Kim’s Rules

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I am a business consultant for defense contractors working out of a home office. The hours are long but very flexible, mainly because I work on a computer developing software tools. My wife also works, but more conventionally as a Federal Government management professional. She leaves the house at 7:00 am and usually returns after 6:00 pm. Needless to say, all this work is ruining our sexual routine since we both crash before early every night.

One early morning the doorbell rang after my wife had left but before I had the chance to shower and dress. I shuffled up to the front door dressed in a T-shirt and button-fly boxers. Looking through the peephole I saw Kim Wright, an acquaintance of my wife who I had not seen for over ten years. Thinking she would probably leave as soon as she learned my wife was not home, I opened the door and said “Good Morning!”

Kim looked up, and with a warm smile replied, “Good morning to you, Ray. Is Stephanie at home?”

“No. You just missed her on her way out to the morning commute.”

“Oh bother! I know its been a long time since we have seen each other, but I was hoping to catch her before she got to her office – its about something that happened years ago, but she might hear of it again today.”

“Well, you could call her on her cell phone. She usually leaves it on during her drive in.”

Kim wrinkled her brow and looked down at her shoulder purse. “I don’t have mine charged up.” Up came her head, her green eyes locking into mine like emerald lasers. “Could I use your telephone?”

“Of course,” I exclaimed as I started to step backwards. My problems began as my stockings slipped on the wooden entrance floor, sending me into a shallow back dive with arms flapping and feet kicking about. Wham! My body hit the floor with that sound Rocky made punching hanging cow carcasses. Crack! My head snapped back and bounced off the floor with the sound of a Mark McGuire home run.

Lying there, my eyes chased each other around as I mentally tried to take stock of my body parts. Kim came through the door in a rush, kneeing by my head as she reached out to press her hand onto my chest. “Don’t move!” she cried, ” Not until we know you’re OK!”

I tried to nod, but my eyes were out of focus and my stomach trembling from their motion. I settled down, and concentrated on focusing on Kim’s face so I could stop the seasick feeling I had. Suddenly, her face popped into focus and just as suddenly, I remembered a lot of feelings and emotions she stirred in me over ten years ago. I looked into her classic oval face, with its peaches-and-cream complexion, pert nose, full lipped mouth with upturned corners, and two of the most brilliant green eyes on earth. My first thought was “I wonder if she still wears the three inch heels and full skirts?”

“Are you alright? Did you break anything? Can you move?” Her words came tumbling out as she quickly scanned my body from head to toe. “I’m OK, just feeling a little groggy and clumsy at the same time,” I managed to croak as I rose up from my waist and clutched back of my head.

All at once, Kim started with a deep-throated chuckle, “It looks at least the important parts of you didn’t break!” I looked down at my lap, and hanging out of my gapping boxers were my cock and ball sag, “Oops, Jumbo’s out on the loose!” I tried to retort. “Looks more like Dumbo,” she cracked back.

I stuffed myself back in as I rose to a standing position. “Thank you, but I will be alright.”

“Sure, but not before you sit down and let me look at the back of your head.”

Kim guided me to the canlı bahis kitchen where I plopped down onto one of the breakfast nook chairs. “Yep, she still wears ’em!” I thought as I looked at her by the freezer fetching ice. Not much had changed since I last lusted, er… looked at her like this. Five foot eight, about 130 lbs., bright brunet hair cut in a page boy with deep curls coming down behind her ears to swoop up again to her cheeks. She was dressed in a simple beige silk blouse with pearl chokers, a wide skirt of muted earth tones and fall flowers that ended exactly at mid-knee, finished off with superbly tanned bare legs and three inch sand-colored, sling-back heels. Have I mentioned yet that Kim has a world-class ass, and legs to dream about, which is what I did all those years ago whenever I saw her walk by my office on the way to my wife’s workstation. Kim’s backside is heart-shaped like an oriole’s nest. From a narrow waist it slopes down low-slung and muscular, with strong hunches and thighs that taper into firm and proportional calves. These awesome legs finish with slender ankles and narrow feet that were designed by the Maker for $400 Andrew Gellar heels. From her long neck to her waist she appears average, with small breasts that look to be high up on her chest. Whatever. With a cupid doll face and an ass that begs to be cupped, Kim is down right beautiful.

“I sorry, but what did you just say?” asked Kim with a bewildered look. “Ah, nothing,” I mumbled. “Well, sit back and press this ice against the back of your head to slow any swelling that may occur. Where is your telephone? I want to call Stephanie and tell her what happened.” I pointed to the counter against the far wall.

Click-click-click. Kim walked across the titled floor, skirt swirling, and legs flashing just as they did back when I was engaged to my wife and working in a Federal Government management position. She stopped by the wall-mounted phone, and turned her back to me as she reached up onto the cabinet for water glass for me. To get it she kicked back and bent her left knee and rose up on her right toes, then stretched up into the cabinet, all of which caused her skirt, and my dick, to rise to a very elevated position. Even in my shaken state, I stared at her ass and legs, probably with the look of a loopy basset hound. She turned her head to look at me, “Are you still staring at my bum after all these years?”

“Yep, and what I want to do to it is still illegal in 48 states,” I thought.

The silence was deafening. “What did you say?” whispered Kim. Oh, SHIT! I’m screwed! Me and my big mouth, and my GD talk-before-you-think attitude!

” I am totally out of line! Please forgive me, I didn’t mean to say that – it just came out! I didn’t…”

“No, no. Be still for a moment,” she said as she turned and walked towards me. If I had been in a clearer state of mind, I probably would have noted the smoldering look her electric green eyes took on, or the slight smirk she now portrayed at the corners of her mouth. “I always figured you wanted to feel me up, but I never thought you wanted to fuck me in the ass. But I was younger and naïve then. Now I know that when a man looks at me the way you look at me, then he wants to push his cock into my asshole.”

Shock is a word that is over used. But shock is the only description that I can use to explain the new look on my face, and the rapid appearance of Dumbo through the gapping fly of my boxers.

“Um, I remember that you’re now married. To Bill someone – a lawyer and amateur bike rider, I think.” I pushed my boner back into my boxers as bahis siteleri best I could, and rapidly thought of all the variables I had to assemble into a plausible explanation of what I had said out loud, and what Kim responded with.

Kim was standing right in front of me now, with her hands balled on her hips, her chest up and out, and a surreal look of understanding about her in total. “His name is William Chapman Knowles, IV, and yes, he is an attorney and Olympic cyclist.” Her eyes darkened and her voice became a tad brittle as it further lowered in tone and feeling, “And he’s gay. So I have first hand experience around men who are assfuckers, even if they only fuck their own.” By God, she sounded almost sultry as she threw that last accusation out.

Shakespeare always used a narrative convention to try and convey what was happened around the central characters, so as to move the action along and keep the dumb shits like me abreast of the story line. Where’s my narrator when I really need him?!

“Ah…, Kim. I sincerely apologize, and I hope that we can get back on an even keel again. Ah…, I did not mean to infer that your husband was anything but, um, well, you know. And Stephanie’s going to cut off my bal…, um, allowance when you tell her.”

“Do you like to look, more than you like to do? Is that why you think about sex so much? Do you want to look at me fully dressed and jerk off? Or should I flip up my skirt, bend over, and show you my asshole while I finger fuck my pussy? Is that what you want?” Kim inquired as she stooped to measure my facial twitches as my mind went wheeling backwards. My eyes expanded ten-fold, my mouth suddenly dried out, my tongue swelled back into my throat, and my heart pounded against the walls of my chest.

“Kim, I know that you’re upset and angry with me, but let’s try to remain civil with each other. I never meant…”

“Oh, come on now, Ray. Let’s be honest with each other. You’ve always stared at me like you would have popped your nose up my butt if I stopped walking too fast. And to tell you the truth, I used to wish… Oh, Hell! I wish now that I could show you my butt. At least someone would then use me for more than a morning throat fuck and cum. Don’t look surprised. Bill may be gay, and he may keep me for business appearances, but he’s a typical man. He wants to orgasm in the morning to get the day properly started. He may not want stick his cock in my cunt, but he likes to think of my mouth as a gay man’s jerk-off toy. Five minutes of deep thrusts, and he shoots cum down my throat while I kneel by the master bathroom’s shower. He even uses my tongue as a wipe cloth before he jumps into the shower. I’m left every morning with his dick glue on the back of my tongue, and my hand shoved up my crotch as I finger my clit and asshole trying to cum myself. I usually wait until he leaves for the office, but sometimes it’s so bad that I lie in front of the changing room mirror and fuck myself with anything handy. He’ll always walk by and comment that I need a bigger dildo, or that I should use a broom handle for my buttfucking. But he never expresses any love or concern for me.”

“You don’t need to tell me any of this, Kim,” said I as I tried in vane to keep my cock from popping back out of my boxers. Her fuck-filled tirade seized me, and turned on my cravings for masturbation and pornography. She knew it, and I knew it.

“You want to jerk off right now, looking at me while I stand in your kitchen not ten minutes after seeing me for the first time in ten years. And I want to show you everything. I want to finger fuck myself bahis şirketleri in front of man who longs for me, and not for something else. So what will it be? Should I strip and fuck myself right here, or do you want me to bend over and give you a great look up my cunt and asshole?”

“Both,” I gasped as I reached into my boxers.

“Wait. Don’t pull on peter yet. We have to have rules. Look but no touch, lust but no love, and cum but no regret – understood?” All this she said as her unbuttoned her blouse to reveal a designer shelf-bra of coral pink, hoisting up two gorgeous tits each topped with a matching, crinkled coral nipple extending out at least an inch. As I nodded my head like a carnival toy dog, she stepped out of her skirt to show me a pink thong that was pulled up into her cunt – her lips outside of the fabric hugging the crotch of the thong like small sea muscles. She fondled her nipples, pulling out and up on them, then drug her right hand down to her pussy, lightly scratching her nails across her stomach and through the small, bikini-cut patch of light brown wisps of hair, to caress her clit out of its hiding place. As I watched, it grew into a small, pink cock of its own. Her hips suddenly thrust out and her hand slid down as her middle finger sought out and found her asshole. Slowly it inserted itself, up two knuckles it went, until I heard her sigh deeply, and say, “Do you think that I have a lovely pussy and anus?”

I was a puddle of instant sweat and quivering nerves. My cock was pointing straight out, fluid leaking and balls swelling. All I could get out was “You are fucking fantastic!” I quickly grabbed my prick, and started to polish its apple as fast as I could stroke. Kim’s eyes settled in on my groin. “Let me watch you as you watch me,” she crooned. I tried to concentrate on seeing all of this vibrate bitch as she finger-fucked her ass, but I was cramping up in the chair.

“Go lay on the kitchen table. That’s it. Now lift those gorgeous legs and bend your knees so I can see both your pussy and your asshole. Wonderful! You are drop-dead gorgeous! Frig yourself in the ass and cunt at the same time. That’s it! Oh, God, I’m going to cum!”

Kim’s hips were bucking up off the table’s surface as her fingers squished in her holes. “Come on me!” she panted. “Come now!”

The white gusher of cum sprayed out of my cock as I savagely stroked myself. My knees quivered as I stood between Kim’s raised legs and aimed my seed at her belly and tits. A first lash of cum leaped onto her face and hair, a second landed on her heaving tits, and the rest fell onto her belly and cunt, running down across the finger thrusting into her asshole, and puddling onto the table top.

Kim’s ass jumped up in successive arches of her back, as she shoved her whole fist into her cunt, chanting “Yes! Yes! Yes!” in time with each humping motion. Her heels caught the edge of the table, cutting into its soft wood as she fucked the air above her. Her shoulders planted down, and up went her whole body, almost levitating off the surface – the only points of contact being the back of her neck and the points of her heels. Wave after wave of orgasmic intensity drove her to scream out “Fuck me!” as she reached a culmination of lust and wanton masturbation. She remained poised in a lurid arch, and as her hand fell away from her ass, her sphincter gasped open trying to clamp down on another cock. She pulled her fist from her cunt, leaving it gapping open. Suddenly her hips descended to the table, her ass absorbing the shock of the collapse. Her legs remained sprayed open, her cunt fluid dripping into my own puddle of cum. I suddenly realized that the kitchen smelled like a dirty movie store cubicle as I stood over her, marveling at the totally awesome sight of a great broad thoroughly fucked out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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