Hot Shower

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She was the last to use the shower, as she entered the bathroom the room still felt hot and steamy. She laid her towels on the edge of the tub and tossed the 9 inch porn star dildo, that he had asked her to bring, onto the floor of the tub. She turned on the water and adjusted the temperature. As the water heated, she peeled off her skinny jeans and panties onto the floor and stepped out of them. She lifted the t-shirt over her head, laying it on top of her jeans. She quickly unhooked her bra, dropping it on the pile of clothes, and let her ample breasts free.

She stepped into the tub and let the water run over her body. She stood there under the hot water feeling her tensed muscles start to relax. She squeezed some shampoo into her hand and massaged her hair and scalp, as she rinsed her hair she could feel the warm suds glide down her back. She picked up her bath poof and squirted her favorite jasmine scented body gel onto it, squeezing the poof to make it sudsy. She ran the poof down her arms, then across her canlı bahis şirketleri neck and back, enveloping herself in the flowery aroma. She ran the poof across her breasts and nipples and down to her tummy. She put it down and used her hands to caress her breasts and pinch her nipples; the suds making her skin feel soft and slippery. She brought her hands down to her pussy and gently washed the area.

She began to massage her clit in a circular motion until she felt the pressure building. She bent over and picked up the large latex dildo. He had requested that she cum twice for him in the shower. This was just what she wanted. She bent her knee and put her foot onto the ledge of the tub. She pressed the dildo to the entrance of her waiting pussy and slowly began to push it in. The 6 ½ inch girth of the latex penis stretched her in an oh so wonderful feeling of fullness. She continued to push the dildo into her pussy till it reached the balls. She withdrew it, almost, then quickly thrust it back into canlı kaçak iddaa her hot hole. She continued this assault on her pussy till she had a steady rhythm going.

While her left hand was holding the cock that was ramming her pussy, she brought her right hand to her aching clit and began to strum it gently, at first, then more forcefully. The combination of the thrusting cock and the stimulation of her clit was exquisite. She felt a dam of pleasure building in her genitals and she knew that the dam was about to break. The orgasm sent her over the edge, so that she had to remove her fingers from her clit just to steady herself against the shower wall. One down, she chuckled to herself. With the dildo deeply planted in her pussy she again continued thrusting it in and out harder and faster with each stroke. It didn’t take long for the familiar sensation to build and it encouraged her to keep the rapid pace going. Just when she felt she could not keep going she came in a waterfall of her own juices. The canlı kaçak bahis feeling of the warm water from the shower mixed with her own warm juices was a feeling she would never tire of. She let the dildo fall out of her spent pussy and it fell to the floor of the tub. Two down.

She grabbed the shower poof and gently soaped herself down once more, enjoying the silky feeling over her exhausted body. As she ran the poof over her ass cheeks she smiled and had a wicked thought. He had told her he would insert his thumb into her ass as he pounded her hard from behind and twist it in and out. This really excited her. She reached over to the shelf near the bathtub and grabbed a small container of Vaseline. Opening it she dipped her finger in and removed a glob of the thick substance. She smeared it over her asshole and between her finger and thumb of her left hand. She slowly pushed her thumb into her tight asshole while her right hand massaged her swollen and very sensitive clit. The sensation was unbelievable as she imagined his thumb sliding in an out of her ass. It didn’t take long before she felt her asshole clenching around her thumb as she came once more in another remarkably strong orgasm. She laughed softly to herself as she thought –three times the charm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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