God I Love My Alislut

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Chapter One

I work as a midday DJ for a prominent radio station in the city. Every weekday I’m on air from 10 am until 2 pm, giving a hearty mix of music, news, weather, traffic, sports, and whatever type of on air babble I feel like. I only started the job in mid-January, so I was still learning my way around the city and meeting people. One warm afternoon in April, I decided to go for a run with my dog through the park. We went through the playscape and down by the lake. There were people everywhere. A mother and child were feeding ducks. A homeless man was digging through the trash. Some business types were eating at a hot dog cart while college kids were throwing a Frisbee. Then of course people were laying everywhere—sunbathing, napping, and reading.

I had planned on doing one lap around the pond, but I had noticed a beautiful woman reading the newspaper near the drinking fountain. Not just beautiful, gorgeous, one of the most attractive women I had ever seen. She had blonde hair, about shoulder length. She was about 5’5″ and had the absolutely perfect sized breasts, being shown off in a little bikini top. When she rolled over onto her stomach, I got a great view of her rotund ass in little shorts that read “State” across them.

I circled the lake a few times and noticed her look up as I came by. Finally, I decided that I was “thirsty” and approached the fountain. I took a long drink, but made sure to not make any weird slurping noises. As I wiped a bit of excess water from my lips I noticed that my dog, Rusty, had just popped a squat on her sports section. I reached into my pocket to grab a plastic bag, but she said don’t worry. To just throw away the section because she had already read it. I asked her if she was sure and she replied yes. I picked up the whole pile and Rusty and I went to go throw it in the trash.

I decided that this girl was so beautiful that I just needed to talk to her some more. I went to the hot dog cart and purchased two fresh squeezed lemonades. I carefully walked back to her, making sure to not spill everywhere. I sat down, handed the glass to her, and introduced myself. She said “OMG, I knew you sounded familiar. You’re the midday DJ on 101.7”

I replied with a Yes, yes, that’s me like I had many times before and then asked her what her name was. She replied, but this was not all she said.

“My name is Alison Donatelli. I grew up about an hour north of here. I attended State College and have a degree in business. I now run a small shop on Fairlawn St.”

I told her that I had not even heard of the street, but she said that not many people had. It’s a small artsy street on the northeast side of town. I asked for the address and told her I may stop by sometime.

Chapter 2

That was all on a Tuesday, so after I got off of work on Thursday I took the sub to 45 Fairlawn St. Above ground were some rustic early 1900’s brown stone apartments and below was her shop—The Paddle. As I descended it dawned on me that I really did not know what kind of store this was. I opened the door and saw that it was a women’s shop—clothes, shoes, and some jewelry. As I walked in a bell rang and I heard a voice call out from the back room “I’ll be right there.”

I proceeded to look around a bit, but didn’t have any reason to buy anything. After a few moments Alison emerged wearing a low cut black top and khakis that were so tight they looked as if they were painted on. She said that she was glad I had found the place—some people have trouble doing so.

We began talking and she told me that they were scheduled to close in 10 minutes, but she had to get a few things done first. Then maybe we could go get a drink. I told here there was a great place a few blocks up that we had promoted on the station, but first I would help her finish up. She said it was actually canlı bahis a blessing that I was there because there were some heavy boxes in the back that needed to be brought down.

She led me out of the front part of the store and into the back room. I was amazed as I looked around. This room contained incredibly sexy lingerie and sex toys. She glanced back and saw the look on my face and said, “Yes, I know. I wanted to do a kind of sex shop, but I was too embarrassed and didn’t think it would do well enough so I coupled it with a fashion shop. It’s been doing great.”

So I moved the few boxes and then we walked the few blocks to the bar, where happy hour was just starting.

Chapter 3

We ordered drinks and sat at a quiet table in the back of the restaurant. She could tell that I was still feeling a bit funny about the shop, which I was.

“When I was 18, I had a boyfriend. He would play with me, but we never had sex. Then he moved away, but we still wanted to stay faithful to each other. To keep me busy in between visits I purchased my first vibrator that I affectionately called Fat Randy. Every day I would come home and play 3 to 5 times. Eventually, this got to be a bit boring so I purchased a double-ended dildo. I loved to wear sexy lingerie and stick the ends of the dildo in my vagina and butt. Then I would use Fat Randy to really drive me crazy.”

Seeing my wide-open mouth she gasped, “Shit, I can’t believe I just told you all of that. I am so sorry.

“You know I really don’t mind. It was actually kind of hot,” I replied.

“I guess working in a sex shop makes you a very sexually open person, especially when you don’t have the desired means to let out of sexual frustration.”

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t know. I’ve always had trouble meeting guys. At least good ones. A lot of the ones that approach me are fairly shallow and only like my looks. I’m fairly reserved sexually when it comes to men, despite my early start. I’ve yet to meet anyone who’s really cared for me enough to make me want to give myself to them, if you know what I mean?” she explained.

“Exactly. Most weekend nights I have to go do promo stuff and all the girls just want to hook up with me because I’m a DJ. At first I was like this is amazing, but after awhile you get over the sex and want something more.”

We ended up having a great rest of the evening talking about everything. As I dropped her off at the end of the night she gave me a peck on the cheek and we agreed to see each other again for dinner on Monday, but with a bit more formality attached.

Chapter 4

After work on Monday I was super nervous so went on another run/dog walk adventure in the park, but knew it wouldn’t top the last one. I went back to my apartment to shower and get ready for my hot date. Little did I know how hot it would be.

I got to her apartment, which was actually up above her store, at a few minutes past 8. She invited me inside and said I could take a seat on the couch. Like the typical girl she had a few more things to do. I looked around the room and noticed a bowl on the coffee table with a variety of dildos and vibrators. On the bookshelf was a wide assortment of adult magazines and videos. I was surprised at this hotties love for self pleasure.

When she finally came out my jaw just about hit the floor. She had pink top that allowed the top of her bra to show a tiny bit. From what I could see it was an expensive looking one. Black, silver, and granite lace. My mind was going wild. She was wearing a short skirt with a similar scheme as the bra, clearly done on purpose. She sat down in the recliner across from where I was sitting. As she sat I managed to accidentally sneak a peek of her pink thong. She asked me what I wanted to do for food, knowing that I didn’t know the area bahis siteleri of town well. I didn’t care and requested she pick something she was in the mood for.

Apparently she was in the mood for Italian because that’s where we went. As we walked she reached down and placed her hand in mine, which felt wonderful. Throughout the dinner we played footsie underneath the table, but kept it relatively tame. After we finished and paid the bill we went back to her place. Guessing she was cold in the early spring night air, I placed my jacket over her bare shoulders. It was about 4 sizes too large for her, but the warmth was much appreciated.

We got into her apartment and she went to place her leftovers in the fridge. I followed her into the kitchen and as she bent over I saw her lovely g-string ride up above her skirt. Personally, this is one of my biggest turn-ons. She turned around, knowing I had seen that. She approached me and put her tongue in my mouth. After a few minutes of hardcore making out and soft core groping our mouths unlocked. I told her “I’m really happy at the restaurant you picked. I was really in the mood to eat Italian.”

Chapter 5

“What a coincidence. I’m Italian, would you like to eat me?”

“What? Umm…what do you mean eat me?”

“I’m talking about my pussy. Will you eat me out? I haven’t cum with a man in almost 3 months. And I have never liked anyone as much as I like you, even though we’ve only known each other for a week. This afternoon I shaved myself for you.”

“Shit. Let’s go.”

She reached down and grabbed my hand, as we practically sprinted to her bedroom. She flung the door open and flipped on a dim light. Not enough to ruin the mood, but still light enough so that I could see what I was getting. The room had a faint strawberry smell which for some reason made me insanely horny. She grabbed my shirt and we passionately kissed. Her lips tasted fruity and I couldn’t wait till they were on my other head. I started to grab her breasts, but she pulled away so that she could unveil the goddesses. She got the hot pink shirt off, but before she could do the bra I asked that she wait. I needed a good look at the article of clothing that had been making me rock hard since I saw her that evening. “Baby, I told you I was going to eat you. Don’t worry about the bra yet. But the bottoms have got to go.”

Without hesitation she pulled down her skirt and kicked it to the side. I just about creamed my pants when I saw the massive wet spot all over the hot panties. I walked over to her and rubbed her from the outside. I then moved them over a bit and played with her soft, wet, and hairless lips. They felt glorious. I looked up and smiled. I was greeted with a friendly “Aren’t you hungry.”

I pulled her panties off, but en route they got stuck on her heels so I did away with those as well. I climbed back up on top of her and spread her lips to see that beautiful pink crevasse. My fingers tickled her and I then began to kiss around the area making sure my mouth didn’t come in contact with the hole. Apparently this was too much teasing for her because as she let out a deep moan she grabbed the back of my head and forced me in. I had not tasted a pussy in awhile and realized I had missed the sweet, amazing taste. It was a million times better than I had remembered. I wasn’t sure if it was that I missed it or if she was particularly good (I have since come to find out that she is extra tasty, but those are other stories). I ate her for a good 5 minutes before she was about to hit the roof. I decided now was a good time to pull back. I stood up and saw a puzzled look, but it was instantly changed to anticipation when I pulled my pants off and my member was standing at full attention, all 9 inches of it.

I rubbed my full length as I came back to the bed. I straddled bahis şirketleri over her mid-section and soon her hands were all over my piece as well. After a minute of this she realized that she too was hungry. As she moved her mouth towards me I came. I never came with the velocity or volume of that (prior to or since then). Her face was covered. It was in her hair, on her forehead, her cheeks. A bit even made it into her mouth. I also got it all in her eyes and on her make up, which made me hard enough to come again, this time on her chest and bra.

Not wanting it to stain she removed the bra and began to lick the semen off of it. She then used her fingers to pull all of the other deposits into her mouth. Then after all of that this little cumwhore wanted to lick the extras off my cock. I guess she hadn’t eaten anything in awhile either. She ended up licking and playing with my area until I was stiff as a rock again. All the while I was playing with her goddesses, which I had learned were affectionately named after the Egyptian goddesses, Cleopatra and Sanura. I had also confirmed the prognosis that I had made about them in the park that day, they were amazing. Large, but not too big and floppy. In the center were the most excellently colored nipples, coffee, which perfectly offset her creamy complexion of the rest of the mounds. As I licked them I think they even tasted like coffee.

Soon she realized that I had swollen inside her mouth and was ready to go again. The next move was unexpected. “I have a question to ask, or more of a favor to request.” She asked.


“Will you fuck me? I want to lose my virginity to you. I had been telling people that I would like to wait until marriage as a cheap cover up for not being able to get laid, but now that I am given the option, I would love for you to pop my cherry.”

“We’ll I haven’t had a virgin in awhile, but sure. I know I’m big so please let me know if I hurt you.”

“Doubt it. This cunt has had two dildos at the same time, both bigger than you! No offense.”

“None taken. Do you have any gloves?”


“Rubbers? Jimmy hats? Condoms?”

“Oh yah. Top drawer of the nightstand next to the anal lube. There are a few types so take your pick.”

I selected a Trojan Her-Pleasure. I didn’t know if it would work, but figured what the hell. She eagerly unwrapped it and placed it on my prick, slowly unrolling it until her hand hit my balls. She wiped the excess lube on the sheets, knowing in the morning they would need to be washed. As I positioned my cock towards her hole she spread her lips and moaned “Please.”

“Here we go Alislut,” was my reply as I slowly entered her tight virgin cunt.

A gasp was let out and she said that I should keep talking dirty to her. It really turned her on. By this point I had full entered her. It was so tight that I thought I wouldn’t be able to cum, there just wouldn’t be enough room for it to flow through my dickhole. “Fuck your tight cunt, you prude fuckin virgin slut whore.”

I continued to slide in and out of her love box and all she could reply with is moans and gasps. To this point she had not yet cum that night, but was good and ready. I kept pounding her, calling her the worse names I could think of. Slut, bitch, cocksucker, whore, nothing was out of bound for her. I didn’t think she could possibly go much longer and realized how close she actually was when I leaned over her and planted a wet kiss on her neck. At this point she climaxed, tightening her entire body. These convulsions were enough to put me over the top and I blew my load into her hotbox. As we laid in each other’s arms, trying to catch our breath, she thanked me for the best night of her life. If she had known how amazing sex was she would have lowered her standards years ago.

As I we were getting dressed the next morning (after a bit of AM fun) I noticed she had a vibrator in her undies drawer. She looked up at me and said “Another time you will see Fat Randy do his magic.”

God I love my Alislut.

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