Mark, Mom and Mindy Ch. 02

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Mark stirred, the shaded morning light slowly pulling him from his slumber.

What had happened last night? He touched himself, the stickiness of the sex still obvious.

It had felt so good. The breasts filling his mouth, the same breasts he had coveted for so long. The ones he would daydream about at school. So large and full, the nipples so hard in his mouth. And then there was the love. The hands rubbing his hair. Holding him close to her, comforting him.

A mother’s love.

He crawled out of the bed and sat at the edge a while. He stared at the floor before finally finding some clothes and pulling them on. He wandered off to the bathroom.

“Good morning honey,” Tammi stood in front of the bathroom mirror brushing her teeth. Her long robe tied loosely around her waist.

Mark stared at her line of cleavage in the mirror as he walked behind her. She was beautiful. He thought about the night before, having those breasts in his mouth, suckling them. He felt his manhood stir against her back, his hands drifting lower from her shoulders. He caressed her side.

“Mark, stop that,” Tammi turned around, shoving his arms off of her. “What are you doing?”

Mark looked at her. What was happening? Last night she was so sexy, so accommodating and now he was shunned.

“Morning guys,” Mindy smiled, startling them. She had watched the whole thing silently. She could see the bulge tween her brother’s legs, twitching behind his mother. She could feel his lust. She felt powerful.

“Did everyone sleep well?” she looked at her brother. “I could swear I heard a ton of noise.”

“I didn’t hear anything,” Mark’s face went white, “Did you mom?”

Tammi shook her head no, but she swore she did hear something. What was her daughter doing? Did she have a man over against her rules and now was she lording it over her? Tammi didn’t trust her. She could tell, something was up.

“Well I’ve got to get ready for work,” Mark squeezed his mother’s shoulders before slipping out of her bathroom and off to his. “I’ll be home early tonight mom.”

Mindy smiled. She could see the lust in him as he gazed at her mother. He wasn’t attempting to hide it anymore. His eyes staring at her breasts, lingering there before he left. Mark didn’t just have a breast fetish, he had a mom fetish.

“I doubt I’ll be early,” Mindy turned and started down the stairs.

Tammi was alone again. She felt like she was always alone. She stood there thinking about mostly nothing after she brushed her teeth.

What was Mindy doing? What secret was she holding? Tammi was going to find out.

She walked to Mindy’s bedroom door and slowly opened it. The room was a disaster, dirty clothes strewn from one end to the other. Her bed barely visible through the heap.

If a boy was in that room last night, Tammi thought, he would have called the health department and they’d all be evicted.

She closed the door.

What were those noises she wondered. The slow pounding up and down, the deep groans? It had to be sex. If it wasn’t Mindy, who was it? Was it just a porn? It didn’t sound like a porn, and Mark wouldn’t watch those. Would Mindy?

She ruled Mark out of the question. He was with her, he went to bed. He didn’t have time to sneak someone into his room. He wouldn’t sneak someone into his room against her rules. She was sure of that.

She started cleaning up. Mindy’s room might look hideous, but she was proud of keeping a clean house.

“Mom?” Mark opened the front door, “I’m home.”

Tammi smiled. She hated being alone since her husband had died. It was easier when he was there, knowing he would come home to her. Now she wasn’t sure when someone would be with her. The kids, they’d come and go when they wanted to. She felt lonely.

Mark looked at his mother, the thoughts of lust returning. He couldn’t keep his eyes off her chest, lifting up and down with each breath she took. He moved closer, the feeling his loins stirring, until he was almost against her, his manhood tantalizing close to her hips, her breasts almost touching him. He levent escort thought he was going to explode.

Tammi was uncomfortable. What had come over him? He was always affectionate, but now he was overbearing. She put her hands on his chest and pushed him slightly away.

“Mark,” she looked up at him, “not so close.”

Mark wasn’t taking no for an answer. This time Mindy wasn’t here, it was just them. He reached out and grabbed his mother’s breasts. They felt so heavy and big, so sexy. He felt his cock stiffen in his pants as his hands explored her.

Tammi was shocked that it felt so good. She hadn’t been touched in so long. She ached to be touched, but not by her son. Not like this. It was disgusting here that she was torn between the need for love and the horror of her son’s touch.

“Stop that!” she pushed his hands off her. “Stop that right now!”

Mark couldn’t stop. He had finally gotten what he had waited nineteen years to get back. He couldn’t stop now, she felt so wonderful in his grasp. His cock ached to be inside of her. His thoughts drifted back to the night before. He put his finger on her mouth telling her to be quiet like she had done to him.

Their lips met, his tongue pressing deeper into her mouth. Tammi was torn, she could feel her sticky juices flowing to her thighs, his tongue so powerful and big inside of her, his weight holding her against the wall. But this was her son, she thought. This wasn’t right. It was horrible.

“Please,” she pushed him back from her lips, “please, what are you doing?”

She felt the tears welling in here eyes. She didn’t have the willpower to say no, his hands sliding up under her shirt, rubbing her breasts. He didn’t respond, he just kept touching her, his lips again meeting hers.

She didn’t resist. His mouth covered hers, pulling her tongue to his wantonly. She could feel the lust in his breath, in the touch of his hands against her breasts. Why was he doing this to her? Why couldn’t she stop him?

Mark pushed against her. He couldn’t wait to get her nipples back into his mouth. How sweet she tasted to him and how sexy. How she rubbed them against his cock, held his head to them. He wanted his mother’s love. He wanted her lust.

Mark started pushing her up the stairs, his hands squeezing her breasts, their lips never parting.

He felt so much like his father, Tammi thought. So strong and big, his strength making her feel powerless.

How she missed her husband’s strength. How he had made her feel safe and protected. How he expected her unconditional love in return. Her body always open to him, always wanting him however he pleased. She missed him, his power over her.

They pressed on to her bedroom, her shirt and bra dropped along the way. She felt her breasts held in her son’s grasp. His hands were so warm, so hot against her.

She moaned as she felt him push her back onto her bed, his mouth firmly encircling her right breast. Pulling it into his mouth as if he was a baby in need of milk. Her breathing quickened.

Mark let his hand drift across her, rubbing her hips. Her pressing response making him go deeper. He felt her hands rubbing through his hair, comforting him as he pulled the nipple into his mouth. He felt loved.

Tammi stroked his hair, the feeling of him on her breast bringing both comfort and fear. His hands soft caress against her bare skin sent chills through her. As much as she felt horrible guilt at laying with her son, the feeling of being needed again was overpowering it.

Mark tugged on her pants until they released. He pulled them down excruciatingly slowly exposing her completely. He looked at her body. Her soft gentle roundness filling his mind with feelings of both love and lust. He felt his entire body shake with desire..

Tammi was scared. She could tell in his eyes that he wanted her like a man wanted a woman. How could he be doing this? Why wouldn’t he stop.

“Mark,” she finally found the courage to speak as he finished removing his clothes, “we can’t do this honey.”

She maltepe escort sat up and covered her nude body with her hands, embarrassed. She looked at him. How he had grown up, she thought, since the last time she saw him naked. He was a man. Her eyes drifted lower to his manhood. So much like her husband, she thought, except less body hair.

“Shh, no talking,” Mark pressed his finger on her lips and pulled her tight against him.

She shuddered, first pushing away then allowing his embrace, the heat of his body, the smoothness of his skin, overwhelming her. She sighed.

Mark moved to her breasts, pulled them together in his mouth. He could feel the moist warmth between her legs pressing against his belly, thoughts of the night before in his head. How she wouldn’t let him go and made him fill her with his come. How exciting it was. His cock jerked. He wanted her.

Tammi laid there, letting his hands explore her and feel her. She panted. As long as she let him touch her, as long as she didn’t encourage him, she thought, the guilt was bearable. She wanted to feel loved but the guilt made her want to feel used, or taken.

It is against my will, she convinced herself, even though the motion of his tongue against her nipple was sending waves of lust throughout her. She tried to hold her body still, but her hips swayed slightly, rubbing her moist thighs together, pushing her on. Keeping her excited.

She felt him shifting, pulling his body closer and closer until he was over her, pinning her down to the bed. His cock throbbing between her breasts. What was he doing? She looked away as she felt her breasts squeezed together around him, the heat of his loins melting into her chest. He started thrusting.

She felt a sob welling in her throat as she looked at the picture of she and her husband on the night stand. It felt like his eyes were watching them. Watching her and passing judgment. She wanted to scream out to stop but she couldn’t. Even as she felt less loved and more lusted upon, each thrust of his cock between her breasts both humiliating her and sending her to the edge of despair.

Mark let his thrusts subside. His cock now firm and solid to the touch he looked at his mother. Her head turned away. Was she not enjoying herself this time? He wondered? He had come to grips with any guilt right away. He wanted his mother. He had always wanted her. Whatever guilt he should have felt was buried to deep to be evident. All he could think about was her. How she felt in his hands. How she smelled. How she held him. How warm and inviting her body felt.

He slid his legs up higher and reached down and gently propped her head on pillows. He closed his eyes. He could feel her breath hot on his cock. Why wasn’t she pulling him in? He couldn’t take it. The wait eating at him. He pressed himself against her lips.

Tears started to well in Tammi’s eyes. She could feel him at her lips. His heat, his smell, his salty sweetness surrounding her face. She couldn’t do this her brain screamed as the lump in her throat grew. She couldn’t let this go on. Again she tried to speak and opened her mouth slightly.

Mark felt the opening. It felt so good. Her lips parting for him. He pressed himself inside. He nearly came immediately, barely holding back. Her tongue sliding against him as if she was talking, her throat deeply groaning. She was so experienced, he thought. She felt so good. He started involuntarily thrusting into her, his hands grabbing her head and holding it against him.

Tammi tried to push him, but his grip was too strong. She felt disgusted, her son filling her mouth with his manhood. As long as he was touching her breasts, her skin it was almost okay, but now the guilt had won. She was no longer excited in the moment. She tried to talk, tried to do anything to let him know she was not okay but every move only made him push her harder. She writhed to get free but she couldn’t. She was helpless against his strength.

Finally a brief sense of relief came over her as he slowly pulled himself from her mouth. She mecidiyeköy escort thought about touching him, making him come, ending her misery. Would that be the solution? She reached for him but he was sliding away, his weight heavier and heavier on top of her.

He was going to take her. She could feel it in his wanton shaft trembling against her skin. The pangs of disgust welled deep inside of her stomach. She had to stop him but she couldn’t speak. She reached her hands between her legs and defensively covered herself.

Maybe it was because we were in the dark, Mark thought, she was acting so different today, so passive. He looked at her. The way she held her hands not wanting him to see her was only making him want her more. Did she want him a different way? Should he turn her over so she didn’t have to watch. He looked into her eyes and smiled. How he desired to please her. He reached his hands to her hips and rolled her over, barely noticing her futile resistance. He wanted her too bad to notice.

His body shuddered and jerked as he looked down on his mother’s spread round ass. He smelled her sex. It was intoxicating. He couldn’t wait any longer, his desire to explode was to strong. He pressed towards her, searching for her opening. Her moist heat against him, driving him mad with desire.

“Please,” Tammi sobbed, “please Mark.”

She tried to protest but she felt him searching harder and harder until he found her love and pressed deep into it. She let out loud moan. He was so large she felt torn apart. His thrusts ripping deep into of her, sending shivers into her abdomen and beyond. Horror filled her as she felt her body moistening. Why was she getting wet? She wanted it all to end. She started sobbing.

His hand pressed hard against her back, his legs widening her more and more, allowing him to get deeper into the womb he came from. She couldn’t breathe, her head pressed tight against the pillows. All she could hear was his panting, getting louder and louder, filling her mind.

Mark pushed his body down on her, the feeling her cheeks pressed wide against his hips filling his head with mad lust. He pushed his hands under her, holding her breasts. He felter her squirm against him, her movements tightening him, exciting him. He pressed on, deeper and deeper, her body writhing more and more with each thrust.

His body stiffened and he felt his lust welling up inside of him. He squeezed her breasts tighter, savoring them, sending his jerking cock in with a forceful thrust. He let go.

Tammi felt the first thrust of his warm seed inside of her and started to scream but could only muster a loud groan. She tried again. What was he doing? She wasn’t protected, she had no reason to be. She tried to push him from inside of her, but he only pressed harder. She felt his juice oozing deep. farther and farther into her. Her body shook miserably in fear. What had they done? What had he done?

Mark felt her beneath him, her body quivering with excitement. He pressed harder into her, his wetness slipping around his cock, making him slide in and out with ease. How he wanted to please her, give her the same release she had given him. He kept pressing his cock deep inside, his own excitement abating he was lost in hers. His hands pressing against her breasts, feeling her. He finally thrust himself down on her, exhausted.

They laid like that, his softening cock slipping out of his mother’s moist warmth into the fold between her legs. He let his grip on her breasts soften, but he couldn’t move. He didn’t want to. He wanted to stay with her like this. To feel her beneath him, supporting him.

Tammi shuddered. It was over. It was finally over. She sighed in relief, her body finally relaxing.

They would have to talk, she thought, this certainly was a horrible thing they did. A horrible thing he did, she thought. A horrible thing that he did.

She felt his warm juices inside of her, slowly coating her completely with his seed. Her stomach tightened. Why had he done that? Doesn’t he use protection with other girls? Is everyone on birth control? She gulped.

Neither of them had noticed Mindy silently peeking past the door jam into the bedroom, holding her mother’s bra and shirt. She was just watching them, smiling, her hands drifting lazily across her body.

She tiptoed away to her bedroom. She was going to need new panties.

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