Liza’s Ride in a Taxi

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New York. Today

“Manhattan Heliport, quick as you can. I’m already late.”

“Yes, Ma’am. Fastest way will be FDR, about fordy-five minutes.”

“Damn. Isn’t there a quicker way?”

“Park Avenoo will be slow. The FDR is quickest, truss me, Lady.”

“Okay. Let’s go. No time to lose.”

“Yuse goin anywheres nice?”

“Philly. A meeting.”


“I have to make a call……….Harvey, I’m in a taxi on my way to the helicopter now. I’m a little late. Will they wait for me? I had a problem with the car and had to deal with that before I could get going…….

……what? They won’t wait ten minutes? What am I supposed to do?…….

…….When is the next one?…..

……Listen, Harvey. You get on that fucking helicopter without me and you are fired. You might be the hotshot in our office but I still outrank you and right now, you are pissing me off. What do we pay these guys for, the helicopter people?…..

…….what? We are sharing it? We pay three thousand fucking dollars and we share the fucking thing? Are you kidding me?…….

……Well you can tell the fucking pilot he’s fired too. This is making me mad. I will be on the next one but you can’t postpone the meeting . Milliard’s won’t wait……

…….can’t you go any faster?…..

“Sorry, Lady. It’s da speed limit here. I gonna lose my license if I’m caught speeding.”

……no, not you, Harvey. Listen. Just because we live together does not give you the right to tell me what to do. I am your boss, remember?……

……Harvey. You just stepped over a line that you should not have crossed. Threatening me is beyond the pale. You seem to forget that I have seen your puny penis. I know how useless it is, how useless you are. God, why did I listen to you and your bullshit spiel about what a great lover you are. You want me to be the one to tell the company how you compare to a real man. You are done with this company, Harvey. You do not threaten me with exposing what we are doing. I do not give a shit who you tell, understand? You are fired. You needn’t bother getting on that helicopter. Let the others go and tell them I’ll be in Philly two hours later. If you can’t do that, put Marie on the phone and fuck off.”

“Jesus fucking H Christ. You fucking prick!”

“You talking to me, Lady? Sorry, the glass is open a liddle. I could’n help overhearing, sorry.”

“Er, no, no problem. Doesn’t matter. Sorry if I offended you. He just pissed me off and I guess I was venting there a little. Just ignore me.”

“No offence taken, Ma’am. I heard much worse in here from all sorts of people, even priests, rabbis and others. You should hear dem on the phones. What sord a car you got?”

“It’s a Lexus. I only had it three weeks. The red engine light was on this morning. It wouldn’t let me start the engine. I had to call the tow company and the dealer. That’s why I’m late.”

“Lexus are priddy good cars. One of da best. Iss unusual for dem to have a problem. My cousin, Laura, she has one. Had it a couple a years now and not a flicker of a problem. Goes like a dream, she tells me.”

“Yes, well, mine isn’t going at all, damn thing. Why are we moving so slowly?”

“Looks like the FDR is red up near da Williamsburg bridge. Maybe jus a lodda traffic. Lemme check. Despatch, Mike Lima one niner. I’m on FDR south, why’m I stuck?”

“One niner, major accident under the Williamsburg bridge. South is closed down now. Find another route, Marty. Good luck.”

“You hear that, Lady. Road ahead is closed. I need to get on to First. Best we get off now before we get snarled in the jam.”

“My map shows that to be seven minutes longer. Now the FDR is showing red backed up to East Twenty-third. Fuck it. I had four minutes to spare now we are at minus three. I will miss that fucking flight. Now First is showing some red ahead. Damnation!”

“Thad’ll be the traffic coming off of da FDR. We all see the same maps these days. I could cut over to Park Avenue and hope it’s better.”

“Whatever you think best, Marty. Is that your name, Marty. I guess you are Martin?”

“Yes, Ma’am. Marty Gallagher. At your service. Pleased to meet you, Lady.”

“Yes. Right. I’m Liza, like Minnelli. Likewise. Christ, I could murder a coffee.”

“I ain’t sposed to let you have coffee in da cab but under da circumstances, I spose you can get one. Just wait ’til we get over this red and then hop out. I won’t be movin any time soon. Here you go, that diner right there. Best coffee in mid-town.”

“Can I get you one?”

“Yeah, why not? Expresso, straight up. Thanks”

………..”Geez, that broad has some bees up her ass! Man, what a looker and those tits! I don spose they are fake. Poor Harvey. He had his chance an blew it. Maybe she needs a man with a real dick. She could use mine if she knew aboud it!”……….

“Here you go, Marty. No charge. So now it tells me we are nineteen minutes late. I will have to get the flight at bursa escort eleven. So now I’m almost two hours early! Fuck it”

“So Harvey don’t measure up? Dat’s a shame with a beautiful broad like you. If you pardon me sayin so, Liza wid a Zee!”

“No. Harvey has a lot of shortcomings. Actually, shortcomings about sums him up. He’s small, quick and not very plentiful. Anyway. I shouldn’t be talking to a stranger about an employee.”

“I tort he was an ex-employee. Sorry. Just sayin. If you wanted to use a real piece of meat you could do worse than this one I got.”

“What? What are you saying? What on earth makes you think I would want anything to do with a New York cab driver, even if you are quite good looking. You sound like a sixties gangster movie.”

“Maybe dats cuz I din’t finish high school. But I know Noo York jus fine. You really ought to check this out, Lady Liz. Just sose you know what a real dick looks like. It’s getting just a liddle hard over here. I kinda like your perfume and your voice. It’s a real turn-on, Lady. I can get it out and show you if you like. We ain’t going nowhere.”

“I have no intention of looking at your dick, however enormous it is. Don’t get it out on my account, Marty. Just keep it to yourself for now, thank you.”

“All you gotta do is lean forward and peek over my shoulder. I can touch my belly-button when it’s hard.”

“Really, Marty. That’s amazing. Just concentrate on driving, will you. I think we’ve done talking. Can you close the window. I need to make another call.”

“Sure thing, Lady. As you wish.”

“Marie, yes, it’s me. Are you all ready to go?…….

……Okay. Good. I’m going to miss this one by about twenty minutes, maybe more. I’ll get the flight at eleven. How’s Harvey?…..

…..Serves him right, useless prick. I’m glad he’s gone. He was useless in bed too. I just told the driver he had too many, shortcomings, which is exactly the way to describe that prick…..

…..what? Oh, nothing. He overheard me sacking him and I told him. Just polite conversation, why?…..

…..actually he’s quite good-looking but his voice is out of a sixties gangster movie. I told him that too…..

…..we already had a date. I bought him coffee while we were stuck in the traffic…..

……well, he did offer to show me his dick. I declined. It’s just so out of whack for me right now, what with little Harvey gone……

……well, he overheard me talking to Harvey and I told him he was useless in that department and the driver told me he was more than adequately equipped to please a woman, something along those lines….

……Are you kidding? Why would I do that? I don’t need a……

……wait. You really think I should? Hold on. I have to get him to open the window screen. He’s opened it now. He knows I’m looking. I’m looking over his shoulder. He’s wearing shorts. Jeezus fucking H Christ. It’s sticking out of the leg and almost reaches his knee. Fucking hell. I’ll have to call you back…..

……Yes, enjoy the trip.”

“You like, Lady Liza? You ever see dat much meat on a man afore?”

“Fucking hell! No, that is an enormous cock! You are right. I am damn sure that will please any woman. Is it hard yet?”

“About half. It gets a lot harder when a pair of pretty hands get ahold on it, or better still, hot lips. Then it will be really hard.”

“Er, is there somewhere…..?”

“A course. Most of us drivers know a few places. See the diner on da corner. The alley off to the right goes a way around the back to da dumpsters. It’s a quiet spot, even for Noo York. Here we go. I can just reverse it a liddle, get it out of sight. There we go. All private. Just let me get in the back wid you.”

“I’ll keep my shirt on, in case anyone comes by.”

“Okay, but I godda have a look at those breasts of yours. Take that jacket off. You can keep the skirt on, just take them panties off. I like your smell, Lady Liza.”

“There, how do you like these? All mine, all real, and all yours. Bite but no blood, okay?”

“Yes, ma’am. Bite but no blood. Same for me, but gentle bites on my rod, okay?”

“Mmmm. That feels good. Let me open my legs a bit more. That’s better. Oh, my. Your tongue is clever. Just keep doing that. Pinch my nipples harder, go on, harder. Just keep sucking, licking, oh that tongue. Harder, more tongue inside, oh yes. That is good. I can feel your cock with my foot. Fuck, that is biggggg..nnnnn, more, harder, faster, more, yes, yes, oh yes. Just keep doing that, Marty. Keep sucking, keep licking, keep pulling my tits, oh yes, oh yes, that is just perfect, harder, more, keep going, Marty, more, more, faster, suck harder, yess, yes, that’s it, perfect. Cumming, cumming, cumming, I’m cumming! Fuuuuucccckkkkk, stop! Enough. Stop. Fuck, that was quick. Here sit down, let me. My turn.”

. . . . . . . . .

“Oh yes, Lady. Dat’s nice. Your hands are small. I like da red nails. You can get da head in your mouth, there you go. I bursa escort bayan don’t expect you to deep-throat me. Nobody ever did since high school. Dat feels real nice. See, now it’s hard. I tole you. You never held a cock dat hard before, did ya, Lady. Keep sucking, make it real wet. You can sit on him any time you like. Just slop some more spit on it. It’ll fit, Lady, don’t worry about dat. I never been stopped by a tight pussy before. You jest need to relax. Relax, spread your knees a bit more. Hold the top, aim it right, spread those lips, hold them open, there you go. Now, push down a liddle. Slide down an inch. There you go, now relax, wait, wait until your pussy stops squeezing him. Relax and take a deep breath. Now a bit more, that’s it, a liddle more. There you have about four inches inside now. Sit a while and relax. You can just slide the rest of the way down as you relax. Jeez, your pussy is tight, Lady. But wet. So wet, it’ll slide right on in if you just sit there. Let it happen. No rush. Man, that feels as good as it has ever felt. You have such perfect tits, Lady. I need to eat them. I need to suck some milk from those big nipples. They look so hard, waiting for your baby to suck on them. You just relax while I milk your tits lady. Mmmmmnnnn”

“Oh yes, suck, suck harder. Suck and squeeze them, yes, that’s good. I feel like your cock will come out of my back, it’s so deep. I can’t go down any more. I’m as relaxed as I ever can be with that fucking huge pole of flesh inside. Jeez, that feels good. I’m going to ride it a little. I need to feel how it is to fuck your cock. Oh, Christ, that’s good. Fuck, fuck. Hey. I’m not taking any precautions. Be sure you come outside. You can come in my mouth if you like. Do you like coming in a woman’s mouth, Marty? Stupid question, really. All men love coming in a woman’s mouth. Let me know when it’s time. I want to watch this. Oh, fuck that feels good. I have almost all of it inside now. I would not have thought that possible. Holy fucking hell, that’s good. Keep sucking. I just need to rub my clit a bit, lean back a touch, let my hand down there, that’s it, perfect, oh yes, yes! You like it when a lady rubs herself, Marty?”

“I do, very much. It’s a real turn on. Your pussy looks so priddy, so pink, so wet. Fuck, Lady, you know how to fuck, to make me feel good. If you lie on the seat, I can fuck you properly. I’ll pull out in plenty of time, I promise. I will just move up the seat and come in your mouth. That’s it, lie there, now spread and let me put this back inside. There we go, oh man, that is good, You have it all, almost all. I love watching you rub your pussy. Make yourself cum and I’ll be right behind you. That’s it, faster, harder, fuck that looks hot. Your breasts are bouncing in perfect circles. Hold one, that’s it. Pinch it, yes, like that. I can feel your cunt squeezing my cock. You’re coming, Lady. Man are you fucking coming! I never felt a cunt squeeze like that before. Your body is shaking. Man that looks so hot. You gonna pass out, Lady? Breathe, breathe deep. You can let go of my arms now. Let your legs come down, lay them on the seat. I am about to come now lady, turn this way, that’s it. Fuck me, lady, you are gonna make me come. Just let go, let go. Here, open your mouth, watch, wait a second, just a few pumps will do it, there, there, fuck, fuck, cum, fuck, there. That’s about two foot it’s shooting. I have to move closer now. You caught almost all of it. You have a liddle on your cheek. You gonna swallow that love juice, lady? It’s full of vitamins. There you go, good girl. Wow, dats a lot. It’s been a few days since I nutted. You got da full load there, lady.”

“Marty, Marty. That was the most fantastic orgasm since, forever, maybe. Of all time. Your cock inside me just touched me in exactly the right way, the right pressure, the right amount of pain. Just perfect. My cunt wanted to eat your cock, keep it with me forever. Your cum tastes of bananas. Sweet. Jeez. I can’t believe we did that. I have never done anything like this before but that thing with Harvey needled me so much. I guess this was to get him out of my system. Well, it worked. I feel fantastic. Do you have any tissues?”

“Here you go, Lady. All part of the service. Drop them in this bag when you finish. My cock don’ need no cleanin since you sucked it all down. Seein you swallow that was so damn sexy. Man. I wish you could have seen it. Better than the shit on Pornhub, for shore! Here, look, a liddle drop more. There you go, all gone again! Wow. That was the best, lady. I’d really like to try that again but I guess you done wan nuthin to do wid no taxi driver wid an accent?”

“Marty, you know where I live, on ninety-second, so I can’t hide that away from you. I’d be delighted to see you again and do some more of this. I’d like to do it in a lot of places in my apartment. We can finish on on the bed, after we try the living room table, the dining table, the kitchen units, the wash machine, the dryer, the bath and the toilet. Then we can have dinner sent escort bursa up and wait an hour and do it all again. How does that sound?”

“Sounds like we are going to have a fun time in the coming weeks. If it works, it works, if not, we both get to have some incredible sex together. We will always have dat, forever. So when do you want to give it a shot?”

“I get back from Philly at seven. What time do you finish?”

“I finish at six, six til six is my shift. I can be there and pick you up at seven, no problem. Let me help you with that jacket. There we go. All back to normal. Now we need to get going again. You only have an hour!”

“Jeez. How long were we fucking about in here? Is that the time already. I thought we finished in about ten minutes. We’ve been fucking for over half an hour. Fuck, get a move on, Marty. I can’t afford to miss the eleven o’clock flight. Let’s go!”

……….”Marie, me again. Sounds like you’re airborne. Did Harvey leave already?…….

………good, good riddance. Listen, Marie. Can you open the meeting without me. We can’t expect Milliard’s to postpone. They have schedules too. You chair our side. If it runs on after lunch I can join you then. I trust you on this. You can do it. You have the smarts, I know it. Just don’t let them push you below two hundred and fifty, whatever happens. Okay?……

……er, well, er, yes. Listen, I’ll tell you all about it when I see you later. You’ll get to meet him. He’s picking me up at seven when the helicopter lands. His name is Marty……

…..No, I will not tell you over the phone! Concentrate on Milliards, never mind me. I’ll see you later and tell you then. Bye for now.”

“Marty, do you have a card? I need a cab about twice a week. We must do this again. Are there many places you know like this?”

“Lady, I know dozens. I catch a break and sleep ten minutes sometimes. There are places like this on almost every block. Some are more public, under bridges and so on. Some places you can go and see a dozen or more cars with couples gettin it on. Some go just to watch, others go to be seen and perform. Some places you see doggin, women fucking strangers outside their cars. I watched a coupla times. It’s hot. Hey, the traffic is easier now. We should be there in about twenty minutes. You’ll have fordy minutes to wait. We got time to do it again if you like? There’s a cool spot just up here behind the library.”

“Well, it’s very tempting but maybe we should wait until tonight. You need to conserve your strength if we are going to do it in all the places I described.”

“Lady Liza, I can do it as often as you want, five times a day if’n you up for dat. Try me. I jus need a liddle time to recover. I’m recovered now and he’s gettin hard already jus thinkin about it.”

“Oh, alright. But we must be quick. I’ll take my pants off now. Can you fuck me from behind. I can come really quickly if you fuck me doggy style.”

“I can fuck you any style you like. Here we go. We’re on a bit of a slope here so I have to set the brake. So move over, turn around, on your knees and we’ll be quick. That’s it. I will keep my clothes on this time. You have the most perfect ass, you know that? Just hold still now while I spit on it, just perfect. Here he comes, hold your lips open a liddle. That’s it. Right in we go. Your pussy is still soaking wet. Jeez, that’s still so tight. Tell me when you get enough. This will be quick, Lady, real quick.”

“Just fuck me, Marty. Be as quick as you like. Just make sure you pull out. Don’t come on my back. You’ll ruin a six hundred dollar jacket. I can turn around again. Feed me some more of your hot cum, Marty. Thinking about you coming in my mouth while I rub my clit like this is making me so fucking horny. I am about to cum already. Just keep fucking me, Marty, keep fucking, keep slamming me with that enormous cock. Fuck me, Marty, fuck me harder, fuck meeeeeeeeee! Cumming, cummmmmming, cummmming, oh fuck. Now you, come on, now you. Come here, look, fill my mouth up, I’m ready, shoot, cum now Marty, yeahhhh!”

“Here you go, Lady. All yours. Just let me rest the tip of my dick on your tongue, that’s it. Here it comes, jeesus, fuck, cumming, cumming, lots of cum for you. Can you take some more, good girl. Okay, show me, show me like dey do in da porn movies, Oh God, yes, just like that. Now swallow. Oh, fuck, that is so sexy. Look, just a drip left. That’s it. Lick it clean again. Damn, woman. You are so fuckin hot! I need to sit for a minute. Let my legs stop shaking. Now that was quick. Seven minutes since we parked. We have lots of time.”

“Marty. I need to have one more, just me. You can watch if you like. I just need to sit with my feet up on the seat. Like this. I rub, like this and squeeze my left breast. I can make myself cum in seconds like this. I squirt a little if I do it slowly. I’ll squirt on you, Marty. Not this time but later, when I can take my time. Close already, just another few seconds, close, I’m cumming, cumming, cumming oh fuck me, cumming hard. Oh holy fucking hell. That’s awesome! I need another tissue. I’m soaking. Thank you. That’s better. I can put my pants back on now. So, let’s get moving, Marty. No more stops on the way, Okay?”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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