Jacuzzi Time

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I never have to wait for anyone. Successful, influential, I’m a busy person and my time is managed well. I’d had an early start in a foreign city, a heavily scheduled day, rushing from appointment to appointment. Escorted to lunch, another networking event in a very full diary.

And yet I find myself at the end of the day at a train station in the outer northern suburbs. Alone. Waiting. Five, ten, fifteen minutes…

It’s a logistical challenge to find a few hours where I can disappear from my schedule and enjoy a little ‘down time’. I don’t want to waste a minute, and here I am with no choice but to wait until he arrives. He knows I’m here and I’m trying not to feel frustrated. Twenty-five minutes after I arrived, the soft purr of his SLK grabs my attention as he pulls up beside me.

It’s so worth the wait

I lean forward to open the door, but pulling on the handle achieves nothing. Confused, I look through the window toward his beautiful eyes. He smiles, takes my breath away, as he slowly lowers the passenger window.

‘Knickers first’

‘What!’ I stammer. ‘Out here? It’s so open, oh sweetheart, don’t make me do this, please.’ My begging is futile as the window has been closed. He smiles kindly, looking lovingly at my face, but I know he is serious and that we won’t be going anywhere until I comply. It’s possible – I’m in a skirt, with no pantyhose, and it will take only a moment to remove them. It’s not the first time, and won’t be the last – but it doesn’t ever get any easier.

There aren’t many people around, and the car is shielding me. I quickly reach up my skirt and grab my panty elastic, pulling downward firmly. Dammit! I hadn’t noticed the train approaching. Suddenly the car park is full of people who’ve disembarked from the train and are making their way home. I look pleadingly into the car, but he deliberately looks away.

Standing by the car, dozens of people file past behind me while I try to maintain my composure – standing with my legs sufficiently far apart bangbross porno to hold my panties up mid thigh, grateful for my knee-length skirt. Though nothing explains why I’m standing outside the car, rather than getting in it. He’s enjoying this tremendously.

Finally the car park empties, I bring my legs together and let my panties fall to my feet. I step out of them, bend down to pick them up, then knock on the window. He opens the window and reaches over to take them from me. As the window closes, I start to worry that he’s going to set another test, but that’s not the case. He jumps out of the car and walks around to open my door. Chivalry and dominance is an intoxicating mix.

‘Darling, choose our steak.’ The chocolate-coated gravel of his low voice, spoken just by my cheek for my ears only. I am quivering, waves of pleasure flowing through me, full of anticipation for the night ahead. Remarkably, as we are standing in the middle of a brightly lit supermarket, I feel like we are the only people in the room. I lean in close as he wraps his arms around me, pulling me closer with one arm while inching his other hand up my inner thigh. A swift slap on my bum brings me back to reality and I reluctantly re-focus on the shopping.

We cook up a storm when we get home. It’s so much sexier than eating in a restaurant. Intimate, intense, our little team making something great. Enjoying light banter, swapping recipes, issuing instructions (him), following directions (me), lots of laughter and warmth. We eat slowly, a little wine, tasty dinner, good conversation, loving gazes. Delicious in lots of ways. Afterwards, we clear the table and clean up.

It’s been a romantic evening, he invites me to join him in the jacuzzi before I need to leave. Romance does not usually feature in our liaisons, and I’m really enjoying the change. I slip off to the bathroom to freshen up.

I emerge from the house. Stepping on to the rear deck I see him sitting up in the bangbus porno jacuzzi,looking over my naked body. Slowly, sensually, I walk toward him: my love.

I step into the jacuzzi, and lower myself onto his lap. Wrapping my arms around his neck and shoulders we enjoy soft, long, sexual kisses. He reaches up to grab my tits, squeezing my nipple sharply – once, twice, the third time holding it firmly, longer and longer – I pant – it hurts, it hurts. He chuckles.

We kiss again. I love kissing.

He holds my shoulders firmly, continuing our kiss, and moves forward gently lowering me backward into the water. I’m loving the kissing, I’m loving the hugging, I’m loving being with him and in his arms. It’s only when the water starts entering my mouth that I realise he is pushing me down below the water level. I trust him, but I panic and I try to sit up. He lets me up enough to take a breath, then pushes my shoulders down again. He holds me under, I struggle, he lets me breathe. It repeats, it repeats. There’s a lot of splashing. I’m scared, excited, confused.

Suitably subdued, I curl up in his arms once he’s finished with this treatment.

‘You have to trust me. You should never resist. You fought against me. You know I will never do you harm. Please don’t resist me girl. I’ll always make sure you’re ok.’

We are sitting on the back porch, house blocks are large, but it’s still the suburbs. For the first time I take note of the many windows of neighbouring homes that overlook this garden. Lighting is low, but our position is exposed. I like it. It turns me on.

He stands up a little and positions himself so he’s sitting on the edge of the jacuzzi. A tiny nod of his head is clear indication of his desire at this moment. Eagerly I lean forward and take him in my mouth. The taste of him is diluted by the spa water, but he’s there – his fishy salty luscious taste. ‘Suck, girl, suck.’ Oops! I focus on his pleasure rather than my own and open wide. He fills my mouth, and I suck as hard beurette tour porno as I can. I feel him growing, nudging the back of my mouth, tickling my throat. It distracts from my sucking while I try to relax my reflex. I fail, I gag. I reset and resume sucking. I love the feel of his skin in my mouth – his throbbing, his growth, I love the feel of him hard and forceful in my mouth.

He stands, pulling me up by my hands. We hold each other close, kiss passionately, hungry, consuming. The warm night air wisping around our naked bodies.

Gently but firmly, he turns me around so my back is to him. He keeps a firm hold on my hip with one hand while pushing my head forward so I’m bent over at the hips. He reaches down to stroke my pussy. I part my legs slightly. He reaches right through and grabs me tightly, releasing a finger to part my lips. Every part of me is centred on one thought, one sensation, a desire, a need for him to touch my cunt. I

At first just a finger: stroking, pressing, pushing. Fast then slow, hard then soft. I lean forward further, he pushes deeper. I can feel him pushing against the entrance of mycunt. He’s pushing harder, twisting his hand to and fro while introducing a second finger. He pushes my back down further, opening my pussy up more. I moan. I groan. I yearn for more. He takes a small step back to change the angle of his arm, then plunges his four fingers deeply strongly inside. In, twist, out. In, twist, out. I’m reaching climax, feeling dizzy, feeling strong, feeling focussed. Fuck he is wonderful.

I cry out loud in response to the feel of his fist forcing it’s way into my cunt. It feels like it’s never going to make it, but he twists and pushes, and pushes and twists. I’m desperate to feel the fullness. I groan deeply, and pant, and moan, deeply, like an animal. It feels so fucking great. He pumps his fist in and out, pushing and forcing, making me cum and cum and cum. He pushes again, holds my head down with his other hand, and I give myself freely, trusting his judgement, submitting to his dominance. He lets me breathe. I feel wonderful, totally free. He pushes my head into the water again, his fist deep in my cunt. I’m floating somewhere beyond orgasm. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for this wonderful man.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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