Hotel Room

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I wrote this story for a friend of mine and she has urged me to place it here for you all to read. I hope that you enjoy it.

“I’m coming!” you call as there is a knock on the door, grabbing your silk robe and draping it over you sensuous body you head for the door. “Who is it?”

“Room service” a male voice calls from the other side

You open the door puzzled as you have not ordered anything. Your breath catches as you see me standing there. “What the Fuck do you want?!?” you scream in my face.

“Still pissed then? Not surprising really, aren’t you going to invite me in?”

“Invite you in? Are you insane? After all the pain you put me through? Fuck off!” You swing the door in my face with all your strength and expect to hear a satisfying slam but the door stops on my foot.

“OK then we will get to the invites later” so saying I push the door back towards you and you leap out of the way before it hits you. “Nice room Samara,” I say as I walk inside and glance around briefly before my gaze falls on you. “you know .. You should not have run from me Babe. You must have known that I would find you, I own you Babe, you are mine!”

While I am speaking you look down and realise that the robe has come partly undone; your hands race to close the robe but then stop, my god he still has the power to make me react! Angrily you raise your eyes “You! Don’t fucking own me…” your words falter as our eyes meet and the electricity, the passion there mesmerises you, scares you.

I step forward and you involuntarily start to take a step back until you realise what you are doing and you straighten your back, No I will not be intimidated! I will stand my ground! My gaze however is having another effect on you. Your gaze keeps wanting to lower, to break the contact that has you so wrong footed, so unsure of yourself. If anyone had told you that you would feel like this when you saw me again you would have laughed but you are not laughing now. That little voice is screaming in the back of your head “HIT HIM OR RUN DON’T JUST FUCKING STAND THERE!” Your heart is beating faster and you can remember, no feel yourself in my arms and you so long for that even after all the pain that I have put you through you still long for that, to feel my arms enfold you in my love, to feel so safe and secure, so loved. A tear gently rolls over your cheek and you take a step forward “What are you doing here Andrew?”

The mischievous smile is on my face, you realise that I have just heard every word of your internal conflict that I am still inside your head whispering to you. Still making you do things that you would never dream of doing, going against everything that you believe, everything that you have been taught. It always felt so wrong when you thought about it but that was the point with me whispering inside your head it didn’t feel wrong, it felt so right, naughty yes, deliciously naughty. You are getting wet just thinking about being naughty, you nipples are reacting to my presence again they are getting erect as they always do, pressing against the thin material of your silk robe. You have no doubts that I can see them and it should make you blush or even be embarrassed but looking in my eyes it doesn’t. It makes you feel hot, your temperature is rising and the butterflies are scrambling around in your stomach, your heart is hammering in your chest, your extremities start to tingle. Why him? How can this man who has done nothing but hurt you over and over again have this much power over you, to make you feel like this by just being in his presence. He is three steps away and you can smell me, you can smell my subtle scent, the scent that tells you that this is me. Even if you could not see you would know that I am near you. Just the thought of me brings my scent to you and your body starts to react. Now, hear with me in the room so close after so long your body is in over drive. It pendik escort is reacting as if being touched, it is reacting on it’s own with no direction from your brain, no control.

You lips part as if to speak but only a croak escapes your dry lips, licking them you try again “Why are you here? Please Andrew you hurt me so much, please don’t do this again, please ….” The weakness, the pleading in your voice disgusts you but it is there and you know that you cannot do anything to change it not while you are drowning in my eyes.

I take a step towards you “I have come because I love you Beauty, I have come because I need you. I have come because I own you, you will never be happy with another man, you will never be happy with another cock filling you. You know this my love.”

Your heart pounds even faster, even harder as I step towards you. My eyes grow and you fall deeper into them. The world ceases to exist there is only my eyes and the hammering of your heart.

My touch startles you out of your dream, how did he get that close? How the fuck did I not notice him get that close?!?

My hand gently strokes your check as I step in and cup your face “You are so Beautiful Samara; I forget how beautiful you truly are my love, my Samara. When I am away from you I feel as though my memory must be looking through rose tinted glasses and I convince myself that you are not this gorgeous and then I see you again and you take my breath away. You are stunning my love.” I slowly lean in and gently brush my lips to yours, my tongue darts lightly over your lips which open before you think and I enter your mouth. Lightly teasing and stroking inside your mouth, you tongue tries hungrily to catch it, to caress it to love it. Your arms wrap around me, your fear evaporates along with your reason.

My hands caress over your silk covered body, stroking down your spine and on to your fantastic ass. Lifting up the silk my hand finally makes contact with your naked flesh and the spark of electricity flows through us both making us catch our breath. The smoothness of you delicate skin surprises me as it is just as soft as the silk. You moan into my mouth as my hand strokes down over your cheek, down the cleft of your ass towards the heat emanating from your pussy.

Your breath comes harder and more shallow as you breath through your nose, your mouth now fully engaged, hungrily devouring my tongue, thought has long since vanished. The little voice has now stopped and there is only Wanton Samara, Needing Samara and Fucking Horny Samara!

My hand edges close to your pussy, your juices are streaming down your leg; your hands start to rip at my shirt, you need to get at my flesh to kiss and bite and devour. Instead I pick you up in my strong arms and throw you across the room and onto the bed, the robe completely open now only partially hiding your taught stomach making you look even more wanton. Your legs are slightly spread and your breasts exposed to my eyes and for the first time you are not trying to cover yourself but with all the flesh exposed the horniest thing about you is your eyes, they are darker than I remember nut that could be the light, however I can see the filth flowing through your mind, the need in your eyes is scary, the passion almost overwhelming.

I move to the bed and take a leg in each hand and spread them wide exposing you sodden pussy, the musky aroma of your pussy is overwhelming as I move my head towards it. My nose is only millimetres from your pussy as I inhale deeply and then exhale blowing a stream of warm air over your erect clitoris. You shudder as my breath caresses your clit and you hold your breath as my tongue lightly brushes your clit, it teases over it stroking and lashing alternately. You moan and run your fingers through my hair and try to hold me there but I move aside and start to kiss your inner thighs. You groan with disappointment and escort pendik then realise that you held you breath the whole time that my tongue teased your clit. My kisses are all over your thighs, nearing your pussy then away then near. I am driving you insane as all you want is me to lick you clit and then you ear a voice saying “eat me babe, eat my pussy, pleeease??? Oh babe eat me..” and with a shock you realise that the voice is yours. You have never uttered these words before but here you are with your legs spread begging to be eaten, to be taken by this man that has hurt you so often that will hurt you again but at this moment he is yours, all wonderfully yours and then you loose all inhibitions and don’t care what you say, you surrender.

You reach down and grab handfuls of my hair pulling my face up so that we can look into each others eyes “Eat my CUNT NOW!” A huge grin spreads across my face and I dive back down thrusting my tongue deep inside you as you scream with pleasure. You grip my head harder pulling me deeper inside you, you grind your clit against my face, gyrating and thrusting with total abandon “Oh yes! Oh God! Oh FUCK!” Your orgasm starts to build from deep inside, it has been so long since you came and it is building so fast, your body is tingling. Is it even still your body it almost feels like this is happening to someone else but you don’t care whose body this is as long as I let you come!

With that the orgasm hits, the thousand feathers that lightly stroked you have turned into ropes that bind you tight making breathing difficult and your back arch almost to the point of snapping, every muscles is locked taught and you can feel yourself ejaculating all over my face, stream after stream of your cum squirting out being pumped out. Everything is soaking, my face the bed your body what is covered in sweat is covered in your cum and still you ejaculate.

You finally stop cumming and you start to relax until you feel me drag you off of the bed and thrust my cock into your mouth, you are already struggling for breath after your orgasm and now my cock fills your mouth and it is thrusting deeper, nudging the back of your throat, forcing your throat to open. My cock is now straining to get inside your throat and you fight back the reaction to gag managing to take quick breaths to fill your oxygen starved lungs as my cock slides out only to thrust back in. You start to move your head but I have my hands firmly clamped to your head, handfuls of hair in my grasp as I thrust deeply in side your mouth, fucking your mouth as if it was a pussy. Forcing it deeper inside your throat, your nose is already against my pubes and then I hold you there and just rock for a while, my cock buried deeper inside you than you have ever felt, you lungs are screaming for oxygen as I just rock there, gently rocking back and forth feeling the muscles of your throat constrict as your body starts to fight for air. Stars start to appear before your eyes and you start to gag to expel this object from your throat.

At this point I withdraw and you hungrily gulp air into your starved lungs, tears start to stream down you face with the relief of oxygen. I still have hold of your hair and force your mouth back on my cock, although not as deeply. I allow you to breath a little as I fuck your face but I am starting to get deeper once again. With a rising panic you feel my cock bury itself deep in your throat, thrusting deeper and deeper, my cock feels as if it is growing even bigger, blocking your airway making it even more difficult to get your breath. You try to move your head but I have a firm hold and you cannot move. You start to push against my taught stomach trying to get some space to breath but I am too strong and continue to fuck your mouth getting ever deeper.

Then you worst fears are confirmed as I bury myself deeply inside your throat and stay there, your lungs start to protest once pendik escort bayan again but then you feel me cum, shooting stream after stream directly down your throat and into your stomach. I am still coming as I withdraw; you start to take in oxygen to you starved lungs as I continue to cum causing you to choke. You feel the last splatters of cum against your face as I finally withdraw my cock from your face.

You glance to the mirror and see a slut on her knees with cum dribbling from her mouth and all over her face, her mascara is running down her face from the crying to mix with the jizz already there but she has a huge smile on her face. You see me bend down to pick you and then you feel my hands push you onto the bed arranging you with your pretty little ass in the air, then you feel my cock enter your pussy and you sigh as I fill you.

I start to ease myself in and out of your tight pussy, it is grasping and sucking trying to get me deeper inside of you, the velvet walls constantly contract and massage my cock as I fuck you; I spread your ass cheeks to allow me to stroke deeper and fill you more. As I spread your cheeks your star shaped anus exposed and I stroke my finger in circles over and around it as I fuck you. I lean forward and push my fingers into your mouth “Make them wet babe, as they are going in your ass ..” you suck on them for all you are worth putting as much saliva on my fingers as possible while you grunt and groan with each thrust.

Your breathing is starting to accelerate once more as you body starts to tingle, you feel my fingers slips from your mouth and then they plunge into your ass. “Ahh!” you squeal as I thrust my fingers into you, not with pain but surprise, you cannot believe how full you feel. My fingers are thrusting into your ass in time with my cock sliding into your pussy. I grab your hair and pull your head back as I thrust inside you releasing slightly as I withdraw only to pull again as I thrust once more “Oh God YES!” you scream as the orgasm approaches, your whole body is starting to shake with passion. You are sweating and grunting like an animal, you can hear yourself and are ashamed but do not care. Pleasure is coming and you NEED it, as I pull back on your hair you also thrust back impaling yourself on my cock and fingers. You are starting to get carried away and so I wait there and pull your hair back with out releasing as you fuck me, you impale yourself harder and faster grunting as you do. You feel like the animal that is being used and you do not care, you must cum that is all that matters so you thrust yourself onto me. You forget who you are, who I am, you just need to cum and with wild abandon you do!

“ARGHH!” The climax rips through, you shudder as you scream all of your pent up emotions come pouring out in scream after scream, each louder than the one before! I pull my still hard cock from your twitching pussy and slide it into your ass, with all your cum on my cock it easily slides inside your ass. It is a few seconds before you realise what I have done and then you react “GET YOUR COCK OUT NOW!” you swing an arm back to knock me off but I catch it and hold it there.

“No Beauty, your ass is mine. I have dreamed of this for so long and now I am going to fuck it, I am going to thrust my cock into your ass and cum deep inside your bowels whether you like it or not. This is happening, enjoy or don’t!” With that I start to thrust into your tight virgin ass, you cannot believe the feeling of being filled and despite yourself you start to thrust back against me. You struggle to free your arm but I hold you still and fuck you as you thrust back. “Oh Babe that feels so good ..” you mumble.

The sight of your virgin ass swallowing my cock quickly drives me to the edge and I cum deep in your bowels this makes you cum as you feel my seed fill you “Andrew!” you scream, your ass tightening then relaxing milking my cock as it spasms with the flows of your orgasm.

“Remember Samara, I own you now and forever. Don’t ever run on me again! Do you understand?”

“Yes .. I mean no I will not run again, I am yours. You own me Master …”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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