Four Sisters Saloon Ch. 03

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Tales From the Four Sisters Saloon

The following is fictional. Names, and locations have been made up and are not meant to depict real people, living or deceased. These stories also depict dangerous, unprotected sexual situations. In this day and age of STDs, please be careful and wear protection!

This is an adults only story. If you are underage in the community you live in, please do not go any further. Thank you and happy reading!

2 Becomes 4

It’s been two months or so since the Two Sisters Saloon became the Four Sisters Saloon. The fateful call, that awoke us out of our post coital haze, has brought my other two beloved sister in laws out to live with us. It’s been absolute heaven since then.

“Hello?” I said sleepily, as I answered the phone.

“Hey there Thomas, how are you?” The voice on the other end of the phone asked.

“Okay, so far. Hey, wait a minute, is that you Fran?”

“Yeah, it’s me Tommy, how are things out there in the middle of nowhere?”

“Fine, fine. I haven’t hear that sweet voice of your’s in months! How are you doing? How’s Amy?”

“Oh, we’re both doing okay.”

I noticed a hesitancy in her voice. “Everything okay sweetie?”

“Damn, is it that noticable?”

“Yeah, it is.”

“Well, things haven’t been going all that well around here. Amy and I miss you guys, especially our sisters. Why’d you have to take Carla away from us?”

“Hey, slow down there. We didn’t force her to come out here! After her divorce, she decided to leave all the baggage behind and come out here. We had no intention of taking her away from you and Amy”

“I’m sorry Tommy, it’s just that Amy and I could use a good shoulder to cry on every now and then. Carla was really good at talking things out with us. Now, we don’t have that anymore.”

“Who’s on the phone?” asked Cindy.

“It’s Fran but I think Amy is with her too.” I replied quickly.

Cindy grabbed the phone from my hand and quickly started chatting up her sisters. All I could hear of the conversation was a lot of uh-huhs, yeahs, okays, that would be fines and anytime. Cindy handed the phone to Carla and it was more of the same. I got up to pee and by the time I got back, the phone was back in it’s cradle.

“So, when do they get here?” I asked with a smile.

“How’d you guess?”

“Well, duh! I mean come on. They miss you, you miss them, I’m sure they’d like to stay out here a bit to hang out. So, when to they get here?”

“Sometime this week. From the sound of it, Fran istanbul escort and Amy can use a break from the big city. I told them they could stay with us and just hang out if they want or they could head over to the coast to check the ocean out. They said they’d think about it and get back to us. I’m so damn excited Tommy! The four of us haven’t been together since mom and dad’s funeral.” Cindy seemed quite excited by the situation and it would be good to have some more eye candy around here, even if it was only for a week or two.

Carla, although happy, seemed a bit put out. “What about our ‘situation’? I mean, how do we explain the sleeping arrangements?”

“Maybe we can sneak in a session here and there,” I quickly replied.

“I don’t know, it sounds kind of risky. We don’t want them to think we’ve started a swinger’s club.” Cindy chimed in.

“Hey, they’re old enough and big enough to handle it. Besides, we can always invite them to join in!” Carla smiled.

“What are you trying to do, kill me?” I laughed.

Fast forward to a week later. I am now living with four, very sexy and very exhibitionist, women. Fran and Amy arrived the weekend after our phone conversation. They arrived while I was working the bar. Cindy and Carla had decided to stay home to greet the girls when they arrived. I wasn’t going to argue with them about that so I called in Debbie and Susie to help me out at the bar. The bar was quite busy that night and I didn’t arrive home until after midnight. I found all four sisters on the couch laughing and reminiscing about old times.

“Hey, look what the cat dragged in!” Fran exclaimed. She and Amy both got up and gave me big hugs and kisses. “Barkeep, a drink for my dear brother in law! Oh, wait, you ARE the barkeep, guess you’ll have to make your own!” Fran joked.

“Hardy, har, har, guess how many times I’ve heard that one, my dear?” Fran pouted a little until I quickly added, “Lots, but not from someone as cute as you.”

“You say the corniest but sweetest things Tommy,” said Fran. “That’s what I love about you” She leaned in and gave me another kiss, this time on the lips.

I got myself a Jack and Coke and quickly joined the girls on the couch. We got caught up with one another’s lives and had a pretty good time. I looked up at the clock and it was almost five in the morning! Shit, I thought, I need to get some sleep before the bar opens at noon.

“Sorry ladies, I have to hit the hay. Someone around here avcılar escort actually has to get up and go to work in the morning”

“Oh, you’re no fun Tommy,” said my wife.

“Now you KNOW that’s not true Cindy, he can be a LOT of fun.” Carla quickly added.

I looked nervously over to Fran and Amy, but they seemed oblivious to the comment. I headed up to bed and quickly fell asleep.

I woke up around 11:00 the next morning with a hot, wet mouth around my cock. I looked down to see Carla trying to suck my to life.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I exclaimed. “What if Fran and Amy walk by? You left the door open you know!”

“Oh keep your shorts on. No wait, take them off. I need to feel your cock inside me again. Besides, Cindy took the ladies over to see the bar. We have some time.”

I relaxed and let Carla blow me. Damn, could she suck cock! I was hard in no time and she quickly stripped off her panties and bra and mounted me. Her pussy felt pretty damn good too, as she rode me up and down.

I reached up and fondled her breasts. I pinched and pulled and tweaked her nipples, causing her to moan loudly. I could feel her pussy get hotter and wetter as I worked her breasts. Pretty soon, she drove down all the way on to my cock and came. Her orgasm was loud and violent. She thrashed back and forth and I had to catch her several times before she fell off the bed.

“Damn it Tommy, that was good. Thanks.” With that, Carla got up and left the room.

“What about me?” I wailed.

“Hey, you’ve got two hands, use them.” She snickered.

“Bitch!” I playfully yelled back.

“You know it!” Carla shot back.

Fourty-five minutes later, I was opening the front door of the bar. I was suffering from blue balls since my darling sister in law wouldn’t finish me off. I didn’t have time to take things in hand myself, so, here I was opening for business with a pair of come filled nuts. It was going to be a long day.

Opening the door, I found my wife and her two sisters checking the bar out. They ignored me for the most part as I got things ready to go. Debbie and Susie showed up for work about ten minutes later. We opened the bar and we were busy all day. Fran, Amy and Cindy said their goodbyes but I really didn’t have time to sit down and talk with them. I waved them off and got back to work.

Arriving home that night, I found an empty house. The note on the kitchen counter said that Cindy and Carla took Fran and Amy out to the coast and that they’d şirinevler escort be back sometime toward the end of the week. Just great. Guess I’ll have to fend for myself, I thought. Cindy was considerate enough to have grilled a steak for me. I heated that up and sat down to dinner.

After dinner, I cleaned the dishes and decided to watch some TV. Nothing good was on and I sort of zoned out while flipping channels. I figured I might as well head off to bed since I had an early start the next morning. I stripped off my clothes and headed to bed naked.

I couldn’t fall asleep so I decided to get myself off. I stroked and fondled my cock, feeling the skin tighten and relax as I slowly stroked myself. I thought of Cindy and Carla licking and sucking my cock. It didn’t take long for me to blow my wad, as I imagined covering their faces with my come. The last thought I had, as I drifted off to sleep, was of Fran and Amy joining Cindy and Carla in sucking me dry. I’m sure I had a smile on my face as I fell asleep.

The rest of the week dragged on. I missed Cindy and Carla, most of all Cindy, as we’d become best friends over time. Sure, I had the bar to tend to, but, it wasn’t as much fun without Cindy and Carla around. Finally, the girls returned, refreshed and reinvigorated. Fran and Amy had to get back home so we shared one more night together before they headed off. It was a night that was going to change our lives forever.

Much as had happened with Carla; Fran and Amy, in the short week they were with us, came to love the area and it’s proximity to the coastline. That night, after dinner, the Two Sisters Saloon became the Four Sisters Saloon.

After Fran and Amy had gone to bed, it was Cindy who brought it up. She asked if I’d be willing to let Fran and Amy become partners in the bar. I was blown away. I thought Fran and Amy would be anxious to get back to civilization after spending a week out in no man’s land. I was stunned. I stuttered a bit before regaining my composure. “Well, what’s in it for me?” I asked with a smirk on my face.

Cindy slapped the back of my head. “What the fuck is wrong with you? Do you always think with your dick?”

“I like your thinking, but that’s not what I meant. What I meant was how are they going to buy into the place?”

“Oh, sorry. Carla and I have agreed to let them sell mom and dad’s house. They’ll use that money to buy into the Two Sisters Saloon.”

“Okay, but I see another name change coming up. I mean, they’ll be four of you soon. Thankfully, it’s been the Two Sisters Saloon in name only. I haven’t made the change with the town council yet. I guess I’ll have to refile the papers.”

“Thanks baby, I’ll make it up to you somehow.”

“Hmm, I can think of a few things right now.”

Cindy just smiled and took me by the hand. “Coming Carla?”

“Oh, I hope so!”

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