Fresh Out of the Shower

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Tonya pulled out her phone and checked the time. He’s already been in the shower for fifteen minutes, How much longer was Manny going to be? Tonight was their first real date night in a long time, and he was already boring her to tears. Why had she even bothered coming over to his place?

As if on cue, she heard the groan of the shower as it cut off abruptly from Manny’s bedroom, and let her head fall back onto his couch. Manny was finally done with his shower and silently thanked God.

She’d expected to wait another ten minutes or so for him to dress before they could start their date night. Instead, he came out into the living room a moment later, drying his hair with a raggedy towel while his skin was still damp and glistening with droplets of water.

“Listen,” he started. “Did you want to go out to the Chinese place, or pizza, or maybe Thai food?”

She heard him talking but barely registered his words. Instead, Tonya wondered why he couldn’t have asked this with clothes on? Wasn’t he going to get dressed for date night? She sighed and thought, “this is what I get for having a dumb boyfriend.”

In truth, she didn’t mind too much. What Manny lacked in gray matter, he made up for with his looks and body. Even now, she was trying not to stare, but Tonya couldn’t help it. Manny’s body was such a mystery to her. He had a lean frame with close to, but not quite chiseled features. She couldn’t get over his smooth feminine hips and his thighs, which oddly enough she liked. Amidst all of his features was Manny’s thick cock, which she thought was akin to something you’d see in a hardcore porn video.

His body was such a mystery that Tonya thought that somewhere, somehow during Manny’s assembly, some of his parts got mixed up with a bigger, beefier model. Or maybe his DNA had been spliced with that of a bull. Whatever the case was, he had one of anadolu yakası escort the strangest, most alluring bodies she’d ever seen, and it made her pussy ache just watching him as he strolled in and sat next to her. Suddenly she had an appetite for something hard and filling.

He was still drying his hair when Tonya leaned over and ran her palm down his thigh. His skin was smooth and clean, but still a little damp. Why didn’t he just dry off and get dressed? Was he trying to air dry? Tonya didn’t know and decided not to ask. She gave up on trying to understand her boyfriend a long time ago.

Manny looked over at her, face as dull as a stoic. “Hey, are you listening?” He asked.

“Not really,” Tonya answered. She slid across the couch so close next to him, their thighs touched. “Mmmm, nice and clean now?”

Manny nodded and dropped the towel absently over his cock. “Yeah, like Andre said.” He finished by quoting that OutKast song.

Tonya rubbed a little closer to his inner thigh before her hand disappeared beneath the towel. “If only I could have arrived a little earlier. I could have helped you.”

Manny cracked a lazy smile. “Oh, that’s okay. I knew what I was doing. This wasn’t my first shower.”

She knew he was serious, and thought to laugh at his lack of humor, but decided to let it go. Instead, she watched curiously as Manny’s towel began to tent up in the middle. For some reason, it reminded her of a magician’s trick, except the only abracadabra was Tonya’s hand up and down his thigh.

“Well,” she thought with a smug smile. “If this is how Manny gets with just my hand, wait till’ he catches on to my pussy game.”

She grabbed the towel and flung it off to the side. Manny’s cock had hardened to a tasty arch, and she licked her lips absently while he reached out and began ataşehir escort stroking himself to his full length.

“We puttin’ a pause on date night?” he asked. Instead of answering, Tonya stood and pulled off her leggings in a hurry. She was excited to skip all the bullshit and get Manny inside of her. Foreplay was fun and all, but her need to be fuck put foreplay behind her, like a trailer.

“Yeah, just a quick pause, so you better hurry up and fuck me good,” Tonya commanded before climbing onto him. She spread her legs and sank down onto his cock, closing her eyes and exhaling as Manny filled her deliciously.

“Have I ever fucked you bad?” But Tonya ignored his question. She began to bounce her hips up and down, impaling her pussy with his cock until it was slick with her juices. She felt it reach back into her like her pussy as if it were a deep pantry, and the snacks were far back against the wall.

Tonya rode his cock for a long time, letting her voice climb and echo in Manny’s small apartment. She was just working into a good rhythm when Manny grabbed her by her thighs and tossed her to one side. She rolled onto the couch and shot him a fiery look before he moved on top of her. He spread her legs open and slid deep into Tonya, knocking the anger right out of her. She moaned and arched her back as he drove into her, then wrapped her arms around his neck, ready and willing to take the full brunt of Manny’s cock.

He pounded into her, and Tonya managed to cum on his cock, not once, but twice. She could feel him rock the couch with every slam and wondered if his neighbors thought there was some sort of earthquake.

She imagined them knocking on the door and her having to answer bottomless, with her pussy dripping and aching from being stretched. “Yes? Oh, sorry about the noise, but everything is fine.” She’d ümraniye escort explain in a flush of embarrassment. “Manny? Oh, he’s fine. He was just trying to fuck me through the single-sided brick and drywall, which reminds me, I really have to get to his bull cock. Soooo…”

Tonya slammed the door on the fantasy as she felt herself moving towards a third orgasm. She clenched around Manny, and he let out a vicious grunt before gripping her thighs so hard, she wondered if there would be bruises later.

“Fuck me,” Tonya said, in between his thrusts.

Manny made an impatient face. “What do you think I’m doin’?” But she couldn’t hear him. She was in the depths of ecstasy when her orgasm went off like a stick of dynamite, and Tonya’s body shuddered as the shockwave boomed through her.

She felt Manny’s body tense, and a moment later, he was filling her with creamy bliss. It served to intensify her orgasm, and she came harder knowing Manny’s cum was painting her insides.

When he’d finished, Manny collapsed on top of her, and they sat for a moment breathing raggedly, like a pair of relay racers who’d just won the gold.

“Was that good enough for you?” Manny asked.

Tonya leaned up and kissed his forehead. “Yes, baby. Thank you.”

He stood up and examined the sweat that now coated his arms, chest legs, and forehead. “Awe, now I have to take another shower.” But Tonya was focused on a different part of his body. Manny was still hard, more or less, and something about seeing hick cock all glossy and covered in her juices excited her all over again.

She stood up, feeling his cum tickle as it flowed out of her and down her leg. Then, like in an old cartoon, a lightbulb came on over Tonya’s head.

“I’m all dirty too.” She said, pulling off her blouse. “We should take a shower together.”

Tonya reached out and caressed Manny’s cock. It felt like a live thing in her hand, and her excitement leaped inside of her like a needle on a gage, passing from the green into the red!

“Come on. We can pretend like it’s my first time in the shower.” Then, before Manny could say anything stupid, Tonya led him back to the shower by his cock.

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