It Will Never Happen to Me

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At age eighteen I was really pissed off at the world. I was pissed at my Mom because I caught her screwing Uncle Ralph; her brother. I was pissed at my boyfriend because he wanted to screw my mother. So I ran off to live with my Grandma Dollar. Oh, sure I know it was only six blocks away and I went to the same school but I did not have to stay under the same roof as all those sex nuts. The day after I turned nineteen I joined the service.

That was twenty two years ago and now at age forty-one I am retired and ready to return to civilian life. I never went back home once I left and only kept up on family matters through Gram and she died two years ago. So for two years I have had no contact with my fucking family.

I was discharged at eight o’clock on the morning of September eight. The first thing I did was trot on down to the local Ford dealer and buy me a new F-150 pick up truck. I always heard guys down south just loved Gals with a pick’m up truck.

I parked on the street in front of what was my Grams house and is now my house. At first I had told the realtor to put it up for sale. But after a long hassle with buyers that wanted to steal it I took it off the market and decide to live here myself.

Resting my ass on the front fender I looked up at the three story monster. It looked so gloomy all boarded up and dirty. No life in a house makes it look dull in a hurry. Maybe I could change that.

My idea was this. There is now a four year college just six blocks from this house. Where the college is now was only a field when I left town. So I thought fix it, up chop it up into small one bedroom apartments and open it up for renters. I was thinking “Girls Only” but they tell me I can not do that. If I am going to rent to the public then I have to rent to any one. But even at that the Lady from the reality office said I could still be very selective. So we will see as we get closer to opening day.

My attention was returned to the present as a young man on a bike stopped and Said “HI” He introduced himself as Paul Strong and he sure looked strong. Well over six foot a shock of dark hair hanging down over one eye. A smile as big as they come and a white T-shirt pulled tight around the chest of a weight lifter.

Even though I was more than twenty years his senior, he was eighteen and strangely enough gave me a little tingle where girls tingle and this woke me up. “Hi” I returned his hail. He looked at me and asked if I was going to buy the place. I said “No. I already own it. It’s is my home.” His smile broadened and again I got this little tingle that a “LADY” should not get. But who is a lady any way.

Ten minutes later I hired Paul and his buddy sight unseen to come around on Saturday and help me clean the house out. This was Thursday, so I had two days to talk with a contractor, and find myself a room to stay in, in the mean time.

A motel would have been nice enough. Then I remembered a Bed and Breakfast out on the edge of town. It surprised me to see it was still there. A little old lady met me in the lobby. She remembered my Grandma and was happy to rent me a room until the house was livable. Miss Grace was near eighty and was helped around the B&B by her Granddaughter Garnet Rose. What a nice name.

Garnet Rose was near my age and she had a son Rupert; home from college staying with her during the summer. The product of a few years of marriage and a long nasty divorce Rupert stays with one parent and them the other so he will be here of a few months.

Rupert took my bags up to a nice room facing the back yard while I had tea with Garnet Rose and Miss Grace in the parlor. I got twenty years of gossip in one hour flat. Garnet Rose told me there was a couple arriving later today and she would put them at the other end of the up stairs hall. With a wink she whispered they were newly weds. I gave her an all knowing grim and went up to my room.

My room had its own shower while the other rooms up on the second floor used a joined bathroom. Everything was all white, pink and blue and spotless. My bed was a large bed without being a full sized king. The window faced a large shaded yard and well kept I might add. I could see between the trees there was a fountain pumping water up about ten feet into the air it was lovely. I would go down there later and sit by this fountain and read. My; what a lovely place.

Stripped to the bare bones I looked at my aging body in a full length mirror. I guess for my age I was in better shape then other women my age. Of course I had never given birth either. My tummy was flat, legs long and strong from running. Waist small; hips well lets not go there. Sure they had beefed up a little over the last year. But my rear is till firm and I can hold a pencil between the cheeks.

The face is not the prettiest around but I have had my share of suitors or just a bunch of guys that wanted to get laid. Guess it is all in the way one looks at it.

The hair is brown this month, my true color. It matches the batch. I keep casino oyna it shoulder length and curled under at the neck. You know the military way. But that will change soon, maybe. I ran my hands down along my hips and let my fingers come together at a point between my hips . I had not been laid or masturbated in a couple of weeks and as I looked at my self naked I remembered Mr. Paul Strong and my fingers tips dug into my bush to find a swollen clitoris. Fifteen minutes later I felt better as I got off the bed and went to the shower.

Saturday came and I was parked at the house bright and early. The contractor was there waiting. He was a thick chest-ed man about fifty something. Burly and yet surprising soft voiced. We walked around the house for an hour. He talked city code and restrictions and all I saw was money flying out the window. The heating system was too old, the plumbing needed a lot of work. By law if I were to convert this house into apartments I needed to meter the electric and put in a special water meter too. The numbers were just getting too big for me to calculate so I sat my ass down on the floor in the kitchen and started to cry.

What the fuck was this all about I never cry. But here I was doing the fucking female thing. Charles Day was his name and he was really a nice guy. He said “Look at it this way you’re going into business and this is only an investment which will in time pay for its self. With a rate of return that will put you in a higher tax bracket.” He had me laughing in no time and when he left me standing there with a estimate in hand I was still laughing. He had left me a note written on his business card. “Come as you are, dinner at eight to the address on the front.”

He did not elaborate but I got the feeling this dinner was for a few friends that could maybe get me started on the road to being a business woman in town.

Paul and his buddy Durk showed up. Again I got that feeling of being slightly aroused by his mere presents. I looked at this young strong man and wondered what the fuck was wrong with me. So I had masturbate thinking of him that was no reason for a trooper like me to get involved in a sexual way with any one this young but he surely had a strange drain on me. After a ten minute talk about what I wanted and expected in return for my money I left. I needed to get out of there and go have a beer.

Being near lunch I drove up the hill behind the town park to come out at the “Bessy Dew” inn and restaurant. I went into the bar side and asked if I could eat at the bar and the bartender said “Sure”

A thick beef sandwich in front of me and a cold one in my hand I started to feel better. A second beer got me even more relaxed and I let my self think about all that had to be done to get the house ready to rent. That reminded me of my young hired help. This was really ridiculous the way I was getting turned on by this kid. But here I was wet panties and all nearly ready to go off the deep end. This was not my style.

I had been around men and young boys for twenty years. I had let a few guys clean my clock from time to time. But there was never any feeling to it. I got horny and had it fixed that was all there was to it. But this, this feeing of imitate need from one single person was something new to me. I wondered why Paul, why such a young guy. But most of all I wondered what was coming over me. It was a strange feeing and I was not sure if I liked it or not.

I waved at the bartender and pointed at the empty setting in front of me. He shook his head and slashed a finger across this throat. I knew of course he was right in cutting me off but it still pissed me off. I dropped a couple of bills on the bar and made my way out into the sun light. God all mighty it was bright and damn near blinding. The parking lot was crushed gravel and I was stumbling on every large piece. I had parked my truck in the shade under an oak tree. I dropped my keys a few times before I got the door open. I made it up into the seat. I was about to put the key in the ignition when a hand reached across relieving me of my keys.

“Hey shit head what the fuck do you think you’re doing.” I cried out turning my head.

“What kind of talk was this for a lady?” My eyes focused slowly and I saw a round faced man standing by the open door.

“Not today young lady. You can get a room and sleep it off or I’ll drive you home our choice.” He said.

“Well asshole how about this, I call the cops and have your fucking ass arrested? Ok, smart ass what about that?” My words were maybe not as clear as I wanted them to be but he got the idea. He also lifted his hand to show me a County Mounty badge. I got out followed him to his car and he drove me to the house.

It was late but Paul was still there waiting for me. The cop turned my keys over to Paul and I was sentenced to house arrest for twenty four hours. Unofficial of course. Paul led me through the house and out the back door to his car. He asked me where I was staying but I was now too sleepy to canlı casino answer.

When I woke it was pitch dark and I was naked under a sheet on a bed that was not of my choosing. I sat up to let my eyes adjust to the darkness. After a bit I could make out a form sitting in a chair by the bed. I found the light switch on the night stand and turned it on. Paul was sitting there sound asleep. He was in shorts only no shirt. My eyes were drawn to his crotch which was pushed up like a tent. Nothing else went through my head except that I want to suck his cock. I’ll blame it on my being still drunk but that is what I wanted and that is what I did.

Paul tried to jump up and move but I had him pined down as I ripped open his shorts and gobbled his cock. Paul is a fast study and he relaxed quickly and let me do my thing. I gave the kid the best blow job I had ever given in my life and he was not long on with holding my prize. He cum and I sucked him dry licking and milking his cock of every drop. I let his cock slip from my mouth and slowly fell back on the bed.

When I woke the second time I was alone and the sun was up. Paul left me a note and my keys. The note was his cell phone number but I did not call. I needed to get this crap straight in my head before I tried to see him again. I was completely naked and my only guess was that Paul had put me to bed. So he had seen all my charms. I wondered if he liked what he saw.

A call for a taxi got me to my truck. A few minutes later I was in my room showering. I had missed my dinner engagement last night. Come to think of it I had missed the whole night well except for that few minutes of lust filled pleasure.

The shower felt really good. Of course I had my finger pressed to my clitoris. This helped me get my mind on why I had gotten drunk in the first place. I was having one of my horny periods. I needed to get over it and get on with the job at hand.

It felt good to walk around the room naked dripping water every where. The room was air conditioned but it was September so I opened the window and let the breeze cool me off. The sun was around the other side of the house so my window was in the shadows.

I looked down into the back court yard to see Garnet Rose and her son Rupert walking hand in hand toward the fountain. I thought that was nice a son holding his mother’s hand. But I got a feeling it was something more than a mother son relationship.

Paul was young enough to be my son. I had never had time for children. So maybe my oral sex dance with Paul may have been some kind of Freudian kinky sex thing for not having had children.

I watched as mother and son stood behind a high fence covered with leafy green vines. No one on the ground could see them but I could from here high above them.

Rupert took his mother into his arms and kissed her on the mouth. Her arms came up locking around his neck. His hands were all over her full breasts caressing them rather harshly. Garnet Rose seemed to be in a dream state of lust and pleasure as Rupert lifted his skirt to cup her ass cheeks in both hands. They rubbed and rolled their bodies together as if they were naked.

Rupert backed away and Garnet Rose quickly unzipped his shorts and pulled his cock free. It was fully erect and it was quite a nice one too. I could tell that even from here. Mother was no stranger to this cock as she rolled it between her hands pulling and working it with an expert touch. Rupert watched as his mother went to her knees and took his cock deep into her mouth. Rupert took two hands full of his mother’s hair pulling her face closer as he rammed his hips forward driving his cock down her throat. He was cumming and I was fingering my cunt as fast as he was fucking his mothers’ mouth. He cum, I cum and crashed to the floor my fucking legs were useless. I laid there crumpled in a twisted mass for the longest time. What I had witnessed was the most erotic thing I had ever seen in my life. Mother giving her son a fucking blow job out in the open garden. Could that have added to their pleasure the thrill of maybe being caught?

I stumbled to the bed. I had to get laid and very soon. I was getting out of control.

It was late afternoon before I made it out of the room and over to the house. Charles Day was just coming out on the porch. He nailed up a permit and told me his crew would start working Monday. He asked me about last night and I just blurted out that I got drunk and slept it off at a friends. His smile was enough. He was a wise man and knew when to talk and when to keep his mouth shut.

Mr. Day repeated his offer for dinner at his place the next night and this time I said I would make it come hell or high water. He left and I entered the house. Mr. Day had marked some walls with a larger chalked X and written instruction on other. I liked this older man and thought he was going to do a good job for me. I had no idea at the time just how good a job he was going to do.

Tomorrow was Sunday and even though I was not much kaçak casino of a church go-er I thought it might be a nice place to start meeting the locals and get acquainted. But that is tomorrow and there was still tonight to get through.

I slipped on a short skirt, a low cut blouse and a push up bra then I was ready to revisit the Bessy Dew Inn. I did not stop to eat I went straight to the bar. The bartender was not the same one so I did not have to explain myself. The bar had a short three stool section where it turned back onto the wall. I took the seat on the corner.

After a drink and some self searching I started to feel like a whore on the prowl. No matter how discussed I was with my self I was still horny and my cunt was wet. As I tipped up my glass I once again saw Rupert and his mother in the garden. I had sucked off my young friend Paul and after watching the afternoon show I was in bad need of some kind of sexual pleasure. Just then a man came up and stood next to me. I looked up to see Mr. Day. He was dressed in a suit and I must say he looked quite handsome. I thought for a second he was going to hit on me but instead he asked me to join him and his wife another couple at there table. I did not feel like being social but could not figure a nice way to get out of it so I allowed my self to be cajoled into joining them.

Mr. Day introduced me to his wife first, Junie was much younger then Day and she was a looker at that. Junie was a bottle blonde, with a body like I wish I had. Her low cut neck line showed more breasts then mine did. When she offered me her hand I took it and was surprised to feel her grip was strong and her eyes were on fire. I shivered as I took my hand back.

I was then introduced to a Lind and Fred an older couple but they also seemed to exude a feeling of sexual power that was near tantamount to a hypnotic force. I was chilled and overwhelmed with a burning sensation all at the same time. I sat between Junie and Linda and I felt as if I had just been caged with a couple of wild tigers or maybe a pair of wild cats ready to eat me alive. “Oh, my God what had I got myself into.” My brain was screaming and my body desired to touch me. I needed another drink.

Junie leaned across to say something to Mr. Day and as she did she placed a hand on my thigh. Her hand was warm smooth and very exciting. I looked at Mr. Day and for some unknown reason I remembered my mother in bed with her brother and his bare ass bouncing up and down between my mother’s legs.

Sure I had fucked and sucked a few guys in my twenty year career as an Army enlistee. But none were related to me. But here I was between two half assed lesbians even though they were both married and I was thinking of some thing that happened over twenty years ago. Why was that?

I leaned forward and said to Mr. Day “Do you know your wife has a finger in my pussy?”

He leaned close and said “I only wish it were my dick in your pussy. How would you like that?”

I am a lousy drunk because the next thing I knew I was in a room up stairs somewhere in the Inn. Junie was nude on the bed and I was nude on my back with my ass close to the edge of the bed and Mr. Day was standing between my legs and I felt a stiff dick probing my wet pussy. I blinked trying to get my head on straight when Junie wiggled over and straddled my face. I never did a girl to girl thing but at the moment it seemed like a good idea.

Old Mr. Day was giving me a pretty good fuck so I thought why not. I lift my face up between Junie’s legs and licked my first pussy in my forty years. But it gave me a little thrill to feel her shiver as I ran my tongue along her pussy lips. This was really not that bad in fact it was kind of exciting. So I worked my tongue in her pussy and I felt Day ram me a little harder. I licked faster and Day fucked me faster. Day and his wife were face to face and even though I could not see I knew they were smiling and enjoying each others pleasure.

I got my face washed with a warm splash of female cum, I got my cunt filled with male cum and I gave as good as I got. But I lost out on what ever came next because I was passed out.

When I woke I was all by my self in a clean bed and the morning sun was just peaking in around drawn shades. I got up and went to the B&B to my own bed. I slept until noon and some how I only remembered the smile on my face as it was washed with female bodily fluids. I had enjoyed licking my first pussy and thought next time I’ll not be drunk and I’ll remember it all.

Arriving at the house I saw Paul’s bike resting again he front porch. Mr. Day’s truck was parked in the drive and there was a loud noise coming from the house. It sounded like they were ripping out a wall and none too carefully. But I felt sure Mr. Day knew what he was doing. There were plastic sheets hanging all over the place I guess to keep down the dust and dirt from flying around.

As I came to the head of the stairs on he second floor Mr. Day cane up and took me by the arm. “Darling you better see this.” He said as he pulled me down the hall. “One of the guys found this about an hour ago. I have kept every one away until I got a chance to talk to you.” He seemed concerned yet he had a smile on his face.

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