Just a Fantasy Ch. 03

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I stood in the shower, much as I had earlier in the day. I thought about Jason dozing in his room and of Will lying in bed, waiting for me. I wasn’t sure what was happening here. It wasn’t love, but it was more than just sex.

After Will and I had masturbated me, Jason had gotten up and walked inside the house, the door slamming shut behind him. Will and I had stayed outdoors for a while longer and he stripped his clothes off to curl against me. We talked quietly and kissed passionately and before I knew it, he was making love to me gently. His touch was tender, something that had been missing after years of marriage and kids. We took our time, discovering one another’s bodies, and when he entered me, he did so carefully, taking his time as if I might shatter should he move any faster.

He lowered his body onto mine, his arms wrapped around me, and he slowly moved his hips to make it last. “I love you Janie.” Will said, his whispered voice tickling my ear. “That will never stop.”

Tears burned my eyes. Will hadn’t called me Janie in so many years I couldn’t count. I clasped my hands behind his neck and held him close. “I love you too, Will.” I managed to say before my orgasm peaked and my body was rushing down after it.

“Oh, Janie, yes, baby.” Will whispered, rising up and moving faster to his own end. As his body tensed and he shouted his pleasure, I turned my head to the house. There, at the windows, Jason was stroking his dick as he watched. When Will collapsed onto my chest, I saw Jason cum and as he threw his head back his mouth formed a word. I knew that casino siteleri word ~ it was my name.

By the time Will and I got up and made it inside, Jason was in the kitchen, pulling food out for the grill. I looked at him and he at me. He knew I saw him. I went to clean up and then slipped an oversize tee shirt and panties on before heading back to the kitchen. Jason and I prepared supper in silence, our bodies brushing together accidentally on purpose, but it wasn’t until I came to get the chicken from him that he pulled me close and kissed me.

“You saw me.” He said, his tone firm.

“Yes.” I answered, dropping my eyes to the platter I held. “I liked it too. Now I know why you watch us.”

Jason was quiet as he transferred meat from the grill onto the platter. As he placed the last piece there he said, “If I don’t get the chance later, I want to say thank you.”

I looked into the deep hazel of his eyes and for a moment lost my breath. I finally managed to squeak out, “For what?”

Jason grinned easily. “This weekend, coming here, giving yourself to me.” He tugged at a strand of my hair. “Since Rose and I divorced, I haven’t used this place much. I haven’t even dated. I just didn’t feel like dealing with any of it.”

“And now?” I asked, tilting my head to the side as I looked at him.

“And now I could bring you here every weekend and make love to you in every room of this house,” he sighed and turned to close the grill cover.

I felt a huge knot in my throat. I also felt my knees weaken and my pussy grow damp at the thought canlı casino of what he said.

He turned back to me. “But that’s not possible, is it?”

I lowered my gaze and gave a brief shake of my head.

“Hmm,” he said with a smile that didn’t touch his eyes. “I didn’t think so.” With that, he took the platter from my hands and walked indoors.

And now, as I dried my body, he was on my mind.

I walked, naked, into the bedroom, where Will lie with a book. The lights were soft and a cool night breeze came in the windows. Will looked up and smiled at me, his green eyes dancing. “You know, I don’t tell you enough how beautiful I think you are,” he said as he watched me apply lotion to my body.

I blushed deeply and whispered a thank you before crawling in bed next to him. Will pulled me into his arms and kissed me. “Are you sore?” he asked, the concern great in his voice.

“I’m fine. Really.” I said, reassuring him and kissing him. In fact, I wanted more. Having both of them at once was amazing and it made me hungry to have them again and again.

“Good.” Will said, enveloping me in his arms and kissing me.

We kissed slowly and petted, enjoying each other’s caress. Before long, I felt the bed dip next to me and Jason curled his body around mine. I rolled over carefully to face him and began kissing and petting with him.

And that’s how it went. First Will would kiss me and finger me, then Jason would kiss me and suck at my nipples. Then Will would take over my nipples and Jason would rub my clit lightly. I was lying on my kaçak casino side kissing Will when Jason opened my legs and slipped his cock inside. He started fucking me slowly, his fingers moving over my clit at the same time. I whispered my desire and moved with him. His hands moved from my clit to cover my tits and Will took over rubbing me. When I came, Jason increased his thrusts and filled me with his hot, sticky cum. He withdrew and rolled me to face him. He kissed me deeply, his tongue sweetly invading my mouth, as Will thrust his cock into me.

I could feel Jason’s cum squirt out of me and I gasped at the feeling of being full again so soon. “Do you like it, baby?” Jason whispered to me and I moaned a yes, nodding my head. His hand was between my legs, skimming over my sensitive little button. He was going to make me cum again.

I kissed them both, offering my mouth to whoever wanted to plunder with his tongue and lips. At that moment I couldn’t get enough kisses or caresses. I was wild with want as Will’s fingers plucked at my nipples and Jason’s teased my clit. All the while I rode the pleasure out until, finally, I couldn’t hold it back and I begged for release. “Please, Jason, please, make me cum.” I begged, his fingers working fast to take me there.

I reached back and grabbed Will’s ass to pull him into me deeper. “Yes, Will, harder…please.” I was so desperate to cum. As Will shot inside me, I reached the peak and crossed over. I could hear his moans and Jason’s soft words as I floated down, my heart hammering against my ribs, my eyes glazed over with a passion I never knew existed.

We all grew quiet. Without pulling from me, Will leaned back to shut the lights off. I snuggled back into him and drew Jason close to my front, his head on my shoulder. We fell asleep just like that.

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