Legend of Juliana , Stone Ladies

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Double Penetration

Long ago, during the 13th century when the Inquisition flourished and women wore no underpants, free spirit Juliana Spree encountered a Wizard who turned her into stone. Turning her stone skin back to flesh required a kiss before the end of the 800th year. If not, she’d die in her stone public grave. Her crimes: loving a man below her rank, loving a man outside of marriage, and selling secret love potions to girls following the Troubadour bands parading through France, Spain, and Northern Italy. The bands escaped to Kobenhaven’s forest when the Inquirers inquired or the local folk became too prudish. In the forest, Juliana, an excellent song poet, fell madly for the most ardent word-lover Troubadour, Count Shaftpenhead.
Singing in defiance to the Wizard:

“I earn my own keep.
I do not loose sleep.
A contract-husband?
I’ll take a man I love,
Over a man paper-deep.”

“Your parents asks me to spare your life and stone hard, hard as your heart I turn thee.”
In fire flicker time, Juliana, and her party gals became solid stone. But Juliana could think for the Wizard allowed her that much.

Eight hundred years later, Georgie, a handsome dark haired professor with long and wide mustache that tickled quivering thighs under many ladies’ skirts, broke up with his wife, Julie.

Julie balked at their first-time orgy. She surprised Georgioe. Over five years, male students have mistaken Julie for a university graduate student. Her buxom 120-lb, 34C-25-34, and shoulder length blonde caught many males off guard. Her 6-foot height intimated most men. Her experience modeling showed itself in her elegant walk and even crossing her legs because a spectator sport of the young men on campus. Georgieo’s agreeable manner brought her from her native Italy to Copenhagen to become his wife.

“I don’t fuck in public for others, Georgieo.”

“Fucking for the public, dear?”

“Private threesome’s crown my fucking limits.”

“Were teaching them how to make love.”

“Gio, hmm, Isn’t that what they call you?”

“I like the name.”

“It’s a teenager’s name . . . for your teenage midlife crises.”

“I’m staying.”

“My vertical smile and I are leaving. If you don’t come along — Gio!”

The shock destroyed Gio. Julie demonstrated a thousand years of female culture, class. She’d fuck any time on campus or off. Her smoothed waxed pussy stayed wet for him. She made it easy for him to respect her the morning after.

Gio went into a slump. He didn’t remember teaching his classes or grading assignments. The precise answers to questions surfaced from memory. When pretty young girls gave their panty parades, pushing their mini-jean skirts up by spreading their legs, he doubted the meaning of it all. Normally, he got off on the mixture of coy conservative bright blue and white-stripped blouses with assort panty colors the girls revealed. His sexual enthusiasm vanished. Julie’s gravity principles brought him earthbound. He didn’t want a divorce. But, Julie’s lawyer served the papers two weeks ago.

He frequented Copenhagen Park full of tall oaks, ferns, roses and daffodils and stone lady statues. The lady statues in various undress states provided him peace. The one nearest his favorite bench named, Juliana, sun bathed for more about 800 years, if the legends were true.

Juliana heard the sorrow shown in his watery-eyes. She and he suffered for the same sexual kindness. Of course, even a first level esoteric student knows you cannot put foreign thoughts in another’s mind, she reminded herself. They must be inclined in that direction already. For years, though Gio sat next to her every day. He must like me on some level.

Juliana desired to soothe him with her naked breasts and heartbeats. Let him smell her hand-made perfume. Her slow tight, turning hands provide wrists bracelets music clink . . . clink . . .clink as she stimulated Gio’s mind-blowing blowjob.

Already my oiled vial of pleasure make it easier to spread my groin wide, to the limit–if I were human that is. She thanked the Wizard for her legs parted–in the mid-stride. The walking joy always stimulated her sexually. It relieved the tension too. How the simplest things provided sex arousal and are taken for granted by these girls, Juliana observed. At least the girls wear fewer clothes now. My fondest pleasure be to walk in a sundress with nothing underneath. And for my favorite man, Gio, stand in front of the sunlight. Feeling the hardness of a engorged male dick inside her divine crack after 800 years, she imagined all too well, all too often.

She watched Gio shoo away marriage-bunnies, cheerleaders, sorority girls for thirty minutes while he lunchtime languished. Juliana’s blue eyes noticed how attractive his sensitive face, the length his left-sided flaccid cock. These impressed her. She remembered the days when the Count Shaftpenhead played his erotic songs around the forest fire far away illegal bahis from the Inquisition and snooping parents.

“Play another one, Count Shaftpenhead.” The crowd laughed. “Let’s see your fair redhaired Juliana dance her silk blue scarf once more.”
“A tune of love lost and regain?” The Count tuned his tiny guitar as he improvised loin lyrics.
“Is the Count as good under he sheets as they say, Juliana?” Satin asked.
“Aye. Much better. Watch how I make his fire rise, Satin? He won’t finish his siren song.”
Juliana wrapped a blue long scarf around her head. Her ankle length skirt lost its red blouse familiar as Juliana turned east and west, extenuating the curve of her wide hips. Her white skin blinked like an eye between the black corset and white skirt. Her belly twinkled a red ruby. She stepped closer and backward; hips moved in and out, her chest thrust left, then right. Her B cup breasts waves between the air and her corset. Her scarf a toy flowing about her body. Juliana looked very wet from the darting lights of the campfire and her glistening sweat skin. Juliana steamy performance made the place hotter. Over her breasts, down her mons, past her calves to her ankles, she maneuvered the scarf. She raised the long skirt with the blue scarf trailing. Up under her legs the scarf went and out again, and trailed up the trouser bulge and chest and under the Count’s nose

“A woman bathing. Mmmmmm,” sang Count Shaftpenhead. Juliana turned around and let the cloth drip down her neck and back and buttocks. Juliana drew the mind toward Aphrodite rising from Gia’s Earth Waters. Juliana’s 118 lb 5′ 8″ frame made the corset prettier. Juliana’s pebble cherry nipples ready for picking by the strong lyrical lips and callused fingers of Shaftpenhead.

He played on; shaking his head as Juliana flung off her sandals, and whirled closer and further until at last everyone felt urgent needs. She put her red painted fingers in her mouth, first one, then another, sliding in and out. He wanted her. He wanted to impale her hard where her softness sought it most. “Go on. Come here, sweet Juliana,” he managed to weave into the song.

The ladies and men paired off and Juliana ended the song in the Count’s muscular lap with his choice tool throbbing between her splayed legs. Her legs begging him to part her up higher and paint her cunt and womb white with sperm. Her sixteen-year-old eyes twinkling raunchy desires her 20-year-old body began in the flesh.

Without warning, the Wizard popped in startling everyone, but the half naked Juliana, now unashamedly humping the shaft of the moaning, Count, lubricating it and giving it a buff shine. Her long white skirt bunched at her waist covering her ruby belly.

“Thou mom’s has paid me good money to see you not ruin yourself for marriage, Juliana.”

“Who asked you here, Wizard of Halifax?” barked the Count, in between thrust.

” Me mom? Can go to the sewer rats. I sleep with whomever I please.”

“And the Inquisition? How shall you deal with them?”

“My perfume customer’s keep my confidence. Cemented many marriages, Halifax, I have.”

“Your reputation is at stake!”

“Thirteen’s a good year to lose my virginity reputation!”

The crowd of girls and men laughed.

“Like all the good girls in town,” Satin added.

“Juliana,” said the Wizard waving his ancient stick. “Girls wield the lust energy, a lust far powerful than the men. Esoteric history notes this. Used with discretion and no one cares.”

“You care. The Inquisition cares. So, what I fuck around! Use my sponge too. Never been pregnant.”

“Olena, lose her three month child with your magic,” chimed Satin.

“Is the Inquisition as kind as I?” The group heard the sudden trampling of many leaves on the forest floor.

“Oh my God!” someone screams.

“Come with me, Juliana, to Germany,” says the Count.

“Outrun them all, Count?” The wizard waved his scepter three times and all the ladies in the forest froze into stone. Juliana froze mid-strive one hand on hips in defiance, the other on her breasts.

Years later, because no one could destroy the statues and birds refuse to land on them, all feared the place. Soon, however, it became a lover’s lane. Finally, to stop the lovemaking the town and after great architectural engineering, the mayor made it a city park. “Better to allow some youthful energy than to have it bursting out all over.” Another person thought the statues make excellent museum pieces. This sadden the stone women until the moved stone ladies discovered their new location offered better marriage prospects. The cobblestones and coy pavement in Copenhagen hasn’t changed much in hundreds of years. It is truly an Old World paradise.

Gio revisited the next day. Juliana depleted most of her sex energy inching herself nearer to the park bench. She stood one foot away now and not two. “Perhaps now my thoughts will illegal bahis siteleri register on Gio’s consciousness. Oh how I’d fancy a good reaming in my cunt after eight hundred years.”

Gio shoulder’s slumped down. He loved the historical side of literature and recently read about the Troubadour days. How free they were. Playing and having sex all over the country side. The music bellowing the night air and the scent of sex all around in the forest grottos making the ancient passion Goddesses and Gods pleased.

He got up, looked at Juliana, “My dear, gal. If, I were in your days. I’d fuck you until the night’s dew dried off the flower petals.” He touched Juliana. You’re magnificent, every curve, every crease and erotic bulge.

The tiny brush of flesh sent Juliana into furnace frenzy. She and he shared proximity. She wouldn’t let him get away.

“Kiss me, Gio. I’ll show you a night of ardor and song, you’ll never forget.” Juliana’s need intensified. She’d have gotten on her knees and made the cells of Gio’s penis and balls desire her if she could. For a second, Gio stared into Juliana’s blue eyes and saw a tear. But the clouds split apart sending teeming drops of rain down upon the pair, and the moment escaped.

Juliana cried and cried all night as it stormed and lightening crashed with all its might.

Gio already had tenure, but this book sex book probably make him famous. The influence of sex on the Growth of Literature in Agrarian Denmark and French Society. He read many sex references and darted into the faculty lavatory because the wet spot began to show on his pants. Gio tosses off day after day fantasying about pulling Juliana up to his waist. Feeling her legs embrace his hips as he pumped his manifest lust into her heated core.

Occasionally a female librarian watch his wide eyes, flash back across the pages, speed reading; his finger stopping at unpredictable moments to caress the saucy, fragile drawings depicting the wild troubadours sex acts. “Seems they were the Nudist Tantric Sex practitioners of the West, these Troubadours.” Gio mused to himself for having found such an influential book. At times, the literature lean toward feminism. The first EU written records of love not as contract but for love’s own sake. How can you beat that? Then he uncovered a palm-sized book of lustful songs reportedly written by women and men Troubadours. Spirit Sex songs made this book, the EU Kamasutra. The book never been checked out.

Gio laughed. All this courtly affection going on right under the Inquisitor’s nose. Like today, you have your prudes and your free spirits living side by side on the Internet and even next door. All proceeded extremely well. He even forgot about Julie for a time; until he ran across a rumor legend called The Wizard, Juliana, and The Stone Ladies.

It recounted the legend of the chemist businesswoman, Juliana, selling her love potion, actually perfume and toilet water. How her parents wanted her to make a good marriage, but she wanted to bonk someone she loved, not just shack up for money and estates. How the Wizard saved her from the Inquisitor’s boots by turning her and her gal-pals into stone; the Wiccan Priestess who upon the death of the Wizard gave the stone ladies the ability to move, even if only inches at a time. The Priestess didn’t want the women to startled the men or anyone. All so that perhaps, the stone ladies could find a man who loved them to kiss them.

Only if the kisser fully loved and accepted the stone ladies’ sexuality would the kissee’s be freed. It incensed Gio women grappled with sexual double standard stigmas after all these years. Maybe this made Julie want to avoid the orgy? Nudism’s acceptance in Copenhagen didn’t lessen the fact women’s desire to make free love struggled the world over. He gathered up his books, and called a press conference in the park.

“These ladies of the park, our free-spirit nudist ancestors beloved their sexuality. They cherished their union based on the caring souls. And even though chased by Inquisitors, parents seeking to banished them in convents, they pursued their hearts pent up passion. I for one salute and celebrate them by giving a loving kiss to the beautiful, Juliana. The first stone lady amongst the many in this Copenhagen Lover’s Park.”

Gio aligned his body with Juliana’s. Hundreds of cameras flicked off bright flashes. Movie cam and camcorders hummed along all preserving the moment the 800 year magic spell broke, and true love reign again for free spirit Juliana Stone.

Horrified, Julie, heard about the press conference. She determined to save his and her reputation. She appeared just as he was kissing, Juliana. Julie’s disbelieve in these events caused her to raised her ring-graced hand to her lips. Her diamond ring reflected the flashing lights.

Juliana, thought, “No! No, Gio!” but Gio’s smiling face, full of enthusiasm and tear-filled eyes shut while he zoomed canlı bahis siteleri in. Juliana wasn’t angry with Julie. She understood how loveable Gio’s attitude was. She had been through this before: The kiss, not in public, but in secret at night. But they all misunderstood. All the stone ladies within the park repeatedly discussed it, the wicked humor of the Wizard.

Gio planted a peck, transforming into a soft kiss on the green lady’s thin but sensuous lips. Nothing happened.

The crowd grew quiet.

“Gio! Don’t embarrass me again with this nonsense and magic!”

“Maybe I rushed it,” he said nervously turning back to the photographic montage.

They chuckled.

A male shouted, “Give it your best romantic kiss, Gio.”

“My best loving kiss.”

“My cunt lips,” Juliana screamed in her thoughts. “Fuck you! Naughty Wizard wherever you are,” Juliana steamed.

Gio moved forward again. The stone wasn’t as cold as before. He didn’t know if the kiss did it or the afternoon.

Juliana wanted to kick Gio in the shins. She waited for what seemed like days for Gio’s second attempt. She waited until their lips met again before whispering in her mind, “Gio. Let your thick mustache tickle my fancy split. KISS MY PUSSY!”

“I got it folks! I know where to kiss her.”

“Now, I’m going, Gio,” said Julie pushing her way through the throng of men, and women.

Gio knelt down on both knees. He embraced Juliana’s wide stone hips.

The crowd began to laugh, and flush and get aroused.

A human comet departing, Julie striding, glanced back one last time through the parted spectator’s sea, watching Gio’s face near the soft protruding mons of Juliana Stone. “In public– Totally disgust–,” she muttered and storming off never looking back.

When Gio’s lips pressed into that neglected crevice, so untouched except by the cascading raindrops and the furtive glances of men and boys doing their daily activities, she melted. Her stone fascade receded like a ripple wave of lake water. The green became pink and alabaster white; her curves resumed their natural softness. Her nipples cherry-pink. Juliana took a deep breath.

Gio determined not to fail, kissed deeper into Juliana’s pussy with his lips, and slipped a bit of tongue that set off her clit-fire. The pose Juliana held for so many centuries seemed appropriate. She walked into his cunnilingual exercise rightful deserved after all these centuries.

Her fingers moved from her breast and hip to Gio’s head and she clasped his face. But the throes of her delayed orgasms overcame her. Juliana ended up pushing Gio’s head further into her twat. Her twat saturated with need and the skin soaking up his wet pink touch.

Juliana pushed her vulva forward, tilted her hips upward. Gio dashed his tongue further into her passionate vee and French-Kissed her hot pussy hole. Juliana orgasms exploded anew. She moaned loud and hard and shook. Gio clutched her squeezing white round buttocks as Juliana’s fuck crevice clutched him back all along his face and tongue.

The rapturous crowd applauded. Finally, Juliana giggled and pull Gio upward to her horizontal parted lips. Her smiling white teeth and sixteen year-old eyes beckoned him to romance her again. “My knight!”

“Juliana belongs in my sorority,” commented the HomeComing Queen Amanda.

Juliana pushed her tongue deep inside Gio’s mouth. She pressed her thigh inside his thighs. She pressed her groin flat on his and felt the her tiny passion fruit rub hard on the larger fruit extending down the left leg of Gio’s pants.

“Gio, You’re very good,” Juliana cooed.

“I loved you, Juliana. You noble, artistic soul.”
A merchant watching handed Juliana silk-blue bathrobe.

Gio lovingly encased her in the garment “She looks like a queen,” Gio shouted. “Will you marry me and spend time with me, play with me Juliana Stone?”

Juliana paused for effect. “Yes. Dear Gio. I’d love to party with you forever and ever.

“My goddess, my lady and my whore wrapped in one.”

The crowd giggled and hooted. Juliana smiled and bashfully batted her long eyelashes.

“I’d love to eat something sweet after all these years.”

“What would you like, Juliana?” said one female reporter in red suit and perfectly painted red lips.

“Warm hard cock with a side of sperm down my pretty throat.”

Everyone fell over laughing and snickering.

“But what about the other ladies asked another reporter.”

“Well, my Gio can only kiss me,” and she smooched-hugged him again, “Or the spell will turn me back. As for the other stone ladies, and she grabbed Gio’s hand, “Since I’ve been kissed the others have another 800 years before the spell turns them into stone forever. Any fellows here want to meet his match in bed fantasies? Kiss my fellow sisters with love and respectful lust–they will be all yours.”

The men went scurrying about Copenhagen Park kissing all the pretty Stone Ladies. Other men dashed for the museums. For some stone ladies the spell broken on the first kiss; for others, it didn’t break. Eventually all of Juliana Stone’s party-gals were freed.

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