Letter #1

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Dear _________ –

As I mentioned in my last letter, for some months now I’ve been extremely randy for some reason. I can’t seem to get sex off my brain. Yesterday, I experimented a little bit. I stroked myself several times without ever letting myself come. Once in the shower, using a thick lather of soap, the second time while sitting at my desk, but last night in bed I finally let go. It was incredible! I lay there for a few minutes in the dark, and when I realized I wasn’t going to get to sleep right away, I threw back the covers and turned on the light. You know how your mouth waters in anticipation of sex? How your heartbeat increases? Your breathing becomes heavier? I looked down and my cock was rock hard against my belly, and throbbing in time with my pulse.

The head was a dark red color. I grabbed the base with one hand, and with the other gathered up some saliva from my lips. I then rubbed just the top of my penis with the saliva, making it glisten in the light. The pre-come was already starting to leak from the tip, and I swirled that into the spit to add to the slippery feel. I pushed myself back into the pillows, bent my knees and spread my legs apart. The cool air rushed in under my balls and made them tighten up even more than they already were. I encircled the head with my thumb and forefinger and slowly slid them down to just under the corona, squeezing just a little tighter as I went over the ridge. As I squeezed the base a little harder, the head turned almost purple and I concentrated my other hand on that. After just a few strokes, I felt the pressure building up inside my balls. Having held back a couple of times already today, I clenched my butt muscles to hold back for just one more stroke, then I let go. The release was incredible, shooting come over my shoulder and onto the pillow. The rest landed on my chest and stomach. After a moment I scooped it up onto my fingers and swallowed it. It was still warm – I do like the taste of my come.

The fantasy I used? A woman I know intimately, but whose face is never clear, and I return from an evening out. We take a glass of wine to the living room and settle in on the sofa. The lights are low, and we start to kiss, lightly at first but, having been out for the evening, it soon turns passionate. In just a few minutes we’re at each other’s clothes and soon have them off. It’s been a couple weeks and the anticipation is tremendous. She leans back on the arm of the sofa, lifting one leg and putting it against the back of the sofa, while she places her other foot on the floor.

Her pussy opens and is shiny with her juices. I crawl on the sofa, my cock raging hard. I kiss from her bellybutton up between her breasts to her neck, up the tendons in her neck to her ear. I start nibbling on her earlobe, and then start circling the ridges with my tongue. As I circle inward toward the center of her ear, I begin to enter her. We know each other well, and with the built up anticipation, evident by the wetness of her folds and the string of precome leaking from me, I enter easily, at just the same time I put my tongue into her ear. She gasps. It’s been a while, and neither of us lasts too long. After just istanbul escort a couple of minutes we both come, and collapse into each other.

We lie there for a while, and, since it’s late, decide to go to bed. We’re both tired, but I want to treat her. She’s been working hard, and deserves the attention. As she walks into the room and slips off her panties to get into bed, I come up behind her and nestle my cock into the crack of her ass. She pushes back, and then turns to face me. I tell her I’m going to treat her tonight, that neither of us has anything to do the next day, and also, that she has to trust me. She looks at me quizzically, and I reach into the drawer of the bedside table and pull out a set of restraining straps. She looks at them, then at me, back to the straps in my hand, and lies crosswise on the bed, spread-eagled with her arms outstretched. Slowly I go from ankle to wrist to wrist to ankle, wrapping the soft cuffs around each and tying them off to the four corners of the bed, her right side to the foot of the bed and her left tied off to the headboard. I put a pillow under her head so she can see, and one under her the small of her back so her pussy points up at an angle. She looks at me, a little fear in her eyes, but also with anticipation.

I reach back into the drawer and pull out an ostrich feather I’d picked up from an arts and crafts store. It is black, and the feathers move in the slightest breeze. Standing by the side of the bed, looking her in the eye, I take the feather and run it up her calf to the underside of her knee. Then I move to the other knee, and move it down her calf. I repeat this move several times, each time moving a little further up her leg. As I reach the top of her thigh and begin to move the feather down and around, she arches her back, straining for me to touch her very exposed private parts. I do not.

I sit on the edge of the bed between her legs and run the feather along her hip, crossing over her ribcage to the underside of her breasts. She starts to say something, but I give her a look that says “Be quiet!” I cross her chest just under both breasts and bring the feather back down the other side, crossing to the front of her hip but being sure to avoid any direct sexual contact. She starts to writhe on the bed, now arching her back to try to bring her breasts in contact with the feather. Such a light thing! And how she wants to be touched so badly she’ll settle for just the touch of the feather! I slide off the end of the bed and walk around to where her head is. I lean across, making sure to keep my erection just out of reach of her mouth. I take the feather, show it to her, and wave it ever so slightly just above her right nipple.

The slight breeze the feather makes cools her nipple, making it stand up higher than it already was. Little bumps appear on her areola and she presses her hips down against the pillow. I do the same to her other nipple and get the same reaction. Finally, I bring the feather down and caress both her breasts with it. She breathes a sigh of relief – I think she’s been holding her breath the whole time! Now that I’ve given avcılar escort her a little of what she was looking for, she tries to repay the favor and strains her neck to reach my cock with her mouth. I tell her she needs to wait, that this is a night of pleasure for her.

Having covered her entire body with the feather, I begin to kiss on the tendons of her neck – she is very sensitive there – moving down to her shoulder and across to the top of her breast. Again she arches her back, trying now to bring her hard nipples in contact with my mouth. I pull back a little and move back to the other side of the bed. The rest of my ministrations will be easier from that end. I walk around and she has an imploring look on her face. I remind her not to say anything – to just enjoy the attention. She might not agree that she’s getting enough attention, but that will only last a little longer. I again crawl on the bed between her legs, and move up so I can straddle her hips. I lean forward and start to kiss her shoulders again. Again I move slowly down to the top of her left breast.

I can feel her heart pounding in her chest. With my tongue I slowly circle her entire breast, each time moving in smaller and smaller circles until I reach the outer part of her nipple. Then I move to the other and repeat the circles. As I get to the center of her breast, I stop and pull back. She arches her back again – just the reaction I was waiting for, and as she gets to the top of the arch I lower my head and take the as much as I can between my lips. As she falls back to the bed I follow her down, slowly closing my mouth until just her nipple is between my lips. I purse my lips, and let my teeth grab hold before it slips out, biting as tenderly as I can. She pushes up into my face. I can feel her soft, fleshy breast puff around my mouth, and I pull away, and kiss the underside. With one hand I cup her other breast, and start kissing down the center of her belly. As I get to her belly button I move to the side and start kissing along her hipbone, moving down the slight indentation that leads to the triangle of hair at the top of where her legs meet. I squeeze her nipple with my free hand, and slide it down the other side of her, taking the same path my mouth did but on her other side. She is straining against the straps.

I kiss across the top of her pubic hair, making sure my chin stays in contact with her mons. I slide down the bed to get more comfortable, glad I had thought to put the pillow under her back. I look to the left and kiss her knee, and follow up the inside curve of her thigh to where it meets her hip. Then I move back down and do the same on the other leg. Her breathing is very rapid. I can see a spot on the pillow where her juices have been leaking out. By the size of the spot, this has been going on for some time. I look at her pink flower. Her clit is swollen and a darker red.

As I lean forward, I can feel the heat emanating from her pussy. With her legs already spread, it is easy for me to take one of her labia between my lips. I suck on it, and tug on it, pulling it further to the side. Then I take the other, but this time I’m a little şirinevler escort rougher, taking it between my teeth. I suck on that one as I pull it to the other side. I have opened the flower – the darkness of her vagina awaits me. I can see the juices clearly now, leaking out like a medium-fast drip on a faucet, little translucent pearls of moisture running down her crack, pooling where the folds meet till it spills over and runs down the rest of her crack to her anus.

With my tongue I trace the center of her pussy from the base up to her clit. She presses toward me as I take her clit fully into my mouth. I roll it around with my lips, using my tongue to flick at the button. It’s too much. She presses against me as hard as she can and starts shuddering uncontrollably. I relax my lips and let her clit slip from them. She begs me to fuck her, to fill her cunt with something hard. I oblige, but not with what she was expecting. I want to completely wear her out before I enter her.

I reach under one of the pillows and pull out the vibrator. It’s larger than me; about eight inches, and is definitely bigger around. She’s so wet and hot I don’t think it will have to be eased in, as it sometimes does. I show it to her and her eyes get wide. She wants to be filled as completely as possible. I know she likes the speed set to low. I run the head of the life-like toy up her crack, lubricating it before I actually use it. I spend a couple minutes sliding it up and down her crack, tipping the head into the entrance of her vagina every few strokes. She is puddling now, her juices running freely out of her. I hold the base and point it toward her opening.

She begs me, “YES! NOW! I NEED IT NOW!” Without hesitation I plunge the vibrator inside of her – she is so open it slides to the knob at the base with no resistance at all. I let it sit inside of her for several seconds, humming low and causing her to writhe on the bed as much as she can. Then I begin pumping the plastic cock in and out, in and out. She bucks as much as she can to meet my thrusts with the toy. It doesn’t take 10 strokes and she is coming again, but this time she has something to squeeze. I let go of the vibrator and I can see it still pumping in and out of her as her vaginal muscles contract around it. As she starts to come down again I reach and turn it off, but leave it inside of her. It is still twitching a little bit. I climb further on the bed, lean forward and kiss her full on the mouth. She finally relaxes some, and opens her eyes. She looks deep into mine, and says, “Will you take me now? Just you?”

Without answering I pull back, reach down and remove the vibrator. It is wet and warm. I put it aside. I then undo the restraints. She stays where she is. I roll over to get on top of her, putting my hands under her shoulder blades. She raises her legs and wraps them around my lower back. My cock, having been raging for some time, has no trouble finding its way home. As I enter I can feel her squeezing me on the way in. She has a special way of squeezing on my in-stroke, and releasing on my out-stroke. She knows it makes for a stronger come for me. It doesn’t take long before I’m pumping my own juices into her. She clenches me tighter, with her arms, with her legs and with her pussy as I pump my load. We lay there for many minutes afterwards, both out of breath, my slowly relaxing cock slipping out of her pussy little by little, her legs still wrapped around me.

“Thank you,” she says. “Thank you.”

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