Erik’s Inheritance Ch. 02

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Looking at his uncle’s former home, a dilapidated farmhouse, Erik started to understand why there was so much money. It didn’t seem to be spent on anything, at least not the house or vehicle.

An old poop green house with flaking paint and wood siding slouched with old age. The yard had thinning grass that made him think of a balding man in his seventies. Two stories tall it wore a wrap around porch on three sides and a ramp was held out as if to shake Erik’s hand. The whole facade made him think of a tired old man struggling to take each exhausted breath.

Railing wiggled on the ramp when Erik grabbed it and started up. He stopped to look at the gold Chevrolet Astro perched next to the house facing out, like a house cat purring in its master’s lap.There was a sliding door on the driver’s side and what looked to be a lift inside of it.

An image of his uncle began to form and it occurred to him that the man must have been wheelchair bound to at least some major extent. He wondered why that was because Erik thought that his uncle had been walking. Then again, he had never really known or heard about him until today. He continued up the ramp to the porch.

Aged plywood that had replaced the original flooring some time ago sagged under Erik’s weight. He wondered how that must have felt in a wheelchair. The screen door looked like it had been built in the thirties and it complained when he opened it. The front door matched in appearance with paint chipping off and showing a yellow color under its skin, but it opened without comment.

Inside, the neglect continued into the front living room. Worn floorboards showed their age with sun faded spots in high traffic areas while dust hung in the stale air. No furniture in the living room existed, just a black and white family photo in a wood frame on one wall that looked as old as the house itself.

A doorway to the left led to a hallway and he assumed bedrooms, while a white archway on the right opened up to a tallow colored kitchen where sunlight streamed in. It had flaking laminate counters and peeling linoleum flooring that showed the floorboards underneath. A small table with two chairs huddled against a window. The fridge hummed without warning, making Erik’s heart pound as a ice cold adrenaline dumped into his blood. On impulse Erik went and opened it. Nothing of note besides some cottage cheese resided inside.

Looking around the kitchen after shutting the fridge, Erik tried to find anything that might give hints to him about his uncle. Coming out here hadn’t proved fruitful in the least but something had to be out here. What could he use? What could have important information in it that would give Erik some sort of idea.

Mail. He needed mail. Maybe a bedroom would offer up something.

He went back to the living room then down the hall, finding two bedrooms opposite each other. Peeking into the smaller one on the right, he found it had been turned into a closet where racks of clothes hung. At first glance he could tell they were definitely not his size. They were too small. Erik was a thick bodied man and the narrow shirts would never fit.

The other bedroom’s doorway was directly across from the first. He turned around and peered in.Larger than the living room, it was three times the size of the first bedroom with a freshly made king-size bed resting in the middle. It faced a huge flat-screen TV at its foot, held up by a short, wide chest of drawers. Windows allowed light to stream into the room.

This must have been where David lived, if he stayed here at all. It had the only look of use about it. If anything was anywhere, it was likely to be here. Minutes later after searching every drawer and table, Erik came up empty and he knew he had been wrong.

“Hello?” a woman’s voice called while he still stood in the bedroom.

“Yeah.” Erik barked out. He turned and left the room to find a thin young woman in pale blue nurse scrubs standing in the doorway.

“Sorry,” she said, “didn’t want to scare anyone. I didn’t know David would have visitors.”

“You’re fine. He doesn’t have a visitor though, I’m his nephew, Erik.” he studied her for a moment. “Kind of odd that his in home caregiver would still come by.”

She tilted her head and gave him a questioning look. “What do you mean?”

Erik rubbed the back of his neck and looked away, awkward and unsure of how to say it. So, he just said it. “David is dead.”

“Oh,” she said, her body jolting up straight and her mouth puckering around the word. “Oh, wow, that would have been good to know.” She paused a second then asked, “Who are you?”

He explained himself to her and how he basically was handling everything now.

“Okay,” was all she said at first then perked up a bit and offered her hand, “I’m Courtney. I was David’s in home nurse.”

He took it, restraining his grip from crushing her hand. “Okay, so maybe you can give some insight then. What was wrong with him? I never knew this guy and suddenly bostancı escort I’m the one who ended up with…” he gestured around him, “well, everything.”

“Sure, I can tell you what was going I suppose, as long as you can prove what your saying.” she said, “otherwise it’s a privacy violation and I don’t like being in trouble.” a joking smile ghosted her lips, “It’s gets me spankings I don’t like.” Courtney’s eyes went big as saucers in surprise, as if she didn’t intend to say that.

Instead of engaging the moment and taking advantage of her surprise and embarrassment, Erik just let it slide. She hadn’t meant to say it. It was nothing to read into. “I’ll get the paperwork from the truck.”

When he came back in a moment later, Courtney was sitting at the little table in the kitchen with a cup of coffee. The smell of brewing coffee filled the room, covering the dusty stale air.

“Here,” he said and laid the black binder down. Opening it he showed her the death certificate and the paperwork making him executor of David’s estate.

She sipped at her mug then said, “So, David was wheelchair bound because of his back. He was paralyzed from the waist down because of an accident.”

“Okay, that makes sense with the ramp and the van and stuff.” Erik acknowledged.

“He also got a huge settlement from the company after a lawsuit for safety violations, was medically retired and received a pension since they couldn’t actually fire him for being injured.”

“Jesus,” Erik exclaimed, “What happened to him?”

Courtney sipped, swallowed and went on, “His boss was driving a lift through a warehouse too fast. Turned a corner and,” she made a tilting motion with her hand then puffed out her cheeks and exhaled in an imitation of an explosion. “He was turned around and couldn’t hear, he had ear plugs in, then stepped just right at the last second to not die as it fell and it caught him in the back.”

“Holy shit,” Erik said, leaning back in his chair.

Courtney took another sip and nodded then lowered her cup. “It was a complete freak accident but one of negligence.”

“It sounds like it. So how did you come along?”

“I’m his home health nurse,” she explained, “it sounds fancier than it is. I mostly just helped him shower, and change his sheets. Sometimes I would clean other things but I’m only paid to come for like, four hours a week.”

A thought occurred to Erik. Maybe she would know where David had kept his important paperwork. He decided to ask. “Do you have any idea where he kept important papers?”

She knit her brow in a quizzical look, “Like what?”

“I’m trying to find his accountant information basically. I need to get in touch with that person.”

“Hmm,” she pursed her lips and thought.

She stood up, the chair screeching across the floor for a second, and they went to David’s bedroom. He didn’t want to say anything while she was thinking so he keeping silent Erik just observed and followed. She knelt and reached under the bed. Erik made an effort not to stare at her arched back and wiggling ass while she fought with something. Averting his eyes while mutterings and profanity emanated from underneath proved difficult as he kept letting his vision glance over her and then away again.

Her scrub top rode up her back, exposing the lower portion of her spine and two thin lines of black lace. Her round ass was pulled taught and Erik found himself appreciating the wide hips he hadn’t noticed before. A tattoo also peeked out from under her top, thin sweeping lines reached up her left side, decorating her ribs.

“Nice tattoo,” Erik said. It was meant as a hint to her so that she could pull her shirt down to be more modest, as well as a compliment.

“Thanks, I’ll show it to you when I get out, if you want.” she said without a hint of blush in her voice.

“Sure!” he said. He felt awkward again, her ass swaying back and forth at him and not an ounce of modesty in her. He knew he should stop staring, that instead if expecting her to be modest, he should be more respectful, but his eyes kept coming back to her.

Finally she crawled out from under the bed. Scooting back on her hands and knees, Courtney pulled a small black tote out from under the bed.

“Whoa, where did you get that? I checked under the bed and everything.” Erik squatted down to inspect her find.

Courtney sat back on her heels and smiled, a wisp of hair falling into her face. She swept it back up but it came down again. “David wasn’t a super intelligent guy but he was a bit paranoid. I thought he might have a trap door under his bed where he hid stuff. I was right.” She beamed at him.

“Wow, good job.” he said. His eyes found hers and she seemed to beam even brighter, her eyes were twin blue stars. Her cheeks were flushed in a blush but he wasn’t sure if that was from the effort or something else. He looked back at the tote to try and refocus on his purpose.

The tote popped open çeliktepe escort with a little force. In it he found files full of paperwork, most of it official looking at first glance. That looming responsibility hovered in his mind. He wished he had a clue as to what he was doing. He’ll figure it out, somehow.

He decided to take the whole thing, closing it up. Hopefully he’ll locate the accountant’s information and see if they could help him figure out what to do next. Would it be better to get a lawyer and have them sort it all out? Having someone tell him what to do in his own business didn’t sound appealing but at least he would have some sort of guidance. He put that idea on the back burner for now, letting it mull over in his subconscious.

Turning back to Courtney he asked, “Can I see your tattoo still?” That seemed a better distraction at the moment. The opportunity to see more of her skin forced hot blood to rush through him and his cock throbbed to life once more.

“Yeah!” she said, her eyes going wide and her smile broadening to open mouthed excitement. Without hesitation she reached over her head, grabbed her top and pulled it off, exposing her cleavage and torso.

The bra she wore was the same black as her thong, with lace covering the cups and the fringes of soft flesh. Erik’s eyes traced the embroidery on her breasts without hesitation. “Nice bra,” he said without thinking. Realizing he had been staring directly at her chest he looked down then to the side and coughed. “Sorry, don’t mean to stare.”

“Aww,” she said as if he were a child that had done something cute. “It’s okay, I don’t mind if you look. I didn’t pay three grand a piece to hide them.”

“Three grand a piece?” he said looking back at her. His eyes flicked down to her breasts, his cock pushing at his jeans in desire. They didn’t look to be fake, or unnatural. He imagined water balloon shaped breasts with nipples sticking out at odd angles whenever he thought of fake tits. These weren’t overly large or overstuffed. Courtney’s breasts looked natural and he was amazed. His mouth watered, imagining his mouth sucking at them, the scent of her flesh overwhelming him with his nose nuzzled close to her skin and inhaling her scent. He had been staring again, and she had been letting him. He looked back up at her face and spoke while looking her in the eyes, “I would say it was worth the money. They are spectacular.”

“Thank you very much,” she replied with that beaming smile. She looked down with her own blush and immediately he was overcome with just how cute she was.

He could feel his heart pounding in his chest looking at her. Blood pulsed through his ears with each thud of his chest. He wanted her. The desire rose up like a beast rising to fight for its life, hungry and impatient. Ice cold adrenaline leaked into his blood, seizing his spine in a cold grip that made his teeth want to chatter.

He moved to the side and obviously started looking at her tattoo, trying to distract himself. The curling wisps he had seen turned out to be the tail of a tribal bird that rested on her ribs.

“That’s really cool, and pretty.” he complimented, calming his chittering jaw. He was surprised at how steady his voice was.

“Thanks. I got it after I beat cancer, but before I got these, ” she said, squeezing her arms together. Her breasts bulged upwards.

“It fits you,” his eyes flickered down at her beautiful flesh, “and they are super awesome.” He let himself stare at them a moment, appreciating the fact that she was letting him.

Thinking that the worst that could happen was rejection, he took a chance and asked, “Can I feel them?”

She laughed, “Do you want to touch them because you’ve never seen fake tits or just because they are tits?” Her voice sounded teasing and she had a joking smile.

He grinned back at her, “Is both an acceptable answer?”

She laughed again, “I’ll take that.” She leaned forward slightly and pressed herself towards him.

With restrained lust and greed, Erik reached out and barely touched the slopes of her breasts with his fingertips. A hand trailed down to cup one but it was awkward to fondle either of her breasts through her bra, so he went back to just feeling at the cleft of her cleavage. With growing boldness he probed at the deep edges where bra and skin met, pressing forward until he had pressed his palms to her.

She exhaled a small breath while he touched her. Tiny moans came from her as he massaged gingerly, trying to be respectful but also push his boundaries gently. She could retract herself at any moment and he didn’t want to give her a reason to. She seemed to be enjoying it more than he had anticipated.

Moments of him fondling and caressing her passed without a word but she swooned towards him. If he started to retract at all, she would press back into his hands. Courtney even moved to place a whole breast in his hand when he slipped his hand down to cup it, pressing cihangir escort it firmly into his grip. He squeezed and her mouth opened in an obvious breath of pleasure.

Courtney opened her eyes. “If you promise to keep that up, I’ll take my bra off.” Her smile was devious with a wicked twinkle in her eye.

Erik resisted the urge to hold up a hand and say, “Scout’s honor. ” Instead he did earnestly say, “I can do that,” trying to withhold all of his excitement.

She reached up behind her and in a single motion, released her bra. He felt it go slack on her chest but did nothing. To yank it off for her seemed poor etiquette, so he withdrew his hand and waited, trying to be patient.

Slipping the straps down her arms, her beautiful round breasts revealed themselves to Erik. Her nipples didn’t point outwards from her body as he had thought fake breasts normally did. They also weren’t stuffed and taught, like overfilled water balloons. They laid on her chest holding perfect form, the skin a pale color. Her skin was a healthy light peach color, with the lightest dusting of freckles across the gap between her breasts. Her nipples were hard against the air and her areola were the size of half dollar coins, a maroon color that Erik found wonderful.

His cock surged multiple times against his jeans, straining for release. Tension was building in his testicles, yearning for release. His lips fought to form a suckling shape and he could almost imagine the curve of them against his tongue. He wanted her. He wanted all of her, if only to lay claim to that wonderful playground.

“Hello?” she asked.

“What?” he came back to reality with a jolt.

“I asked if you were going to touch them. If not, I’ll put them up.” She said with a jovial haughtiness. She must to know he didn’t want that.

“Yeah!” he said and without hesitation pushed his hands up to them. He averted his grip from a shape reminiscent of milking, and articulated his hands to a cupping shape. With bare pressure he began to massage them. He pushed upwards and closed his hands around her flesh, then drug his fingers down the skin. With two fingers he lightly teased one nipple and listened to her gasp. It was a barely audible sound, a slight intake of breath of pleasure, then she moaned as he cupped her again.

For minutes he played with them, basking in the wonderful bliss of breasts and excitement. He soaked it in like a starving man at his first meal.

He was being given the opportunity to touch and play with her body. She wanted him to touch and play with her, enjoying it even. The adrenaline renewed its grip with a cold lashing at his spine and he felt the surge of energy dump into him and pour out, all the way to his fingertips. He fought himself, trying not to shake. He also fought against the urge of grabbing her up and taking her entire body right then.

With a shuffling motion she scooted on her knees closer to him and locked his eyes with hers. Her knees were touching his and being that much closer to her made the struggle worse. Lithe fingers with long nails rubbed at his thigh, the nails dragging like claws. It wasn’t an unpleasant feeling and a shiver went up Erik’s back.

She was playing with him, but he didn’t stop her. Her eyes held the smokey look of a woman who saw something she wanted, a cougar after a rabbit. He was no rabbit to be caught and eaten. Using her claws, she sank the sharp edges of her nails into each thigh and drug them down. Each nail seared a line of pain mixed with pleasure that he could feel like a brand.

A quiet, moaning growl rumbled out of Erik’s throat. He stared at her, intensity burning in his chest like a forge to smelt iron. The icy grip of adrenaline didn’t register with him anymore, but the electric charge in his whole body built up from all of the energy stored, ready to be unleashed.

Without a further sound, Erik leaned forward and wrapped his arms around her back and pulled her body to his. Her mouth found his and they were kissing, their lips pressed hard to each other’s teeth. Her bare breasts pressed against his chest and his hands flowed down her back to grab her by the ass. She pushed herself up onto his lap, her luscious thighs straddling his legs. She began grinding on him,pressing her whole weight it seemed onto his hips and his surging cock.

Planting one hand on the ground and holding her to his body with the other, Erik got his legs under him and stood up. She clung to him, held by her own grip and his on her ass. Her mouth moved from his to sucking and biting at his neck, her teeth pressed into his muscles.

Taking a split second to think, Erik made the decision to use the bed at hand. He laid them both down on it, intent on having his way. He felt her fingertips at the hem of his shirt, pulling at it. He stopped fighting a moment letting her pull it over his torso and toss it on the floor. Pouncing up at him, she seized his belt in her hands and took his breath when her mouth found his again.

He pressed back into her kiss and heard her moan against him. He became a lustful animal, searching for the drawstring of her scrub pants.

She finally got his belt and pants undone. Trying to shove them down wasn’t working so Erik stood up to give her a chance to finish undressing him.

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