Folsom Street Stories 01: Cerise

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The day was hot by San Francisco standards and Cerise felt the warm sun on her back as the air around her filled with the sounds of loud crowds, louder techno and sharp snaps as riding crops, paddles and single tails tanned willing asses all along Folsom St.

This was Cerise’s 1st time at the Folsom Street Fair and she thought that she’d just take in the sights of what had grown to be the most notorious public fetish and kink event in the country. She’d heard stories and seen photos of the throngs of thongs, latex and fetish gear proudly parading around the crowd of 400,000 people and thought that it’d be the perfect chance to take the next step on her sexual journey.

The day before she’d even decided to join in the play, purchasing a riding crop, an elegant party mask and a shiny black catsuit that accented her full figure. She imaged all the naked flesh around her and the crowds of appreciative onlookers. She hoped that she might turn her share of heads and maybe even find a few new playmates that could help her casino oyna explore some of the things she’d been reading about and was excited to try.

What she would have never hoped, imagined or in any way have thought possible, was that she’d find herself in a corner behind the women’s tent, a large black strapon attached to her waist and a thick bottomed, red head bent in front of her begging to be fucked harder.

But from the moment she’d seen the buxom woman (who Cerise would later find out was a well-known local porn actor and fetish performer) checking ID’s at the entrance of the tent, Cerise had felt her desire bubbling. She knew it was at least partially due to the sexiness of the women who prowled the much cooler private area giving her inviting looks and the tables of sex toys, books and videos that were on display around the area.

But she couldn’t deny her urge to spank the woman’s full ass. So when she sauntered over to where Cerise was looking at strap on harnesses and coyly asked if she’d like to canlı casino try one out, Cerise knew that this was an urge she was going to act on, right then and there.

They’d been caught up in their public fucking for almost 10 minutes now and a small crowd had started to gather. Cerise looked at the faces watching her perform and registered the shock on some and the outright desire on most others. Even though she was only coming into her own sexual awakening, she’d always been pretty good at telling when people wanted to fuck her. And this circle of lusty women wanted to fuck her bad as they stared with open mouths, heaving breast and hands slowly creeping towards their own increasingly wet pussies.

Cerise ground the strapon into the milky white ass in front of her and heard the woman groan in her throat. Cerise pressed harder and leaned in, forcing the woman’s exposed tits deeper into the brick wall.

She pulled out almost all the way and smacked the sweet ass flesh. The woman’s ass rippled and Cerise smacked kaçak casino it again and again, hypnotized by the jiggle and the red welts starting to form under her palm.

Her own pussy sizzled as the nub on the other end of the strapon stoked the scalding fire building on her clit. Each thrust into the soaking wet hole in front of her drew more wetness from her own honeywell as her juices pooled in the crotch of her full body latex outfit.

The woman screamed that she was close to coming and Cerise knew she was on the edge as well. The thought of being watched like this, of being in control of her sexuality and flaunting it so proudly in public were exciting her in ways that she had never dreamed.

But as she thought back over the last year of her sexual awakening and the wonders of the fucking she’d discovered, Cerise thought that she should probably get used to finding herself in sexy situations that she would have never imagined before.

She smiled as the sun warmed her brown skin through the latex, grabbed a fist full of the long red hair trailing down her partner’s back and shoved her strapon deeper into her pussy, making them both wail out loudly, their screams mingling and melding with the pleasure all around them.

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