Introduction to Sex Ch. 04

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Ellie woke up after a night of tossing and turning, of thinking of her old bedroom and the comforts it offered. She began to cry; partly blaming her mother for driving her away; yet knowing it was her own choice in seeking the freedom to do as she wanted.

“Well, I’m on my own now, for sure,” she said aloud as she wiped her tears away.

After counting her money, Ellie realized that she would have to get a job in order to have a place to stay and food to eat. Knowing she had to vacate the motel room by eleven that morning, she showered, dressed and headed for the diner Jared had recommended the day before. She took note that Interstate 40 was several blocks from the diner, and that she was now in a town called Cary.

She entered the diner and found a booth away from any of the customers and filled her stomach with pancakes and bacon. She chatted briefly with the waitress, a girl not much older than herself, then left the diner and wandered into a nearby park, sat down on a grassy hillock to figure out what to do next. It wasn’t long before she realized that teenagers without homes have few options.

‘I have to do whatever is necessary to get by, ‘ she told herself, and began to cry once more.

Around two in the afternoon, she left the park and determined to explore the town of Cary.

One of the first things she found was that Cary was cleaner than any town she had ever been to before. Another thing that shook her to the core was the number of police cars patrolling the streets. None stopped to question her, but from the corner of her eye she saw them looking at her and shivered.

Finding a shopping mall, Ellie took refuge in it, feeling she could lose herself among the many shops and customers. She was right, discovering that she blended in with all the women and teenagers already trolling the shops for bargains and items that were far from bargains.

To kill time until dark, Ellie took in a movie and saw it twice. It was getting dark when she wandered from the mall, and began walking along the less traveled streets. When hunger pangs could no longer be put off, she ventured into a greasy café and ordered a hamburger and French fries.

After taking a bite of the burger, Ellie felt someone watching her. She used the window beside her to good advantage and in its reflection saw that a young woman was watching her as she ate. Ellie decided to ignore her, and finished her meal. But when she stepped outside she found the woman was waiting for her.

“Hi,” the woman said in greeting.

“Hi,” Ellie replied, but refrained from saying anything else.

“I haven’t seen you around,” the woman said.

Ellie studied the woman. She really wasn’t that old. She wore a little too much makeup. Her clothing was tight, giving her a sexy look.

“I’m Vivian, but most call me Viv.”

Ellie nodded that she had heard, but said nothing.

“Not going to tell me your name, huh?” Viv said sardonically. “I don’t blame you. Shouldn’t talk to strangers … my own mother told me that. She was wrong about that as well as a lotta other things. But suit yourself. Let’s see if I’m right. You’re on the run. You have some dough, not too much, and you’re looking for a job.”

“So?” Ellie replied defiantly, “What of it?”

“I knew it!” Viv said gleefully. “I just knew it!”

Ellie turned away and began to walk, only to find that Viv had settled in beside her.

“What do you want?” Ellie said, prepared to fight if necessary.

Viv recognized this and sought to calm her fears. “Wait a minute, girl. I’m trying to help you out, you being on the run and all.”

“I’ll say it again, what do you want?”

“Like I said, I want to help a girl in distress.”

“I’m not in distress, ‘ Ellie replied hotly.

“Them cops come around the corner and see us hollering at one another you’ll have plenty of distress, honey.”

“What cops?” Ellie said, suddenly quailing before the woman.

“Didn’t see the sneaky bastards, did you?”

“No, I…”

“They’ll be coming around the corner in a second, so let’s start walking like we’re girl friends, okay?”

Ellie fell in beside the woman and sure enough, a squad car drifted by them moments later, hardly giving them a glance.

“Thanks, I guess,” Ellie said, glancing at the woman.

“Viv, call me Viv,” the woman said with a generous smile.

“Ellie,” Ellie admitted with a shrug of her shoulders.

“Ellie, huh? Well, Ellie, us girls got to help one another. It’s a tough world out there.”

They wandered into the park Ellie had spent some time in earlier. “Aren’t you afraid of being in the park after dark?” Ellie asked Viv.

“I make my money here,” Viv said easily. “This place has been very good to me.”

“I don’t understand.”

“This is where the john’s come. The cops can’t drive in here, and they’re too damned lazy to walk. I suspect they’re probably afraid to walk in without a support team right behind them.”


“I’m a hooker, Ellie, plain and simple. Man comes by, I offer to suck him, fuck him, or whatever else the man might have liseli porno in mind. As long as he has the money to pay for my services, I’ll do him and then we go our separate ways.”

Ellie took a step back, and then smiled. Getting laid was fun enough. Getting paid for it sounded great to her young ears.

“Can I make enough to afford a place to live?”

“Sure, and you can move in with me until you have enough to go out on your own. I mean to get your own place. We could work as a team, maybe offering some john’s a two for one deal.”

“Oh… ” Ellie gulped.

Thinking that she had frightened Ellie, Vivian quickly added, “What I mean is, once you get into the trade it won’t seem that bad. After a while, you’ll have done everything there is to do sexually. I really mean that.”

“I thought I’d get a regular job, you know, waitressing, or something.”

“Kiddo, you’re not making any real dough waitressing. Plus before they hire you they want phone numbers and an address, work experience and references, and education. Got any of that stuff?”

“No … no, I don’t.”

“Maybe you see my point then. Why, you can’t even cash a check if someone paid you.”

“Then it’s hopeless…” Ellie said and began to cry.

Taking the teen into her arms and embracing her, Vivian soothingly whispered to her. “Work with me. Everything will turn out just fine.”

“I guess…” Ellie sniffled.

“All right then,” Vivian said, as if the matter was settled. “A john will be coming along soon; it’s just dark enough for them to feel safe.”

“Viv, is it difficult finding these men?”

“Hell, no! They come here looking for it.”

“Would they want someone like me? You know – someone on the run?”

“You’re a sure thing, Ellie. You ain’t a virgin, are you?”

Ellie giggled, “Not hardly.”

“Good. Tell you what. When the first john strolls by here, you hide behind the bushes there. You watch how I handle him. Most are all the same. They say something like, “Hello,” you smile at them. They ask how much … usually they want a blowjob, or whatever. You just tell then the price.”

“What do you charge them?” Ellie inquired.

“Whatever you can get. For instance, you say fifty for a blowjob. If they haggle with you, you might come down to twenty-five. Getting laid is something else. I charge a hundred for that, more if the guy looks like he can afford it. One time I got three hundred from a john.”

“Wow!” Ellie exclaimed. “That’s big money.”

“I want you to understand something, Ellie. I’m setting you up and all, so I think I should get some of your earnings.”

“How much?” Ellie asked, warily.

“Fifteen percent, and that’s not all that much for teaching you the tricks of the trade and keeping you out of trouble.”

“Sounds good to me,” Ellie said, and the two shook hands.

“What do I do?”

“Nothing, just watch me and how I handle them. You can see good from behind that bush over there,” Viv said, and pointed to a spot behind them.

Ellie went to the spot indicated by Vivian and promptly told her: “I can’t see shit from here.”

“I won’t be standing out here when I take on the john. I’ll be…” and she took five steps toward Ellie, then turned in the opposite direction so that she too was hidden from view of any stray passersby. “… right here!”

Ellie began to understand what was about to happen. Viv would meet her john and after agreeing to have sex, they would hide in the bushes just as she was doing.

“Hush, I think someone’s coming this way!”

Ellie went into a crouch trying to make herself less conspicuous, and Vivian stepped out into the pathway they had just left.

“Hello. Nice night for a stroll isn’t it?” she said, trying to sound as innocent as possible.

The man was in his fifties and extremely nervous. “Yeah … hello yourself.”

Viv approached the man, until she was standing right next to him. He couldn’t help but see the swell of her breasts as they lolled happily in the peasant blouse she wore to entice her customers.

“I … I’ve got fifty bucks,” he said nervously.

“What’ll that get me?”

“How does a blowjob sound?”

He laughed, although still nervous. “Um, where? Not right here where anyone could come by and see us.”

Taking him by the arm, Viv gently led him into the area she had told Ellie she would.

“Here, now. Look around, sweetie. Is this good enough?” And without asking, Viv got down on her knees and began to unzip the man’s fly.

After his cock was exposed, Viv said, “I’d like the fifty now, you don’t mind.”

“Oh, sure,” he said, handing her several bills, which she counted, and then tucked away in a pocket with a zipper.

“I … I’ve never done this before,” he said, still very nervous.

“Relax, sweetie, I’ll be very nice to you. Here, see?” That said, she took his penis into her mouth and laved him with her tongue. The man was small and still not fully erect. But Viv kept sucking him and gently rubbing his balls. Taking him from her mouth, she looked up at him, “Are you meet suck and fuck porno liking this?”

“God, yes!” he exclaimed.

From her hidden vantage point, Ellie could tell what was happening, but did not have a clear view. Still, it seemed easy enough, especially the way Viv had gotten him to pay her up front. ‘Always get the money first, ‘ Ellie chided herself.

Within another minute the man had expended himself and was hurriedly zipping his fly.

“Did you enjoy it?” Viv inquired innocently.

“Oh, yes,” he replied. “It was very good. I only wish my…”

“Wives tend not to do those things,” Viv said kindly enough. “That’s why I’m out here waiting almost every night for a fine gentleman like you to come along. Will I be seeing you again?”

“I think so,” he answered. “Thank you, and good night.”

And he vanished into the darkness.


Ellie sprang from her hiding place and Viv handed her five dollars.

“What’s this for?” the teen asked.

“You give me 15%, I give you 10%. Not quite even, but I’ve got the experience. Later we may work out different terms, okay?”

“Okay,” Ellie said staring at the easiest five dollars she’d ever earned.

“Now the next trick is all yours. Are you ready?”

“Um, yeah, I guess.”

“No fucking around now. You’re either ready or you’re not.”

“I’m ready, Viv. I’m ready. Fifty for a blowjob, right?”

“That’s right. Now I’m going to make myself scarce. You stick around until a john shows. Got it?”

“Got it!” Ellie said although her knees were trembling.

Viv disappeared into the brush, and Ellie waited for a john to appear. As the minutes crept by without anyone coming down the path, Ellie felt herself growing wet with anticipation. Finally she heard someone approaching and tried to straighten her clothing by brushing it with downward swoops of her hands. Then, with the man almost abreast of her, Ellie remembered to greet him.

“Hello. Nice evening, isn’t it?” she inquired.

The man, a rather young man, was caught off guard by her greeting and stepped back from her in alarm.

“I won’t bite you,” Ellie said, and then, unable to help herself, she giggled.

“I know you won’t bite me,” the young man said. “Are you … are you by any chance, a working girl?”

While the term was unfamiliar to Ellie, she understood him and responded, “Yes, I am. What can I interest you in?”

“I’d like a … a blo … a blowjob,” he stammered.

“I can help you there,” Ellie said. “But it will cost you a hundred dollars.”

“A Hun … hundred dollars!’ he exclaimed, seemingly shocked.

If the young man was shocked, Viv was stunned. ‘She’ll ruin everything!’ she thought, and cursed herself for getting involved with a rank amateur.

“Yes, a hundred dollars,” Ellie said, feeling a kind of power come over her. Instinctively, she knew he would pay her what she was demanding.

“Okay, okay, but you better be good.”

“Have you taken a good look at me?” she asked.

“Err, yes, err, no!” he said, confused.

“Well, look at these,” Ellie said, and lifted her sweater, revealing her pert breasts.


‘Jesus, indeed, ‘ Vivian thought. ‘The girl’s a natural, ‘ she told herself, contradicting her earlier thought.

“Want to taste them?”

“Jesus, yes!” he gulped.

And, cupping her breasts with both hands, she moved closer to him, allowing him to suck first one nipple and then the other.

“Now,” she said abruptly taking her breasts away from him, “the money, please.”

The young man removed a wallet from his hip pocket and fished out five twenty dollar bills and shoved them into Ellie’s hand. Putting the bills into the bottom of her shoe, she replaced the shoe, and knelt before him.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” the young man said.

“What’s your name?” Ellie asked.

“Freddie,” he answered.

“Well, Freddie, I’m gonna give you the best blowjob ever.”

That said, Ellie took his rapidly rising cock in both hands and rubbed it as if trying to start a fire.

“Oh, God!”

Satisfied that he was fully erect she licked the precum from the tip and kissed her way down his shaft.

Freddie groaned.

Ellie had to reach into his trousers to find his testicles, then withdrew them into the open air and popped his cock from between his lips, announcing, “Now I’m gonna lick your balls, Freddie.”

“Jesus Christ!” he exclaimed, and if Ellie had not been holding his manhood by the root as she lapped away at his balls, he would have cum then and there.

Releasing his balls, she sighed and whispered loud enough for Freddie to hear, “They’re so sweet. I’ll get back to them, I promise but I have to suck your big ole cock for a while.”

“Oh, yeah, can you lick it?”

“Mmmm,” and she did just that.

“Oh, oh, careful of the teeth!”

“Mmmm,” and removing him from her mouth, Ellie apologized, “I’m sorry, it won’t happen again.”

“Sweet Jesus!” he groaned. “That’s soooo fuckin’ nice!”

Taking mobil porno him from her mouth again, she bent her neck in order to lick his testicles as she had promised.

“No! No! Don’t stop!”

“Whatever,” she said, and took him back into her mouth and swirled her tongue over his swollen glands.

“You are great at this,” Freddie admitted.

Holding him tightly, she took him out again and asked,”You’re not just saying that, are you?”

“No, no! I mean, I’ve only had one before, and that was…” Freddie left the sentence dangling like his dick would have been had Ellie not had a tight grip on it.

“Some guy, huh?” she said, taking a guess.

“How’d you know that?” he asked, showing alarm about his secret being revealed.

“Don’t worry about it. We all have to start somewhere,” Ellie said soothingly. “But I’m better, huh?”

“A thousand times…”

“I’m glad,” she purred.

“What … What’s your name?”

“Ellie,” she replied without hesitation.

“L. E.?”

“No, Ellie, as in Ellen, or Eileen.”

“Oh,” he said, placing his hand on her head, wanting to help her to finish him off.

“Hey, you want me to bite?”


“Don’t go pushing my head. I’ll only take as much as I want to, understand?”

“Yes, sorry,” he said, removing his hand and placing it on her shoulder just to put it someplace.

When she resumed blowing him, Freddie groaned,

“Oh! You’re so warm around me. Can … can I kiss you… after?”

“Mmmm,” she replied.

“Oh, yes!” Freddie exclaimed, “Move up and down, yeah, like that.”

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” And a moment later he was exploding into her mouth. Ellie swallowed some, but remembering his request for a kiss, saved some … for him.

“Oh, Jesus, that was awesome!” he gasped, as his cock dropped from Ellie’s ripe mouth.

“Still want that kiss?” she asked coquettishly.

“S … sure,” he said tentatively, pursing his lips.

‘The little devil,’ Vivian thought as she watched from her hiding place, knowing what Ellie was about to do.

Ellie brought her mouth to his and sent her tongue, liberally coated with his sperm, into his mouth, then sucked his tongue into her mouth.

Freddie never knew he was swallowing some of his semen, so lost was he in the throes of kissing this beautiful girl.

A few minutes later, Freddie, after promising to be back the following night with at least three hundred dollars, disappeared into the darkness.

Vivian wanted to provide a few more pointers to Ellie, but another ‘client’ happened along and she drew him into the bushes for a quick fuck.

When he left, the two women gave each other the agreed upon percentage from their respective

‘tricks’. Then Viv decided to call it a night, for she had information to impart to the young runaway about the do’s and don’ts of fucking a John.

They went to an all night diner, and Viv had coffee and Danish; Ellie a vanilla shake. Viv complemented Ellie on her ability to size up the john’s after only a few brief words with them. “But I’m telling you,” she said, “there’re johns and there’s johns. Some are different as night is too day.”

Dabbing at her lips with a napkin, Ellie said,

“I don’t understand.”

“Some men are easy to read, like your Freddie. But I’m warning you, be careful of all of them. Some are predators, and dangerous to a working girl. You’ve heard about serial killers, right?”

Ellie’s eyes widened as she nodded her head.

“I thought so,” Viv said, also nodding. “It just so happens they like picking on us working girls; making us their victims.”

“God!” Ellie gasped, shocked by the news.

“Yeah, better to be careful around them. All of them. That’s why it’s good to work together, like we did tonight. You know if someone tries something the other can come and help, or get help. Screaming is good. I’ve got a police whistle that I keep with me. I’ll pick one up for you in the morning. Blow that and the police will come running. The pervert will take off, not wanting to risk having to explain himself to them.”

“I had no idea,” Ellie said, obviously shaken by Viv’s information.

“Most johns are okay. Some are weird, but most are normal, if wanting a perfect stranger to blow you is normal.”

Ellie giggled into her straw, obviously feeling better.

“Tell me something, Ellie. How did you know the john would pay you what you asked?”

“He was dressed in expensive clothes, spoke like a college guy, and smelled nice.”

“I’ve had some like that wouldn’t meet me halfway on price. I had to walk away.”

“Really? It never occurred to me,” Ellie told her.

“Maybe you were lucky, maybe not. Just keep what I told you in mind at all times.”

“I will, and thanks Viv. So what kind of perv’s have you met?”

“In this business, over time you’ll meet all of them. There are guys who want to pee on you, or worse.”


“Some want you to do it to them.”

“You did this in the park?”

Vivian laughed a deep hearty laugh. “No, Most of the time I use a motel, or hotel room. It’s really too cold out here in the winter, and then, the vice squad occasionally comes around and makes things uncomfortable for us hookers.”

“Do you have a particular place you use? I ask ’cause I’d guess you’d get a good rate and all, using the place every day.”

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