Kim and Me Ch. 03

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Still more from the memory banks. If you’ve not read them already, I suggest reading “And Nothing Happened” and “Kim and the Sauna” first.


I doubt that I’d ever had a more dazzling – and sexual! – day than yesterday. Kim and I had fallen into bed after almost two decades of being wonderful friends and the experience was simply incredible.

Sleeping with Kim was as good as making love to her. (What can I say? I’m a romantic guy.) We slept well together, actually: there wasn’t any thrashing around or fighting over the blankets and I really liked how Kim would snuggle into me periodically. She also made these cute little murmuring noises—kind of a little “coo”—occasionally when she changed position.

The alarm went off at 7:30 and the sounds of the classical FM station rolled out. It was something nice, a string quartet doing something baroque that I vaguely recognized. Kim was on her side next to me and I had my arm wrapped around her. After a moment, I felt her stretch a little and then say “Mmmmmm… good morning, handsome!”

“Good morning to you, petal. I loved sleeping with you.”

“I loved it, too,” Kim said. She stretched again, yawned, and rolled over to the other side of the bed. “I do NOT want to go to work this morning.”

“What’s the matter, did you not get enough sleep?” I said with a grin.

“It was all the activity,” she replied. She rolled back on her side slightly and started tweaking my nipples, which was a wonderful way to start my day. “I’m just not used to getting that much exercise after going to the gym.”

I was about to respond when I moved my right arm and my pecs reminded me of what I’d done on the bench press yesterday. Ouch! “It was a bit of a workout at the gym, too,” I responded. “My pecs are really sore from all that bench pressing.”

Kim laughed. “That’s good; I’d hate to think that you weren’t spotting me while I was spotting you.” She said “Let me rub them” and half sat up and grabbed at my armpits and started tickling me. I alternated laughing and saying “Ow!” as my abused muscles twanged in pain. We wrestled a little and I finally grabbed Kim’s wrists. As it happened, she was now stretched out on top of me and I had her arms pulled down to either side, which was just fine. Her breasts pressed on my chest and my cock was pressing into her tummy. We looked at each other for a moment and then kissed softly.

I said “You’re wonderful to wake up to, Kim. We could do this again. A lot, even.”

“Good, because I’d rather like to do it again, myself,” Kim said.

“Unfortunately, right now, you need to get to work and I should probably go home and feed the cats and check email and so on.”

Kim slowly rolled off of me and stood up. She stretched again, a lovely full-body arching that showed off everything. Her little blue nightie rode up to right above her navel (it didn’t cover a lot to begin with). I sat up and ran my fingertips all the way down her back to her knees. She stretched a little more and stepped forward to hug my face to her. “The cats didn’t run out of food, did they?”

“No, not a chance. I always make sure their food bowls are filled with kibble and there’s a tiny trickle of water going in the bathtub. They grew up drinking from a leaky faucet so they just expect it wherever I’m living. The only thing that I’ll hear about is how I left them alone and that they single-handedly had to fight off polar bears and crocodiles and there was no-one to give them attention and that life is soooooooooo tough. More important is making sure that nothing’s come in on email from the publisher. Not that I’m expecting anything, but you never know.”

“Well, I have to do a client meeting this morning at 10 and I also should make sure that no canlı bahis fires have broken out, but I think I can break away pretty early.”

“How early do you think you can escape?” I asked.

“Oh, probably about one o’clock or a little later. The meeting’s not likely to last past 11:30 or 12:00, after which, I need to make sure that nothing’s happening this afternoon that requires my participation.”

“Assuming you can break free then, what would you like to do this afternoon?”

“Um, you.” Kim wiggled her tummy against my nose.

“Well, yes, I figured we were both on the menu, princess, but was there anything besides that? Not that I’m complaining, mind you. You’re a tasty little morsel.”

Kim bent down and held my face. She kissed me briefly and I heard her sniff my cheeks. “Yes, I can tell you do. Oh!” Kim shivered slightly and said with her cheek pressed to mine, “It’s so nice to have you smell like me.” She straightened up and padded towards the bathroom. She left the door open a crack and I heard her say “For tonight, I was thinking of a video at home with you and going out for dinner. And I really should go to the gym, of course.”

I said “How about this, then: let’s spend the night at my house. The cats will appreciate the company and we can curl up on the couch together watching the tube. I can cook something for dinner or we can go out as you prefer. What do you say?”

“Mmmmm, that sounds pretty nice to me. What about the gym?”

“I think I could get by with aerobics for today, but I’ll have to do the gym tomorrow for sure,” I said.

The toilet flushed and Kim re-entered the bedroom for a moment, grabbed a fresh towel, and said “All right, I’ll finish up at work, come back here, do half an hour on the treadmill downstairs—” Kim saw my smile and said pointedly “—by myself, then I’ll pack a bag and come over to your house. What do you think?”

“Sounds good to me. Hmmm…” I paused and Kim said “What?”

“Oh, nothing, just thinking of an idea or two.”

“Good,” said Kim, “I like a man with ideas. I’ve got an idea or two of my own.”

“If they’re anything like mine, we may have enough for a full weekend.” Kim smiled and made a slight purring noise. “Before you hit the shower, let me duck into the bathroom. I’m going to burst soon.”

“Be my guest,” Kim said. She grabbed my ass as I walked by.

While I was using the toilet, I heard Kim brushing her teeth and gargling. When I came back out, Kim had taken off her nightie and was once again naked. She had a towel in her hand for me. I took the towel and moved in and kissed her. She kissed back and gave me a quick grope, then pulled away and said “We’d better stop that; I must get to work and I’m already half-tempted to phone in and plead exhaustion.”

Kim headed into the bathroom but left the door open. As she fiddled with the tap in the shower stall, I said “Coffee? Breakfast?” Kim said “Coffee, yes, lots, but I usually just have a Zone bar for breakfast.”

“Okay,” I said, “I’ll whip us up a whole group of coffee, then.”

“Thank you, honey.” Kim stepped into the shower.

Finding the coffee in her kitchen was not a problem: there was a grinder and a French press on the counter and I knew from past discussions about coffee (this was Seattle, after all) that Kim kept her coffee beans in the freezer. I started a kettle of hot water on the stove, then poured a generous portion of a breakfast blend into the grinder, hit the switch, and ground up the beans. I dumped them into the press and grabbed two large mugs from the cupboard. I knew how Kim liked her coffee—heavy on the cream and just a smidgen of sugar—and I put a big dollop of cream in the bottom of my cup.

I looked around the cupboards until I found a box of Zone bars. bahis siteleri I pulled one out for each of us just as the kettle started humming to itself. I poured the water into the press, let it steep for a minute, then pressed the plunger down and poured coffee for both of us. I carried the mugs and Zone bars back into the bedroom and said “Breakfast!” The water stopped and Kim hollered “Be right there.” I took a big swallow of coffee—ah, heaven’s nectar!—and looked at myself in the mirror. I caught my eye. Well, I thought, I sure do look like a jackass eating prickly pear, but I couldn’t stop grinning. At the thought of this, I laughed out loud.

Kim stepped into the bedroom, toweling water out of her ears, and said “What are you laughing at?” I handed Kim her coffee mug and said “Me. Us.” Kim swallowed coffee and closed her eyes in happiness. “Perfect,” she said. She saw the Zone bars and said “Oh, thank you!” She set the coffee mug down and said “Leap into the shower.”

I scrubbed myself off quickly (more Dr. Bronner’s soap, which is really invigorating in the morning). I turned off the shower and, somewhat to my surprise, the door opened and Kim handed me my towel. She was sitting on the edge of the tub facing the shower, still in a state of complete undress. I saw a single bead of water on her shoulder and the ends of her curls were damp, but she’d dried off pretty thoroughly. She watched me appreciatively while I dried myself off in the shower.

Reasonably dry, I stepped out and hung the towel on the towel rack. When I turned to face Kim, she said “Do you think you could cum for me in five minutes?” “I’ll certainly give it a shot,” I said. “Good,” Kim said, “because I couldn’t stop thinking about how hot it made me sucking on you last night and I’m going to be a wreck during the meeting if I don’t do it again now.”

“I would hate to think that I was responsible for you giving your clients less than 110%,” I said piously. “If you feel you simply must do this, I guess I’ll have to let you.” I sighed melodramatically. Kim laughed and grabbed my cock, which was stiffening already at the thought of yet another blowjob from Kim. She stuffed my soft cock into her mouth and sucked hard. I was really getting fond of feeling Kim’s lips tickling the base of my cock and I let out an appreciative groan.

It didn’t take me long to harden up, but Kim kept getting all the way down on my cock. I felt her swallow hard and pause once, but she picked up her rhythm and was back to sucking me off deeply. Kim’s breasts were swinging around a little, so I cupped them in my hands and stroked her big nipples with my thumbs. It was Kim’s turn to make an appreciative groan and she pulled off my cock for a moment to look up at me and say “Harder, please.” “Gladly,” I replied, “but only if you keep sucking me.” Kim opened her mouth and plunged down on my cock. I rolled her nipples between my fingers and pinched them slightly; this got a positive response.

For a guy who’d never been deep-throated before yesterday, I was sure making up for lost time. It really did feel like I was fucking Kim’s throat. There were wonderful squishy noises and her tongue and hand were adding to the sensations. I looked down and saw that Kim had spread her thighs and was rubbing her clit with her left hand, occasionally wiping a line of saliva from her chest to add some lubrication. I widened my stance and pumped a little faster, to which Kim responded by pushing a couple fingers into her now wet pussy and pumping them in and out. I caught a trace of her hot aroma (was getting used to smelling that, too).

Kim shifted her right hand slightly so that her thumb was resting on my scrotum. She slid her thumb down the seam and pressed up into my perineum, rubbing my prostate. I felt a hot tickly sensation bahis şirketleri deep inside me and said “I’m cumming!” followed by a noise like “Wstfrgllh!” and cum started shooting out of me. Kim didn’t change her rhythm, but started slurping and swallowing. The squishing sounds changed and a little of my cum spilled out on her chest. She grabbed it and rubbed it into her pussy, then plunged two fingers back inside. As the waves of pleasure started dying back, I heard squishing as Kim worked her pussy hard. She was still hanging on to my now-deflating cock, but her eyes were closed and she was gasping in pleasure. A moment later, she said “Oh god, yes!!” and spread her legs wide and plunged all four fingers in and out of herself about three times, then rocked back with her fingers still deep inside. Hanging on to my cock was the only thing that kept her from falling backward at that point, so I held on to her shoulders.

Kim rolled forward, shook her head slightly, and looked up at me. “That was FUN!” she said. “I like getting ready for meetings that way!” Kim looked down at herself, shook her head again, and said “But I need a fast shower to get rid of the after-effects of my preparation.” I said “I think I got all sweaty, too, but I’ll just wipe off for now so you can get going.” I looked at the clock and said “We did all of that in 6-1/2 minutes. Not bad!”

Kim stood up and I gave her a big wet kiss. I could taste a little bit of me on her. I said “I love having the scent of me on your face, too, you know.” Kim looked at me with her gorgeous blue eyes and said in a small voice, “I told you: I want to be your little cum slut. You’re wonderful.” I kissed her again.

Kim took a 30-second shower, just long enough to wash off the cum and drool, then dried off hurriedly. I moved my clothes to the living room so I could stay out of her way: I didn’t want her to be late. I didn’t have a change of clothes for myself, but I wasn’t too rumpled—certainly good enough to drive home in—and I skipped the tie. As I was tying my shoes, I heard Kim singing Gilbert and Sullivan again from the bedroom. I said “Kim? What is that you’re singing? I figured it was G I’ll end up with uneven lashes.” She finished and reached for her lipstick.

“I think I’ve got everything,” I said.

“Good. I’m about ready. Just a moment…” Kim gave one last look in the mirror, pushed her hair back a little on one side and surveyed the result, then said “Ready!” She looked at me and twirled. I whistled and said “Gorgeous as always!”

“I bet you say that to all the girls, mister!” Kim said scornfully.

“Oh, not true,” I said. “Why you look so good, I’m sure you’d look great with nothing on at all!” Kim snorted.

I snagged the remaining Zone bar and tucked it into a pocket, shouldered my gym bag, and we walked towards the door. Kim got her keys and purse from their spot on the table by the door. She paused and kissed me carefully and said, with her lips, just touching mine, “I don’t want to redo my makeup.” We exited and walked to the elevator. Kim drove me around to where my car was parked and I got out, then leaned back into her car through the open window.

“Give me a call when you’re done with your meeting. I’ll be at home and should be available if the cats haven’t killed and eaten me out of spite.”

“Well, you’d better be careful. I’ve got plans for us this weekend, sweetie.” Kim swung the car around and drove off. She waved at me in the rearview mirror and I waved back. I chucked my gym bag into the passenger seat and winced a little: the pecs were going to be sore for a couple days. I laughed at myself again and said out loud “Well, it sure has been worth it!”

I started the care and headed for home. I tried to remember what was in the refrigerator and if I needed to stop at the grocery store: It looked like the weekend was going to be pretty impressive and it might be a good idea to stock up on a few essentials. We might not be leaving the house much from the sound of it.

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