If She had Only Known Pt. 01

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The past few rendezvous had been cancelled without explanation. She was used to it, she supposed, but was still a bit resentful and wondered about their future. As limited as a fwb relationship inherently is, she still had come to invest more and more emotionally in theirs.

Of course she knew from past experience that she was most likely being foolish but becoming emotionally involved was almost inevitable for a passionate woman in her situation. Meeting with him once a month or sometimes more often met specific needs for Nora whether she liked that or not.

So when she read his latest email she wasn’t happy and considered ending it all together.

His message read, ‘Nora, so sorry but I have to cancel again. I hope we can work something out next week. I’ll keep in touch. Keep smiling, Brad.’

Nora quickly fired off a curt response, ‘Ok. Let me know.’

Apparently that got his attention and suddenly his busy week became less so. Within a couple of hours they were to meet at the hotel where they so often had played. Knowing what he desired and hoped for, Nora showered and then dressed carefully for him. Silky panties and the sexy balcony bra that he loved to finger while burying his face in her prominent cleavage, thigh high stockings, a black skirt and silky blouse with small buttons down the front. High heels completed the look as she packed a bag with her vibrator and some tingling gel. Her jewelry was minimal, her breath fresh and she wore just a dab of perfume in all the right places.

By the time she arrived at the hotel, he was already waiting for her at the side door. They quickly climbed the steps and moved down the hallway to the room. He opened the door canlı bahis for her and she took in the Jacuzzi tub in the corner, the king size bed and the sofa he loved to use at the beginning of their time together. Wasting no time, he moved to her and pulled her against him.

Kissing her passionately was how he always began. Close mouthed at first, Nora almost grew impatient but forced herself to let him lead the way. He loved to linger on her lips and build up the passion before intertwining their tongues. The different style was an adjustment for Nora but she enjoyed their time together and had learned that all would come in good time.

Slowly they moved to the couch, making out like teenagers. Tongues slow danced as their hands moved slowly over each other. Nora knew how much he loved the slow dance of seduction so she resisted the urge to move too quickly. His hands felt amazing as they teased her breasts over her silky blouse. Before too long he moved to kneel before her, burying his face in her chest and inhaling deeply. He growled deep in his throat and moved back a bit to watch her expression as his fingers deftly began unwrapping his prize.

His eyes never left her face as his fingers slowly unbuttoned her blouse. Then his lips moved over her bra covered tits, tonguing the nipples to hard points that pushed through her bra. Nora’s breath caught as he licked and sucked on her flesh. He knew just what to do to get her motor running and very soon she was softly moaning and moving against him.

Pulling down the lacy material, Brad freed her big nipples and took them one at a time into his mouth. She knew he would be content to stay there for a very long time but Nora bahis siteleri had different plans. Slowly she unbuttoned his shirt and slipped it from his body. Running her hands over his warm skin, she broke the suction of his lips and moved down to tongue his nipples just as he had played with hers. His hands buried in her hair as he fought to contain his excitement. A man not used to so much female attention in his mid 50’s could only take so much before exploding. Brad knew he would have to take control if he was going to last.

Gently but firmly pushing her back on the couch, Brad ran his hands up Nora’s silky legs and under her skirt. Feeling the tops of the thigh highs, he once again was so grateful to her for such a sexy gift. Never before had another woman dressed specifically for him. Nora did it with delight, so it seemed, and even had bought special things to wear just for him. He felt special and honored that she would sex it up just for him.

From Nora’s perspective she loved dressing for him because he appreciated it so much and was willing to show that. He lavished her with compliments about how sexy she was to him and devoted a few hours to their lovemaking each time they got together. Nora was in her early 50’s with a childbearing weary body to show for it, but she felt special when she dressed for Brad. He made her feel beautiful and sexy.

Brad reached around to her ass and slowly moved into position between her legs. The skirt pushed up out of the way, he leaned in and fingered her gently on the outside of her panties. Nora jumped a bit but then relaxed and watched him as he began to lick the wetness forming on the crotch of her lacy panties. He teased her for bahis şirketleri a long time before using his fingers to pull the material to one side. His fingers and then his tongue caressed the wet slit of her sex and brought forth deep moans from Nora. His mouth pressed against her, licking and sucking on her tender flesh, until he couldn’t stand the barrier any more and suddenly stood, pulling her with him to the bed.

Nora’s slow, seductive movements were over at that point as she quickly unzipped her skirt and allowed her blouse to drop to the floor. Her nylons would remain as long as he liked and her breasts pushed up over the top of the pretty bra was a treat for him, she knew. He would remove that when he was ready. Brad slipped her panties down her legs and then parted them as he settled with his face against her slit. His tongue ravished her wet slit as his fingers worked her hungry hole. Her moans became louder and soon she was crying out in pleasure. He knew just what to do and he did it without reservation. Nora’s hips bucked on the bed while his hands fought to hold her steady. Her hands dug into his hair and pulled him into her body. Being treated to such enthusiastic pussy eating was the thing she loved most about being with Brad. He loved it, she loved it and he never failed to bring her to a mind-numbing cum with his efforts.

That night was no exception. Nora came against his hand in a gush of wetness that he lapped up happily. Her legs stiffened and then relaxed around his head, her heels having pounded a rapid rhythm on his back as she climaxed. She never failed to thrill him with her unabashed cumming. Knowing that HE was the one who produced such ecstasy in this sexy lover was so fulfilling to him. He felt, as he always did, that he could have happily stopped for the evening but he knew there was so much more in store for them. Then with a gasp he felt her lovely fingers reach for his belt…

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