the next room and took photos as Sue and I watched. He was a natural model, more so than I was.

Jenny told him to get fully hard at one stage, and bingo, it rose on command. We all went outside to let Miles dry in the sun. He partook in some grass and wine, but could not sit, so we all had a marvelous view of him as he stood and dried. I felt like a voyeur and loved it!

Then Sue took us inside and had us pose together. Sue positioned us as Jenny snapped photos. Miles and I were holding hands looking at each other, and then lightly embracing and so on. Then Sue told Miles to put his tongue one of my nipples. I liked it and Miles got fully hard again. Then she told Miles to kiss me on the lips. He did and I liked it very much as he held the kiss.

Sue asked me if I would drop to my knees and make out I was going to blow him. I did as asked and had my mouth near his throbbing cock. She said, hold his cock and point it down towards your mouth. I did it! Jenny took lots of photos as my hand naturally started to move a little on his shaft. Without warning he said, “I can’t stop it, I’m going to cum.” He did, as I wanked his beautiful juice onto the floor.

He went beetroot red and said sorry a hundred times. We all smiled and said it was fine and normal in a situation like this. Sue got us all a drink and asked me if it was all ‘ok’ or was it too much for me? I told her I was having a ball.

She took us into the bedroom after Jenny had set up some lights. The bed only had a sheet on it. Sue told me to continue were we had stopped. So, I sat on the bed with Miles standing and this time took his cock in my mouth. He was only 20, and he slowly became harder but not fully. She then told me to lean back and open up my pussy. I did so and she told Miles to rub my pussy. It felt great, and I closed my eyes as he pushed a finger into me. When I opened my eyes, I could see he was rock hard again.

Sue told him to eat me, lucky me! He did a good job and I orgasmed for the first time in front of people, watching me have sex. I was on fire and loving it. Then Sue handed Miles a condom and told him to put it on and lay on his back. I was told to face his feet and sit on his big beautiful cock. I squatted my sopping wet pussy over it as he aimed it straight up at my pussy. Then I eased myself down onto it.

Jenny kept taking photos as I moaned. I had him fully in me and was totally full. I could not get any more in, if it were any bigger. Then I cramped up in a huge orgasm that shook my whole body. I collapsed forward, I fully lost control. The girls yelled out “yahoooo” as I straightened myself up. I then started to move up and down on his incredible cock.

Jenny said I looked great in my paint, I looked tremendously sexy. Sue said we had enough photos. So, she took her shorts off and joined us on the bed. She kissed me and rubbed my nipples as I fucked Miles cock. She told me to get off him, took the condom off and told him to fuck her doggy style. She put a fresh condom on him and they fucked, she orgasmed after a few minutes quickly followed by Miles.

We all went out the back for drinks and grass as Miles washed the paint off. Once he came out clean and still nude, I went and washed myself clean. When I joined them, Miles was getting head from Jenny. She was a real expert! I just smiled and took mental notes on her technique. I left an hour later with Miles phone number!

It was the start of my sexual revolution!

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