Getting Lost In a Store

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Jerry was a normal acting male, he worked hard for a living, went home to his wife every night, they made love on occasion, etc. They had two grown children, now out and on their own, Jerry can now go back to the way he was before kids, more sexual freedom, and who he really is. When he goes to work he cannot be so liberal, he must wear his suit properly, wearing underwear, under the suit. When at home, he slips out of the suit and underwear and freeballs, doesn’t matter if in jeans or shorts. He is usually a very conservative guy, with a loving wife.

Jerry and his wife at times go out together to do shopping, Jerry like any other guy hates to shop unless it is for something for him. It is in the middle of summer, he is wearing his shorts, that could be a bit longer but at this time he does not care since, he does not plan to be out very long with the wife. They arrive to the department store, and she starts to go through the aisles looking for something to give as a gift. Jerry decides to himself that the item she is looking for is a woman thing, since it is for a woman that she buying for;

“Hun, I am going to the power tool section while you look thorough here, it looks like you will be here for a while.”

“OK,” she agreed, and continues to search for that perfect gift.

Jerry was now picking up some speed, making his mound bounce up and down a bit, more-so than when when walking into the store, since he was determined to make it to the power tool aisle. He wasn’t really in the market to buy a new power tool, well, maybe was to counter balance the trip out with his wife this Saturday afternoon. He arrived to the department, soo many tools, where to start. Then he noticed an aisle where there was a big mess, a sales associate was on the floor reorganizing the lower shelf. He decided to go up to the aisle and see what was happening.

“Hello sir,” the associate stated, “Is there anything I can help you locating?”

“Well I was wondering why there is such a mess here, looks like a cyclone came through here.” Jerry jokingly stated.

“It’s a re-set,” he gulped feeling embarrassed by customer’s remark. “We are adding new tools to this set-up I am just about finished organizing the bottom shelf here and the top shelf is completed. The new hand held mini drill tool is up there on the top, I was sure it would be sold out by now since they were making such a big deal of it on TV the last few weeks.”

“Really? You have them, let me take a look.” Jerry replied.

Jerry then reached casino oyna up over the associate’s head not realizing he was still wearing just the shorts and nothing else under them since he was notified about the new mini tool, was reaching up and somehow his penis that was registered between the folds of his shorts slipped down to his left leg and the head was exposed to the associate, showing him the nice and thick cut head.

“Oh shit,” Jerry muttered, “sorry about that. I’ve been a bit risky today. You shouldn’t be able to see it dangle out like that. I’m sorry.”

“You are fine,” the associate said. “Accidents happen, besides, it is not everyday I get to see such a beautiful thick cut piece as sculptured as yours.”

Jerry was starting to blush, then proceeded to realign his pecker back to its wedge between the legs.

“Thanks for the complement, he paused and then proceeded to show his ring finger and then stated, “I’m married”.

“Oh, sorry about that. It is just that when I see a beautiful piece such as yours, it gets my mind racing.” as he was shelving the stock from the floor.

“It’s OK, I should have been a bit more careful with it today, If it wasn’t so hot outside, I’d be in jeans and cowboy boots then it wouldn’t be so noticeable.”

Little to Jerry’s knowledge, it was a complete and utter turn on for the associate, to see a guy wearing cowboy boots, in fact he tagged another guy in a similar situation, when he was on the floor, just massaged the guys foot through the boots and they ended off somewhere more private.

“I am sorry to say,” he replied, “that is another turn on of mine, a man in cowboy boots, being able to massage the foot through the boots, making the leather more supple, and receptive to the massage onto the foot. Oops, sorry for speaking out loud that!”

Jerry instead of being cross, felt sympathy for the guy, until he noticed that his bulge was stretching in his shorts. The associate noticed it too. Jerry then tried to shift it so it wasn’t as noticeable. The more he shifted it the more it was getting noticed. The clerk began licking his lips and gave a look like a puppy dog wanting a treat. The associate reached up and cupped Jerry in the crotch, Jerry was amused, ashamed, nervous, afraid his wife would see, and somewhat turned off at the same time.

“PPPlease don’t,” Jerry whimpered, “my wife may come around the corner any minute.” he stated nervously.

The associate stated as he was getting up and removing the cup from Jerry’s massive bulge, canlı casino “Come with me.” escorting him secretively through the aisles of the store to the men’s room.

Once in the men’s room, Jerry was escorted to a stall, and the associate followed him in locking the latch behind them. Before Jerry could speak, the associate had Jerry’s shorts down and was licking the head of his ever growing cock, taking off some perspiration as well as some pre-cum that was forming at the slit.

“What if we get caught.” Jerry whispered.

“Relax, nothing is gonna happen.” the associate stated with confidence.

At that point the associate engulfed Jerry’s cock all the way down his throat, and Jerry was extremely turned on and hard. Jerry began to moan, and the power between them was heavy. Jerry couldn’t hold back anymore and blasted a huge load down the associate’s throat. He never felt such a powerful ejaculation in his life even when he was younger and while trying to have children.

The associate released Jerry back his throbbing cock, licked the remaining jizz off the the very sensitive head and stated ” now wait a few seconds and the rigidness will soften.” which it did, a bit and then completely went limp. The associate then proceeded to lift back up Jerry’s shorts, tucked the penis back the way Jerry liked it. “Thank you for such a tasty lunch.” The associate replied and then left the stall.

Jerry waited a bit for the shock to leave the stall, and then began to smile, that the found a new outlet. Another man entered the men’s room, and Jerry went over to the wash basin to clean up his hands to try and make good on that he used the stall as intended. Since the wash basin was close enough to the urinal where the guy came in, he decided to take a glance at what the guy had, when he looked he couldn’t see much over there, since the guy was close-up to the urinal. Then the water shut off automatically, and he proceeded to the hand dryer before leaving the restroom.

Once back on the sales floor, he was looking around to see if his wife was there, and for the associate who got a nice load from him. Now to make good on himself, he went back to the aisle where the associate was originally in to get the mini drill tool, hoping to see the associate again. Once at the aisle, he began to reach up, and then stopped; took his other hand and held his junk in place then continued to reach up for the tool, grabbed it and took it off the shelf. Then lowered his arm from the shelf and removed the hand off his junk, to go kaçak casino and check out. Them proceeded to the check out line for the department, and his wife flagged him down.

“I found this nice candle for the gift.” she stated. “Did you find anything worthwhile?”

He didn’t say anything and lifted up the mini drill tool, and showed it to her. She looked at it like it was a foreign object since she knew nothing about tools, and just smiled.

“I have to go and pay for this, I will be right back.” As Jerry proceeded to the checkout register for the department.

She just stood there watching her hubby as he got online. He was there for less than a minute, and one cashier stated “Next.”

Jerry proceeded over and then placed the tool on the counter for the associate to scan. Jerry looked up and saw that it was his associate that gave him the most thrilling time of his life.

There was a beep on the mechanical register, and after that the man if front of him stated, “That ill be $21.93 after tax.”

Jerry then reached into his pocket for his wallet reached in for his plastic money and swiped the card, did a little transacting on the pad, then, the machine printed out a piece of paper with the transaction on it.

All that Jerry could say was “Cowboy Boots.” He looked down at the clerks crotch and saw it jump a few times and looked back up to see the name tag on the clerk’s shirt, which stated ‘Steve’.

The clerk pressed up against the counter to avoid embarrassment, he stated, “Have a good day.” and winked at Jerry while passing the receipt over to him.

Jerry took the receipt and proceeded to turn and leave. The shorts were so tight that the clerk couldn’t keep from looking at Jerry’s ass, which he tensed up a couple of times as he was walking away from the clerk. Jerry caught back up with his wife, they gave each other a loving peck on the lips and proceeded to exit the store.

Outside the store, Jerry thought about the encounter he had, and thought about how he would do it again as he and the wife were approaching the car. Jerry reached into the right pocket and removed his key and fob, pressed the unlock button twice and both of them entered the car. Jerry reached one leg into the car, loosening the channel that held his once hard pecker in place, making it shift down his leg to almost exposure. Sitting down and putting the other leg in place shut the door.

Jerry made a decision that he would go to the store again without his wife and wear his cowboy boots in a pair of jeans without his underwear on to see if he can capture ‘Steve’ again and maybe do more with him. This made Jerry’s cock spring up in his shorts and then go back down, whoa wife didn’t see.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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