Guardian Angel

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(Author’s notes: This is a work of fiction. In this fantasy, nobody has to worry about inconveniences such as pregnancy and STDs. In real life, all non-monogamous sex should be practiced using accepted safe-sex precautions.

Very special thanks to editors Ravenna933 and Sidney43. This is a better story due to their efforts and insight. Any remaining faults are solely the responsibility of the author.

All characters involved in sexual activity are at least 18 years old.)

: : : : :

Zac pounded his steering wheel in frustration. “Dammit! That light was green for about a tenth of a second. What the hell!” Now he was definitely going to be late.

A quarter mile away and thirty seconds later, a dump truck driver glanced at his dashboard and was distracted by a flashing red warning light. He never saw the traffic light in front of him turn red, and he sailed through the intersection at 45 miles per hour. Fortunately, all cross traffic avoided him. In his noisy cab he never heard the horns of the cars he barely missed or saw how close he came to disaster.

My name is Ariel, and I’m Zac’s guardian angel. I’m the reason Zac’s green light turned red so quickly. Without that delay, the dump truck would have t-boned the driver’s side of Zac’s car. I don’t know how I knew I needed to delay Zac. I just had a strong sense that disaster was imminent, and that if I delayed him briefly he would be okay. I pictured the light turning red early, and again, I don’t know how, but somehow it did.

The ‘how’ and ‘why’ of becoming a guardian angel are mysteries to me. I assume I had lived and died. I guess my life must not have been bad enough to be sent below, but not good enough for admission above. Being a guardian angel seems to be a way either to earn enough points to gain entry to the pearly gates, or fail and presumably go the other way.

I retain a lifetime of information and knowledge, and maybe some wisdom, but I can’t remember any details of my own life, such as who I was, what I did, or how old I was. I’m pretty sure my name in real life wasn’t Ariel, but come to think of it, I don’t know how I ‘know’ that’s what my name is now.

I admit, I don’t always like Zac. He’s basically a decent guy, but he can be shallow as hell. He compensates with a magnetic charm he can apparently turn on at will, especially to attractive single women. I’m sure he will outgrow his shortcomings, they are all due to immaturity. I just wish that would happen a little sooner. Actually, a lot sooner.

Despite all that, it’s my assigned task to protect him, and I take it very seriously.

I have a limited ability to affect physical objects. I can move small things short distances, but nothing on a larger scale. I couldn’t, for example, have stopped the dump truck or moved Zac’s car out of its way, or affected the brakes to slow or stop either vehicle.

I can place thoughts in people’s heads, Zac’s or someone else’s, but that doesn’t always work. Apparently planted thoughts are easy to deny or ignore, especially for Zac. Fortunately, the more I work with him, the better I get at shaping things in ways he is likely to respond to.

I can’t see the future directly, but like with the dump truck, I do receive vague, abstract ‘feelings.’ In that case, I didn’t know the details of what the danger was until the moment the collision would have occurred. Zac of course never knew anything about being in harm’s way.

He was on his way to meet some friends for a surprise birthday party, which was why he was so agitated about being late. That’s also why I needed to stay with him — he needs protecting the most when he’s around those particular friends. None of them have realized yet that they are not immortal, even though they’re old enough to know better.

One of the more interesting aspects of my existence is I feel Zac’s physical sensations. Last week he was at his oblivious worst and didn’t realize how much he was annoying the pretty blonde at the dance club. She eventually slapped him, stinging my cheek as sharply as it did his. He made a joke out of that rather obvious hint, got her laughing, and bought her a drink. He was determined to charm his way past her poor impression of him, and he not only achieved that, he got lucky with her later in the evening.

At her apartment, I felt her lips on his as if I was the one kissing her. A little later I felt her lips on his cock and the suction of her mouth. I felt the softness of her tits under Zac’s hands, and finally the tightness and warmth of her channel as he buried his dick in her. My body had orgasmic spasms both times Zac came that evening, and again the next morning.

It’s strictly physical. I don’t feel the ups and downs of his emotions. I was aware of but didn’t share his disappointment when the phone number she gave him turned out to be a pizzeria’s order line.

One last thing I know is, I am invisible to living humans. I seem to exist in a gap between life and the afterlife. My job is to oversee Zac and everything he does, but escort bostancı I can go look at other things in other places whenever I want. When Zac goes out, I can ‘ride’ in the car with him, or I can float above and behind the car with no effort. I could ‘meet’ him at his destination if I was comfortable leaving him unguarded for his trip there. For the record, I’m not.

Actually, there is one more thing. In this odd plane of existence I’m stuck in, I’m sure there must be other guardian angels, but I guess we’re invisible to each other as well as humans. In the year and a half I’ve guarded Zac, I’ve never seen one. I’d love to hook up with a Laila, Seraphina, or Gabrielle while Zac sleeps, but it appears that’s not going to happen. Even if I did meet one, I doubt we would have enough physicality to consummate our relationship. It’s so frustrating…

Zac wasn’t on time to the bar, but he wasn’t as late as the birthday boy was, so he got to be part of the surprise. I was just glad he arrived safely (the sound you hear is me patting myself on the back). That bar was not one of his usual haunts, and my oh my, there were some lovely ladies there.

As the evening progressed, Zac and a raven-haired beauty targeted each other. She wore her hair in a cute pixie cut, but there was nothing pixie-ish about her boobs or her ass. Zac was head-over-heels infatuated, but I was on edge. There was something ‘off’ about her — she smiled at Zac the way a spider smiles at a fly. He was too close to falling into her cleavage to notice her sinister aura.

I parsed her brain, and I was right, she was toxic. She had a raging case of genital herpes. She found normal precautions inconvenient, and the untreated sores were especially painful that night. She was angry at the world, particularly twenty-something single men. Zac would be the fifth unsuspecting guy she infected that month if I didn’t intervene. It wasn’t Zac’s fault she had no idea who she got it from, but he would pay the price if she had her way.

I tried to distract and redirect Zac’s attention over to a lovely blonde who had also noticed him, but her chest wasn’t as bodacious as the pixie’s, and he didn’t respond. The pixie was bored as hell with a story he was telling, but she feigned interest so she could hurry up and get him to her place and into her bed.

It was my job to prevent that. As he gestured broadly to emphasize a point, I slid her wine glass an inch into the path of his hand, and he knocked it over, soaking the front of her white silk top with cabernet sauvignon.

“You moron!” she shrieked, and threw the empty glass at him before huffing out of the place. He ducked, and the glass bounced off the top of his head, luckily not breaking the glass or cracking his thick skull.

The blonde had been watching the whole time, still hoping Zac might choose her over the pixie, but when she saw him spill the wine she began to think of finding someone less clumsy. I had already scanned her and detected no threat to Zac, so I beamed ‘yes, this one’ at both him and her. It must have worked; she helped him clean up the table, and he definitely noticed her then.

Zac and I were both delighted with how the rest of the evening went. The blonde’s name was Sheila, and she and Zac hit it off quickly. They shared many things — favorite cocktail, favorite bar food, and favorite music. They had attended several of the same recent concerts, and they had both decided to skip seeing Slash at a large local club. Zac said, “I think his top hat, curly hair, nose, and dark glasses are all a one-piece prop.”

Sheila shot back, “Like Groucho glasses?” and they both roared laughing.

She eventually said, “This place is so noisy…”

Zac picked up on her rather obvious hint and said, “My place isn’t very far from here.” He gestured at their nearly-empty cocktail glasses and said, “I could make us another round there.” He paid both their tabs, but she insisted on leaving the tip, which he noticed she did generously.

When they entered his apartment, she glanced around at the relative neatness and said, “Planning on getting lucky tonight?”

He said, sounding rather defensive, “I didn’t really think about it. This is pretty much how I live.”

“Where are the dirty dishes, unwashed clothes, empty beer bottles, and frozen microwave food wrappers?” I directed his attention to the twinkle in her eyes. Finally realizing she was teasing, he shared a grin with her.

As promised, he made them drinks. He set the lights low and launched his ‘quiet,’ soothing playlist — his make-out mix, in other words. They settled on the sofa and talked about everything and nothing. Conversation with her was effortless and interesting.

He kissed her, and was delighted at how enthusiastically she kissed him back. He put his drink down, she did the same, and they kissed again, long and deep. When they came up for air, she said, sotto voce, “Someone call for help, I fear I’ve become trapped in the seducer’s web. The lights, the alcohol, ümraniye escort the music, I’m afraid he’s going to have his way with me…” This time he noticed the sparkle in her eyes without my prompting.

Zac always loved his first time with a lady. Revealing a tender new body gave him the kind of thrill an only child feels on Christmas morning, having presents to unwrap, surprises to uncover. He usually already had a good idea how big her tits were, but were they firm or pillowy? Were her nipples big and hard or soft and shy? Were the areolae large or small, pink, tan, or brown? Would she be shy or brazen at undressing in front of him, at being gazed upon? Did she shave shiny smooth, or sport a racing stripe, or flaunt a full bush? Would she initiate things or be content to follow his lead? How tight would she be? Did she like exotic positions or prefer to keep it simple? So many things to find out…

Zac carried her to his bedroom, and set her down on the bed. She turned out to be quite uninhibited. She didn’t need another kiss to get started, or to stretch out with him in a reassuring cuddle, or even for him to take his own shirt off first. She whipped her top over her head, reached behind her back, unclipped her bra, shrugged it off her shoulders, and tossed the shirt and bra onto the floor. She blatantly ogled him as he pulled his own shirt over his head. Before he could get more than a quick glance at her chest, she pulled him in for a soul-stirring kiss, their bodies pressed tightly together, skin to skin, warm and welcoming.

Her boobs pressed against him, her nipples big, hard, and fully extended. He slid his hand between their chests without breaking their kiss, and helped himself to a generous handful of tit. He teased the nipple between his fingertips, and she moaned into his mouth.

She worked her hand between them and unsnapped his jeans. She unzipped them and lowered them and his boxer briefs as far as she could. She broke the kiss and drug them down to his knees, then pulled them completely off, tossing them onto the floor with her top. He reached out to pull her in close to him, but she shifted away, beyond his arms’ reach.

She locked her eyes onto his, and slowly, lustfully crawled toward him, holding steady eye contact. Her posture, her facial expression, the sultry way she crawled toward him were pure jungle feline.

His eyes drifted down to her tits. They were magnificent, full and firm, swaying sweetly from side to side as she approached him — the calm before the storm, he thought. Time froze briefly, this image burning permanently into his brain, her tits dangling, her face consumed with desire, her eyes promising deep primal pleasure in the moments to come.

His eyes relinked with hers, and she held his gaze while she bent her elbows and dipped her shoulders. She lowered her face until her lips located the tip of his cock without even briefly glancing away from his eyes. She sucked the tip in, swirling her tongue on the underside, and slowly, sensuously, pulled him into her mouth, eyes burning deep into his. She drew him in all the way to the back of her throat, and slowly pulled off, sucking with all her might. She let him escape her mouth with a loud popping sound, murmured “Yummm,” and drew him right back in.

He tried to slide himself around to where he could pull her jeans off also, but she stayed out of his reach, saying, “No, just you right now.” Her mouth was warm, wet, and welcoming, so he settled back to enjoy it.

He would love to have stayed in her mouth all the way to completion, but this was their first time and he was anxious to sample her in other ways. After several blissful minutes, he reluctantly pulled free. He peeled her out of her jeans and panties, and finally got to see her completely naked.

Her body was awesome. Her tits were only one facet of a gem of a frontside. Her waist was trim and sleek, her abdomen firm but with an alluring feminine softness. Her pussy was magnificent, crinkly pink inner lips coyly peeking out from the smooth outer folds, all swollen and eager for action.

He crawled between her knees, intending to explore that juicy pussy with his tongue and lips, but she pulled him up even with her and rolled him onto his back. She straddled him, grinning hungrily. She raised herself up and centered his tip between her nether lips. She let gravity pull her down, taking him in slowly, fraction of an inch by fraction of an inch.

His cock felt like it was being enveloped in molten velvet. Her face was expressionless, her eyes unfocused in carnal concentration, her mind lost in its own sensual world. When she finally did bottom out, she rocked her hips, rubbing her clit directly on the base of his cock.

Zac rolled his hips, matching her rhythm and introducing a little depth. She leaned forward and pressed her hands on his shoulders, giving her leverage to stroke him, adding even more depth. His eyes feasted on her tummy flexing with each thrust, her hungry slit absorbing his cock. Her tits dangled, swaying kartal escort bayan enticingly in sync with their thrusting.

She came first. He wanted to power through her orgasm and keep going until she came at least once more, maybe twice, but her pussy pulsed so fiercely and squeezed him so tight it finished him off. They collapsed over each other, both grinning broadly.

Sheila turned out to share one more major trait with Zac: she was insatiable. There’s no other way to say it, this girl loved to fuck. She wasn’t ready for sleep yet, and Zac was always ready for another ride.

She crawled downward, heading for blowing him some more, even with a savory mix of her honey and his jizz coating his cock, but he got his face in place at her pussy first. She tried to shift herself around for 69, but he said, “No, just you right now.” She grinned at hearing her own words played back to her, but her smile melted into an blissful facial glow as he got busy on her slit. She was impressed that he didn’t seem at all repulsed that he had so recently cum there.

He just happened to do everything with his lips and tongue that she loved. When he started, she had no intention of cumming on his face. She fully meant to give him a quick minute or two down there, then get him back inside her. What he did was so perfect, though, she relaxed and settled in to enjoy the ride, impressed that he seemed to truly enjoy what he was doing.

She pulled her legs back and spread them wide apart, giving him full access. He went at her with everything he had, sucking her clit out from the soft surrounding folds, wafting his tongue softly back and forth across the swollen nub.

He switched from full contact to whisper soft, almost sensory deprivation. He vibrated his tongue as fast as it would go, barely flicking it across her button, driving it crazy, making it reach for the heavier touch it craved.

He formed his mouth into a giant ‘O,’ centered it on her clit, and sucked for all he was worth. She moaned and came hard, wave after wave crashing across her like surf on a beach, each fresh surge bigger and more intense than the one before.

She seemed to need no time to recover. She pulled him up even with her, guided his cock to her entrance, and with both hands on his hips pulled him straight in.

She stopped with him deep inside her. She held him still with her hands on his butt, rolled her hips around a bit, and rearranged her legs to where he was straddling her lower thigh with her upper leg curled around his waist. She started them up, and he found that he penetrated her even deeper. It required a different angle of thrusting but after an easy adjustment he loved it.

They began at a medium pace and built from there, adding power with every stroke. They were soon pounding into each other as hard as they knew how. She came first, her body tightening into a single unified muscle contraction. Her arms squeezed his back, her legs squeezed his waist, and her pussy squeezed his cock, pulsing orgasmic compressions across the length of his cock. His body went equally rigid, and he unloaded his own pulses deep into her. Their bodies relaxed together and they sprawled onto their backs, their arms and legs still randomly intertwined.

When they had both cooled down and resumed normal breathing, they wrapped each other in their arms and legs. They cuddled and caressed, kissed and fondled, patted and petted, and that got them going again. They went straight back to that semi-side-straddling position, and this time, having more confidence in it from the earlier practice, they were even more aggressive, fucking each other into oblivion. There was no staying awake after that one; they both fell into deep, peaceful sleep.

They both rolled over in their slumber shortly before dawn, and rediscovered each other’s naked bodies. He kissed her, intending only to relax them both back to sleep, but both their motors revved up and soon they were caressing each other, exploring each other, energizing each other. He took a handful of her ass, she cupped his balls. He traced the outline of her slit with his fingers, and she slid her hand up and down his cock, bringing it from semi-stiff to fully hard. He eased his hand up to her tit and squeezed it. She rolled onto her back, pulled him on top and directly into her.

They settled into an easy, soft, gentle pace this time, emphasizing length and subtlety over speed and power. While he stroked in and out of her, slow and delicate, he kissed her neck and she nibbled his ear. They both fell into a sensual zone, every touch heightened, every sensation rippling through them in soaring body rushes.

Sheila rolled her head back, tightly gripped his back, lifted her butt up off the mattress, and her entire body went board stiff. She pulled her lungs full of air and didn’t let any out. Zac hadn’t been near cumming yet, but her pussy squeezed his cock so tight he fell over the edge. He buried himself in her at full depth and went as rigid as she was, the only movement between them being her pussy pulsing and his cock shooting his load deep into her. It looked for a long moment as if neither one of them was going to resume breathing, but they eventually relaxed and curled up together, side by side. They were back asleep in no time.

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