I’ll Just Borrow Matt, Sweetheart

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To my editor, Katherine, my thanks for pointing out the mistakes and straightening out the tangles. To her, the credit. The mistakes are all mine.

This tale includes characters that readers of my work will remember from ‘Change of Plan’. This episode starts towards the end of the following week. Now read on…

* * * * * *

Anne Evans looked across at her daughter Kathy, sitting at the other end of the couch. “Anything that you actually want to watch on TV?” she asked.

Kathy raised her eyes from her magazine and shook her head. “Not for me, Mom. Switch it off if you want.”

Anne rummaged for the remote and switched off the TV, then picked up her photography magazine again. She sat for a while, aware that Kathy was getting increasingly fidgety. Eventually Kathy took a deep breath.

“Mom?” she said.

Anne looked up at her daughter. Perhaps now? she thought. “Yes, sweetheart?”

“I have something I have to tell you.” Kathy looked determined, but nervous.

Yes, thought Anne, she’s finally decided to tell me. Aloud, she said, “So tell me.” She smiled at her daughter. “Or do you want me to guess?”

Kathy laughed. “No, I don’t think so.” She paused. “Mom, I’m not a virgin any more,” she said, rushing out the words.

“Ah,” said Anne. She reached out and took her daughter’s hand. “I’ve been wondering when you were going to tell me,” she said gently.

“You have?” said Kathy, looking bewildered. “You mean you knew?”

“I guessed,” said Anne. “I think it was last week when you were staying with Lisa. Right?”

Kathy nodded, a stunned look on her face.

“So I would guess it was either Matt or Todd, but you’ll tell me in your own good time, won’t you?” asked Anne.

“I guess so,” said Kathy.

“Before you go on, let me tell you something,” said Anne. “Sweetheart, I am not mad at you. It happens to every girl, sooner or later. You’re eighteen, you’re old enough. My only concern is for you, that you are all right.” She smiled fondly at her daughter. I hope it was as good for her as it was for me at her age, she thought. She squeezed Kathy’s hand. “Well?”

Kathy laughed wryly. “It was Matt. Oh, Mom, it was marvelous!”

Thank the Lord for that, thought Anne. “Well, I’m glad it was good, but did you use protection?” she asked. “A grandchild at thirty-nine I do not want!” she said, laughing.

Kathy grinned at her mother. “Yes, Mom, we did. I would have insisted, but Matt was ahead of me. Mom, can I go on the pill? It’s got to be better without a rubber!”

“It is. And yes, you can. I’ll make an appointment for you to see Doctor Quinn, I know you like her.” And I know I can trust her to make sure my baby is all right.

“Do I have to see her?” asked Kathy. “I don’t hurt, or anything. I mean, when we did it, it only hurt when Matt popped my cherry, and only for a little while.”

“Well, that’s good to hear, but I think you ought to have Doctor Quinn examine you. You obviously enjoyed your first taste of sex and I’m delighted to hear that.”

“You are?” asked Kathy, surprise in her tone.

“I am,” said Anne firmly. “But there’s always the chance of something happening. Wouldn’t you rather be sure everything is OK? I would.”

“I guess so,” said Kathy. “Soon?”

“I’ll ‘phone in the morning. Is that soon enough?” Anne smiled at her daughter.

“Yes,” said Kathy, laughing, “Tomorrow is soon enough.” She paused. “Mom?”


“You said you were pleased I’d enjoyed it. Did you mean that?” Kathy asked curiously.

She sounded doubtful, thought Anne. “Of course I meant it. I always enjoyed sex, especially with your Dad until he was killed, so I’m pleased my little girl enjoys it, too.” Yeah, and I think I’m jealous, too, she thought.

“You miss Daddy, don’t you?” Kathy asked gently.

Anne was silent for a moment before replying. “Yes, love, especially at night. He was a good lover, your Dad. My bed has been very lonely these past four years.” I miss him, she thought, so very much. I miss his laugh, I miss his touch, I miss the feel of him, of the blunt force of his prick in my pussy.

“You’re only thirty-nine, Mom. Isn’t there anyone, someone that I don’t know about?” Kathy asked.

“No, no-one.” Anne shook her head. “Although, knowing you’ve had Matt, suddenly I feel horny,” she said, surprising herself with the realization that she was speaking only the truth.

“Mom!” gasped Kathy.

“Natural reaction, sweetheart. Even old folks like me get horny from time to time.” Anne smiled wryly at her daughter.

“I’ll ask Matt!” said Kathy, giggling.

“What, to come and bed me?” said Anne, laughing.

“Yes, why not?”

” ‘Why not?’ you ask. Don’t be silly. He’s half my age.” Far too young, she thought, so why is my pussy coming alive?

“All the better for you, Mom. He can keep going, or at least recover quickly and give you a second chance,” said Kathy, grinning at her mother.

“That sounds suspiciously like the canlı bahis voice of experience,” said Anne darkly.

Kathy giggled again. “Well, I do have a little experience now.”

“Just how limited is your experience?” Yes, tell me!

Kathy flushed. “Well, we fuc . . . , umm, made love. . .”

” . . . fucked is fine, baby . . .” Fucked is great.

“. . . we fucked a few times, and I sucked him off, and he ate me.” Kathy looked up defiantly.

“Not much else, is there?” asked Anne mildly, feeling strangely jealous.

“There’s anal intercourse, but neither of us wants it. I don’t know anything else.” Kathy looked thoughtful for a moment.

“I think intercourse, fellatio and cunnilingus is enough to be going on with,” said Anne dryly, smiling at her daughter.

“Yeah, I guess so. Mom?”


“Did you and Dad, umm, you know, I mean, suck each other?” Kathy flushed and seemed about to retract the question.

“You mean did your father and I indulge in oral sex?” Anne said quietly.

“Yeah, that’s what I meant.” Kathy smiled wryly, a high spot of color on each cheek.

“Yes, love, we did. Frequently and enthusiastically.” And how! thought Anne, remembering the feel of her husband’s mouth on her pussy, feeling herself getting wet just at the memory.

“That’s a relief, I was beginning to think we were kinky!” said Kathy.

“Hardly. So far as I can tell, you’re a normal pair of sex-starved, horny teenagers!” Anne laughed. “Just like I used to be!”

Kathy smiled at her mother. “You are really something, Mom, you know that?”

“And what makes you say that, young lady?”

“I dunno, you just are!” Kathy shrugged. “I guess I half expected a lecture.”

“Kathy, Kathy,” chided Anne. “I always tried to answer your questions about sex honestly and I knew when the time came, your hormones would take over, just like mine did. I wanted you to have the knowledge to make the correct decision when the time came. I love you and I’m proud that you are my daughter.”

Kathy dived into her mother’s arms and hugged her fiercely. “Oh, Mom, I love you too!” She pulled back and looked into her mother’s face. “Mom?” she said thoughtfully.

“Yes, sweetheart?”

“Are you still planning on turning the garage loft into a studio?”

“Yes, I think so. Why?” Anne was curious. It would make sense. The real estate photography that had been part of her life since she was widowed still brought her a steady income, but she was increasingly being asked to take on work for the local newspaper. A studio would mean she could take on some portrait work, too.

“Just a moment. What’s involved?” asked Kathy.

“Well, the old furniture will have to come out. We can leave it in the garage until Father Murphy down at St. Ignatius can arrange to have it collected. He’s seen it and says that some of his parishioners can use it,” said Anne, mildly curious as to where Kathy was leading.

“Oh, that’s good. Better than the City dump! Anything else?” Kathy raised a quizzical eyebrow.

“Not really. It’s structurally sound and the floor is good, so all I need to do is paint it all white.”

“So, move the furniture out and paint the rest white? That’s all?”

“That’s all, apart from moving studio equipment in. Now, tell me why the quiz.”

“I’ll ask Matt to help us. Then I’ll arrange, accidentally on purpose, to be called away by Lisa, and then you can seduce Matt.” Kathy grinned at her mother’s stunned face.

“You’re mad, Kathy, to think that I would seduce an eighteen year old boy!”

“He’d seduce you, given half a chance. He told me!”

“He what!”

“He told me. We were talking about sex.” Kathy grinned. “We talk about it a lot, when we’re not actually doing it. We were talking about people we knew, and whether we found them sexually attractive. I mentioned you. To be honest I was joking, but I swear his eyes lit up. He said that he thought you were one of the most desirable women he knew.” Kathy smirked. “After me, of course.”

“Of course,” said Anne dryly. “Kathy, love, you’re mad, although I would appreciate Matt’s help with the garage, if he’s willing.” And why are my panties soaking? she asked herself.

“I’ll ask him tomorrow. When do you want to do it?”

“Well, Saturday would be good.”

“OK, Mom, Saturday it is.” Kathy yawned suddenly. “I think I’ll go to bed, Mom, I’m tired.”

“All right, sweetheart. I’ll sit for a while. I can afford a late night, I don’t have any shoots to do tomorrow. It’s been a long time since I had a Friday off.”

Kathy kissed her mother. “‘Night, Mom.”

“Goodnight, sweetheart. Sleep well.” Anne sat thoughtfully when Kathy had gone to bed. Ridiculous creature, suggesting an eighteen year old boy would be interested in me. Or, more realistically, in what I have between my legs, she thought. God, woman, have a cold shower and go to bed yourself!

After her shower – warm, not cold – Anne lay sleepless, trying not to think bahis siteleri about what Kathy had said, but finally acknowledged that if she wanted to sleep, she was going to have to do something about it. She got out of bed and rummaged deep in a dresser drawer, finally lifting out a slim box. She opened it and took out a dildo, eyeing it ruefully. Not used since before Ken’s death, she thought. She put it on her pillow and stripped off her nightshirt, then paused for a moment, eyeing herself in the full-length mirror on the bedroom wall.

She assessed herself critically. Tits? Tits are good, virtually no sag. Good responsive nipples.

Waist? Thicker than it used to be, but not bad. Belly could be a little flatter.

Hips? Woman-wide, but shapely. I’m five feet eight, I think I can carry them.

Anne looked at herself in the mirror. I think I’ll shave my pussy tomorrow, she thought, I always did prefer it naked. But for now, it will have to do. She grinned at her reflection and got back into bed. She drew her legs up and began to lightly stroke her mons with her right hand, taking the dildo in her left and running it gently over her breasts, sighing as the nipples began to erect. In her groin, she could feel herself begin to moisten. Oh, Kathy, what have you started!

The following morning Anne puttered about in her darkroom during the morning, catching up on unfinished work, made herself a tuna sandwich for lunch, then went up to the bathroom and stripped, rummaging in the bathroom cabinet for her little-used razor. She carefully lathered her pubes, then shaved off her dark brown fleece. She could feel herself moistening as she shaved and she wiped herself off carefully as she completed her task, using two mirrors to ensure she had not missed anything. Satisfied, Anne walked naked into her bedroom, took the dildo from under her pillow, lay down and began to stroke herself with it. In moments she was soaking and she plunged the weapon to its root inside herself. I don’t want finesse, she thought, stroking her clitoris with her free hand, I just want to be fucked!

In moments, she brought herself to a gut-wrenching orgasm, then lay cooling, the dildo still hilt-deep inside her, drifting slowly into a doze. A voice woke her.

“Mom? Where are you?” Ohmigod, Kathy!

“Upstairs, honey.” Anne deftly slid the dildo from her pussy, grabbed her robe and threw it on, then went to meet Kathy.

“Sorry, sweetheart, I was just having a nap.” And I need another shower. She kissed Kathy. “I’ll grab a shower then start dinner.”

“No rush, Mom. It’s still early. Hey, can I shower with you, I’m all sweaty?”

Anne’s first instinct was to refuse, conscious of her newly-shorn pubes, then thought to herself, why not? It’s not as if she’s never seen me naked before. “Sure, honey. Come on,” she said.

Anne went into her bathroom and turned on the shower, getting into it and letting the warm water wash over her while Kathy went to her own room to undress. In moments, Kathy reappeared in a short robe which she discarded before slipping into the cubicle beside her mother.

They had been enjoying the refreshing shower for a few minutes, soaping each other’s backs, rinsing off, before Kathy suddenly paused, grabbing Anne’s shoulder to stop her turning. Her eyes were fixed on Anne’s groin.

“Mom! When did you do that?” She’s surprised, but there’s something else too, thought Anne. Shock, perhaps? Envy?

Anne looked down at herself, then at Kathy, whose face was alive with curiosity. She grimaced. “Today, after lunch.” Anne shrugged. “I’m still not certain why, although your dad always liked me this way.”

“I’m not surprised! Mom, will you shave me? Matt will go ape!”

Anne laughed, suddenly totally relaxed with her daughter. “Sure honey, if you want. When?”


“OK, get dried and we’ll start.”

Anne didn’t bother with her robe so that she was naked as she carefully lathered and shaved Kathy’s pussy. She only has a little peach fuzz, she thought, nowhere near as much as I had. This should only take a moment. She worked carefully, making sure she didn’t cut or nip this tender area of Kathy’s, but realized as she was doing it that Kathy was getting excited, that her juices were starting to flow. Anne had been careful to be as detached as possible while she worked but now she glanced at Kathy, unsurprised to note that her colour was high, her cheeks flushed and that she was giving off the rich aroma of a sexually-aroused woman. Anne reached for a warm, wet cloth and carefully wiped Kathy’s pussy, breathing deeply, enjoying her daughter’s scent, enjoying the feeling of her own pussy moistening then stopped, startled, as Kathy shook with the unmistakable tremors of an orgasm, a gasp escaping from her lips.

Anne squeezed Kathy’s hand. “Don’t be embarrassed, sweetheart, it’s natural to get excited when someone’s touching you there.”

“I know, Mom,” Kathy whispered, “but Mom?”

“Yes, sweetheart?” said Anne gently.

“I bahis şirketleri think I was getting excited because it was you, my mom, that was doing it.”

Anne studied her daughter. “I guess my being naked didn’t help, did it?”

Kathy shrugged, her tits jiggling delightfully. I bet Matt likes that, thought Anne, firm, jiggly tits on his girl. “I guess so, Mom,” Kathy said. She studied her mother. “I’ll bet Matt would go for you if you gave him the chance. You look real tasty, momma mine.”

Anne shocked herself with her next words. “And if I did give him the chance, what would you think? I’m not going to spoil my daughter’s life to satisfy my own erotic urges. What am I supposed to say? ‘I’ll just borrow Matt, sweetheart’?” But hell, yes, I would like those urges satisfied!

“Mom, I’d cheer you on. Even better, I’d watch, then join in!”

Anne stared at Kathy for a long moment, shocked by her daughter’s words, then realised that Kathy’s comment was making her excited. “Kathy Evans, what are you saying!” she asked, her exasperated tone shielding her confused thoughts.

Kathy reached out and took her mother’s hands. “Seriously, Mom, I wouldn’t mind. Just so long as I can have Matt back when you’re finished with him. Or else share him. I would do that for you, Mom.” There was an undertone of excitement in Kathy’s voice.

Anne realised with a shock that her daughter was serious. She reached out and hugged Kathy, their breasts pressing together. “Kathy, sweetheart, you’re mad! But I love you all the same. Now come on, let’s get dressed. What would you like for dinner? There are pork chops in the freezer.”

“Pork chop, onion gravy and a baked potato!”

“You’re on! With a side salad.” Talk about food, Anne, she told herself. Think about food. Don’t think about sex. Don’t!

After dinner, Anne asked Kathy about Matt. “Did you ask him if he’d give us a hand with the garage loft?”

“Sure did. Matt’s willing. He said would ten be too early?”

“Ten would be fine. I’ll ring Father Murphy after dinner and tell him the furniture can be collected next week. Thank goodness it’s a two car garage and we only have one car!”

Saturday dawned fine and warm. Anne debated with herself what to wear and finally decided on shorts and a t-shirt. Kathy came down to breakfast in a similar outfit, although her shorts were shorter, her t-shirt tighter and unlike her mother, she wasn’t wearing a bra. The two women breakfasted in quiet company and shortly before ten were contemplating the garage loft. The room was almost the full size of the double garage beneath it, with a tiny bathroom at one corner. A north light in the roof gave good light to add to the windows at each end and was what had finally decided Anne on turning the loft into a studio. She enjoyed the photography which paid her bills and wanted to do some studio work over which she had more control than when renting a studio.

“Where do we start, Mom?” asked Kathy cheerfully.

“Start by taking the small things, the chairs and the like, down and stash them along the left wall of the garage. I usually put the car on the right, so there’s plenty of room.”

“Sure thing, Mom.”

The two women soon had most of the light things moved and were contemplating the larger items when a hail from downstairs alerted them to Matt’s arrival.

“Up here, Matt,” Kathy called down the stairs and Matt came bounding up the stairs, a light sports bag in his hand. He brandished it.

“Clean things for afterwards.” Like the women, he had adopted a shorts and t-shirt outfit. “What do you want me to do?” he asked cheerfully, discarding his bag in a corner.

“Can you and Kathy manage that table?” Anne asked.

“No problem. Come on, Kathy.”

The two teenagers soon disappeared down the stairs with the table, juggling it around the corner and into the garage. Anne contemplated what was left. An old but serviceable couch, two armchairs and a dresser. Ken and I used to fuck on that couch, she mused. It has good memories. Now where have those two disappeared to, she wondered.

Anne went over to the stairs and was just about to call down when she thought, Oops! They’re probably having a quick kiss. She laughed to herself. And possibly a grope too! She cautiously peeped down the staircase, then quickly drew back. She was right, the two teenagers were engaged in a passionate embrace, Matt’s right hand firmly cupping Kathy’s left breast. Anne chuckled to herself. Just as well I didn’t just breeze down there. She started making furniture-moving noises and the two youngsters soon appeared, acting as if nothing had happened. Well, thought Anne, it hasn’t really, but Kathy, love, your nipples give you away!

“What next, Mrs. Evans?” Matt asked.

“I thought perhaps the dresser, but it will take all three of us. If Kathy and I go first, can you handle the top end, Matt?”

“Yeah, I think so. Let’s give it a whirl.”

It was awkward, particularly the turn into the garage at the foot of the stairs and at one point Anne had Matt pressed against her as they stood the dresser on end to get it through the doorway. There are worse fates, she thought to herself, smiling at Matt as he apologised.

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